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Yol'VIII. No. 129.
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Price 5 Cent.
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Extra Janitor Service To Be Paid for
by University and Not by In
dlvlduals or Societies Re
ceiving Such Service.
By n regulation just announced uni-
v(or8lty instructors are forbidden to
huvo any financial relation whatsoever
with tholr students save as may In ex
ceptional cases be allowed by the head
of the department. In all cases where
store-keepers or other departmental
ofrlclals receive money from the stu
dents, the cash must bo turned in to
the treasurer's ofllce and then again
checked 'but for expenditures.
Mimeographing Is to be paid for out
of the departmental cash funds where
over possible and In other cases t tho
work Is Ho be done through tho uni
versity purchasing agent and tho book
Btore. Extra janitor service now paid
for by Individual students or societies
Is to be paid by the university In the
future, save, In cases whore the work
performod Is entlroly soparate from
the uulverslty labors of the employee.
Those are tho rules put in force by
tho regents at their last meeting.
They are Issued not because the board
believes that there has been any mis
use of the privileges now curtailed,
but In order that unjust criticism may
be entlrojy obviated and for the fur
ther reason that It Is impossible to
maintain an exact account of expen
ditures unloss all recolpts and expen
ditures, no matter what the purpose,
go through the treasurer's hands.
Books and Mimeographing.
In several classes it has been tho
custom In tho paBt for tho instructor
in charge to deal directly with his
students in. tho matter of -providing
them with minor text-books or mime
ographed outlines and Instruction
sheets. Under the now arrangement
tho toxt-book business must be trans
ferred to one of the book stores.
Tho mimeographing has In tho past
been furnished tho students In a var
iety of ways. Each department Is al
lowed a certain amount for such pur
poses and where this sufficed tho stu
dent haB been at ho oxponso. Where
tho mimeograph work was substituted
to a largo extent for a text, orwhoro
a great amount or It was required for
some other reason, tho departmental
funds havo not been sufficient to pro
vide for tho drain. In these cases
tho Instructor haB again frequently
dealt directly with tho Btudents, him
self paying Tor and recolvlng pay for
tho BheptB, , '
Now 'all this Arhlch .cannot bo paid
for out of the department funds must
go through the hands of the univer
sity purchasing agent. The sheets will
bo'preparea; and soid at tho regents
book store as In the case of toxt-bpokB.
Th8 practlco Is already followed by
several departments and tho change
will not" cause any serious Inconven
ience. ,
The Janitor Question,
9 1
It 1b frequently the case that stu
dent organizations wishing to.tiso some
of the buildings on the campus after
rogu)ar hours have paid- tho janitors
un extra amount to open the building
and close It afterward. Othor things
of like nature "havo boon necessitated
by -the fact that tho rogonta made no
provision for .such contingencies,. Now
those expenses,' whore allowable, will
ho paid for by tho university and jani
tors lifnd employes willjhdt bo allowed
to receive") any pay from otlior-sourceS
for such work,'J ! 'u .
'The 'attitude of the regents In abol-
.'h 1
S - S? X
" ' Diamond , 'X
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""II I 3. ' I
Track 1 "1
' '
According to present plans the now athletic field will be located directly north of the campiiB. It will In
clude the whole of the block Included between Tenth and Eleventh and "T" und "U" streets. Two lots will
also bo required in the next block to tho cast to give tho roqulred length to tho now field. Eleventh street will
bo closed and used as a part of tho field, but no attempt will bo made to close "T" street. A cinder track will
surround tho field. Temporary bleachers will be erected over tho track on the south side of tho gridiron. Ac
cording to the plans, tennis courts will bo laid out directly cast of the grand stand.
ishlng the old plans Is that the feo
system 1b to bo limited as much as
.possible rather than enlarged. Tho
mimeographing charges and tho jani
tor's extras constituted in fact special
fees-and tho regont8T'bolIevolliatT.ho
university as a whole ' Bhould stand
the burden of these expenses.
Club Will Hold Annual Feed at Lin
coln Hotel, May 7.
At a meeting of tho Forestry Club
held last evening plans for tho coming
banquet of the club were discussed.
The banquet will bo held at tho Lin
coln hqtel on Hay 7, and it Ib expected
that the affair will bo a big occasion
by the students of tho forestry depart
ment. A supintuous menu and a
toast list of excellence will bo pro
vided for tho entertainment 6t Ihp
club members.
Banquet and Speeches to Be Features
, of Last Session
Tho last meeting of tho graduate
club for tho year 1908-00 will bo held
May 7 In the banquet hall of .?
Temple. Tho club members will meet
at C;00. p. m and onjoy the feast pro
vided by tho committee on arrange
ments. FollowJng tho dinner several
membors of the club will speak on
topics of Interest. Ono feature of tho
evening will be a report by each de
partment as to tho work q its gradu
ate students, Those reports will show
tho number ot such students whether
thoy are majoring or mInorIng in the
department, and what work thdy havb
done, ' . '
Seniors' prder caps qnd gowns' at
Gflbort's book Store, )9y order of tho
committee; " -,.., ' " ,
Baked bcmj, tee premises'
and. served; sot with jlellolons brbwtf
bread, 10c, .it The beton1' fcorich.
Absolutely All to Bad From the 8 tart,
Performing 80 Comically That
Show. Was Worth Seeing
at the Price.
Nebraska 14: Manhattan 3,
Captain Buck Boltzcr and his Corn
huskers opened tholr1 homo reason- by
pummollng the vaunted .Manhattan
Aggies in a seven-inning gamo at An
tolopo park yesterday afternoon by a
score of 14 to !1. Tho slaughter fest
was1 allowed to go but seven Innings,
much to tho olation of tho shivering
fnris, in order to permit tho visitors
to make their. get:away frpm tho day
light cjty 'before tho fatal hour.
Tho Aggies went up in tho initial,
round and hovered overhead during
tho rest of the contest. Several at
tempts at decending wore, made, but
the Jayhawker ( trlbo only continued
With each of these to ' make higher
elevations. They were mlghtjr pleased
when the nmiable Davy Davidson
sliced the tlckor Into his pocket and
hit off the held, ' , '
' i 1
It was tough luck that pursued tho'
earth workers' for their string of fit-
toon victories, made boforo they Jjoft
old Manhattan (iiot In New York) In-
.dicales that, they are tho goods. Yes
terday, however, wfis tholr off (day
and they madb tho error column look
like, a muBS of standard oil flgures. Er
rors, were accumulated rapidly by soy-
eral of, the men especially the llttlo
lad who tried to play second both
with his clinch Instruments and his
food inlet
Play Fine Old Ball.
Captain Beltzor's -nion, on tho other
rhand, were working in grand old stylo
.nnd mado light work of the Aggies.
Hit the ball? Thoy did and many
times, with extra baseB often secured,
too. An error In loft garden was tho
only offense of tho discouraging kind.
.Ward was on tlnTBlab for tho Corn
huskers and kept the hits placed. .For
tho Aggies two men wore alldwed to
work on the rubber. Stack, who ran
for two rounds, wbb so easy that ho
willingly retired in favor of Stowle,
whom tho Cornhuskers found nearly
as great a Jay.
Ward was the featured wonder In
more ways than ono yesterday, too.
In the second session ho' canio to tho
bat, stepping gently to tho side of the
plate and whiffed tho sphere deftly
over tho right Hold foncofor the only
home run of tho game. When ho
smashed the four baggor there wus a
gay cry -from the rootors and the big
side wheeler was handed the smiling
languugo when be majestically touched
the homo pan and pattered along to
the resting placo of tho other members
of his conquering band..
Against Leaguers Today.
Today the Cornhuskers will, try their
luck with tho Lincoln leaguorsfor tho
third tlnio this season. The game is
to begin at 3: 30 o'clock with Fleming
probably on the mound for the col
legians. NbJcl; Monday and Tuesday the. team
from our neighbors ' ' tho "show-mo"
Btato will bo, the gup'sts ,at 'Antelope
S1 Captain Beltrorand "Dog' Eager,
, Remombep Missouri next weok.
Results of ypstcrlflay's bnt-fost;
Nebraska, 2 1 3 3 214
Manhattan, Q 0 0 3 0 0 3
Homo rjins, Ward. Two baso hits,
BeUzor; Greensllt. Three base hit, Car-
Iroll. Struck out. B;y Ward, 2; by
Stack, 1; by Stowio, ,2. Batteries,
"Ward; and Carroll; Stack, Stowlb, and
Spoer. Umpire, Davidson.
To Be the Biggest Affair of its Kind
Ever Held In Nebraska and Will
Be Viewed With Interest
By the University,
The state championship debate of
tho Nebraska High School Debating
Leaguo will bo held In Memorial hull
on tho evonlng of May 14, or High
School Fete Pay. In this contest tho
participants will be tho representa
tives of tho various district debating
leagues, of which there are oloven, In
to which the statu Is divided.
ThoKo districts aro: tho northorn,
north control, onstorn, ooBt control
southeastern, southern, control west
central, Houthwostern and northwest-;
orn and western. There aro almost,
llfty schools altogothor In . tho .state
jeaguo and this Is divided Into these
smaller loagues according to conven
ience. Contests Already Held.
The championship contests have
been held In sovoral of tho districts
and the candidates wblch aro to ro
resent them here, chosen. Atchlnson
Is the champion or tho northern divi
sion with C. A. Mohrnmn, 1904, as su
perintendent; In tho east central dis
trict, University Place ranks first with
('has. E. Teach, 1003, as superintend
ent; In tho southern division, Hebron '
urrtti irlt-h Isiam..!. 1 TC..11 1AAO -4 i-t-
superintendent; and In tho southwost '
ern district, Boavor City hoias tho hon
ors, with W. F. Davis, 1899, as supm--intendent.
i'wo of the district 'championship
wll be decided tomorrow night.
Wahoo and Blair meet nt Wahoo to
decldo tho chanipionshlix-of-tho-east'
orn district, nnd Geneva onU Oscqola
debuto at Osceola for tho central dis
trict championship. Tho final debate
for tho southeastern district, league,
which Is tho largest leaguo in' tile
Btato, will be between Auburn, and
Wymoro on April 30,
The subjectdiscussed In all of these
dobatcs was 011 tho compulsoVy arbl
tratlon of railroad strikes. There were
over thirty dobatcs all together. In
the contests tho schools pair off in
each district and by tho process of
elimination decldo ,upon the winner ,(
to represent thorn, here on High School t
Feto. Day. ' '" ' , " ' ' , "M,
To Be Large Affair.
This Contest will bo tho largest '
affair of Its kind over hold in tho state ,
" f 1 - ',1 " '.1
of Nebraska; Tho university has shown'
consfdofobio Interest In this 'tato de-
batlngMepgue. Professor' M, M. Fogg
of trio doriarlment of rhetoric is' at
.tho'jiead 6t the 'leaguo and many ot
tho university pfofessors liavo he9n.
acting as1 judges at tho various de
bates' over the state.' Tbb debater
Lwhn'nnntnBt nn Fntn DftVaro of nar
- v 1 ;
, ...-W ...-. . ,
tlcular; Interest to ho, university pub- ,
lie because, th'oy represent tho j)est .
product of aHhorough sifting process : '
in, high school (lobatlngv work and b'e ' V
cause thoy represent, to a great d,e- '
greo,.tho.mntQral whlcirwijl Somo day .;?
take part In university debating. VjEl'.
,Alpha Thsta Chl .Wins. , $: .
A.lph Theta. Chi defeated Dplta VP'V. .,
sllon- In a warnjly contested, game at.
tho Vino, street lot yesterday aftojs nK
noon .'by a score of 9 to 3. , ;, Hi'
Score by Innings: $ n
'Alpha Thota Ohl 1 0 4 11 2 9
Delta TJpsHon 0 1 0 0 1 0 13 y
BattoHesj Alpha Thota Chi, E. Buoi" '
. ..... Vi.i- vt.ji at.i;ii.:'t
ana u. anuiu, uoiw uiibhuu, ovumiui
nnd D. Russell.