The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 27, 1909, Image 2

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Sbe X)ail& flebrashnn
Lincoln. Nebraska.
PHImMH , 121 N. Ui H.
editor Herbert W. Potter
Manaafhfl editor Victor B. Smith
Jtti06lftt Mltore.. Philip Frederick
Carl J. Lord
Manaoer W. A. Jones
Circulator A. M. Hare
ywltiantXIrculator Leslie Hyde
Editorial ahd Business Office:
Postefflce, Station A, Lincoln. Neb.
Payable In Advance
Single Copies. B Cents Each.
.Telephones Auto 1888.
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
-for "at the rate of 10 cents por Insertion
iejr 'very fifteen words or fraction thereof.
Faoulty notices and University bulletins
will gladly bo published free.
Entered at the postofHoe at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second-class mall matter
under the Act of Congress of Maroh 8,
SATURDAY, MARCH; 27, 1009.
gains a breadth of view, but at tho
satno tlmo that ho docs this ho loses
tho things that mako tho wostorn matt
distinctive; tho enthusiasm and tho
push that hayo bocomo characteristic
of tho wosi. The Western1 collegbs
lmv6 riot got tho ropiitatlon that long
years of successful activity have gtvon
to tho groa activlttes of tho cast, duI
thoy have got brains, thoy havo havo
got monoy, and best of all they havo
got good, unbounded onthuslasm and
confldenco In tho future.
University , Bulletin
Tho announcement that "King" Colo
has been ro-ongagod for nnothor sea
son as coach of tho Nebraska football
ttSKm 1b' ono of tho ploasantest bits of
nowa that could como to Nobraaka jUBt
now. It sooms that NobraBkn will
havo ono of tho boat teams in tho
Missouri valloy next year, and furthor
moro that tho team will bo tho vory
best that can bo mado out of tho
-matorlhi at tho command of tho conch.
"King" Colo, in his two yoars at Ne
braska, has won tho confldenco of all
nhd wil) bo in a position to do moro
fbr tho toam noxt year than any other
man could do.
Tho difference between tho college
of tho east and tho collogo of tho west
is in no way nibTo strikingly Illus
trated than in tho difference in tho
collogo papers from tho two sections
of tho country. In tho Nebraskan of
fice tho papers from all partB of tho
country are received and it 1b almost
possiblo to toll by tho naturo of tho
papor from what section of tho coun
try it comes. u
Tho papors of tho oldest and best
Culturo conforms to tho dictates of
convention, but novor dooB so blindly.
Bvory act that is an ovldonco of cul
ture tnkoB an ImprosB from tho per
sonality of tho door. As this is truo
of an individual, so it is of a people,
dlso. SomotimoB tho foar takes pos
session of us that existing institutions
are not ovqrlastlng. Tho older gener
ation nlwnys deplores tho passing of
old customs. BUt political institutions,
social customs, religious practices all
must go. Is thpro ono who thinks
clearly who desires thorn to onduro?
A peoplo must be original to havo a
sound lifo Just as surely as muBt tho
Tho danger of following a pattern
is illustrated in what 1b known aa faah
lonablo society. Fashionable society
Is not positively bad. At tho worst, it
is only nogatlvoly good. It is a varie
gated copy of tho best things that uro
in life, socially. Tho troublo 1b that
with tho participants it Is too often
only a copy. It is tho play of boys
"keeping store" or of little girls who
"protend like" thoy aro kooping house,
only with tho incongruousnesa that
tho players havo grown old In thoii
pastime It becomcB fictitious, and
tho sin of reality is bettor than the
vlrtuo of fiction.
It js truly said that culturo cannot
bo tnught. It is a wlll-o'-tho-visp.
"You seize the flow'r, its bloom is
shod." Tho' country youth getB over
his arkwardnoss only with :nany
blunders and much modification, nnd
his only consolation is that it is better
to bo green than blase.
Bo cultured if you can, but romoin
bor that it does not show culture to
stay at homo for tho lack of evening
dross or of a now Easter hat. Daily
Saturday, 27.-Amerlcan Chemical ky
cioty Nebraska Section, Chemis
try Hall. 8:00 p. m.
Saturday, 27. Unlon-Pnlliidlan basket-ball,
armory, 8:15 p. m. Ad
mission 1C contB.
Tuesday, 30. Forestry Lecture: "For
mation of Forest Soils" by Prof
Barker. "Moiaturo Study In For
ost Soils," Prof Hoyser. N 7 at
7:30 p. m.
Wednesday, 31. Special Convocation.
U. S. Senator Burkett on "Tho
University Man in Polities." Tem
ple Theatre, 11 a. m.
Friday, 2 "The Problem .for Eurb
poans in Colonizing tho Tropics."
Dr. A Creighton Wollman, nf
Washington, D. C. TemplcB p. ni.
Friday, 2. Band Concort. University
Cadet Band. Temple Thoatre,
8:30 p. m.
Saturday, 3. Joint Y. M.-Y. W. C. A.
banquet at St. Paul's church, 6
p. m.
Wednesday, 7. Easter Vacation be
gins at 6 p. m.
Wednesday, 14. Easter Vacation ends
at 8 a. m.
Friday, 23 "Social Problems In Their
Relation to Public Health." Prof.
George E. Howard. Temple 6 p. m.
Tuesday, 27. Forestry Lecture: "Sci
entific Problems in Forest Planta
tions," by Prof. Phillips. N 7 at
7:30 p. m.
In answer to a question on Andrew
Jackson's personal appearance In a
recent examination in American lite
tory IV., the following anBwer wnH
given: "Jackson was a medium Bized
man of good physic, nnd .with a flno
Washington University to Gain Build
ings as Result.
Unique among colleges 0f tho
world, the University of Washington
will Boon bo the possessor of several
magnificent now buildings which a
college would not ordinarily obtain In
a decade. Lack of accommodations
for the normal increase of students
has resulted in a decrease in enroll
ment of new students this school year
nnd the natural growth of the school
has been sorlouBly retarded. Now a
remedy for thoso ovIIb has been found
in an appropriation of one million dol
lars by tho state for the Alaska
Yukon-Pacific exposition, which will
be held noxt summer on the university
campus. Six hundred thousand dol
lars of this goes to permanent build
ings for the university. Three of the
largest are tho Auditorium, tho Ma
chinery Hall and the Fine Arts build
ings which aro destined to become
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known colleges aro small sheets that
are In their nature but little moro
than bulletins. Tho news consists
simply pf stereotyped announcements
w'Htien In stereotyped form. Tho
wostorn paporB as a rulo are much
larger and an attempt is mado along
tfi'o lino of progressive Journalism. In
fact, some of tho western colleges aro
' able to support daily papers as large
as the avorago nowspapor of tho small
town. This Is notably tho case at tho
University of Illinois, whore tho stu
dents are glvonovery day an olght
page', five column papor.
This radical difference in collogo
journalism cannot spring from a lack
of enterprise lb tho east, but It muBt
rather spring from Iho different vlow
pblnt In tho two sections, which Is evi
dent not only in this line but in all
olner activities. Tho east is not any
longer a now country, It no Iqngor
feels tho enthusiasm and push that
comes as a natural part of the work of
opening up a now territory; Its meth
ods havo bocomo fixed and there is
not so great a demand for initiative
and therefore so Httlo of it is seen.
he colleges of tho west aro typical
of tie west. One often hears It said
that the western student should go
i asi! 'to school, that a breadth of view
aJoM'alned in this way. It-is un-
'Vfoulftedjy 'true that the. westerh man
Happenings of the Past
8lx Years Ago.
$115,000 was cut out of the appropri
ations for tho university, which wore
expected by those in touch with tho
situation. Thla action was taken" by
tho legislature as the result of tho
attitudo of Governor Mlckoy.
Five Years Ago.
Sixth annual banquet of tho Y. M. C.
A. was held in tho Llndell hotel and
the most prominent men in the uni
versity were present Among these
was Chancellor Andrews.
Four Year 8 Ago.
$350,000 was appropriated by the
legislature for university salaries.
This was $50,000 more than had ever
been appropriated in tho past for that
, Elaborate planB wore made for tho
annual gymnasium exhibition.
Three Years Ago.
Question as to tho use of tobacco in
tho law1 8cho6l aroused a great doal of
talk on tho campus and considerable
agitation was worked up over the
conditions that seemed to prevail.
' One Year Aflo.
" MIbs Howell; head of tho depart
ment of elocution, recited at convoca
tion fraBsag'es' from "The Lion and the
Mouse'." .
tho University Auditorium, the Me
chanics Hairand tho Chemistry build
ing. TheBo are all of pleasing architec
tural design and finish, harmonizing
well with tho present Administration
building and besides serving in an
eminently satisfactory manner the
uses to which thoy aro destined, will
bo a distinct adornment to tho cam
pus. BOsidos these, buildings, built by leg
islative appropriation, there will bo
other permanent and semi-permanent
buildings erected by various states,
counties and societies, which will
servo to houso new departments and
provide much needed class-room. Al
though it has not yet been definitely
decided to what purpose each building
will be dedicated some havo been as
signed, as for instance, the unique
forestry building of logs and native
woods, appropriately enough, to tho
forestry department, and tho Califor
nia state building, a beautiful ox
ample of Spanish mission architecture,
will be used for recitation rooms In
tho department of liberal arts.'
' Eight canoeists of "Kansas univer
sity recently formed a canoe club.
The president and secretary of .tho
organization aro known aB commodore
and first mato respectively.
All Souls Church, Unitarian
, Cerner of H and Twelfth tt.eets , ,
Services ftOO. Siinday School 12:00.
All Sttiienis are cordially invited to attend lift sorvicos.
Service 10:45. Sunday School at 12:00.
Surfday, March 28 8ermon 8ubject: "Dead Gods and the Living
Social Ethics Class 12:15. Paul H. Grumann, Leader.
Speaker: Dr. Luclle Eaves.
8ubject: "Social Settlement Work."
All Souls' Church is a free fellowship for tho worship of God ahd
tho sorvico of Man. It judges no man's character. It erects no bar
riers of oreod or doctrine. Its pulpit is a froe pulpit comimttod to
tho search after Truth.
" V'ifLA''
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