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Sbe Pallg flebraeftan
Lincoln!' Nebraska .
CON VOCATION-Thursday, March 1 1
' t
Hm i
m'HMMH MfKt, 121 N. 14th tL '
Milter.".. Herbert W. Potter
rtrariaglntf Mltor. Victor B. Smith
XwMlata Editor, Philip Fredericks
' - business staff1.
Manager W. A. Jones
Circulator T. A. Jamee
Asalttarit Circulator.... ...Ueilh Hyrf
KdltoKlai' and1 aiuilness Offfcei
Poatofflcs. Station A. Lincoln. Neb.
. 'N 0 fit f
jbscripti6n PRICE, 12.00 pkr ybar
Payable In Advance
' Single' Coplee. S Centa Each.
i",,"',", "- " "IM"
' Telephones Auto 1888.
i;ppiVIDUAfc NOTICES will bo charged
for at the rato of 10 cents per insertion
far' eVery fifteen words or f motion thereof.
f?aoulty notices and University bulletlna
will gladly Dd published free.
Mrs. Silesce Dales-Knapp
Violin Recital
Memorial Hall
( ill
Elevfen A. M,
Entered at the postofnao at Lincoln,
Nebraska, aa second-class mall matter
under tho Act of Congress of March 8,
' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1909.
THo editor wlBhos to oxplain that
tho rio'ciiliarly confUBCd condition of
tho editorial columns yoBtorday morn
lng Was not duo to any dorangomont
a( his mind, but was ono of tho re-.
suits of tooxcusnblo carolossnosB in
tho printing shop. It 1b most sincoroly
hbpVd that suoh blundors aB this can
In tho futuro bo obviatod.
Tho world has professional men
without number, hidn with toclinical
kuowlodgo aro at ovory hand, but a
man who crin think clearly and ac
curately, a man who can meet his
problems and solvo them is as rare
as a' truly great man.
Tho ability to do this, if it can bo
said' to como from education at all,
must como not from technical study,
but from broad knowledge of history,
art, -roligion and philosophy. Theso
aro tho things that glvo a man such
a bearing that nothing can over
whelm him. This fact is coming to
bo roallfcod moro and mora in tho tech
nical schools of tho country and many
professional courses havo been closed
to all Who havo not first taken their
A. B. degree Such a movement not
only means bettor mon but it moans
that tho professions will bo put upon
a higher piano.
University Bulletin
Tho timo haB como for tho uni
versity to "havo an original song that
stands for somothlng definite and
means somothlng to tho studenta of
tho university. It ought not to bo
noedssary to offor a reward to in
torost tho best studont talent in this
matter, but it scorns that no other
mothod will accomplish anything.
Thoro is most cortalnly sufficient tal
ent in' tho university to produce a
song that is" as distinctive as thoso of
any elslorn collogo, and tho matter
has now bpon sufficiently advortlsed
so that ovory studont knows what is
noeddd! It Is now up to tho students
Vact'. ' .
Tho freshman at last havo tho right
spirit ovoi1 at Iowa. Taking it upon
thomsolvoB to ralso tho standard of
Iowa athletics tho froshraen havo
adopted a training plcdgo and agreed
to abstain from tho use of lntoxlcun-,B,
tobacco, and Injurious drinks and
Bweots. Hero is what tho Dally
lowan has to say of tho matter edi
torially: "A training pledgo for freshmen
track candidates is to bo found on
tho armory bulletin. Throwing cus
tom to tho winds, tho freshmen are
determined to ralso tho standard of
tho Iowa athlete upon tho highest
plane. H.orotoforo, the general run
of Iowa athletes havo not trained,
consequently Iowa has been unable
to hold her own In tho recent state
meets. And furthermore, her track
records aro-proof of tho fact, when
compared with thoBO of eastern
schools or of neighboring colleges,
that her athletes do not develop
their powers to tho highest degree
Wednesday, Id. -"Graduate Pia'no Re
cital," by MIbb Genevieve Podrea.
Tomple Thdatro, 8 p. m.
Thursday, 11 Violin recital by Mrs.
Sllonco Dales-Knapp. Convocation,
Memorial Hall, 11 a. m.
Friday, 12 Junior-Senior inter-class
dobato. Memorial Hall 8 p. m.
Saturday, 13 Hawkoyo Club moots
with Prof, and Mrs. Chatburn,
2805 P St. Evoning.
Saturday, 13 Sophomore-Freshman
inter-class dobato. ' Memorial Hall
8 p. m.
Tuesday, 1C "College Settlement, '
by Dr. Eaves. Convocation, 11
a. m.
Tuesday, 10 Sophomoro election of
offlcors. Memorial Hall, 11:30 a.m.
Tuosday, 16. "Factors Affecting
Stroam Flow," by Dr. G. E. Con-
dra. N 7 at 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday, 16 "Commercial Forest
Nuraorios," L. O. WilllamB. N. 7
at 7:30 p. m.
Friday, 19 "How May tho Spread of
Infectious Diseases Bo Prevent
ed?" Dr. H. H. Waito. Temple,
5:00 p. m.
Friday, 19 Morcor Y. M. C. A. Tern
plo Theater, 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday, 23. "Tho Land That Is
Dlfforont," Rov. Oilman. Convo
cation, 11 a. m.
Tuesday, 30. Forestry Lecture: "For
mation of ForoBt SoIIb" by Prof
Barker. "Moisture Study In For
est Soils," Prof Hoyser. N 7 at
7:30 p. m.
Friday, 2 "The Problem for Euro
peans in Colonizing tho Tropics."
Dr. F. Crelghton Wellman, of
Washington, D. C. Temple 5 p. m.
Friday, 23 "Social Problems in Their
Relation to Public Health." Prof.
George E. Howard. Tomplo 5 p. m.
Tuesday, 27. Forestry Lecture: "Sci
entific Problems in Forest Planta
tions," by Prof. Phillips. N 7 at
7:30 p. m.
f . Oi'J.
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Dr. Bessey has recently written a,
statement in which ho declares that
training is tho impprtant thing whlio
the .facts, of information aro of sec
ondary importance. In a ripoeoh io
.contly dollvorod, President Hadley of
Yale declared: "Tho ideal collogo
education seems to mo to bo ono
whoro a student loams things that
ho la' not going to uso in after life,
by .methods that ho is going to use.
Tho former element gives tho breath,
tho latter element gives tho training."
President Wilson of Princeton recent
ly doclared? "I b'ellovo in general train
ing with' no particular occupation in
'view, to bo ttio yory heart and os
seticti of university training, and tho
indispensable foundation of every spe
cial development of knowledge oc
'aptitude that' is to lift a man to his
profession1' or a scholar to his func
tion of investigation."
HWe' dre statements from three
m'e'ri whdse lives havo been devoted
, -to' education' on a' problem that is al-
-way's of Vital' interest. It has been
'bhteridedf ro'm timo immemorial that
Hhe time of a student is wasted if ho is
(Tiot grubbing every moment during his
'&!' career with tho direct end in
-tieitlbt acquiring technical skill for
iJonWpr6feBslon, or mental equipment
for some speclaT buslne8. '
of efficiency.
"Tho freshmen realize this weak
ness of! loose training that retards
,tho development of tho Iowa ath
lete, ana which, is encouraged to u
great extent by tho student body.
They not only deplore It but thoy aro
ttaking decided stops in tho direction
ot cnangmg , this popular attitude,
.First, they aro voluntarily depriving
themselves of luxuries and onjoy-
munus wmen conuict witn their phy
sical training. Second, they ask the
co-oporauon, or ovory organization and
individual in, tho university to support
,and encourage this attitude, and if,
,necossary to demand strict training of
.every member of IoWa'a athletic
.teams, and especially ot tho cantalns.
"The following is the pledge which
,mony freshmen track and baseball
candidates are singing:
"Wo, tho undersigned freshmen
track candidates, do hereby pledge
ourselves to maintain the highest
standard of physical training from
now until tho end of tho track sea
son: That, is, wo will abstain from the
iuso of intoxicants, tobacco and injur-
J ." - , WT.
.cauea sacnucos aro tne expression or
our loyalty to? 'Old Iowa"
Happenings of the Past
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Don't miss; Mrs. Conant's recital at1
the Temple Thursday evening,
8even Years Ado.
John S. Mooro flnnlnrnrl n't nnnvnnn.
tlon that tho Christian organization
was tne largest and strongest fratern
ity in tho world.
8lx Years Ago. "mmm
Daily Nebraskan conducted a cam
paign to discover whether 'or not'
university students worked too hard.
It camo to tho conclusion that the
Nebraska students work harder than'
those of eastern institutions.
1 Five Years Ago.
Baseball dates wore given out for
the season', including games' with
Iowa, Minnesota, Chicago, South Da
kota, and Qrlnnell.
Mr. Blxby of tho Stato Journal'
SDOkO at Convocation and tanV n InrVn
;part of his timo offering apologies for
never Doing nolo to appear at his best.
Four Years Ago.
Nebraska-Minnesota girls' basket-
hn.ll Crnmn wnn rnllrfl nff hnnnnan Mn.
braska was refused ,tho privilege o
aA1n'nfln nn AT1lnl' i.U '2
Dramatic club enVn twrf filnvn ."Minn
Civilization" and "Mr. Bob," before a'
largo audience. t '
One Year Ago. """
William Jennings Bryan Was, the'
principal; speakei; at thp rinuai Peacq
cbnvocatlon. Tho central tliougni of
the talk wag tho fact that peacd id
not a vain ideal.
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