The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, March 02, 1909, Image 2

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:?& -Xi the Bails flcbvaehan
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Lincoln NebnjBlca.
MIlUtM GlflCt, 128 Hfl. 14th St.
Editor j Herbert W. ' Potter
Manaalno Editor. Victor B, Smith
Associate Editor Philip Fredericks
Manager W. A. Jones'
'Circulator ...... .T. A James
Assistant Circulator Leslie Hyde
. Editorial and Business Office
Postofflce, Station A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payable In Advance
Single Copies. B Cents Each.
Telephone: Auto 1888.
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo oharged
for at tho rato of 10 conts per lnoortlon
'for ovory flftoon words or fraotlon thereof.
Faculty notices and Unlvorstty bullotlns
will gladly bo published free.
11:00 A. M.
Hatton & Ennis, Props... Downstairs, Royal Hotel
, I. ' SOITORIUM ',"''
!' Hospital for Sick Clothes ' -"V
$J.OO Per Month Treatments Given Once a Week
.. t if
Auto Phone 4431) Bcil A-2473
1520 O STREET"
Entorcd at tho postofllco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as second-class mall matter
under tho Act of Congress of March 3,
Tho Daily Nobrnsltnn Is Booking. .to
maintain in tho columns devoted to
enmpus gloamings a donartmont that
Bhall givo in conciao form tho largo
number of small nowa ovonts that
aro nlwaya taking placo upon tho cam
pus. Tho NohraBkan is lirgoly do-
pendent upon tho aid of tho students
.In keeping thoso columns up to tho
standard which has boon sot thus far
this Bomester. Tho staff will appre
ciate It and will ho saved much work
if students will sond into tho offlco
such small Horns of interest as may
como under thoir observation.
The selection of tho seniors' class
orator should. not bo a matter of po
litical wire-pulling or Bchoming. It
has boon a common thing in past
years for tho poBltlon of Ivy Day or
ator to bo promised by tho dlfforont
candidates for tho senior preBldoncy
in an effort to got moro votes. Tho
position of Ivy Day orator Is too
great an honor and too important a
position to bo risked In tho chnncos
" 'Proxy' had Just returned Monday
morning from his Eastern trip, and
tho wear and tear of travol made rest
his own inclinations, tho adv.ico of
his solicitous friends In brief, ovory
thing but tho dictates of his heart,
and wont to "Frlond or Country," to
lend by his prosonco a distinction to
tho first; performance which it would
not othorwis6 havo enjoyed. It is
things Hko this so characteristic of
tho man that ondoar President Nor
throp to ovory student, ovory faculty
member and overy acquaintance He
is a father to all a father" in the
highest moaning of tho torm. And it
Is as such that wo regard him Our
lovo for him is . like unto that of
children lor thoir father ;. and It will
always bo bo."
it is a causo for profound congratula
tions. Thoro aro, however, smany
ways in Which conditions at tho Uni
versity of Nebraska can bo improved,
and it Is certainly not yot time for
us to rest on our laurels.
In tho nows columns of tho Dally
NobraBkan for today appears, an ar
tlclo which declares that Nebraska
has gained a roputatlon among her
sister Institutions as a Bchool whore
gentlemanly conduct and proper man
ners nre noticeably present It is a
causo for congratulation that such
an impression has gone abroad, but
it 1b to bo seriously doubted whether,
as a school, wo merit the honor that
we have obtained.
Tho special question that scorns to
havo aroused tho discussion is wheth
er or not students should wear their
hats in tho halls of university build
ings. Thoro aro some buildings on
tho campus in which students neVer
wear their hats, and then again thoro
aro others in wlfllch no ono ovor
thlnkB of removing his hat. Tho
cause for this discrimination seems
to bo tho fact that in Bomo buildings
thoro are very seldom any girls in
A college graduate is tho sensa
tion at tho MajOBtio this week. His
name is Llnd, and ho impersonates a
woman in dancing, which is both ar
tistic and graceful. It is impossible
for ono not knowing, to toll from his
movements his sox. Ho pleased a
crowded house Inst evening.
Porter J. White and company in
"The Visitor" produces tho beBt single
act number that has been given at the
Majestic this season. Mr. White, as
tho "Visitor," drawB a keen character
which ho acts out with consummate
Billy Farnon Blngs tho popular
"YlddiBh Cowboy" song in askit with
Wills-Ransloy, a clover pair of danc
ors. "Tho Great Jarrow" Is a wonder.
Other good numbers are Manzello's
feathered show;. MorrlBsoy and Rich
in a comedy sketch, and Valveno and
Treck, gymnasts.
"Tho Three of Us," a modern com
edy, is tho offering nt tho Lyric. It
is a play that tho best theater-goers
of tho city aro attending.
Tho last big cabinet meeting of the
Y. W. C. A. 1908-1909 cabinet will bo
held at C o'clock. Wednesday.
March 3d, at tho city association
rooms. Dinner will bo served at 6
o'clock, followed by full reports. Sub
chairmen, chairmen and officers come.
U4luO. Two Stores 1415,0.
In bunches. A now bunch in Sat
urday, and getting moro in overy dny.
If you want to soo tho snappiest
lino in town, seo me. In $3.50. Dollar
Off Budd, 1415 O.
of a political light. The precedent
which has been set this year of keep
ing tho question of Ivy Day orator
entirely out of tho fight for tho class
presidency is tho proper courso to
pursuo, and should bo followed by
classes hrtho future.
Tho American college prosidont
stands in a peculiar relation to tho
student body. Moro than merely tho
head of an institution ho often wins
from thoso who como In contact with
him tho kind of lovo that is usually
reBervpd for, a father. With im
mense power for good through .tho
trust and confidence that Is roposod
in- him, It is only a man of tho noblost
character that can niako a really
'great college president
,An editorial in tho Minnesota Daily
shows the position to which a groat
,collogo president can attain, Tho,
editorial is as follows:
"Tho unflagging interest of Presi
dent Northrop in all those who have
ever been identified with tho, Institu
tion of which ho Is the hea'd, was well
exemplified Monday evening, when he
declined an invitation to bo prespnt
at tho Admiral Evans banquet, more-
1y In order to honor a former univer
sity girl by attending the Initial' per
formance of her play.
tho classes, .while, in other buildings
tho classes aro largely composed of
Tho question of reniovlng hats is
hardly ono to bo considered by itsolf,
however, but is rather part of tho
larger question as to whether or not
it Is., proper for students in colleges
to drop tho refinements of manners
which they havo learned at home.
Conditions .at the University of Ne
braska aro far better than at many
other colleges of tho same rank, hut
they aro not by any means all that
could bo desired. It is considered
entirely proper In somo institutions
for, students not only to smoke .on
tho campus but In tho class rooms as
well. Smoking1 at Nebraska is not
oyon tolerated upon the campus",
much less in tho class rooras
After a person leaves school the
refinements of manner that distin
guish a gentleman aro demanded if a
person is to occupy a position of im
portance and responsibility. Several
practices that aro well knowh. in cer
tain 'parts of .the .school would' not bo
tolerated for a moment In nn office.
There' is no more reason 'for, over
looking and excusing ungentlemanly
conduct at the university than any.
whore else. y
' If Nebraska stands at the head of
western universities in this matter
Happenings of the Past
Seven Years Aflo. ,
Nebraska basket ball team was de
feated by tho Haskell Indians to tins
score of '73 to 29. . On the ne.t night
Kansas went down to defeat before
Nebraska. '
Six Years Ago.
Prize of $100 was qffered to iho
student who should write an original
University of Nebraska song that was
of sufficient merit to warrant' a- prize.
Flvo Years Ago.
Co. D of the cadot battalion was
discontinued as an organization be
cause of the small number of cadets
Co, Dhad been a winning company
for several years and was the best
known organization in the battalion.
, Four Years Ago.
First outdoor basebaji. work of tho
season, wfs held.
Oho Year Ago.
Gorman Club gave tho play, "Miller
and Mueler," before a 'largo audience
in tho Tomple.
You need rcllnble, original and complete material for written or flpoken
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We Are Dealers in Facts
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or club, Jn business nnd public affairs. Our work is accurate, completo andto
tho point, carefully- typewritten promptly supplied, atid arranged In suitable
form, with outlines, .bibliographies nnd full references.
Wo not only havo in our own force highly-trained irvestigators nnd special
ists in various lines, but wo havo made a businoss of "knowing tho men who
know" nnd by means of this systchi of knowing "Who's Who for Efficiency"
wo can go straight to headquarters for authoritative information nnd export
Added to our large stock of Information on hand nnd our means of obtaining
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o,dtod!l;o?StCdrcsfa?nonyc0o,: WUld Ilko and y0ur "ncaflons for?
National Clearing House of Information
Arthur Svgrgttjm Director
Fraternity Hall
March 5th, 1909
Pershing Rifles Hop
Tickets $1.25
Walt's Orchestra
We Waiit Your Coal Orders.
Give Us a Trial Order.
1106 O Street Auto 3228 Bell 234
The senior play staff will meet In
VU 106 Wednesday at 7 o'clock.
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Hot Lunohes a Specialty. ; - " .
-v , - " :. - -Candies and" Ices.
1307 0 St. Ntttfui AuU 2214, lill 458.
M ' -' . .W"'.HJEdBA
.!? H..