The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 27, 1909, Image 2

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Sbe Palls mebcagftan
Lincoln, Nebraska, '' - (
l 11 III I I
- PaillEltlH Slfkl, 126 l9. 14th St.
JEdltor ... Herbert W. Potter
WnaofnV EMor. . r Victor B, Smftlji
' A6crato' Editor. ....... Philip Fredericks
Manaoer..... W. A Jones
Circulator T. A. James
Anlttant Circulator Leello Hyde
i '
Ecjltorlal and Business Office!
Postofflce, Station A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payable In Advance
Single Copies. 5 Cents Each.
Telephone: Auto 1888.
INDIVIDUAL, NOTICES will bo chargod
for at tho rata of 10 conts por Insortlon
for oVory fifteen words or fraction thoroof.
faculty notices and University bulletins
Will Kindly bo published free.
Entered at tho poBtoftlco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as Bocond-class mall matter
undor tho Aot of Congress of March 3,
Now that ll 1b announced. that tho
positions as clerks In tho cadet bat
talion will no longer bo snaps but will
rcqulro veal work and tako tho full
hour It may bo necessary to draft
mon for tho positions. It Is amazing
" how popular any lino of .work becomes
In tho unlvorslty when It becomes
known that It requires loss tlmo than
one Is given credit for. This point of
vlow would Boon provo to bo tho un
doing of a person any place except In
Tho magnificent attendance which
turned out to tho vesper sorvlco yes
terday afternoon was a manifestation
of that real university Bplrlt which
has mado tho older unlvorsltles of
tho country famoiiB. It is to bo hoped
thnt theso occasional manifestations
of unified feeling and Interest In the
higher things of collego lifo will be
come more and more frequent as the
months and years go by, until tho
University or Nobraska will havo a
body of as united loyal students as
any university In tho land.
IJ4l,tO. Two Stores 1415,0.
TmT-Unlvorsity of-Nebraska is just
now suffering from what might bo
termed the advertising nuiBanco. Tho
iron fence which surrounds the cam
pus Is hung with unsightly cloth ban
ners, bulletin boards meet our oyes
which ever vay we turn on tho cam
pus, and even tho halls of tho build
ings themselves aro not sacret from
tho ravages of tho ''publicity sookors.
Tho timo has most certainly come
when a halt should bo called. It Is
not necessary that the whole appear
ance of tho university should be In
jured, that legitimate university
events should bo properly advertised.
At the present timo a multitude of
unimportant events aro advertised
widely on tho bulletin boards and
tako a great deal of space 'that It is
absolutely unnecessary 'should be
given them. That notices of such
things as committee meetings should
havo a large poBter devoted to them
on ImportaniAbiilletln boards Is an
.offense not only against the aesthetic
,taste of the Btudonts but an Insult to
their Intelligence as well, i
' Thero are certain Important things
that deseryo to havo mention upon a
.prominent bulletin board hut those an
nouncements should not be permitted
to go up In any sort of shape and on
any kind of paper that happens to
L 4 V
J. C.
bo handy at tho time. -Sbrao com
petent person should be appointed to
mako all announcements and they
should bo made uniform so that ilroy
will not bo an offenco to tho oyo.
As for the infinite number of small
announcements that havo been en
cumbering the bullotln bonrds, they
havo no right thero whatevor. Tho
Daily Xebraskan runs a university
bulletin every day and all sub. 'an
nouncements havo all tho prominence
that they deserve in this column.
As for the posters which have been
placed upon tho fence, there ought
to bo Borne way of giving duo prom
inence to university events without
injuring the entire appearance of tho
campus. If thoeo in charge of this
matter would give this Bubject care
ful thought it Is cortalntthat some
plan could bo worked out that would
bo Just as satisfactory to tho advertis
ers as the ono now in use and would
bo Infinitely better for tho looks of
the campus.
It Is a great satisfaction to see
lofty ideals and noblo ambitions ap
preciated at their true worth. It is
especially gratifying when this ex
pression of regard is about a Nebras
ka professor whom wo all know de
serves tho highest praiso. A recent
edition of a prominent newspaper con
tniiiB the following tribute to Doctor
George Howard:
"It may bo worth whllo for the peo
plo of Nebraska to stop for a mo
ment to considoi tho record of Dr.
Geo. B. Howard of tho Btato univer
sity, ono of tho professors accused
by W.- J. Bryan of being swayed by
'personal Interest' In advocating tho
acceptance of the Carnoglo pension
"Dr. Howard was ono of tho self-
supporting students who wore almost
In a majority In tho University of
Nebraska twenty-fivo and thirty years
ago. He graduated In 1876, Btudled
abroad, and returned to. become tho
founder of tho department of history
in his alma mator. Tho strongth of
his work waa so great that when he
left fci 1891 to accept a call from
Stanford university, his department
was giving about ono-flfth of all the
Instruction offered by tho university.
Ho was recognized as indopendent
and radical in his political beliefs, but
students of all grades of politics ro
colved Inspiration from his work with
out ageing or feeling that ho over de
viated a halr'B breadth from the scien
tific attitude toward all public" ques
tions. "In California he also founded a
department of. history and for more
than ten yearc conductod it with
splendid rcBults. When Professor
Ross was romoved from tho Stanford
faculty, Professor Howard publicly
denounced it as tho truckling of tho
Stanford administration to tho Cali
fornia millionaires. Ho felt that a
great outrage had .been committed
and 'voluntarily placed his own salary
i' "2"
P i
V J , '
11:00 A. M.
of $-1,500 a year on tho altar of aca
demic freedom. Ho was asked to
mako a mild and perfunctory state
ment that ho had. spoken in heat, in
which case he would not only bo al
lowed to retain Ills chair, but would
bo gl'vcu nn advance In .salary to
$5,000 a year. These ovortureB Dr.
Howard refused. Ho sacrificed a
position at n salary of $4,500 and
came back to Nebraska at $2,000 a
year because ho wanted to teach
whero no Interest could Interfere. In
the slightest degree with his liberty
of thought or his oxpression of what
ho believed to bo the truth. After
his retirement from Stanford he was
tendered a check for $2,250, In pay
ment of salary for tho remainder qf
the year which ho waB not allowed
to complete. Legally and morally he
was entitled to the monoy, but ho ro
fuBed to nefcept It. Whllo at Stan
ford university ' Dr. Howard spoko
again and ngaln on tho dangers of
aggregated wealth, and scored tho
California millionaires whllo Leland
Stanford, tho donor of tho entire en
dowment of the university, sat on the
platform. Ho has not changed his
attitude In recent yoars or recent
months, as hundreds of students who
have taken his work in history and
sociology are able to testify. A llBt
of Dr. Howard's "books and miscella
neous writings fills a full column of
tho University Journal. .These havo
given him a wido reputation In tho
world of Bchol.'irfliip.
If you havo any wnnts, make them
known through our want ad col
umn. It pays to advertise Do you
want to buy, sell, or trade anything?
If so ubo a Nobraskan want ad.
Happenings of the Past
8even Years Ago.
All hopo of a game with the Bad
gers was glvon up by Cornhuskor
football enthusiasts.
Merit system was introduced Into
the appointment of qfflcers In the mili
tary department.
8lx YearsAgo.
Nebraskan publlshedan ofght-pago
special edition on Saturday, tolling
of the relation of tho university to
tho legislature '
Five Years Ago.
Physics building was so located that
the athletic field was saved to tho
Four Years Ago.
A subscription club for tho new In
tercollegiate debating journal, "Both
8ides," was organized at tho univer
sity. I
One Year Ago., . -Basket-ball
team left for an extend
ed northern trip.' - '-
O. Bentloy ''chosen by the opho
inoro class as manager of -the Corn
huskor for 1909. . '
AllSdtils Church, Parian
. ' W u& Corner of Hand Twelfth" 8t.-eets . 0
.. v .'.ARTHUR L. WEATHERLY, Minister.
7 -i
Services JJjOOr Sunday School Mm.
All Students aro cordially invited to attend its services.
Hour of service, 12:45. Subject: "The. Church and -.the Indi
vidual. . , .
'- o
, i i ,,;,,, , i , ' r, i J.
' - p 'if .
All Souls' Church is a free fellowship for tho worship of God and
tho service of Man. It judges no man's charactor. It erects no bar
riers of creed' or doctrlno. Its pulpit Is a free pulpit comlmtted to
tho search after Truth.
Social Ethics Class, 12:15.. -Paul H. Grummann, Leader,. 8peaker,
Prof. L. F. Aylesworth. Subject: "Proportional Representation."
You need reliable, original nnil complete material for written or spoken
woik. You iiIho need books nnd magazines. And later a Btmnner or permanent
position, which you should plan for now, before all tho best openings are filled.
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We Are Dealers in Facts
We furnish the best ii. formation obtainable on any mibjcct In achool, college
or club. In business and public affairs. Our work Is accurate, complete and to
the point, carefully typewritten, promptly supplied, ai-d arranged In suitable
form, with outlines, blbllogiaphlcs nnd full references.
We not only h;ivi In our own force highly-trained Investigators and special
ists In vniloiiB lines, but wo have mado a business of "knowing tho men Who
know" nnd by means of this Bystcm of knowing "Who's Who for Efllclcncy"
we ran go qtrulght to headquarters for authoritative Information arid expert
Added to our largo stock of Information on hand and our means of obtaining
authentic Information, wo have a highly efficient system of sitting, arranging
and presenting our facts In form that exactly mAta Individual requirements
that would exactly meet your needs.
We nre especially strong In political science economics, sociology, anthropol
ogy, tine arts, literature, applied science, commercial geography, travel and
exploration, International law and diplomacy, history, foreign affairs. Interatnto
and foreign commerce, financial and Industrial conditions, and public problems
and live questions of the day.
Tho cost Is Icsh than might bo expected. Our charges for now and original
material arc at tho rate of -two dollars for each thousand words furnished.
Quality of work guaranteed, or monoy refunded. Methods, references and quo
tations on importunt Investigations furnished upon request. (Wo have thou
sands of nrtlcles on hand which wo offer, subject to prior sale, at J1.50 per
thousand words. Send for price list.)
A Desirable Position for You
If you are wlso. you arc already planning about a summer or permanent
position or about nn opening In tho professions or Independent business. To
introduce our service to you. wo wll glvo you advlco. Information nnd real
assistance ,nlong these lines without charge (from now up to tho tlmo you se
curo a desirable position) If you send 'us a tlvo dollar order for Informa-tlon.
1. c. .',500 words or over at J2 per thousand.
In our official capacity, wo come in touch with boards of trade, chambers
or commerce and other local and general organizations of employers, as well
as large corporations and other concerns, educational and other Institutions, and
municipal, state and other governmental departments. We nrc thus In a posi
tion to know of poslttous of all kinds everywhere as well as opportunities for
starting out In independent business or professional lines.
No red tape, no commissions, no stringy aro attached to this offor. It Is
freo and unconditional. This Information wo gain about positions Is simply a
valuable by-product of our regular Information business, nnd wo uso It to
attrnct, help nnd thus hold customors. Wo do for you all that any regular
employment ngency can do. with this Important difference wo ask you to sign
no involved contracts, pay no fees or commissions, and Incur no other obllga
lions, v
Books and Magazines Free
.mA! a J"Pt,IL;r Inducement, with every llvo dollar order for Information wo
will glvo free, In nddlt on to tho employment prlvllego. nny book or a year of
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With a ten dollar order for Information, wo will glvo 2 worth of books or
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Just think up one or moro subjects on which you need material. Estlmato
the number of words required. Encloso two dollars for each thousand words
desired, glvo us exact directions ns to what you want and when you want It
and If tho order Is for live dollars or over, name tho bdoka or magazines you
fM'i&llTo:XfOUW "k0 Und yU'- nimea?,o. forV
National Clearing House of Information
Arthur evttN8m QovJ,; Director
Fraternity Hall
Tickets $1.23
9 P. M.
Inter-Class Basket-Bali
, Sophomore-Freshmen, Friday, Feb. 26 ,'..
Senior-Junior, Saturday, Feb. 27
Admission ISc
to Order
March 5th, 1909
Rifles Hop
Walt's Orchestra
Season Ticket 30c