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Faults of Old Rules Will J3e Remedied
Mid Clear Statements Will Be
Made of Ellglbli'ty of Stu
dents for pledging.
Calls for a meeting of the Inter
fraternity council will bo Issued short
ly, the meeting probably (o bo held
next Wednesday evenlngAt this sea
slon preliminary steps wlll bo taken
towards the formulation of a new sot
of rushing rules to govern tho oloven
Greek letter societies In their contest
for new members.
A revision and restatement of tlu
fraternity rushing rules has been mado
necessary by the discovery of faults
and inaccurate statements in the old
list of regulations and also by tho de
sire to put In effoci some fow changes
In tho system which are desired by
tho fraternity mon nnd members, of
tho faculty aB well. The old rules, as
Issued threo years ago, have been
found faulty In several respects and
it Is desired to remedy these bad
joints in plonty of time for a general
understanding and enforcement of the
rules at tho next rushing season In
the fall.
Rules Not Clear.
Among the faults of the old rules
which will bo remedied in the now
draft Is the lack of a deflnlto state
ment of the term "now .student." In
tho old rules all provisions as to
rushing aro made applicablo to "now
students" only. This is apparency
clear as Including members of all
classes if thoy aro new registrations
in the university. Last full, however,
there was somo misunderstanding and
In at least ono case an upper-claso-man
who had brought his credits to
Nebraska from another college wad
pledged to a fralc-rnlty without regard
for the rules as to time of pledging.
The fraternity In question believed
that the rules applied only to fresh
men. This and other points will bo
stated In bettoi form in tho now
During tho rushing season last fall
theie was considerable objection mado
by fraternity men and others to the
x long period of rushing, which necessi
tated the use of much time by those
'interested Jn rushing arid by tho rush-
iees themselves. Tho six-weeks per
iod wns a trying ono for freshmen
1 Vho looked good , to any ono of U19
'various fraternities and It was' not
without, its troubles for the mon Jn
the organizations. It was stated then
thai a-large parC of tho delinquencies
(on the part of men being rushod was
4 because of the long-time rushing por-
fiod,. There was a strong sentiment
then" In fa,vor ot butting down tho
!-'enghtof tho-rrushing season and thfs
JJJfiyFS?"lt in clianges in the rules.
this year.
, yfb'jX&fSvi ch'arigos are' made, -how-vover,
wll not7bo in diy way a lotting
downiofthojtbare of scholarship and
' other requirements. Tho sentiment of
ithe council, which has in tho past ai
rways been strongly set against any such
taction anl there dro-manyamongr the
state legislature .who beliovo tho frn-
ternily system is an evil to. bo rooted
,0ut whenever possible, , is a- warning
r to the Greeks to keep their entrance
requirements up to standard, which
will command tho respect of tho law-
r. Defepds-Fraternities.
Slnde tho introduction of -a bill in
I g
the state house of representatives pro
viding for tho abolition of all fratern
ities and secret societies in the col
legos and unlverslies of tho state, the
nowspapors of tho stato havo been
making various references to the mat
ter, both editorially and in the news
columns. Speculation on the possi
bility of thoN passage of tho bill has
been given much space in tho nows
matter and a number of opinions, both
flattering to the Greeks and otherwise,
havo occupied the editorial space.
A. L. Beck Surprises the Class With
His Candidacy.
That a third man would announce
himself as a candidate for the fresh
man presidency was suspected by no
one, yet such is the case. Yesterday
afternoon A. L. Beck began an nctlvo
"campaign for the freshman honors
and is now soliciting supporters In
a whirlwind fashion.
Mr. Beck comes to tho university
from Billings high school, of Billings,
Mont., and is a member ofc no uni
versity organization. Ho took a llyo
ly lntorost in class affairs last se
mester and his "supporters aro (. confi
dent that he. wlil make ,a good race
for tho presidency-
Although tho announcement of his
candidacy has probably boon debuted
for some time among his adherents
tho affair has boen kept entirely in
tho dark up to yesterday. '
A Sad .Death. - -
MrsHeleu J3r,ooks, , Wilcox, mother
of Miss Gertrude-Wllcox, "12,-passed
away suddenly early Ftlrfayinornlng
after a short siege of.1, pneumonia.
Mrs. Wilcox, a widow) came" to" Lin
coln from Lodgopole, Jobr., to giyje
her only child a university education.
Sho was exceptionally cultured am
her close" .frjonds well realized the
strong spirituality that enabled her
to be resigned to tho trials and dis
appointments of Jife. Miss Wilcox
left with tholbodyifor Lodgepole,, Fri
day a,fterpoon After tho funeral bHa)
ox.pec'ts, to .return.1! to school. TJfe'
sympathy of tho student body is wlmj
Miqs,WHcox in this dark hour. "
Your car faro would pay for a. nice
lunoh. at Tho., Bpaton Lunch, ' W1iy
go, homo? , t ' " f
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Kansas and Nebraska Attracting At
tention Along the Kaw and Big
Crowds Will Watch the En
counters at Rainbow Park.
Publication in the Daily Nebraskan
yostorday of tho nows of tho final ar
rangements for tho championship
basket-ball games to be played bo
tween Nebraska and Kansas at Rain
bow rink In Kansas City, Kans., next
week started speculation among tho
Nebraska students on the chances of
the Cornlfuskorfl to win the series. Oil
the campus the general feeling seemed
to be that the local flvo stands a fair
chance to take two of tho games. Ne
braska is Improving in its play right
nlong and by next week should be In
shape to work in tip top form. Tho
students havo taken this Into consid
eration in looking at the prospects
and believe there Is a fair chance of
getting the title
In Kansas City the approaching fray
is being awaited 'with considerable
show of interest and jt is oxpecte'J
ihnny hundre'dr, of people will wit
ness tho 'games. -Rainbow rink In
Kansas City, West Side,"4 is largo
enough to accommodate groat crowds,
and -probably will bo filled ta its ca
pacity. . '
Kansas City 'Interested.
v A dispatch ' from Kansas CHy yes
torday 'told of" tho following prepara
tions in Kansas City for the games:
"It was decided yesterday to "play
the championship games In Knhsas
City, Kans., at p .conference between
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FEBRUARY 27, 1909,'
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W. C. Langdon, manager of athletics
at 'Kansas' university, and Manager
Eager of Nobraska. Tho conference
was held at tho Coates house yester
day morning and tho men decided to
try and securo a hall on this side of
tho river if possible, and If not to
play tho games in Kansas City, Kan.
Convention hall has nearly every dato
filled for a month ahead and it was
imposslblo to airango to play tho
ganjo there. Soveral othor placeB
wore mentioned, but nope of them
was sultublo for playing tho games
and accommodating tho students and
alumni who wish to son the cham
pionship gameb played. Tho rink
ncross tho rlvor hod been offered" and
finally was accopted, aftor it yjxa
found that tho games could not bo
played 1-n this city.
"Tho dates decided upon aro March
4, 5 and 6. This "will givo tho team
a week In which to prepare for" (ho
games and be in excellent condition
so that no excuses can be offered for
defeat. Managor Eager telegraphed
to his men last right to get busy and
practice for tho game and also loft
for Lincoln. Manager Lansdon Btaycd
in, this city nnd will return to Law
rence today nftor closing a contract
with tlio, rink management for the uso
of the rink on the dates mentioned.
"Rainbow rink has ono of the finest
basket-ball courses in this part- of the
country and furnishes seating capacity
for a largo crowd. Thp, court is the
right s'zo for the gamo to' bo skill
fully ployed under intercollegiate
rules. .
"Manngprr Lansdon stated yesterday
thajL ho expects, the largest, crowdB at
these games, that iever witnessed
basket-ball Jn this part of the coun
try. Dlfforent towns on the Leaven
worth electric lines, will send rooters
and a big band of K. U. mon are ex
pected to accompany tho team here
to -see the series. Tho court is easily
reached by car lines ,from this slcje
of the river and considering tho num
ber of people interested Jn the work
of K. XJ, athletes, ta city should
sond a big croWd across the river
every night of tho series?- - .
"At the present time it looks ,ps if
' (CpnUnuad on Page 4)
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'Price 5 'Cent
President Hills of the Senior Class
Gives Out the Completed List
of Committees for This
LouIb A. Orogory wos appointed
yesterday by Elmer W. Hills, presi
dent of tho senior clnBH, as Ivy Day
orator. This is tho moBt Important
office which tho prosldont of tho class
has to appoint nnd speculation hns
been rlfo among tho students for
soveral weoks na to who would get
tho covotod placo. There woro a num
ber of mon in tho senior class who
woro woll qualified so far Us orator
ical abilities wont to act as the ivy
day Bpeakor, and tho nnmo of tho
tsuccoBsful candidate was 'ontlrely un
certain, No prq-ejoctlon pledgo of tho
position was mado and Mr. Hill de
clares that Jip sought to chooso, tlio
mon ayIio would most creditably rop-
resent all phases of tho activities of
tho class.
Mr. Gregory is a straight law sty
dent and will tako IiIb dogroo thiB
spring. Ho graduated from tho St. '
Josoph high school In 1902, haying
"won many prizes for his oratorical
work thore. Mr. Gregory was a mom
bor of tho intor-colloglato debating
Bfiund for two years. Ho ia a ntombor
of Delta. Tau Delta and Phi Alpha Tau
fraternities. ,
Other Committees Appointed.
Tho announcement of tho other
committees was made at tho sam'o
time that tho namo of tho Ivy Day
orator was given out. All thoap ,
polntmonts havo been mado oxcetfc
tho class poet nnd; tho class song com
mittee, which will bo nnnouhcedJfltoV.'
Tho commlttco nnnouncombnts nnas
follows: A v
Class Basketball Managor- E. P.
Manager ClasB Indoor-meet L. C.
Hummel. f
Ivy Day Commit toe James Coupo,
Chairman. - . i :f
Athletics C. J. Wangdrfonsub
chairman; James Harvey, E, P. Joff
ords. ',
Evening Program Guy Montgom
ery, sub-chairman; F. A. Jon6ri,5Ann
Watt, Mary C. Graham,, Elma, Mini
kon. , i
Goneral Work P. N. Wlldlsh, suli
chalrman; Hohry Currier, C. A.
Thompson. -' r
Commemoration ., Commlttoo Ross
Bates, E. B. Drake, W, V. Konnor,
Boulah Hildreth, Laura McCold,
Myrtlo Hudson, Rosmond MacDonald.
Social Committee O. W- Petora, IJ.
L. Harrison, Georgo Hummel, Amos
Thomas, Vera Pink, Sheldon B, Coon,
P. M. Weller, Camilla Evans, Ruth
Castor, Marguerite Burke, Pancheon
Convocation Committee H C. Rob
ertson, S. S. Davlu, Edith Kruckofa
berg, Edith Grimm, Lilah David; Sid- ,
ney Evans.
Invitation Committee Yale Hol
land, Clara Hermanson, Gertrude Noll
son, Guy Mattcson, Kathrlno. Doyle".
Cap and Gown Committee J. h.
Thomas, Lucy Woods, Augusta Hams-
berger, Isabel Wolfe, Roy Greensllt. ,
IClasB Yell Stuart E. Dobbs,.Sa.'m
Carngy, Graham Fletcher. ; :
Ivy Planting H. O. Boll, C. R, Till
otson, P, A. Burnham. ,1 -'
Class .Flower' Commlttee-r-Mattle
Woodworth, Bessie Fry, Eva Arnold.
Audltingr Committee Ivan P.. Baker,
C. B. Toof, -Vern Glttlngs, A. M. Gato
dy, !aVlon Hart, Mary Williams, W.
'A. Robertson, .Anna M Rathko, R. J3,
Murphdy, Marlon Horton;, Lqralne
fHempel, D. "P, Bell Lillian 'Ghambers
Lucy Hewitt, Eafl Wilson ti
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