The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 25, 1909, Image 2

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fcbe Sall$ flebrashan
Lincoln, Nourwikiu
frtlltlHH ItflCf, 126 Hfl, 14lh,St.
Editor Herbert W. Potter
Manaalna Editor.". -.Victor B. Smith
Aiioclato Editor Philip Fredericks
Manager W. A. Jone
Circulator T. A. Jamea
Aailttnnt Circulator Leslie Hyde
Editorial and Bualnets Office:
Poitofflce, 8tatlon A, Lincoln Neb.
Payable In Advance
Single Copies. 0 Cents Each.
Telephone: Auto 1688.
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
for at tho rnto of 10 contu por lnsortlon
for ovory flf todn words or t motion thoroof.
Faculty notices and Unlvorslty bullotlns
will gladly bo published free
Entered at tho postofTlco at Lincoln,
NobraBka, as BCcond-clafia mall matter
under tho Act of Congress of March 3,
ji"T ifc jfr U J,V W w V U X J Of tL O; ,tf
V V p f rf y p fj j T fJZ fv p
Thoro are at tho present tlino
fy two vacancies In tlio staff of
& tho Daily NobraBknn which tho
editor wishes to nil within tho
rioxt fow days. All Btudonts
who aro interested in this kind S
of worlc aro roquosted to see K
tho editor as Boon as possible
Ono hour's credit will bo glvon
for tho work, and it will not bo
nooossary for special roglBtra-
tlon to bo made.
Convocation-Thursday, Feb. 23d
Mr. L. J. Hervog
Piano Recital
Memorial Hall
lhO(A. M.
Mr. Wobstor'B plea qt tho peace
convocation for larger armies and na
vies as a guarantee of peace scorns
rathor strange on first thought Mr.
Wobstor is like tho Irishman who do
dared that ho was going to have
peaco if ho had to fight for it.
It is unfortunate from tho student
point of view that none of tho basket-
not in thought or In thorough prepar
ation but in dollvory. Nebraska has
novor boon surpassed in Intor-colle-glato
debato in ability to present her
chbo clearly, to marshall hor facts In
tho strongest posBiblo form,, and to
think rapidly and to tho point; but
Nebraska has been surpasBOd In tho
brilliancy and resourcefulness of hor
BpeakorB. It is for this reason that
anything whjph tonds to develop tho
art of speaking at tho University of
Nebraska will bo peculiarly wolcomo
at this time.
Undor tho auspices of tho Colloge
Of Law an oratorical contest will Boon
bo hold which deserves tho attention
of all thoso who are interested in this
kind of work. The contest Is tho only
ono of tho kind that takes place at
Nebraska during tho yoar, and it do
BQrvcB enthusiastic support.
An oratorical contest of this kind
has more significance than tho aver
ago university ovent. It lays empha
sis upon ono sido of lifo that not only
students but a great many pooplo out
side of colloge lifo entirely fail to
tako into consideration. It emphasizes
tho importance of turning out work
in such a way that it is easily under
stood by thoso for whom it is in
tended. How frequently ono hears a schol
arly address that has tho most beau
tiful thought entirely ruined by tho
poor dellvory of tho speaker. How
frequently on receives an Important
letter bo badly written that It is Im
possible to tell its exact meaning. In
every walk of lifo work that is clear
and easily understood Is ranked far
nbovo work that in itself may bo far
aero scholarly and havo taken far
mora timo to proparo and yot 1b In
University Bulletin
ThurBday,25 Senior Election In Moin
orlal Hall. 11:30 a. m.
Thursdny, 25. Piano Recital by Mrs.
L. J. Hor&og. Convocation 11
a. va
Friday, 26. Paliadlan-Unlon meeting.
Palladlan Hall, Temple, 8 p. m
Friday, 26 Inter-class baskot-ball, ju
niors vs. seniors.
Friday, 26 Social Problems and Tholr
Relation to Public Health. Prof.
George E. Howard.
Friday, 6 Vesper service. Memo
rial Hall, 5:00 p. m. Chorus,
String and Vocal Quartet.
Saturday, '27 Intorclass- baskot-ball
gamo, sophomores vs. freshmen.
Saturday, 27 Students' Debating
club. U. 106, 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday, 2 "Lumbering In Washing
ton," E. G. Pollpys. "Microscopic
Study of Wood," G. N. Lamb. N.
7 at 7:30 p. m.
Tuesday, 2 Sophomoro Election, Me
morial Hall. 11:30 a. m.
Dramatic Club business meeting U.
106. 11 a. m.
WodnoBdny, 3 Inter-class basket-ball
game, junlore vs. freshmen.
Friday, 5 "Some Aspects of the His
tory and Geography of Disease,"
Dr. H. B. Ward. University Tom
plo Theater, 5:00 p. m.
Friday, 5 Pershing Rifles Hop. Fra
ternity Hall.
Friday, 5 Inter-class basket-ball
game, juniors vs. sophomores.
J4hO. Two Stokes 1415, 0.
Have you seen my line of Spring
Oxfords7. You'll miss half of your life
If you don't. I have loads of Tan Ox
fords, Patent and Dull Leathers, In
all kinds and shapes; and the beauty
Is, my price $2.50 and $3.50.
ball games in tho championship Borles
betwoon Kansas and Nebraska can
bo played hero in Lincoln. Tho sup
port which tho studentB havo given
to baBket-ball this season shows that
a good gamo is appreciated and will
draw a crowd. It is also likely that
tho Nebraska team would bo ablo to
play a much better game at homo
than away.
Several of tho college publications
whfch como to tho exchange table of
tho Daily Nebraskan havo recently
been Riven over, for onq or more is
sues, to a staff of co-eds. This might
bo an ldoa that could bo worked out
by Nebraska irls, and developed Into
'something that would bo worth while.
At tho University of Texas each
class In the university has been given
the opportunity of appointing" a board
of editors, to tako charge of tho col-"
lego publication forgone Jbsuo. Tho
plan seems o havo boon started with
the intention' of .promoting chiss riv
alry and .giving to morp students tho
Practlco of getting out tho college
Buch condition whon it Is finished that
it cannot .bo valued at its full worth.
It Is a fjequont exporlonco for stu
dents in tho university to find that In
soma classes they aro unable to con
centrate their attention upon what the
profesBor is saying. His lectures are
unintdrcsting and a torturo to sit
through. Anothor professor, on the
other hand, with much loss roal learn
ing:, makes his work so clear and bo
easily comprehended that the student?
go away with a Teal increase in tholr
knowledge and much moro intorest in
their work.
Outsido of tho. university thlB same
phase of lifo Bhows itself under diff
erent forms. Everywhere thoro seemL
to be a general failure to appreciate
tho fact that tho way In which a
pieco of work is presented is almost,
as Important as .the content of tho
work. Tho oratorical contest which
will soon bo held by tho colloge of
law lays 'emphasis upon exactly this
phaso of life, and 1b therefore of deep
significance. It should arouse keen
competition among all university stu
dents who aro At all iqt'prested in this
lino of work.
It hap come tt bo a well recognized
fact that tho weakest In ty$
braska's Intercollegiate debating Uo3
Friday, 5. "Tho Problems for Euro
peans in Colonizing tho Tropics."
Dr. F. Crelghton Wellman of
Washington, D. C. Temple, 5
p. m.
Saturday, 6 Inter-class basket-ball
. gamo, freshmen vs. seniors.
Tuesday, 9 "Somo Principles of De
velopment," J. Caroll Knodo.
Student convocation.
Friday,' 12 Junior-Senior lntor-clasB
debate. Memorial Hall 8 p. m.
Saturday, 13 Sophomore-Freshman
inter-class debate. Memorial Hall
8 p. m.
Tuesday, 1C "Commercial Forest
Nurseries," L. O. Williams. N. 7
at 7:30 p. m.
Friday, 19 "How May the Spread of
Infoctlous Diseases Bo Prevent
ed ?" Dr. H. H. Walto. Temple,
5:00 p. m.
The members of tho Medical Society
had their pictures taken yesterday
morning for the CornhuBker.
Vnil nAAil Attn Kin Awlnlnnl nA trttviriif a rttfrt1 i rtlf t tr s annVAn
wdrk. You also need books and magazines. And latorfsummcr or permanent
position, which you should plan for now, before all
iioro is tno way to got all three at a minimum
best openings aro filled.
ana expense.
We Are Dealers in Facts
Wo furnish tho host information obtrffnublo on any subjeot In school, collogo
or club, In business and public affalrsv Our work Is accurate, comploto and to
tho point, carefully typewrlttcn.promptly supplied, and arranged In suitable
form, with outlines, bibliographies 'and full references.
Wo not only havo in outuown force highly-trained investigators and special
ists In various llncB, butwo havo mado a business of "knowing tho men who
know" and by means or this systom of knowing "Who's Who for Eillcionoy"
wo can go stralghtto headquarters for authoritative information and export
advico. jS
Added to.ourTargo stock of information on hand and our means of obtaining
Authentic information, wo have a highly ofllclent systom of sifting, arranging
and presenting our facts in form that exactly moots Individual requirements
that would exactly meet your needs.
Wo aro caneelnllv ntroncr In nntttlrnl nntmico. pponomlcti. nonloloirv. anthrODOl-
ogyr flno artB, literature, applied science, commercial geography, travel and
exploration, International law and diplomacy, history, foreign affairs, interstate
nnu ioroign commorco, financial ana industrial conditions, anu punnc-proDioms
and livo questions of tho day.
Tho coat is less than might be expected. Our charges for now and original
material are at tho rato of two dollars for each thousand words furnished.
Quality of work guaranteed, or monoy refunded. Mothods, references and quo
tations on Important Investigations furnished upon request. (Wo havo thou
sands of articles on hand which wo offer, subject to prior sale, at 11.50 per
thousand words. Send for prlco list.)
A Desirable Position for You
If you aro wise, you aro already planning about a summer or permanont
position or about an opening in tho professions or indepohdont business. To
introduco our sorvlco to you, wo will givo you advico, information and roal
assistance along theso lines without chargo (from now up to tho timo you so
uro a desirable position) if you sond us a fivo dollar order for information,
I. o 2,600 wo'rdB or ovor at ?2 por thousand.
In our official capacity, wo como in touch with boards of trade, chambers
of commorco and othor local and gonoral organizations of employers, as well
as largo corporations and othor concerns, educational and othor institutions, and
municipal, stato and othor governmental departments. Wo aro thus In a posi
tion to know of positions of all kinds ovorywhoro au well as opportunities for
starting out in lndopondent business or professional lines.
No red tapo, no commissions, no strings aro attached to this offor. It Is
freo and unconditional. This information wo gain about positions Is simply a
valuablo by-product- of our regular information business, and wo uso It to
attract, help and thus hold customers. Wo do for you all that any regular
employment agency can do, with this Important difference wo ask you to sign
no involved contracts, pay no fees or commissions, and incur no other obllga
Books and Magazines Free
As a further inducement, with ovory live dollar order for information wo
will givo free, in addition to tho employment privilege any book or a year of
any magazlno you specify, tho publishers' prlco of which Is not ovor ono dollar.
Witli a ten dollar order for information, wo will givo $2 worth of books or
magazines; with a $1G order, $3 worth; with a $20 order, $4 Worth; with a $26
ordort $5 worth; and so on. Two or moro mon may club togothor with sevoral
subjects to mako such an order and divide tho privileges among them.
How to Order
Just think up ono or moro subjocts on which you need material. Estimate
tho number of words required. Encloso two dollars for each thousand words
desired, givo us exact directions as to what you want and whon you want it,
and if tho order is for flvo dollars or ovor, namo tho books or magazines you
wish and tell us about tho position you would llko and your qualifications for it.
Wo will do tho rest. Address at onco:
National Clearing House of Information
Arthur Everett 8mnll (Late Special Investigator, U. 8. Gov't). Director
Fraternity Hall
March 5th, 1909
Pershing Rifles Hop
Tickets $1.25
Walt's Orchestra
9 P. M.
Inter-Class Basket-Bali
Sophomore-Freshmen, Friday, Feb. 26
Senior-Junior, Saturday, Feb. 27
Admission 15c
Season Ticket 50c
OS ? Hot Lunches a Specialty. -
's&ffl'Oll) " - -Candied and loos.
1307 0 St. : Auto 2214, Bill 456.
To Meet In Debate.
Tho Union and Palladlan literary
societies meat In joint donate In the
Palladlan hall next Friday night. Thte"
is the first joint debate hold between
tho two societies for two or three
years and munh Interest 1b being
aroused. The question that will he de
bated Is, "Should tho United States
adopt "a1 parcels post system V' The
aftlrmatlvo ,w!U bo taken by Frank
tlelnsch and .Elmer Hills . in behajf
of tho PaliadlaW, tho hegatlvo by A.
M. Haro and II. S. Lower for the
Unions. The public aro cordially In
vlted. I
Hero la the cheapest (rood ffun yet made. Byttaomutloaof iheUkodownfciBVI,.
fjmod h& ,matr mUrd nf gU, Mfehr ,nJ duality," NmU. & cWtoplMto rf
this mtn 'I K tuH.l...L!. 1 Cf I 7. m - . . . .. f
ESJi .m irni"ff "..H , !.. U.orJy 7 pound., Thc.Ml chbW
&ttdSS, snTjpMi wets ffitf&Ks
.ZAtT.SjL.r-.rrri.'rt'f.T '. wP 8uu w .mat
wii "Tli "" J 'J,4n 8fa P"'10 Ht sun t to low a price.
J) !fj wxi u ioi ygu, '
tsth'Mc?Cctdo8ueaidExpttUnc9BKktO'do). Fit fat 3 ilamps.
7jzeffiaz&nJrearms Gtwniow strec,NcwH
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