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Vol. VIII. No. 82.
Price 5 Cent
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Hall of Lincoln Hotel Annex the 8cene
of Beautiful Affair Last Evening.
'Why University Girls Refused
Bids to Formal' Party.
For tho first. time In the five yearB
of ttaoir existence tho University For
estry club will give a dance on Satur
day evening, March G. The 'affair will
take placo in the Temple music hall
and the club has restricted the attend
ance to students in the forestry de
partment The members of tho club decided to
hold a dance at a recent meeting and
the deitallB of tho affair have been
rapidly settled! A committee under the
chairmanship of H. S. Stophenson has
been making arrangements for the
hop, and it promises to be one of the
most entertaining social gatherings of
the year. The music hall of tho Tem
ple will be sumptuously decorated for
the occasion and the music will be
of the best. The affair will be infor
mal in every way and Its central pur
pose will be to give a jolly good time
to the foresters of the university.
With tho acceslon of the foresters
to the ranks of the dancers, the num-
ber of university organizations which
are not In tho social swim Is decreased
by one. Rumors of a hop by the Bot.
gem. have been current but these
could . not be traced to a definite
source. Officers of the society deny
that thero is anything of the sort con
templated. It Ib admitted, however,
that almost anything may bo expected
In view of the epidemic of dancitls
that has struck Nebraska In common
with' other western universities. At
Texas the German cjub recently gave
a" successful hop and at Idaho the fac
ulty club tripped tho light fantastic.
Junior Prom a Success. -
Yet,, despite, the frequency of
danceB, a good proportion of them
have been successful beyond expecta
tion. Tho junior prom last evening
was no exception to tho rule. This
formal affair ot the third-year men
proved to be successful in eyery way.
The pick of university dancers were
present to lend themselves to the oc
casion and it is Improbable that n
more stylish crowd of university stu
dents could have been gathered to
gether. The music by Eddie Walt's
orchestra left nothing to be desired.
Lunch was served In the ordinary of
the Lincoln.
The committee in charge spared no,
effort to make the scheme of decora
tions a beautiful one. The gallery of
the rotund was .tastefully hung with
ponan'tsVajid dottier forms of ornament
weraiso hiked. J. M. Alexander was
chairman, of the dance and Arbor
BartVmaBjer of ceremonies.
Qlrlf Wouldn't Go.
Whether or not some girls are
forced to turn down Invitations to
formal parties because of a lack of
gowns sufficiently stylish is a question
that might entertain the minds of
some undergraduates. Thdre Is at
least' one case on record of a Univer
sity of t Nebraska girl refusing to ac
cept ;a, formal bid, because of a lack
of, a: suitable dress, and there ,may
haye been others. Whether or not"
thqse refusals were sincere or mere'
excuses is a question that may haye
bothered the men . in the case. The
matter id being discussed at Wlscon-
WKJ'S E Z Pf AN S !$ ? th3i!-
Fcyouft y "nT-- jtaso'T lJBv1. iWjl
-Jl :::.- 11 g ftel yAfAr
sin, and the Dally Cardinal prints the
"Democracy at Wisconsin Is further
ed by regulations regarding oxpenBes
for flowers and carriages at tho prom;
but thero is one placo where reform,
badly needed, cannot reach, and that
is In the matter of nrom gowns.
"It is stated on good authority that
as many as two co-eds have refused
prom bids because they could not
have now drosses for tho occasion.
"One prominent senior girl, when
interviewed on tho Bubjoct, Bald:
'How. perfectly silly!'
"A Bophomoro girl Bald, 'The glii
was decidedly selfish or else It was an
"It is hoped that tho sudden de
mand for clothes will not wholly un
make tho prom."
Y. M. C.,A. Pioneer Feed at 8t. Paul's
at 6 p. m,
Tho much"talked-of pioneer feed of
the university Y. M. C. A. comes off
tonight at St. Paul's church. Tho
committee which has been hard nt
work to make the auppor the best
of the year are confident that their
work will receive hearty comendatlon
of their guoBts tonight. Experienced
caterers and cooks have been engaged
and a corps of efficient waiters has
been organized
The tables will be Bprend In tho din
ing room of St. Paul's, which has
been the scene of so many other
events enjoyable to association men.
It 1b expected that several score stu
dents will bo on hand at C o'clock
when the doors of the dining hall will
be thrown open. Tho tickets are sell
ing for 20 cents each and may bo pur
chased at tho Y. M- C. A. rooms or at
the church just prior to the aupper,
Union Lit Gives an International
A program of unique interest was
offered at the regular meeting of the
Union literary society in tho Temple
last evening. Each number on the
program was a selection in a foreign
language given by a Bpeaker with
a speaking- knowledge of the tongue
represented. &. S. Gilbert represent
ed the French people. Bohemia had'
a speaker In' the person of ,J. G. Vo
tava. Mr. Basu's Hindoo selection at
tracted much interest, it being one of
the most unique of tho series.' Sec
retary Der Klndorin defended the Bel
gians and Mips Christine Anterbury
gave a Swedish rendition.
If you want to buy or sell drawing
instruments, slide ' rules, or second
hand tet-bdoks , try a Dally Nebras
kan want ad. Thoy will bring re-
I suits,
IB ww pL
IT ..! S J VI Ca;iHBBaw
Hard Contest Exhibition of Great In-'
door 8port Is Expected Odds
Favor .the First Year Men
to Win.
Minnesota Defeated Nebras-
ka, 24 to 19, In hari'foHQht
$ basketball game. Minnesota
clearly Mtplayed In the
first half.
The class series of basket-ball
games will be Inaugurated this after
nobn jn the university armory when
the senior nnd freshmen basket ball
fives will meet at 2:30 o'clock In what
promises to be a fiercely fought con-
test. Tho first year men are "doped"
as winnerB, being more carorimy
trained. Tho senior five Is composed
of some good basket shooters, but the
fact that the fourth year men have
had Jlttle practice this winter will
handicap them In the gamo this after
noon. The senior squad which will go
against tho young men of tho freBh
men aggregation is composed of Har
vey, Crltes, J. R. Smith, Waters,. Hills
and Guidlnger. Three of this number
Harvey, Crltes and Smith were
members of tho senior five last year
and played some rather fast ball.
Crltes and Smith play nt forward and
probably will do the goal tossing for
tho fourth year men today. Both of
thorn are .accurate basket shooters and
with good support from tho guards
ought to- be able to roll up quite a
respectable score for their side.
Harvey Is a hard fighting guard and
should show up well in tlio game this
dfternoon. Waters will hold down the
other guard position. He probably is
the fastest player the seniors have
arid will bo a big factor in all tho
good playing done by his team this af
ternoon, He is an aggressive guard.
strays with his opponents, nil the time,
and often is able to shoot goals from
difficult angles.
Have Good Center Man.
Hills, a heavy center, .will do" tho
work at the pivotal position for the
seniors. Ho has done some good drib
bling in practice, and, in case ho is In
good form todays ought to help out in
totaling points for the last year men.
Tho freshmen boyB have boon play
ing Bovernl gnmos this season and aro
In good shape for a faBt conteBt to
day. Last Friday night thoy took tho
mensuro of tho speedy Nebraska acad
emy teain in oasy fashion. Thoy
have Homo accurate goal tossors who
nre hard to guard and who will maka
tho work of tho Bcniors rather difficult.
Landers, Smith nnd Waters will be
included In the line-up of tho first-
yoar nion. Leaders Is an experienced
player and lmo done hoiuo creditable
work for his team this year.
Non-fraternity Meet Tonight.
Tho first of the three Indoor meets
of tho winter season will bo hold to
night In tho university armory nt 8
o'clock. Tho final arrangemontB for
tho contest were made yesterday. Tho
nion in charge of tho gnmos have an
nounced that all tho events will bo run
off in .fast time and that nono of them
would be permitted to drag along.
Single admission for tho meet to
night will be 25 cents. For tho three
meets tho admission will bo 35 con'ri.
Tho Nebraska five will meet Min
nesota tonight in tho second game of
tho sorleB at Minneapolis. Toniorrb'V
thoy will proceed to AmoB, Iowa,
whero thoy will conteBt with the ag
gles on Monday nnd Tuesday evenings
Tho noxL two nights thoy will piny
Drake at Dob MolneB. These four
games in Iowa 'will conclude Nebras
ka's schedulo of .tho Missouri valley
conference league games, and will
probably settle the championship for
tho northern section of tho organiza
tion. Roscoo Pound, former dean of tho
law school, has made the officers' club
a present of threo volumes of "Battles
and Leaders of tho Civil War," and
twelve volumes of "Campaigns of the
Civil War." This is tho first install-
ment of a number of books which
Dean Pound hns promised to send to
the club. During his undergraduate
work at this university the dean wob
a captain' in Company A, and ,ha's al
ways been greatly interested in tho
work done by tlio -battalion.
Thursday evening the Sem. Bot.
was addressed by Mr. Pagaduan on
"Tho Structure of the Chlproplpst,'
and by Miss Lute on "Bog Vegeta
tion." The. postponed meeting of lastl
week was held 'last ,ovenlng. Dr.
Bessey gave a talk on "Hats, Caps and
Bonnets," and Professor Emerson on
"The Bearing of, Mendollsm on Evolu
tion." Mr. Pool concluded with a
talk on "Tho Organ of Gymnosporms."
Bam G, Rose, ex-'lO, Is now located
in Sioux City, Iowa, and holds a re
sponsible position with a well-know;
jobbing house,
Your car fare would pay fo a nlpenlfty d nlor enery 'kft rJV
lunch at The Bostoa Lt&ck. Why I
go home? 71
? .
Under Present System 8enlors Grad-
uate Jn Lonely, Dignity With
Friends Absent In' Homes
About the 8tate.
At a mooting of tho univorsity Bon
ato to bo hold this nftornoon tho sen
ior society of tho Innocents will offor
a potltlon fpr a chango in tho date
of tho commoncomont exorcises. Tho
senior organization, on bohalf of the
fourth year class members, asks that
tho graduation program bo glVon dur
ing tho weok beginning May 30 in
stend of tho period from Juno 5 to 10,
which is now sot nsldo for "that pur
poaq. t. .,.-,..
The Innocents bnso their request on
tho fact that according to tho present
syHtom tho commoncomont oxorcisos
aro held while a vory largo majority
of tho undergraduates aro already at
homo In tho various sections of tho
Btato. Tho work of tho" university,
with tho exception" of the programs
Incident to commoncomont, onds with
the closo of oxaminations Juno ,4,,
Within a 'couplo of days almost ovory,
student living outside of Lincoln has
left tho city with tho exception of the
fourth-year men, who must wait an-'
othor week for their diplomas.
Week of Events.
This week of commencement ovonts
contains tho annual concert of the
school of music, tho baccalaureate
sermon, tho annual; Phi., Beta .Kappa
oration, -the class day exercises, the 1
observance'' 6i 'Alumni Day, 'and then
'the final presentation of diplomas. The,
weok 1b given over entirely ' to those
exorcises, the seniors as1 well as the
undor-classmen having finished their
examinations during tho preceding
week. But few of tho men outside "the
class will remain solely for tho enter
tainment. Consequently the "seniors
receive their diplomas with due pomp
in the presence of the faculty and In
terested towns-pooplo with perhaps a
few close friends. TJut a great many
of their friends made during their uni
versity course .sea their commence
ment only through the medium of the
newspapers of the state. '
This condition, has been recognized
asta necessary evil until the Innocents
this year decided to attompt some'
means of remedy; They propose that'
the senate recommend tho chango4 to
the regents to be acted upon February
15-. In their petition they propose
that tho senior examination' either be
held the week' prior to other examlna-
Uons or that tho seniors be graded by
some other system for their last half-:
semester In college. The details are
left to tho discretion of the. senate.
Neat Blue and Gold Creations', Make
an Appearance.
The junior class caps were received f
yesterday and made their initial ap-'
pearance on the oampus'. The design4
is one of the bull-dog type aid' the
cap Is made of blue material with he k
class numerals emblazoned on the
front in gold. Altogether the appear- '
anco ot the creation is exceedingly, '
gratulatlng themselves on the show?'
. I