The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 08, 1909, Image 2

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- flebraghnn
, Lincoln, NobniBkii. ,(
Pabticatlon Otnce, 126 No. 14th St.
Editor Clyde E. Elliott, '09
Managing Editor... Herbert W. Potter, 10
fiewa Editor -Lynn Lloyd, 11
Aisoolnto Editor Victor Sthlth, 11
Mandfler Qeorfle M. Wallace, MO
Circulation J. Roy Smith, 09
Asit. Manager Earl Campbell, '10
Editorial and Duilncti Office:
Postofflce, 8tatlon A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payablo In Advance
Single Copies. 5 Cents Each.
T.elephpno: Auto 1888.
for ut tho nito of 10 contH per InHortlon
for oVory llftonn worclH or fraction thoropf.
Fumilty notlcoH and Unlvorulty bullotlnB
will Kliully bo publlHboa froo.
. Enforce at the poHlofflce at Lincoln,
Nobriixkii, an Hocond-claHH mull matter
umlnr tho Act of CouKrcHH of March 3,
1$79. . .
Tho. movement to bring tho frntorn
lty and-nonrfratornlty mon togothor In
nn Indoor track moot Ja n commond
nblo.anqtht, should roqolvo tho hear
ty supppri. pt all students In tho uni
vorfllt,y. ... Tlioro can only bo some
trivial, objections to thoBo gamos and
thoBp , nuiBt, cqrqo .only, frpm BtudcntB
whoo, ,n,ar;rqw, mlndodnosB is bo groat
that, Vit.-pilnds thorn to tho benofltB
thn,.can. bo dorlvod from any. clean
contest Ip. which young mon claBh,
Sq far tho proposed plans for the
games havo boon approved by all tho
Ureok letter mon and thoro has not
boon heard a dlB8ontlng voice from
that Bet of students. Some of tho non
fratWriity mon, howovor, who, without
thinking dooply, havo objected to the
meoL "Analyzed, their objections to
tho illan prove to bo oxtromoly flimsy.
In fact about all tholr roasons for not
holding th'o meet, when boiled down,
are only varied statements of tho one
main objection to (ho contest on the
ground that it will tend to stir up an
antagonistic spirit botweon tho fra
ternity'1 arid non-fratornity classes.
That suchwrmld be tho caBQ 1b a pre
posterous' fdda.
To nmkd such an ussortlon 1b to
pluco an ox'tromoly tfmall valuo on tho
dl8crotioh',bf' ovory univeralty student.
Thoro1 1b 'riothing in nn athletic con-
University Bulletin
Friday, 8 Junior hop at Fraternity
Hall, ' .
Saturday, 9 Sonhomoro hop at Lin
coln Hotol.
Tuesday, .12 Convqcation "Tho So
cial Instability of tho .Tow," by
Nathan' Bernstein.
Friday, IB Non-Corn Hop at Fratern
ity Hnil.
Meeting of tho Gradunto Club.
Amos basketball gamo 8 p. m.
Saturday, 1C Ames basketball game.
Informal dancd B p. m.
WednoBday, 17 Y. M. C. A. mld-weok
meeting. A. L. WcaVor 'leads.
Frldaq, 22 Senior prom at Lincoln
Hotol Annex.
Drake buskotball gamo 8 p. m.
Saturday, 23 Drake basketball game.
Informal dnnco 8 p. m.
Monday, 25 Semester fcxamJnntlonB
Friday, 29 Sophomoro Informal at
Fraternity Hall.
Kansas basketball gamo 8 p. m.
Semester oxamhmUons close.
Saturday, 30 Kansas basketball gamo
8 p. m. Informal dnnco.
Monday, 1 Missouri basketball gamo
8 p. m.
Friday, 5 Junior Prom at Lincoln
Friday, . 19 Minnesota basketball
gamo 8 p. m. .
Saturday, 20 MinneBotn basketball
game. Informal danco 8 p. m.
"Tho increased vnluation of tho as
scssmont of property in tho state this
yoar will probably well caro for tho
normal growth o'f the university, and
provide means of increasing tho sal
aries of some of tho profesB6rs thoro
Avhoftjo services during tho past ontltle
them to better compensation In tho
"Your attention 1b respectfully
called to tho urgent need of enlarging
the university campus. Tho campus
is so crowded that there Is now no
place for an athlotlc field. Neither is
there any place for the cadets to drill,
and pnlcBB some adequate provision
Is mndo to provide a drill ground, the
Btntc will, In all probability, lose tho
appropriation that 1b being mado by
tho general government, under tho
condition that military instruction be
given nt the university. Tho time has
now come to onlargo tho university
campus. It Ib not likely that tho sur
rounding property will be any chodp
er than It is at the prosent time; It is
more probable that It will advance in
value. Therefore, I Btrongly recom
mend1 thnt a sufficient appropriation
bo mado to buy tho flvo blocks which
Join the campus on the east and north
east. If, after duo consideration, you
find that any part of tho expense can
bo providod out of tho ono mill levy,
nil woll and good. If not, In my opin
ion, you will be justified in making an
appropriation for thnt purpose out of
the general fund."
. s
m v mm mmmm m mm m mm mm q
Choice of Entire Stock
What is needed nre things that will
bring tho two factions in touch with
each other moro frequently, and thon
thiB strained situation will bo relieved.
Ono of tho host wnys to got tho men
of tho two classes into closer relation
ship .1b to have them meet On equal
ground In atheltlc contests. There
they can come to understand that
they- aro the equal of ono another.
Then tho non-fratornlty man can see
that the foljow with a monnlngleBs
fratornlty pin 1b only human and that
ho realizes ho Ib no bottor than his
brother student who has not joined
a secret organization.
If tho non-fratbrnlty men who have
been opposing tho Indoor meet will
only think over tho Bltuatlon for a
short timo they will see how foolish
are their fears that a contest would
Miss Clara Ballard, '03, has returned
to the university and Ib doing grndu
ato work in tho department of EngliBh
Samuel D. Clifton, '02, Is at Downey,
Mr. Frank B. Buckstaff, '03, has
been designing marine boilers, etc..
and estimating for tho Henry Pratt
Boiler and Machine company of Chi
cago. Ada D. Comstock, 03, Ib teaching In
the McCook high school.
Calvin O. Crane, '03, Ib in electrical
engineering work at Boise, Idaho.
Mrs. Emma Meier Dean, '03, Ib in
her now homo at 4022 Brooklyn Ave.
Seattle, Wash.
John C. Doubt, '03, Ib nt Spokane,
J. F. Duncan, '03, Is superintendent
of schools at Ong.
Elizabeth Aldon Ferguson, aged four
months, is at homo with her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Olin J. ForguBon, at
Schenectady, N. Y.
Mabel Qullo. '03, is principal of
bchools at Firth,
Mr. L. E. Hurtz, '03, who upon
graduation was placed in charge of
tho now municipal lighting plant of
Lincoln, loft thnt position nfter man
aging the plant very successfully for
n year, to undertake the general man
agement of the Lincoln Telephone
wwJ m n.f
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toBt between fratornlty and non-fratornlty
men that should In any way
give tho fair-minded student cause
for becoming billigorent toward his
opponent. Tho man who would be
como "ruffled" at any dofeat or mis
understanding that might occur in
such n meeting would bo too "Bmall"
to havo affiliations with either sldo,
and ought to bo shunned by all of .his
colleaguos, Thoro is, of course, moro
or less feeling between fraternity and
non-fraternity mon nnd this will prob
ably always exist, but there 1b no rea
Bon.why it, should get increased in a
harmless athletic contest. Really, the
reverse ought to bo true. and the two
classes should be brought closer in
touch with'. each other.
The great roaBon for the strained
relations between tho fraternities, as
a class, and the non-fraternity men,
as a class,-, Is thai neither side has
tried to put itself closer to the other.
And for th.U) condition the non-fraternity
men. qro just as much to blame
as the 3roek letter studonts. They
toko too many things for granted
about- tho other set and Instead of
getting the- faqts regarding tho fra
ternity men they assume "dog-in-the-manger"
attltqdo and growl at ovory-
Ihing, tho. other sot does. They stop'
alKheaaway iowaru a Douor unaor
gtandlm with the Greek lettor men.
Increase the ill-feeling between tho
two classes. Then they will get be
hind the movement for tho athletic
games, and by so doing will help wipe
out the lino separating fraternity and
non-fraternity men.
Sheldon Recommends Liberal Appro
priation for University.
In his message to tl.o ' thirty-first
session of tho Nebraska legislature
Retiring Governor George L. Sheldon
spoke for a better 8tato university
In the following wordB:
"You havo every reason to bo proud
of our great state university. Tho
state has profited much through the
higher education that has been af
forded through it to tho young men
and women. While at times it may
have seemed to some that tho cost of
building up tho university was con
siderable, I feel you will agree with
me that that cost has been well worth
tho whilo. Wo should not forget
that some members of tho faculty,
who aro classed among the best edu
cators of this country, through loyalty
and dovotion to tho university, have
remained at a much ' dmaljer salary
than they could havo commanded if
they had accepted offers from other
universities. '
co'mpnny. His present position gives
him supervision of large telephonic in
terests throughout the state of Ne
braska, as well as other Important
electrical Interests.
George P. Kimball, '03, is manager
of tho-Mattoon Gas Light and Coke
compnny, Mattoon, 111.
Walter K. Long, '03, received a med
ical degree from Northwestern univer
sity in 1906, and is physician of tho
Auditorium Annex, Chicago, 111.
William Morrow, Law '03, is county
attorney of Scotts Bluff county, Ne
braska. Among the electrical engineering
graduates who have been fortunate
enough to become understudies of
Bion J. Arnold, E. E., '05, the world
famed electrical engineer of Chicago
and New York, may be mentioned sev
eral who havo done credit to thett
chief. - They are H. L. Songer. R. H
Oliver and C. O. Crane, all of '03.
1. E. Brooke should bo mentioned also.
Theseyoung men havo all had charge
of Important work for tho Arnold
company in electrical railway and
power development lines.
Mr. L. J, Posplsil, '03, who wafc for
a time a draftsman in the drdnanco
department of tho navy at Washing
ton, D. C., is now, with tho Spokane
(Washington) Power Transportation
John F, Tobln '03; received tho de
gree of J. D. from the University of
Chicago. Ho is practicing law at G27
Judge building, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Tim address of H. G, Strayer, '03,
Ib 328 Corbett building, Portland, Ore.
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