The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, January 07, 1909, Image 2

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', i A"
".. ", - ;
CjbciPatl flebragftnn
Tra property 6f v v.
Lincoln, Nebraska "' ,
' f - ; '-;? -
PtblicatlM Olflci, 126 No. 14th St.
"i Editorial staff.
.Mtor , Clyde E. Elliott, '09
..undoing Editor... Herbert W. Potter, MO
Nawt Editor...... Lynn Lloyd, Ml
Aiioclato Editor Vlotor Smith, M1
Manager George M. Wallaoe, MO
Circulation J. Roy 8mlth, '09
tX. Manager Earl Campbell, MO
- - - - - - .. ,-- -. i i
Editorial and Business Office:
Poitofflco,, Station A, Lincoln, Neb.
' j -
Payable In Advance
Single Copies, 5 Centa Each.
Telephone: Auto 1888.
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
for at the rato of 10 conts par Inaortlon
for ovory flf toon worda or frnctlon thereof
Faculty notlcco and University bulletins
will Riadly bo publlbhod froo.
Entered at tho postofllco at Lincoln,
Nebraska, as Bocond-olasa mall matter
Under this Act of Congrosn of March 3,
The value placod on tho Unlvoralty
of Nebraakn as an educational Insti
tution Ib again attcBtod by tho number
of Btudonta which this hcIiooI attracts
from tho neighboring statos. Iowa,
Ko.iiBas, South Dakota, Missouri, Wy
oming and Colorado had, as shown in
tho rpgontB' roport to tho governor,
1G8 students at this Institution. Of
thlH nunbor Iowa had 72 students,
which is a.-greater number t'hnn any
throo qthor states sent horo. Kansas
was next to Iowa with a total of 2G
students, Tho fact that 08 students
came to Nebraska from Iowa and Kan
sas, is tho strongest testimonial to tho
elllclcncy of this stato institution that
any of its officers could doBlre.
S,omo of this number were brought
to Nobraska as the result of exi
gences, but a great majority of thorn
woro attracted horo by tho qualifica
tions of Nobraska to hotter prepare
men and women in the various linos
of study than eithor Kansas or Iowa.
Tho loading unlvorsltlos of those two
states' aro able t6 do a high quality
of Work but as yet they are not up
to tho standard sot by Nebraska, and
will continue to let Btudonts como to
tho ComTniBkor school as long as tho
latter institution keeps ahead in its
educational work.
There probably aro some lines of
University Bulletin
Thursday, 7-rtMrs.- Lillian - Dobbs.
Holms' Bong Recital. Convocation,
Friday, J$ Junior hop at . Fraternity
Hall. .
Saturday, OSoDhomoro hop at Lin
coln Hotel.
Tuoaday, 12 -Convocation "Tho So
cial Instability of tho .low," by
Nathan DornBtoln.
Friday, lB--Non-Com Hop at Fratorn
ity Hall.
Mooting of tho Graduato Club.
Amos basketball gamft 8 p. m.
Saturday, 1G Amos basketball game.
Informal dance 8 p. m.
Frldaq, 22 Senior prom at Lincoln
Hotol Annex.
Drake basketball game 8 p. m.
Saturday, 23 Drako basketball gamo.
Informal danco 8 p. m.
Monday, 25 Somoster exairdnatlonB
Frldny, 29 Sophomoro Informal at
Fratornity Hall.
Kansas basketball game 8 p. m.
Semester examinations close.
Saturday, 30 KanBaB basketball game
8 p. m. Informal danco.
Monday, 1 Missouri baskotball game
8 p.m.
Friday, 5 Junior Prom at Lincoln
Friday, 19 Minnesota basketball
gamo 8 p. m.
Saturday, 20 Minnesota baskotball
gamo. Informal danco 8 p. m.
vice." Special meeting. Mabel Sny
der, pros.
Thursday, January 7 "Life of John
G. Paton." Ida B. Vlbbard, gen. sec.
Frldny, January 8 "Tho Best in
Colloge." Phil. 4:8. Dr. W. W. Law
rence. Sunday, January 10, u vesper serv
ice will bo held at tho First Congre
gational church, It being n union
meeting of the city and university
Younw Women's Christian Associa
tions. Harriet Taylor, executive for
tho foreign department of the Y. W.
C. A., will address tho meeting. It
has been soveral years since the asso
ciations have had the privilege of
a visit from Miss Taylor, who is ono
strongest of associtaion workers. This
servlco will bo at 4 p. m. Mrs. Carrie
B. Raymond and choir of the First
Tho first semester's accredited
courso-in .biisslons under Mrs, T." F,
A. WIlHamBuhas been very, strong,
about twonty.flvo bolng registered , in
this course., An Incrcaso of; twjco
that number s cxpocted for tho aec
ond somester. This class f is open to
young mou nnd young women, as Is
also MIsh Wild's Bible class.
At ChrlBtmas tlmo the association
received a very Interesting and beau
tiful Chinese banner from Graco Cop
pock, '04. Many greetings from old
Btudonts, some containing membership
dues, hnvo been received In tho. past
month both from the foreign land and
A vory much appreciated gift of
several magazines has been roceivod
from Helen Berger. Thoy are Tho
Missionary Review of tho World,
Scrlbners, Harpers, Ladles' Homo
Journal, Record of Christian Work.
Why not lot tho Nobraskan pay your
Majestic ticket this week? See our
offer on page 3. tf
Graco Wheoler Allen, '00, has re
moved to Hood River, Oro.
Miss Margaret Lynn, A. M., '00, has
jeaumed her work as assistant profes
sor In English in tho University of
Kansas. She spent tho past yoar in
I'.niOnnd, having secured leave of ab
sence 'Hor anthology of "Eighteenth
Century Verse" waB published last
year by MncMlllan.
Arthur S. Pearse, '00, '04, is instruc
tor In zoology In the University of
F. E. Snider, Law '00, Is located at
Faulkton, S. D.
Mr. Bruce Benedict, '01, who for the
past few years bas been editor of the
"Railway Master Mechanic," has ac
cepted a fine position in the motive
power department of the Santa Fo
Charles H. Compton, '01, who was
graduated from a library school in
New York, , Is now librarian at tho
University of North Dakota, Grand
Forks, N. D.
Charles Hummcll, '01, is a manufac
turer of sheet metal products at 4032
Flad Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Turner O. Rlnker, '01, is wltti tho
Bureau of Eduoatlon, Manila, P. I.
William Shear, '01, is scientific as
sistant In horticulture, Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
E, M. Swain, '01, '03, Is at 145 La
Salle street, Chicago, 111.
A. K. Barnes, '02, is at 430 National
Bank building, Omaha, Neb.
1 st ,.
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LB9bm bH H bHjLbM bH sH
Need Any Tans for Drill?
Got in a new shipment today--New Knob Toes
in Button
1141,0. Two Stokes 1415,0. au
Also a new
Bach of
work In which both Kansas and Iowa
excel, but Nebraska does better work
in a great number of lines than either
of thoso schools and enjoys a reputa
tion which all Hawkeyes and Jay-
hawkers onvy, and which thoy will try J
hard to triko away. Indeed, they aro
fasb making plans to got ahead of No
braska,. and with tho aid of their gen
erous legislators thoy will soon be
able to carry this out so that within
a row years they will rank far above
this school unless tho men who rule
.this stato become roconciled to the
Interests of tho Cornhuskors and give
them all the appropriations that aro
needed to keep their school In its
present rank.
What Girls' Association Is Accomp
lishing in Affairs of the School.
7 Noon meetings of tho Y. W. C. A.
will bo especially interesting from
now on. Tho schedule is:
Monday, January 4 "Obedience, the
remedy for religious perplexity."
John ,,7:17, Hos. G:3. Lllliam Cham
'"bQTBiti ' I
' Thursday, January 5"Tho law of
Wnta"gI6n."A-I Cor. 15;33, Rom. 10:13-
17. Blanche Given.
Wodnosday, January 6 "PralBe Sor-
Congregatlonal church will furnish
tho music.
A most Interesting meeting or the
advisory committee of tho university
Y. W. C. A. was held January 1st,
at 9:30 a, m. at MrB. T. A. Williams'.
Tho following mombors, of the com
mltteo woro present: Miss Rosa Bon
ton,, chairman; Mrs. Avery, Mrs. Hln
man, Mrs. F. F. A. Williams, Mrs.
WJllard, MIsb Agee and Miss Vibbard.
Plans for Miss Taylor's viBit were dls-
cussed and a committee with Mrs.
Avqry as chairman was appointed to
arrange for a parlor meeting to be
held Tuesday at 7:45 at tho home of
a member qf tho advisory board.
Plans for Bible and mission study
work, wore discussed. The associa
tion osteoras it a wonderful opportun
ity for the glrlB to bo able to take up
the Btudy of Bible history under Laura
H. Wild, Her class this last semester
has been vory strong In Interest and'
a large increase In members is fully
oxpocted for tho second semester. A
study of the Bible, which makes a
student an independent thinker, is
thought to bo much desired, and Miss
Wild is able to do this in her class
work, It is possible to take her work
through second semester, even though
tho student may not have taken it
tho first somester.
John D. Dasenbrock, '02, is cashier
in a bank at Malcolm, Nob.
Victor H. Duras, '02, is practicing
law at 309 Broadway, New York City.
Mamie EIHb, '02, who was principal
of tho high school at Ord, Neb., last
year, is teaching In tho Norfolk high
Anna L. Jones, '02, is teaching in
tho Seattjo high school.
Albert H. Keenoy, Law, '02, is lo
cated at 227 Fremont street, Denver,
Fred J. Kelly. '02, is supervisor of
tho training department in tho State
Normal School, at Spearflsh, S. D.
Jennie McGuffoy, '02, is at Cody,
Fred W, Morrill, '02, iB inspector
ii tho United States Forest Service,
with headquarters at Denver, Colo.
Philip W. Pepoon, '02, is .studying
in tho University of Nebraska.
Joseph D. Barry, '03, who is prac
ticing, modlcino in Denver, was mar
ried recently.
Evan T. Sage, '02, reqeived tho de
gree of A. M. in 1904, and of Ph. D. in
1908, from tho University of Chicago.
Ho is instructor in Latin at the Uni
versity of Idaho, at Moscow, Idaho.
"Hubert g. SearJs, '02, is. an engineer
in the United States Reclamation Ser
vice at Natches, "Wash.
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The Daily Nebraskan
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7 Administration Bldg.
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