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Xlbe 2aU$ IRebtaekan
Vol vm. No. 50.
Price 5 Cept.
Arrangements Complete for Giving Nebraska's
Great Football Team an Excellent Din
ner at the Lindell Hotel
famous University of Chicago football Star Will Probably Be One
of the Men on the Toast List Colonel Bills is
Tbastmaster and Governer George Sheldon
One of the Speakers
Arangemonts for the annual ban
quet to the Nebraska football team are
complete and this evening' the great
CornhuBkers of 1908 will be tendered
one of the best dinners that have been
served to any university eleven since
the annual banquet custom was adopt
ed six years ago.
This dinner will bo the flrtt
"square" meal Cho Nebraska gridiron
warriors have nad an opportunity to
enjoy for several weeks. Since early
in September the squad has been re
stricted to a training table diet at the
Windsor hotel and have been dined
many of the dantles which other peo
ple are all et. Sweet meats, delicious
pies and cakes, and puddings like
mother used to make have been ta
booed as foor for the husky Nobras
kans. Their diet has consisted mainly
of roast sirloin of beef au jus, po
tatoes mashed and steamed, steak with
butter sauce, sanitary milk and light
bread pudding.
But today with the closo of the
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LITTLE BOY, Right Tackle,
Carlisle Indians.
gridiron season they are to bo allowed
to come Into their own and take their
mi. The first opportunity they will
have will bo after the great contest
'with the Carlisle Indians. They could
satiate their appetites at supper tlmo,
but all have promised to subduo their
agonizing appetites until thlg evening
at 9 o'clock when the big meal will
be served to them In the largo dining
room of the Lindell hotel.
The food the Cornhuskera and tho
other people who attend tho banquet
will receive wjill bo tho bestT "Manager
Hoover and his famous chef can cook
up. It will bd a seven course dinner,
with tho best stuffs obtainable in tho
local market, cooked up in appetising
styjo, ' ,
Attractive Toast List.
An attractive toast list has been
prepared for this banquet and prom
ises to bring forth as much wit as
sparkled around the table at tho fa
mous feed of last fall, colonel Bills,
one of Lincoln's moBt prominent citi
zens and a worthy supporter of tho
university and Its athletic teaniH, win
preside as toastmaster. The selec
tion of Colonel Bills for this position
could not have been improved upon.
Mr. HIb is a keen wit and has a
quick sense of humor that assures a
brilliant flow of happy thoughts from
the head of the table.
Appearing as speakers of the even
ing will bo Governor George Sheldon,
Captain John Worklzer, Dr. Condra,
Coach "King" Cole, Captain James
Harvey, ox-Captain Charles Borg and
probably Walter H. Eckersall, former
University of Chicago football star and
at present football editor for the Chi
cago Tribune, and Coach Alonzo Stagg.
i nls list of speakers brings together
for toasts tho best group of football
enthusiasts and experts that could be
found In the state.
The Last Opportunity.
This will bo tho last opportunity the
students will have of seeing "King"
Cole before ho leaves for the oast to
take up his duties as an attorney in
Toledo. It will be Interesting to hear
what Nebraska's great coach has to
say regarding the success of the sea
son which closes this afternoon.
Governor Sheldon, who has followed
quite closely the playing of the Corn
huskers, will no doubt bo heard with
deep interest by all. The young exec
utive Is a University of Nebraska grad
uate and knows how to deal with uni
versity subjects.
A special invitation has been ex
tended to Walter H. Eckersall and
Coach Stagg of Chicago. Both of these
gentlemen will bo in the city today,
tho former as an umpire In tho game,
and tho latter as a spectator. They
both have always taken a manifest
interest In Nebraska football and un
doubtedly will accept the invitation
to be present this evening. Mr. Ecker
sall during his college career was
probably the greatest football player
In the world, and his views of Ne
braska football will be well worth
Coach Stagg Is the most successful
football wizard In tho west. His team
if Maroons have just won tho west
ern championship for the seoend time
within two years. He can give some
mousing insights to football play that
will be sure to entertain thoso who
attend tho banquet this ovening.
Tickets tor the banquet have been
selling fast and thore will bo a large,
irowd present at tho Lindell. Besides
'he tdastmastcr and speakers thore
vlll bo at loaBt 140 university stu-
lentB, Tho students who have not?
iccured tickets yot may got them at
ho Dally Nebraskan Qlllco today or at
he Lindell hotol this ovening.
Tho bnnquet will be started at 9
ycloclc this evening.
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Waffi?WW,JM' Emm - "'H-HHI
Both'Are Backing Nebraska to Win In
Arrangements' for the Debate To Be
Held at Lincoln Are Rapidly Be
ing Completed Band Will
Be Present.
niilnr U Tlnnlrn,rlvtnn- ,.c,
while tho rest of tho students of the
nnlvnrHltv worn homo onlnvlno: tho va-1
cation the six members of the two '
teams which will defend the honor of
XT , , ., , , .. ...
Nebraska on the debating platform
ro l..,o., .l t i .l... .!.
T U M UUPJ t3Jl.Ulll(3 111 llllCil OilUrU IIIU
cases on which they base their hopes
of victory. Hard work has been the
order in debating circles, and If hard
work means victory then Nebraska's
chances In tho debates with Wisconsin
and Illinois are bright, indeed.
The question which will be debated
this year is the commission form of
government which is now attracting
so much attention In American cltleB.
The debate with Illinois which will bo
hold In Lincoln will bo of peculiar in-
tnrost tn thn cltl'.min nf T,liirnlii n
they will soon be called upon to vote
Carlislo Indian?. r -'
R"BBr ' ! "r
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bW;bW , '&M t x-cbbbbp
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I-? :s . & .- 7mp ' -'BBBBB 1
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Today's Game With the Carllsles.
an to whethor or not Lincoln shall
' ladopt tho commission form of govern
nient. The debate will bo hold In Mem
orial hall on the ovening of Decem
ber 11.
Judges Are Chosen.
Five of the six judges who will de
oldo tho two debates have now boon
chosen. Tho method pf selecting
mlf08 wh,ch ,B employed by the do-
but It alms to get men that aro ab
solutely satisfactory to both coljeges
to act as judges In the Intercollegiate
contest. One of the members of the
J"1 J 'W1 "1U iiimuio illii lioiU UIILUDl
,mH ""J1 been chowm but the other
tW0 W,U b Jl,8t,C0 W" E' Deem0r f
Ue(l Oak, Iowa, and Professor I. A.
Loos of the Political Sclonce depart-
i ment of tho UnlverBlty of Iowa. Tho
JUUBl'H ai W1HUOI1HII1 win uo I'roreBBor
J. W. Garner, Professor of political sci
ence In the University of Illinois, Doan
E. B. Greene, professor of history in
the University of Illinois and dean of
the academic college, and Hon. E. T.
Young, of St. Paul, attorney general
of Minnesota. , .,
' Arrangements for Debate.
' Tho afrungomonts for tho dobato
which will bo hold in Lincoln aro
rapidly being completed. As in past
years the dobato will bo hold in Mem
orial hall and the university, band will
',0 ,preB10 'ep things going. It
is uopeu mut uie uuenuance mis year
will fill every available bit of room,
ns tho fact that Nebraska was de
feated lust tlmo by Illinois makes it
certain that the dobato will .bo spirited
and a battle royal to the end. Tho
added local Interest of tho question it
Is believed will mako "tho debate at
tractive. A slight change will bo made thlB
year in the manner of selling tickets
to the. debate. For tho convenience
of thoso wishing to attend tho dobato
tickets will bo reserved only atPor
ter's Instead of at sevoraT different
places ns has been dono In' tho past.
In this way it is not mado necessary
for people to go from ono place to
another before they are abjo to got
tho Beats that thoy deslro. As in tho
past,' varlQUB literary soclotios and
delegations from other colleges near
the,unlverslty will be seated, by .thqm
selvesr '
Baked beans, baked 'on tlio 'premises
'and sorvod Tiot with tlcliclous brown
bread, 10c, at Tho Boston Lunch.
(i Kl A I l(iICM I0DAY
Enormous Attendance Anticipated To
day at Greatest Football Game
Ever Played on tho Ne
braaka Grldircn.
Colder Wednesday morning and fair.
Rising tompcM-attire and warnior by
Officials Today.
Itoforeo Ralph Hoagland, ox-Prlnco
' Umpire Waltor Eckersall, ex-Chicago.
Field Judge R. F. Portor, ox-Cornell.
Head Llnosman F. D. Cornell, ox
Indiana. Probable Line up.
Nebraska. Carlislo.
Johnson, lGfi ...lo.LIttlo Old Man, 1C2.
Prwm. 180 lt.Wausoka (Cpt) 206
Ewl"B. 18 lg LaRoquo, 181
Collins, 178 c Barroll, 182
Ilarte, 182 rg Lyon, 18G
Chaloupka, 187. . .rt. . . .Llttlo Boy, 201
Harvey (Cpt), Housor, 179
Cooke, 139 q Balontl, 148
Boltzor, 163 Ih Thorpe, 100
Blrkner, 170 rh. . .HondrlckB, 169
Kroger, 170 fb Payno, 1G7
At Antolopo park this aftornoon win
occur what, will probably bo tho groat,
est game of football over played bh a
Nobraska gridiron. Tho contest Is to
be between tho Carlisle Indians and
tho CornhuBkers and It will bo called
at 2:30 o'clock.
Tho Hold is In oxcollont condition
and tho fast, open play and forward
paBBeB which both teams aro said to
bo depending upon for this nftornoon
can bo pulled off without tho hind
rance of a heavy flold. Tho entire grid.
Iron has been covered with straw. since,
tho Thanksgiving game and tho heavy
rains of last Sunday did not iujuro it
BbbbH-VI, - PlH
Llr IsbbbbH
m fii i y tiaBBBBBr
PAYNE, Fullback,
Carlisle Indians.
seriously nor has tho ground boon
frozen by tho recent cold weatlier.
JDope on the Game.
Tho dope on today's game Is a little
uncertain but a great many of tho .
local enthusiasts aro looking for tho
Cornhuskors to show the. Indians up.
Phoy base their opinion largely on
tho result of tho Carlislo Minnesota
gamo which was played a weolc ago
last Saturday. , ,.t
After seeing the Gophers defeat the :
Indians in a hard gamo tho voptors ,
hereabouts aro inclined Xot think, tli aj t
the Cornhuskors, yho won va(.,vr,tual ,
victory fron Minnesota. li' tolrgjoa, t
Ho. ganio,l(hayo a, .good qhancto.vdo,',
feat tho redskinB. , Coac .CxrfojiQ., t
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