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ffrethrtierirHowftvertiEven,, Things by
-Securing an Advantage in tne in
dividual Event of the First
, , Annual Games.
JDoBplto udvoi'Ho wouthcr conditions,
oarly 700 students gathered at Ante
po park Saturday morning to wltnoBB
lio first 'annual clnsB gamcB botwoon
tio sophomores and tho froshmon, In
turfhloh tho Hocond yoar man won by u
Itjcoro of. CT 1-2 to 351 Ml. SuccoBflful
t4boyond tho oxpoctntlonB of tho moBt
ardent followers of. ;tho j)lan tho
JvblymplCB" won a plnco for ltBOlf In
, junlvarBlty; life Tho ovontB woro cleanly
fought; and exciting Irt tho. oxtromo.
jvhllo at many stngoH of tho game tho
Aoxcitqmcnt , ran nigiinoi nuisagreo-
Jablo Incident occurred and tho com-
nnltteoB wlio had churgo of tho fight
Sworo gratified boyond oxprouulon.
, Details (Of the Games.
By capturing tho tug of war and tho
Ibattlo royal, tho Bo'phomoros cinched
Ftholr tltlo to tho claBB Biipromacy. Up
So thla flrao tho first-year men wero
Kin tho load, tnoy having Won tho ma
Horlty of Individual ovonts. Tho flrBt
fovent, tho light wotght wrestling, went
yto Munson, tho sophomoro, in strnlght
Rialls. Following tho wrestling, tho
Miilddlti weight ovont proved lnterost-
v- t,
Havo ypur dlothos imulo for
you. iiVcj yill givo'you indi
viduality stylo and dxchiBivo
mattqrns. Our long suit is
Dross Suits.
,- Kt
I i VtaiLors: ''
?142 South l!2lh ' Lincoln
54We Make Thoe Tatty Togt"
- . -
V Avivertisementa for the , want ad
leoluniHjBlipuia'bdieft at tho business
pfflcobasbmeht Admlriistratlon Bldgv,
between 10 ,; m, and 12 m., or, be-
Cashmuat acconipanyall era'art for
.Syafladaiat'tbe rate, of. 10,, cents "per
insertTon tor oVory flftoon words or
.fraction Jhor,eof for tho first inser-
Mwi wjrNiHBeruoBa. zb conw:, nve
inserUons wMuitn. . if ft . .
v'" ' V- T 1 -
- ',.ij'
clfiBn nln OWnor
ayag forbad; '389
r-i )
t a I If i iii a Mh " h aMK
" iflf firs
. I. ;7t . lu rri
. Fouiftewaled
Ing," Do Bolt of tho freshmen, winning
from Plasters. Tho , heavy wolglit
wrcBtllng was won by Collins, tho, 'big
Sophomore. ' In tho foxing tho frcsli.
men excelled. Tho match belwflte
tno ugjt woigutB, binno- nnu wcaver
lmg,vwftB a whlriwind;,a!ffalr, both mta
drawing blood befdro tho conclusion.
of tho,,bonL It-was deblared a dra,w..
jlri, tho .other lwo ovonts, .Alio fr6sH
meni won, Lrftidbrs ' defeating Zadek
nTTd Wuttors winning from dadolidck.
Tho Marathon rnco was hard fought,
tho men finishing cIobo together but
(ho freshmen carried off lirBt and sec
ond whllo tho BophomoroB captured
third and fotirCTI. In tho tug of war
tho f,reBh.mon xoro outwolghcd and the
BophomoroB pulled them over tho lino
,wlth enHo, So at .tliCi-Udgfiififng of th'o
battlo royal tho score was In favor
of tho frcBhmon with .'1.1 12 to 31 li2.
Superior organization "on tho part bf
tho upper, claBBmentold( and In lesb
than half of tho required tlmo every
freshman was plncod across the lino
In tho Ural, bottt. In tho second battle
the freshmon woro a ilttlo more wnry
and u required moro time, but ngaln
mo sophs wero hotter organized and at
tho end of ten, mlnutoB wero declared
tho winners. Doth sldoBworo about'
evenly matched ub regards numbers
in Uib Tattlo royal. '
Will Fight Be Annual.
Foremost in tho minds of the upper
clnBBmen Is tho quoatldn: 'Will tho
Olympics become mi annual ovenl?,
With u yoar In Which to Work tnp
events up, and with two energetic
cbmmlttecB pushing it, thcro IS no rea
son why noxt .year .tho Olymplcu
should not attrnct tlm attention bf tho
ontlro school, tfauy of tho minor do
tatlB which had to bo slighted tlilB
tlmo can bo taken 'euro of, and the
wnole affair would then go-off wlthla
moothucBB which, is tjrt bo.tlesired. Dr.
Condrn, on,e-ot;tho nibBtearnoBt sijp
porters, 'of tho 'Olympics, 'wob exceed
ingly gratified nt the successful com
pletion of 'tho schomq and 'oxpects to
see II grow larger each year.' "Wlh.
tho right kind of spirit there Is no
ron8ori why liio cla'as games 'dhoiild
not become ono of tho biggest events
of tho school year," declared tho doc-,
tor. "I was very gratified to see the
oxccllent feeling which existed, and
thoro wftiTnot a single thing to mar
tho wholo morning."
Every ono in attendance of the light
declared thut It was a big success, and
indications aro that It will bo carried
on tcr a still bigger success In tho
yenra to come.
(Continued from Pago 1)
tho famous CornhuBker forwards, and.
they wero Captain. Crowoll, right
tacklo; Carlson, conter, and "Tub"
Reed, the 240-pound guard.
Perhnps tho only department of the
gome In which tho crinlilcd, worn-out
and spiritless Cornhuskers excelled
their, opponents wns In gottlng dowir
on punts and In running them back.
Nebraska returned nlno punts for a
total distance of 119 yards, while Kan
sas returned 1G punts only 150 yards.
Title In Doubt.
Although Nebraska would have been
tho undlsputod champion of .the lis
Houri valley if Kansas had boon beat
en Saturday, yet tho fact that tho,
Cornhuskors lost . does hot eliminate
thorn from tho raco entirely. Kansas
has yet to meet both Iowa and Mis
souri, and ' it tho outcomo bf both
of these gnmos Bhould bo unfavorable
to the Jay hawks tho Missouri Tigers,
wpijld have a very valid cinim on tho
percentage basis. But if Kansas de
feats Iowa and loses to Missouri then
Matters will be complicated and three
or four, teama will havo sorao ground's,
for a claim. The last possibility now
Is the, oho that Nobraskans fear and
that is that Kansas, may win both of
these contests. Jn tbicasd.thwr'clalm;
would doubtless bo conceded by ail
and tho only pptteolatlon, would bo tb'd
nntlclpatlbn of Voyepgo next ynr.
,r Song iProg ram Tfldayi " '
Mrs. "Bess Burrus Puhko will give a
song program from GoorgoJHonschej
at, convocation today. Tho f program r
y lJove'8 Like ' too -Wd, Red
Rose? "'.., '
'ong of Flowers.".
?" V - l. '
(fTha anderorJaJSongV;'- ,
VBTuJshByV-v ,f i - ,
."Sfcips; Abovld .ThoiSeo MyMaiden
, ,, , .v, w ,' 1" '- r.y,w VUM
Walter Eckersall Says He Has'Seen
All' Important Teams But tiohe '"
Has Stopping Ability of
Crawfordsvllle Men.
(Special to Daily Nobraskan.)
Tho WnbaBh' college football team,
which meets tho strong University of
Nobrnska olovon oh Thanksgiving Day
in tho closing game of tho season, is
choson. from tho student body com
posed of less thun 300 men. Notwith
standing the small number of students .
at Wabash, her athlotlc teams for the
past half dozen years havo competed
successfully with teams choson from
schools having several limes as. many
students. Tho many pludky athletic
battles which tho Wabash team havo
fought havo earned for tno players
tho namo of tho "Littlo Giants," by
which Wabash athletic teams aro
known throughout tho middle west.
For tho paBt four yoars the Wabash
football teams havo been coached, by
Francis M. Cayou, the celebrated Car
lisle Indlnn football star. This year,
howevor, Ralpn Jones, a new man, has
been at the helm and by his wonder
ful work ns a coach has easily main
tained the reputation established ' by
Cayou. Tho Little GlUnts, coached by
Jonos, are thlB yoar fully as strong as
any other team 'of Littlo Giants which
Cayou has dovoloped.
Is Growing 8trbnger.
Although tho team's record of vic
tories this season has been somewhat
marred because soveral star players
havo beent out of tho gnmes with In
juries, the' team that meets tho famous
Nobraskans on Turkey Day will be
tho atrongcBt that ever represented
tho scarlet of "Old WabaBh." Dob
bins, the fast end rush; Garver, the
great punting half back; Hopkins, the
giant guard, and Starbuck, the hard
lino plunging full back, who havo been
out of moBt of tho games this season
nro now in flno shape and all will prob
ably bo seen against Nebraska. Har
gravo,. tho wonderful littlo quarter
back, has been out of. three of tho
six contests played this year by Wa
bash, on account of injuries, but he
too, is now in splendid condition, in
ho game with tho great Notro Dame
eleven last Friday, which Notro Dame
won 8 to 4, maklngf two place kicks
to ono drop kick by Wabash, Hargravo
did tho punting and his spirals aver
aged 45 yards to tho' game. His was
equally as good as that ever dono by
Carver, tho regular punter, who can
consistently punt fifty ynrds during
Average Weight 160.
Tho WabttBhteam averages, but J60
pounds, but what it lacks in weight it
moro than majces up in speed and
nerve and lighting spirit Indeed, tho
characteristic lighting spirit of tho
Littlo "Giants Is noted wherever tho
team has played and it has onablod
tho scarlet. to win many victories. A;
direct caso in point is last year's bat-,
tlq with St. Louis unlvorsity, which
defeated Nebraska. Wabash won from
St. Louis 12 to 11 in ono of tho best
games over played in St Louis. St.
Louis opterod tho game fully expects
lug to roll up tho score. At the end1
of tho first half the. cquntwas iiVtp:
0 in. favor of Missdurlas. But Wa
bash, although npt coming frdroi $is
HourJ, had to be ''sbbyraj" , In 'tho,
second half tho team's fighting spirit
was aroused and ,the inen played as
they had never played before. ' Thqt
"twq touchdowns made agalpst' tlio
heavy St. Louis elevens wonthq vic
tory for thorn. This, yeair 3t Louis;
dofoated Wabash 4 to, 0, a place klclc
gecldlii gtho game. TEo mighty Frank
Acker was in thb.St JLouis line-up, bin
ho could clo, nothing in tho way of
advancing;- too ball, having, to rotirj
from tho" gamq al the cib'so of tho
first haif. " "- ' ' '
tow, Hard Tackleris. ,
.'A' feature of tKo1 playing ot'ika '
tie Giahta la their low, hard,' diving;
ia(Kie8, inyie woiro uame game here
Friday the team displayed theb'egi
oxhlbjtlou of tackling' eVer seen on
ah' iridhkHa gridiroir. WItefEcker
aa)lj op js Chicago university, who
refoVSed the v-game,'' said'' after tho
galcn, 'I .hayo eeti ovcrteam of im
p'qrUncb Jtj.tnV nlUrid".V'!st and i ' am
JTranK to. say Wahtt8 ji,;;ya.sHho flor'coBt !
tackling team, of, them J all,, barring:
none. ; Tho Little Giants ;aro a .great)
And Lincoln football odthusiats
who bco Wabash play on Thanksgiving
,pay( will, bq .sjipwn that Eckersall's,
words of praise aro deserved.
" Frbni' a Kansas View.
Tho following appeared In the Kan
sas City Star Sunday morning under n
datq lino:
'dole's Nebraska CornhUskers,
proud and over-confident quaffed from
tho cup. of d9feat today and drank Its
bitterest dregs. In the Kansas Jay
hawkerB Colo's men encountered n
sturdier, craftier foo and wore com
pletely and doclslvoly whipped in a'
dazzling gridiron, bdttlo by a scoro of
20 to 5. It was a stunning reverso ln
tho Nebraska camp and with It the!
CornhuskorB' hopes for a MlBsburl val
ley conference championship havei
boon wrecked and shattered on the
Bhoals of despair, while tho proud
mantle of the valley premiership bids!
fair to rest upon the shoulders of
Kennedy's matchless warriors from'
tho land or tho Jayhaw. Tho vlfctory
achloved by Kansas did not como
through chance. Tho hick of tho bat
tlo favored tho Jayhawkors, but tho
Kansans wore more than a match for
their opponents Jn every department
of tho gamo. They excelled tho Corn
huskers in generalship, but kicked
tnem by a decisive margin, played su
perb football on tho defense and
iuggett tho oval with' cdtapultlc power.
It was a victory so clean' cut as to
le'avenp room for,, doubt or dispute
tnnt tho better football team had won
tho laurels.
"Tho result furnished such an mv
expected form reversal that tho sup
porters, of tne uornhuskors aro dazed
from astonishment. The Nebraska
public had anticipated ii hard fought
battle, but tiot a Cornhuskor rootor
even had dreamed that Colo's vaunted
warriors wore in danger of defeat.
Tho finish, however, could have been
spelled on tho Nebraska semaphore
boforo the powder had blown away
from the first exchange of fire."
Business Suspended to Celebrate Over
Jayhawker Victory.
Lawrcnco, Has.-, Nov. 14. Every
thing in Lawrcnco is suspended to
night in celebration of tho victory of
the Jaynawker football team at Lin
coln this afternoon. Hundreds ot stu
dents ftro parading" tho streets shout
fng and singing, and tho wholo town
Is overjoyed at tho news'. Tho crowds
began to collect directly after dark,,
and a parade was formed at tho park
on South Massachusetts street, and
after marching all over town tho
search began for material for a mam
moth bonfire. The merchants all over
town began to sot out their empty
boxes this afternoon as soon as the
news of the victory came In, for tho
wliblo town is nB jubilant as tlio" uni
versity. The enthusiasm is contagious.
" What do'you-kno w about that score VL
lstho salutation that tho staid busi
ness' men hurl at each other as" they
pass dn tho street.'
'Lp6k8 to mb like a clean swcop
this year," is tho invariable reply.
Every place of busines lb town kept
bulletins of the game posted as fast
as the news came in, so intense nnd
general was tlm interest, and, business
had to take a jack seat. Students and
gray-haired citizens rubbed shoulders
before, thft Newspaper bulletins all af
ternoon ..and swapefl "dope" as the
gamerggOflBgd. . coupjo of enter
prising students rented onp of tho
nickel theaters, for tho afternoon and
flashod the news on tho scene every'
mJnute; iInte"rsporBed; at .intervals with
short ordor, pictures of the players i
action.? Follo.wingf tho, fjrst score was1
a. pictures! a man gesticulating wild
ly. ( 'UnclerJimmlp,,Grpen-lB en joying'
It,', rantho legent, Tho next was a
man with a suitcase full of money;
"On tho way "hoino from Nobraska.'i
and so if werifc Tho' ingenious stut
dentBTaked'ihthb money,
f All' tno musical organizations ";W
'TkMlwglviar. ' ' ;'l""''T, ;I
S. S. Shean
Your Patrdnnic Solicited
, ' AM fniakes, 'rented w'fth'jliail' J J
,S3 Pr Month. '
Pargslaaia Bbdllt Machines.,,!,
Aatollfift-BllilSL lNo.llh ,
Owned by tho 8tookho1dors of tb
Interest Paid at 4 Per Cent
Flrt National Bank hooma, Tenth & O
60 . VEAR3'
Thadc Marks
GOPYfttattTB Ac
Anjono londlng n ikptch and dMcrtptlon wt
qnlcklr ascertain ourQrlnlon roe wheUicran
lnontl.n Is probablr pnlQntAbie, Comtntinlc.
tloni Htrletlr conndnnf r
ont free. Oldoat amnor fpnocurincr poton
I'AtenU taken tEroutiyMunn AoTro
trxclal nottes. WlthotltChnrtr In Iha
uai. nnnuBuyn oni'otonti
. rocolTt
Scicniif ic flmcrkan.
A handioraolr Ulnitratad weoltif. iMtcotCe., .
calatton ofanr clentino JourniJ,- Terai.U
K?J iourroonmi,i. uoiaDrall tiewsdoalAnL
8 CosiBlew.YQrk
Offlo. &6 9 BU WwhlnStop. JX C.
-. ami. '41J
i'mL'm" SV
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braskan advertisers, and to men
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rEllte. ' j , .. v-.i.. i..1
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irif i I
iiMi .
if, i,- "W.- '(
c.r . ' .T.t
f -
'" H.i -. -. ..'. ,3 !" ,J .k
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