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Frethmon Use the Formations Coach
Kennedy 8aw In the A tries Game
at Omaha and the Jayhawkers
Play Well Against Them.
LAWIUONCB. Knn.t Nov. 12. Ho
hind clonod gates Conches
und Mubbo n ru giving the Jnyhnwkors
u hard week or practice In prepara
tion for the climnplonBhlp Nebraska
Kame Suturday. Kennody Haw tho
Nobrnxkn-AnioH gume InBt week and
came back to Oread full of forma
tions and pet playH that "King" Colo
hnH taught IiIh pupllH. NobraHku wa
forced to uho nearly all her new plays
In the game with Ames. With tho
fresh mon uHlug the Cornhusk'er plays
and rormatlonB, Captain Crowoll's
rogiilnrs uro playing a half-hour offen
sive and a half-hour defensive Berlin
mage each evening.
"KaiiBttB Iiuh a fighting chance to
beat NebruHku," suld Coach Konnedy
thlH morning. "Everyone muBt realize
that our team 1h going nt a fnHtor
clip every .day. If thoy can put up a
little bettor brand or football against
tho Cornhuskors than thoy suowod
agalnat WaBhburn, wo've got a
Conch Mobbo, who fathomed tho
Nebraska play two yearB ago and en
abled Kansas to win an unexpected
victory, waB extremely well satisfied
with tho Washburn game. Carlson,
tho "Terrible Swede," waB a genuine
Uomon. In him and Iloed any center
und guard In tho Missouri valley will
meet their match.
The ganio also demonstrated what
tho backflohl really 1b. Myers, Bond.
Flake" and Waring are faBt, heavy
men, and are becoming as oxpert on
dorenso ub thoy are on offonHe. Dan
lone wna a Btar at full and with him
and big StcphenBon to hold down thai
position the back flold Bhowu up fn
vorably with most teams in this sec
tion. The conchOB think tho punting
dilemma has been BolvebV In Tommy
Johnson, who Is booting tho ball lu
good rorm and Improving every day.
CHICAGO, Nov. 12. Stagg aban
doned nil his famoiiB methodB or put
ting n team on odgo tor 'a blg game
ycBtorday aud turned from his war
howl to the soothing caresses of a
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itui'Hn. Tho Mnroon conch, fearing
both InJurloB and stnlonesB, chnnged
IiIh planB nt the last moment, and tho
anticipated gruollng Bcrlmmugo wis
glVQit up for a long lint easy offoiiBlvo
When tho squad went out on tho
flyld.for prnctlce tho coach saw too
ninny limping nnd bandaged players
to ntilt him. and tho hoavy armor
which each of tho regulars wdro In
preparation for what was promlBod to
be the final scrlmmago beforo tho
Cornell gnnlo Boon wns tossed asido
and nil attention turned to rounding
off the now plays.
It wnB nn umiBunl day'B work for a
team which hna not hnd a ronl 'tough
Bcrlmmage slnco tho Mlnnosotn game,
especially In the Stagglnn ordor of
thlngB. WedneBday, always most
unwolcome day for tho bncks and
often a hoodoo for Injuries to Ma
roonB, wnn a day of tho calmcBt and
m)Bt peaceful Sailing the MnroonB
1-nve had In a long time.
ITHACA. N. Y.. Nov. 11. Cornell
conches explained to tho mon today
that they had heard Chicago has a
habit of calling "rough play" after
every down. Thoy told the men to
disregard any protest from the west
ornerH nnd play as hard as they
knew how.
CornoU'H last hard practice Tor tho
game with Chicago on Saturday broke
all rocords at Ithaca. Arter throu
solid hours or stiff field drill the squad
wont up to tho' armory and rati
through formations for the Chicago
game. Every piny waB run off with
out a hitch. When prnctlce was ovor
tonight the coaches felt sure of sue
cosb. Willie they rofUBed to make
any predictions, there Is an air of con
fidence which Is In sharp contrast to
tho reeling IubI week.
Franke, who hnu shot Into tho lime
light recently by brilliant playing on
the Bcrubs end, will accompany the
squad to Chicago. Doc Shoaror re
turned his position at right hair back
this nftornoon after a long nbsence.
He displaced Mown, who went back
among the substitutes. Caldwell ran
the tenm at quartor, but tho remain
der of tho lineup wbb regular.
DETROIT, Mich., Nov. 11. Tho
University of Pennsylvania football
team, which meota Michigan's eleven
on Furry flold at Ann Arbor on Sat
urday, arrived here today from Phila
delphia. After breakruBt nt Hotel
Poutchartrnln. tho party or rootball
men, headed by Mike Murphy an 1
Coach Metzgor, went out to the Coun
try club, whore, thoy will be guests
until Saturday morning. There are
twenty-seven playors, coacheB and
trainers lu the party. Tho men nil
seemed to be In ilrst-clnsH condition.
ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 11. Au
othor shift In the Michigan lineup will
ire necessary since Walking cannot
piny against Pennsylvania. Yost an
nounced tonight that Davison would
be used at fullback. Tho problem at
right end bus been solved by switch
ing hlnthlcum from loft end to right,
while Embs has boon iven his old
berth at tho lert extremity. Accord
ingly Prlmenir la back in tho lineup
nt left guard.
Douglass; Davison and Schulz wore
not in the practice tonight. Douglass
and Davison being kept out by in
JurlOB and sickness, while Schulz had
a olass.
PRINCETON. N. J., Nov. U. The'
'varbity eleven loft tonight on tho
G:lSt train for a few days' rest. The
conches desire to keep secret the
place in order to avoid the telegrams
and numerous Inquiries which "are
sure to arrfve irom nil sections of
tho country Jf Hi location of the
team b known. The last scrimmage
of the season was held tonight. Tho
scrub line ' was strengthened by tho
addition of McCrohan, ( who Splayed
guard. Ho gave the 'varsity a lot of
trouble. Dowd av.a Cunningham wore
tried out at kicking field goals from
tho thirty-five yard line. Cunningham
mudti ten out of sixteen and Dowd
made fifteen out of Bixtcen, at difficult
as well iiH enny angles, The coaches
r 1 1 1 1 are unsettled as to who will start
Saturday's game In the back field.
(Continued from Pago 1)
Nebraska I have had to consult him
on all Boris of mntters. Somo of
these have naturally developed differ
ences of opinion between us, but the
essential grcntness of the man is the
predominant Impression left upon me.
In addition to his unusually strong in
tellectual attainments nnd executive
capacity, known to the general public,
ho has a largeness or soul which
(hose who como in close contact with
him are fortunate in experiencing. It
Ib with regret that I see him give up
tho uctlvo duties of his office. 1 hopo
to see him spared to the world for
many yenrs of great usefulness."
ProrosBor FosBler: "It haB been my
good rortuno to have known person
ally ovory Chancellor of the Univer
sity of NobraBka since her doors were
opened In the early soventleB. Some
way every one of her executives
brought to tho state certain oloments
of strength that proved of vital worth
to the causo of education. Chancellor
Andrews IlhiBtrateB this fact benutl
rully. When he came to us, somo
eight or nine years ago, ho round the
university taking high rank as a col
legiate Institution, a school in which
tho qultural side or college and uni
versity curricula was Bplendldly de
veloped. Ho at once felt that tho
time had come for a fuller develop
ment of tho tochnlcul, specialized, or
prorosBlonal side or university educa
tion, and it is to that that ho has
given unwearied uttontlon. No words
of mine are needed to add to the
luster or rame of Dr. Androws as a
scholar or an educator. He has
crowned IiIb long, markedly usorul
life by serving our Btate and serving
it devotedly and unselfishly, courage;
ously and well. May the laying down
of tho arduous work or the chancel
lorship afford him the benefits which
he and his physicians look for."
An Inspiring Life.
Professor Howard: "As scholar,
author and administrator of high edu
cational ofllces, Chancellor Androws
has had a very notable career. There
Is something finely inspiring in a lifd
so spent In faithful public service. Dr.
Andrews has won tho lovo of a host of
studentB in our country through his
humanism, sympathy and courage. At
one critical moment of his life in par
ticular xho taught us all a brave and
honest soul may be able to sacrifice
worldly advantage for a lofty Ideal:
for tho sake or Treo speech and Intel
lectual liberty. At that time, as the
champion and martyr of academic
freodom, ho sot the youth of tho land
a nobio example whoBO record will fill
a bright page in history. Forced by
ill-health, ho leaves his poBt bearing
with him tho affection of students,
faculty and rellow citizens, who re
joice that his future homo Is to bo
among them."
Professor French: "It is with feel
ings of deep regret and sympathy that
we have heard tho announcement of
Chancellor Androws' retirement by tho
ndvlce or his physicians. From the
time or his early boyhood, when work
ing to fit hlmsoir for collego, through
his years of service in tho civil war,
nnd In the various educational posi
tions which ho has hold down to tho
present time, his life has been a
strenuous ono. Constantly and untir
ingly ho has devoted hlmsolf to tho
good or otlTors. Whether as a teacher,,
working to inspire each student that
como to him with higher ideals of
learning and character, as an admin
ister laboring assiduously lor the up-
building or the institution with which
ho was connected, or as a citizen
speaking fearlessly the truth as he
saw it even to unwilling ears, his life
has been ono of unselfish and fruitful
toll for tho public weal- After a few
months' roBt from administrative
cares we hope that he will Ibo able,
to continue for years his work as an
educator and publicist, if not within
tho walls of any institution, in ho
widened flold afforded by platform and
OfMtnh nnalltuT '- "' "
Professor Caldwqll: "I believe thai;
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Magee &
it can be said without hesitancy that
tho resignation of Chancellor Andrews
means tho loss to tho univorsity of one
of the great mon of the country. In
his broadness, his intellectual culture,
his graBp of affairs, his ability as a
public lecturer, he 1b marked as a
man of high quality."
Prorossor Barbour: "Words com
mendatory or an administration ju
diciously und rorcerully executed can
not bo fittingly expressed In off-hand
language or In short.sentences. Briefly
Chancellor Andrews' administration
seenls marked by strength of purposo,
unusual genuineness, and jfrankness,
with little concern for ostentation.
Like tho officer in the army that he
was, his methods have been direct, and
to the point, and general details bolng
loft to subordinates. The faculty and
townspeople alike seem mutually con
cerned that the next administration bo
equally strong and just, and that the
personality of tho next oxecutfve .be
as acceptable to all classes as that of
Chancellor Andrews."
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Miller & Paine
Saturday, 14 Kansas-Nebraska foot
ball game.
Wednesday, 18 "Jeanno d'ArcV at
Temple Theater.
Sophomore Informal at Fraternity
Saturday, 1 Hastings-Nebraska foot
ball game.
County Fair in the Armory.
Wednesday, 25 Thanksgiving rocess
beginB at 6 p.m.
Thursday, 26 Wabash-Nebraska foot
ball game.
Wednesday, 2 Nebraska-Carlisle foot
ball game.
Friday, 4 Officers' hop at Lincoln
Saturday, 5 Froshman Hop at Lin
coln Hotel:
Saturday, I) Sopbompro Hop at Lin
coln Hotel.
Friday, 22 Senior Prom at Lincoln
Hotel Annex.
& .,
. W
, j..,.w.iA-ji.m.I nil Hi I jl ,,W ftMW