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V(jl.,vm. No. 35.
Adoption of Rules Eliminating Slug
ging and Kicking From Line
Rush Considered Necessary
for 8ucces8 of Event.
All preliminary arrangements for
tho 'Olympics," the annual clash be
vtw.een then freshmon and the sopho
mores, have been completed nnd the
cbmmittees In charge will soon call for
tho boxing., ,and wrestling try guts.
Chairman' Sfaljery and Chairman At
kln of th'o sophomore and ' freshman
committees have been buBy tho last
week, canvassing the members of the
cIobb, In tho hope that every member
of the classes will take part In some
event or other. Only a few have been
cut training for tho wrestling and box
ing matched, but several others have
promised 'to tako up tho work next
week' and both chairmen look for
strong representations of their class.
Considerable Interest centers In the
Marathon race to tho home of Mr.
Bryan', and each class will probably
outer throo representatives In tho
No Rough Play.
With committees from tho upper
claBsmen in charge of the details, It
has been announced that eligibility
rules governing tho games will be
adopted. Tho committees desire it
to be expressly understood that rough
play shall bo ruled out. If both sides
abstain from rough play the final suc
cess of tho games are assured. Any
ottompt' to slug or kick In the lino
rush would undoubtedly result in ser
ious injuries to some of the partici
pants, and would undoubtedly result
In a free for all fight. Such woul.l
not only spell the doom of the games
hut would also result in tho expulsion
of the leaders. Hence It Ib cautioned
by the committees in charge that the
participants play fair.
The boxing will bo divided into
three classes heavy, middle and light
wolghts. Regular boxing gloves will
tbe used and the Marquis and Queens
' bury rnlOB will govern tho contests.
Each match will probably consist of
six rounds of two minutCB each. The
wrestling will be two In three, each
round lasting for five minutes.
The Line Rush.
Tho closing feature of tho games
Is the lino rush. Tho plan of tho
rush is as follows: Both classes line
up their men on two goals, about 110
yards apart. Tho point of tho gam'
is for each side to get as many across
tho opponents' goal as possible. Thus
each side will be divided into two
sections, designated as the offensive
and defensive. As tho name signifies
tho offense will try and gain the op
ponents' goal, while tho opposing de
fense will nttompt to provent them.
Thus tho two sections will meet in
tho center of the field and engage
In a general wrestling match. Tho
time is limited to ten minutes and at
tho end then the class having the
most men across their opponents' goal
will be awarded tho rush.
Each ovent will count so many
points, and tho class winning tho most
points carries off the laurels. Tho
events comprise wrestling and boxing
matches, Marathon race, tug of war,
in (3 lino rush. From present indica
tlons tho games will bo held on No
vember 14 at Antelopo park.
Committee Meet.
Committees from both of tho
classes hold a meeting laBt night in
Dr. Condra's office and tho question
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WMMMm AT 4:00 P.
Gather at Rock
of tho eligibility of the freshman laws
enmo up. The matter was not defin
itely decided. The law studonta are
feenorally claBslflod with tho sopho
mores and this year voted at tho
tophomoro election. Tho freBhmen.
however, claim that they should not
be allowed to compote with the upper
classmen. A second meeting of the
committees will take place In a few
Debate Material for State Compiled
by Professor Fogg.
The first annual bulletin of tho
Nebraska high school debating league
was Issued yesterday by Professor
Fogg. The league was organized last
Jcnuary by the professor, at tho sug
gestion of tho school men of Ne
braska. Tho state was then divided
Into central, oast central, northern,
northwestern, Bouth central, south
eaBtorn, western and west central dls
trlcts. Each of these districts, in a
Bories of debates, selects a chnmplon,
who contests for tho Btato champion
ship. The purpose of tho league Ib
to promote oral discussion in Nebras
ka secondary schools.
Tho pamphlet Is a very neat twenty
page book, of which Professor M. M.
Fogg of the rhetoric department, Ik
the compiler. It contains tho list of
schools which are members of tho
league, together with tho names of
their superintendents and principals.
It contains an account of every dis
trict league debater, giving tho details
of each 'debate In the series and also
a complete account of the debato for
the state championship which was
held In Memorial hall last May. A
page cut gives the district clmmploiiB
of 1908.
Four pagoB are devoted to an
nouncements, where the question for
tlie league debates for tho coniln?
year is announced. The question
which was selected by a vote of the
member of the league Is as follows:
"Rqsolved, That disputes between cap
ital and labor In the railroad business
fhould be submitted by boards of
arbitration with compulsory powers."
A complete Bibliography of the 'books
and periodical literature on this sub
ject comprises the greater part of
ihls chapter.
The legislative reference depart
ment of the state historical society
will answer questions on this subject,
and whenever possible, will loan ma
terial on It. The second number of
the "Bulletin" of tho league, contain
ing accounts of the contests this year
and announcements for 1909-1910, will
be published In May after the debato
for the state championship which
takes place on high school fete day.
"At Home" to Teachers.
The Palladian literary society will
be "at home" to the members of tho
State Teachers' association, Friday
afternoon from 1:00 to r:00 o'clock,
in their hall on the third iloor of tho
Temple. Refreshments will bo served
and a cordial invitation is extended to
all "Old Pals" and to the teachers
gonerally to drop In during the after
noon and Inspect tho now quarters.
In the evening at 8:30 o'clock tho
Palladlans will meet in regular ses
sion. A general literary program of
mdro than ordinary interest will bo
These program meetings are open
to tho general public. Tho program
Vocal Solo Mr. Hutton'
Paper "the Philippines". Eva Arnold
Reading Mamie Ferris
Piano Solo Bertha Williams
Paper "Grafts" Mr. Balllngor
Vocal Solo Miss Kunkol
The special train to Omaha, for tho-NebraBka-Ames
game will leave tho
Burlington depot at 8:45 o'clock Sat
urday. Tickets for ' the game afo
still on sale at Harry Porter's, store
on Eleventh streot.
on Campus and
"King" Cole's Pupils Will Leave for
Omaha Badly Crippled Up, But
Fired With a Determination
to Whip the Husky Indians.
Tho final Bcrimmagc before the
Amos game tomorrow was hold yes
terday afternoon at tho State Farm.
The practlco waB spirited and tho
wonkened 'v.arslty put up a goodgame
ngalnBt tho freshmen.
The freshmen played about tho
fastest ball that they have played this
year, and they kept tho 'varsity going
every minute, frequently making sub
stantial gains through their lino and
often broaklng through and spoiling
the regular's formations.
At the beginning of the BCYlmmago
tho 'varsity was woakened consider
ably by the absence of players. Frum
was not out for practice, Ewlng play
ing at left tackle and Bowers at
guard. Bentloy was not but nt all
and It is questionable If ho will bo
able to tako any part In Saturday's
gamo. With both Cooko and Bontloy
out of tho gamo tho quarterback posi
tion will fall to tho caro of Minor and
Hnscall. Minor has played consider
ably at quarter though not very re
cently and It Is hoped that he will
hold tho position down satisfactorily
IT called upon to do so. "Stub" Has
call haH boon doing flrst-clnsB work
at this position all fall on tho scrubs
but he Incks the experience neces
sary to run the 'varBltv team In so
Important a contest as the one with
Harte Is Hurt.
Although tho 'varsity llno-up was
not intact, yet they put up a good
front against the freshmen for a few
minutes, after which "King" Colo
pulled out several of the regulars and
replaced them by substitutes who may
bo called upon to go Into the game
Saturday. i
Tho freshmen carried the ball to
begin with and on tie first down
Waters wont through loft guard for
five yards. Frank added two mnro
through right tackle and Waters mndo
the first down on a lino buck. Tho
rreannien rumbled on
but Waters recovered
yards throuch center.
.ho next down.
and made five
Lofgron failed
to gain on a wide run around left end
anu unaunor was downod for a loss
by Johnson. On an attempted fako
forward pass Powers was thrpwn for
a loss by Harte. whor sprained his.
ankle on tho play and was forced to
leave tho gamo. '
-o freBhmen wore followed to re
tain tho ball and on th0 first play at
tempted another forward pass, which
was Intercepted by HarVey. On first
down for the 'varsity feoltzer made
four yards around right! end. Minor
fumbled on tho next nlnV. but
made twenty ynrds on tho third down
by a fake punt. Minor! made threo
yards on a quarterback run and on
tho next play Captain Harvey repeat
ed tho stunt which he milled off at
Iowa, making a touchdown from a
forward pass.
Tho freshmon were given tho ball
and on a crlBS-cross Frapck made
threo yards. Tho froBhmeji fumbled
on the second down, hut Powers re
covered tho ball. Thoy fumbled agnln
on tho following play nnd Johnson se
cured tho ,ovnl and ran fpr a touch
down. Line-up Changed.
At this point Sturtzneggor; Temple,
Slaughter, HaBcall, Shonka, Rathbone
and Carroll replaced Beltzor, Kroger,
Birkner, Minor, Stumor, Johnson and
Harvey, respectively, Sturmor having
taken Uarto's place at right guard.
Thtf 'varsity was glvon tho ball and
on firsts down allowed a forward pass
March to Antelope Park Headed .by the Band
NOVEMBER 6, 1908.
to boblockod by Waters. Slaughter
mndo two yards through right tacklo,
but Stutz was downod for a loss by
Chaunor. Tho freshmon took tho ball
but failed to gain on n lino buck. Tho
frefshmon fumbled and Rnthbono fell
ori the ball for tno varsity On a
fbrward pbbb Rathbono gained fifteen
ynruB and Hnscall added olght on a
riuurtorbnck run nround rlchi nmi a
'forward pass bv tho 'vnmltv hit tho
ground, but thoy woro allowed to re
tain tho ban,
Slaughter mndo throo yards through
tho lino nnd a forward pass to Hascall
notted twolve yards. Hascall waB
tackled for a loss by Gibson and
Sturtznegger mot the samo fato on an
attempted forward pass. Chalouqka
failed to gain through loft tacklo and
a forward ubh was captured by
Frnnck of tho freshmon.
Scrubs Play Well.
Gibson failed to gain through loft
guard, but followod with two yards
through center. Gibson made a neat
forward pass to Franck for a twonty
yard gain. Tho freshmon tried a criss
cross forward paBs, but it was unsuc
cessful. On a fako kick Gibson was
thrown for a loss by Rnthbono and
thlB ended tho Hcrlmmngo.
Tho froshmen put up an exception
ally good exhibition and- Wntors, Lof
gron, Gibson, Chaunor and Franck
woro especially conspicuous in tho
good work.
Tho prospects of dofoating Ames
nro not ovorly bright, notwithstanding
the fact that ovory man on tho team
Ib filled with a grim determination to
win If Buch a thing Is poslblo. With
Cooko, Bentloy nnd probably Harto
out of tho game, and sovornl of tho
othors In poor condition, tho outlook
is dubious.
However, the team will bo accom
panied by hundrods of loyal support
ers who will do their shnro townrd
winning tho battle nnd on Saturday
tho Nobraska fighting spirit will re
celve a Boveror tost than over. Lot
evoryono get out to tho big opon rally
tonight and get In trim for tomorrow's
grent struggle.
Dr. Besscy Represents the University
In Deliberation.
At noon yesterday tho annual moot
ing of tho Nobraska Association of
Colleges nnd Academies waB hold at
the Lincoln hotel with Dean Hessey n
the representative of the Univorslty
of Nobraska. Representatives of
pearly all the colleges of the state
were present and questions of genoral
interost were discussed.
A committee of five was appointed
to consider tho granting of nn A. B.
degree for n prescribed three-years'
course, nnl also to consider how it
may be arranged so that the smallor
colleges for the state can do the
work which Is now done in so large a
degree by the first few years of uni
versity work. The first few years of
work Ib now being done In univorslty
classes whloh' are largely over-crowded,
whereas It might, with profit, be
done in smallor collegeb whero the
Mudent can come in contact with ma
ture men instead of Instructors.
J The committee plans to make a pre
liminary report by tho end of this
hemestor. The colleges are to report
the matter back to the committee by
tho end of next semester and tho
committee will then prepare a final
report to be presented to tho next
annual meeting.
Officers' Hop Conyttlttee.
Tho committee for the officers' hop
which will bo given at tho Lincoln
hotel on Deqember 4 has been an
nounced. F. A. Crltes is chairman of
the dance and Yale Holland is master
of cercmonlos. Tho othor members
of tho committeo nro F. A. Jones, J.
A. Coupe, A. H. Peters, H. J. Carey,
and Harry Ingles.
Pies like mother tried to make.
Baked JreBh' every day by an export
woman pie baker at Tho.Boston Lunch.
ir ' i .. , , , . -
r J -k
Price 5 Cent
Accommodations Provided by Local
Committee on Arrangements Are
Taxes) to the Limit to Provide
for All Who Come.
Approximately 4.000 teachers over
wholmod tho local arrangomonts com
mittee of tho Nobraskn State Tonnh
ors' asBoclatlon yostorday and prac
tically Bwampod tho mombors of that
body with requests for accommoda
tions In tho city during tho forty
third annual session of tho oducators
of tho state. Tho onrollmont waB un
precedented nnd Burpassod tho ox-I-octntlons
of all but tho moBt sanguine
of tho association leadors who had
vonturod prophocjos as to tho num
bers who would gather In Lincoln to
gather now ideas of odilcatlonal
methods and cultivate a fraternal
spirit in their profession. '
Probably ovor fifty por cent of tho
tcachors who woro in tho city yostor
day visited tho cnmpuB of tho uni
versity during tho dnv. In thn morn
ing thoro woro sovoral hundred who
Inspected tho work of tho state Insti
tution during ono or moro rocltntlon
porlods. Tho big crush, howovor, camo
in tho nftornoon when tho campus and
tho vnrlous buildings woro fairly
thronged with visitors. Every budding
received Its quota of tonchors who
wjshod to Inspect tho work of those
claBseB In which thoy woro especially
Interested and numbors visited tho
administration bulMIngB, tho library,
and othor points of gonoral Inter
est. Many of the visitors uro old atu
donts of tho university who took tho
opportunity offorod to visit old class
rooms and to pay tholr respects to
formor instructors.
All Were Interested.
One of tho reasons which determ
ined tho teachore in holding tho
meeting of tho association at this time
Instead of during tho Christmas va
cntlon as has boon tho custom in
formor years waB that thoso In at
tendance might, undor tho now ar
rangement, seo tho state schobl In
practical operation and might moot
tho Instructors nnd professors who aro
In fact tho educational leadors of tho
state In spirit and in Influence. That
the teachers appreciated this motive
was readily evidenced by tho manner
In which thoy took ovory spare mo
ment that offered Itself to Inspect
the work of tho school an'd talk with
the various profeBsora.
Tho Tomple was tho scone of sever
al sectional meetings and this build
ing was crowded with teachers
throughout the afternoon. All thu
looms In tho building save thoso of
tno y. M. C. A. woro turned over
for ubo by tho association and oven
then tho space "waB over-crowdod. To
day tho samo condition will probably
obtain since other meetings aro sched
uled for morning and afternoon. The
rural teachers and tho county super
intendents will hold a Joint sesBlon
in tho theater tills afternoon. The
college section will meet from 2 to
fi p. m. in Science nail 'in tho To'mplo
building, and tho teachers of liter
ature will hold a sosslon nt tho samo
time In tho banquet hall of tho build
ing. Tho high sctiool section will
meet at 2 oclock In th'o Tomplo
music room.
General Sessions.
The general sessions of tho asscn
elation are hold in St. Paul's1 .church
at Thirteenth and M. Overflow moot-
(Continued on ,Pago 2)
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