The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, November 03, 1908, Image 1

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Price 5 Cant.
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Battering Conhisker.
Down Vaunted Defense of Hawkeyes and Rolling up
II Points Against Opponent's 8
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Attacks CHCh Catlin's-Men Stepped CMtiiiHNsly by Scarlet art Cream Players In Brilliant
:, Defensive Wwk MNem, fMtWI Plays Iscd With Great Success By "KIhi"
Csle!s Pupils.
: - Gains
"By? desperate playing for sixty-five
minutes ' Nebraska's powerful football
loam whipped over-cbnfldent and
haughty Iewa so decisively that tho
final Bcoreof 11 to 8 does, not show the
relative strength of 'the two oloveris.
Eloven to nothing; or even sixteen
to nothing, would, show mora equitably
tho rolatlvo standing of tho teams.
The Cornhuskors mado their ploven
points on two touchdowns earned by
hard fighting, whllo Coach Catlln'S
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Fullbuck Kroger, Who Made the First Touchdown
men pulled out their eight' points by
. drop kicks. ,,'
Nebraska Kroade its flrst touchdown
on,atralgb. foptball, after a forward
pass from Beritley to' Hiryey asd
placed the ball ba, the Hawkey e twen
ty yard line. Dirkner, Chaloupka,
Beltrer and Kroger on straight Use
attacks carried the, ball. to the 1-yard
line, where Kroger 'plunged oyer o
the first down,
The second touchdown- came before
the second halt was many minutes old;
,and was1 resulted from a forward pass.
Bentlev sent the ball from Iowa's 40-.
h, yard Jine, land fa Captain Harvey, who
eaught it aaa ran over uie;awKeye
goal line with RlgH Tackle, prow
holding on to him.
Twe. .DroR Kcks. " ,.
Iowa made a drop kick In each halt.,
the much vaunted .Captain Kirk se
curing the flrsbne from Nebraska's'
30-yard line." Luck entered into Iowa's
etttag this dr6p kick. Kirk had punt
ed tojBeHtley. ob Nebraaka's 3-yard
Use, where the quarter,, gambled the
halKand it'was picked up. by Qross.
.Kirk then fell back for a drop klek
,:and Beat' the ball flailing squarely be
tween the eroeabant
Hyland, who did the, kicking, ajter
Kirk, was taWea ' but in the aecoad
r' halfi made the' seeond drop kick from;
j-NeurasKa'a w-yara nae, iwia, urK
aa iiywaa aepiea several arop
,, kleki.but all eofteBtlat the two that
were nade were blooked or west far
'froM the Muu-t '
' .dachrCtfler hai ha men save, Jh;
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Backfield Plays in Whirlwind Fashion Breaking
Farwarl Fass art Onslde Kick ResNltlftf In
TmcMswns ly Harvey and Krtfer.
now famous'' ''peekaboo" plays for
Ames, but instructed them to use, the
outsido kick and two or threo varieties
of tho forward pass, which were'' em
ployed on several' occasions for. many
After tho Hawkeyes had secured
their first drop kick tho Qornhuskcrs
"camo, back at thorn" with tho furious
attack that swept away tho opposition
and soon fcsulted in a touchdown. All
during tho rest of tho. game Nebraska's
attack was fiercely dlroctod and bat
tered down, the jowa defense until
Coach Catlln wab forced to send new
men Into the game to relieve players
wh6 were worn out In defending
- Nebraska's backfleld lore, fhrougli
Iowa's llfie and around the ends for
gains In both hl$e. Kroner- and
Btrkner-:proved great1- ground gainers
when they oarrled the ball. In the
opening halt Blrkaer did. Bonie spec
tacular work. He Was given; the ball
to carry repeatedly arid hit the, Iowa
.line like a battering 'ram, with head
down, and running at top , speed' he
sailed Into openings and advanced ten
and fifteen yards before he was tackled
and' then, after he had' been grabbed,
he, carried his tackier on , f or 'af ew
yarda more. i r
Kroger did nqt Btay. in' th game
long, the "eoach desiring to save him
for' Ames'sext. Saturday. He hit the
line hard and pledgked thrbagh for
good gains, He-jnade the Rrsftouch
down f rem the 1-yard line. Temple.
Who BMCceeded Kroger'played fast
aad.charged with speed and force. His
work on the offense' was.' not sp good
as Kroger's hut on the defense be
threw himself. Into, the line and helped
Btop'the'attaoks of, the Hawkeyes. '
Beltier. piayed ;a 'briAianL klcljlng-
tronid "rltlsi kuautct WAsat fma 'tnjrtif nasal
fifty .yards. On the, Inside kicks he
booted the baKila'dust:the right 'way
for' the CqrBhaefcers to-reoover if Tt
was abt' saat, .aaa tarrbut, sailed low
-H' ' I r .m ' . - '., Jl.. 'A'i .u '
wf ?if?!S ;5i:!a,i7T,t 'W g ;
-. W MrHfht eHa4sioe,' for, th
play to work in fine style. JBoltzer also
returned tho ball woll on punts and
carried It fast on runs', '
Miner's Long Runs.
' Miner, who 'went In for Beltzor bo
fore tho close of tho first half, played
tho most brilliant game of bis. Ne
braska football career. Ho made four
aonsatlonal runs, that netted Nebraska
over 120 yards. Ono of these, was for
forty yards! Ho dodged among' tho
Hawkoyo. tacklers with sensational
speed. Ho' alsd punted well, sending
tho. ball nearly as' far as Bolb;er had
Bontloy, who' played his first big
ganio. handled tho ' quarter "back
luSsltioh with all tho skill and aagaclty
of a veteran. With tho exception of
the first flvo minutes when he was a
llttlo nervous, his "work was bb good
as could have been desired.. He ran
'off tho right plays In the right 'time
ana in. the right place. He returned,
punts good distances',
Probably tho, greatest Individual star
or the name was "Dill" niialnu
wruuRiu mere mttc,ih,im jewa-MM
than any of the oUier Coraaustwi.
,He tore through lt carrying the ball
on many plays ror ten ana fifteen yard,
gains, throwing out of his way tackier
after tackier and only finally being.
stopped in ma advanced by the piling
on him 'of four of Ave men. His ex
hibition In this game will practically
mark him as tho unanimous choice for
ah all-western tackle. No work like
his .had even been witnessed on fowa
flpld before. w
Ends Are Fast
' Nebraska's .ends, Captain Harvey
and Johnson, outclassed tholr oppon
ents and cutoff, attempt after attempt
to.clrclo the wings, Both of them
watche'd thq ball constantly 'and were
after It all th'o time. . They both went
down under pun,ts with speed, that pre
vented tho Hawkeyes from' returning
tlioljall any appreciable dlstakee.'
Tho Nebraska line again proved It
self tobo a stonewall, Iowa being un
able to gain through either Bide' "The
Hawkeyes had only one play that
made them any ground. It was a tan
dem on tackle play "which was hard
to stoj and at first gave, them, fair'
gains., The- Cornhuakers soon solyed.
this play and after that Iowa's attacks
were .repulsed continnouslT. Harte,
Bwlng, Collins, Frum and 'Chalonpka
formed, this Wonderful. defense, and
each. of. them 'more' than, outplayed
his opponent be butchtssed him,
There4really were 'not stars la the
Hawkeyes,' but Kirk, Hyland-and Gross
showed up to the best advantage. The
former, with his drop ,kiek taad Ma
work at returning pnnts, looked like
a star for the Urst few mlBUtaa',,of
play, but he Seen let 'up In hla fast
play and was eeMpsed. by Hyland and
Gross. HylandlearrJed the ball aajrartd
times and, played hard but' ha;eeld
not gain consistently. jQross played
real dirty ball,, slugging and taekjlng
hard. nl '"? '
' Starts "dAi tread ' u
Iowa began the 'game wHa, fat play
but was foreed to quit, this saea, for
the, men on the team ware stayed a
their' fet by 4the Cornkuakars and
won: outvby the "constant a tUwks, and
rapid, play, f Before' the' end of thd ae4
ed half ,the entire: Hawkay e Warn was
exhausted and barely a,bl to continue
the garte' The variety of plays e.
ployed .by ''King" Cole'.s pupils kpt
theMowa' nien guessing -so mach that
another .ten mmutea.:of' iUv.wbmia
awaat at lMt.oo, more toaeh-
lo for.jlw Cornhwakara.1 ,
Thegaba -was, the blf ala asV tha
Hawkeyc schedule and the one that
tho Iowa players, coaches and rooters
had banked en winning. Bverybody
in the little city "was confident that
'PAAflli JaHI..., .mam ... 1 .. .m
uwi vnuiii p uicu nuuill vniij Ull
the. victory. The stpdents did net hide
their confidence, and freely admitted
tnat they thought .Nebraska would be
The rooters had figured on Captain
Kirk's being the chief element In
bringing victory to their team, He la
a great drop Kicker, all right, but he,
proved In the game1 that there Is some
thing' wrong with his nerve,' and what
he blight to have, been td the Hawkeye
team Saturday his fear of being hurt
kept him from being.
Fully 3,600 pebplo witnessed the
game. Many Visitors Iowa alumni
and others poured into lowa City for
tho game.
Late In Beginning.
ino contest was not stArtod until
3;10 o'clock. If had been scheduled
to begin at 6 o clock but tno Iowa team
delayed the gnmo,' not appearing on
tno Held until 3;0, o'clock. ,
Iowa won the toss and choso lo, de
fend tho north goal. At 3:08 tho
teams faeed each ether, tllrkner
kicked off for Nebraska lb Kirk on
Iowa's ...6-yard line. " The captain re
turned it fifteen yards. The first play
was a, forward pass from' Hyland to
Carberry. The ball hit the ground
and went to Nebraska, tllrkner on
tho first play punted to Stewart' on
Iowa's 23-yard line". There ai no re
turn, Gross tried a tackle play, There
was no gain, Nebraska being offside
was penalised Ave yards. Kirk punted
to Bentley. who .fumbled, Stutsman
recovered tue ball on Nebraska's 36
yard line. Kirk tried a forward pass,
to Carberry:; Ho was not flvo yards
out from center and tno pass was
Illegal, Iowa wb penalized, fifteen
yards. On the noxt play Kirk punted
to Bcntley, who fumbled on Nebras
ka's 30-yard line. Tho ball was picked
up by Gross. Stutsman made throe
yards on a playoff tacklo,
Kirk fell back"for a drop kick from
tho, 26-yard lino. Tho ball sailed
squarely between the cross bars'.
8core,:'' Nebraska, 0J Iowa, 4.
Drop Kick Falls.
Dirkner kicked off to Kirk on Iowa's
10-yard, lin.e.- He returned It five yards.
Kirk punted to 'Beltseu in the .center
of-the field; He, returned it five yards.
Chaloupka. plunged through tackle fer
ten yards. Ulrkner circled left end
for ten yards more, Kroger hit center
ree, Chaloupka added two yards
lawa. took the baH on downs.
rk kicked Bentley at the center of
the field. .A. forward' pass .rom Beltaer
to Harvey: was 'tried It-hit the ground,
Nebraska, was offside, and was, penal
ized Ave yards. Beltaer punted (o
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Oross In the aeatar el floU. X
triple forward 'pass froor Siowart to
Cohtos' to Hyland gave Iow thirty
Tarda.., ;HyUnd made -ivo. ynraa off
rigat -Ucklo: Kirk, fell back" tor a
drop Matt ChakKipk bloekod the ball
and. Carberry: -reoavered It' tar. Jowa.
wda Bsssrliii tost yards
tor holding. 4 asiaido kWc by Kirk
yaw a sanity. Ha retimed the bail
to Kirk on
Poll ef th College oft Law tlvos tho
Noted Nobraskah. Dsetded Load
Oyer His Republican
Opponent tf ;
Students from 'all sections ofrao "'
state began leaving for their nomea
)ast night to voto. Although student
are, allowed to register and vot,iln
Lincoln It appears that tho majbrltr
of the votors prefer o go home nod
cast tholr ballot thee. The election la
ft special Interest, being a. national '
pne. consequently hundreds, of Vouns;
men will go to their homes to oast
their first ballot in the presidential
nlectionV So Interna In the Interest
taken by the students that it Is safe
to predict that every man ,o' voting;
bko will take advantage of his right
pf franchise. Peculiarly, too; the cam
paign has been largely "waged among;
I ho strident body over the country,
demonstrating that the party leanora
roallzed that tbero was an Jwwdoms
Vote to be polled from young men who
were cnstlng their first ballot in
presidential contest- .Among the -law
men especially was nn active cam
paign waged. The presidents of' tho
Tafti Bryan and Republican nj'yaii
clubs are alt law students, coiifie-juent- V.
1 not n lunmbor of the' law' college ,
escaped tho canvass,
Poll Significant ' '
About a week ago fPresldent Cop- - -nollus
of tho Taft club, started to take
a polLof (he unlvorslty students, by .
having them express their preferenoo . '
for the two leading candidate. Bryan,
and Taft, nut the students did not
take proper Interest m the poll esd
sequently It could not be taken autkeaf' ,'
tlcally and the movement was dropffpaV
Since -'then, however: several .nana:
.have been taken, of the law ; eollon
resulting in. an overwHeiHWHrvioiOUt
for the Nebraskan'lh the, two appsr
classes and about a tie In the towor
ciass, ie voting in the
lw resulted In 37 far Bryan and M Ssr
Taft. The eanvass was Inter .--vOiRM
by a 'Saoead .poll i of theslsser
the socialistic candidate tor! nreslien.
received, two votes, fiiu " & ' ,
This .does not represent' H&' toia4,.
vuuna, .mi cur wi (ft ins oihab
- - - l,. ' ."TT7.
awthsrs ninety ln'aM. u k.Hiingbr, .
bowover. that tho few vaIbb Utt iU
not tr UUy otauuM;,tWnlaai.'
and! that tha mWttim Mrtdtd'
forvTart and Bnraa. 1st tha
yearlawjetaos; oat of orair ataty stsW
oonu, sji ppt seven .aavea
w" rproBIor wyna.
This to nil M mora
emoa most ociae aaeoad pear insi.
are voters. In the senior elaatvBA'
wi uunjifTei
winvsk .isr
(Oeatlaoad Pgfe )
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