The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 16, 1908, Page 4, Image 4

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Business Directory
Every Loyal University Student
It urged to patronize these Ne
braskan advertisers, and to men
tion the paper while doing to.
BANKS Central National; First
Trust and Savings.
BARBER SHOPS Green's Shops.
BATH HOUSE Chris1, Hloventh and
BOOK STORES Co-Op; Porter's;
CIGARS Cole & McKonna; Wolfe &
CLEANERS Blu men thai; H. Smith;
r- Weber.
CLOTHING Baker Pants Co.; Magee
& Deomer; Mayer BroB.; Palace
Clothing Co.; Speler &Slmon.
COAL Gregory.
DENTISTS J. R. Davis; Youngblut
DRY GOODS Herpolshelmor; Miller
it Paine.
i DRUGGISTS-r-Rlggs.
FLORISTS Chapin Bros.; 0. H.
FURNISHINGS Budd; Fulk; Magee
ft Deemer; Mayer Bros.; Palace
Clothing Co.; Spelr ft Simon.
HATTERS Budd; Fulk.
JEWELERS Hallott; Tucker.
- LAUNDRIES Evans; Merchants.
PRINTERS George Bros.; Simmons.
Cameron's. ,
SHOES Beckmari" Bros.; Brainth-
waite; Budd; Cincinnati Shoe Store;
SKIRTS The Skirt Store.
TAILORS Elliott Bros.; Herxog; Lud-
wag; Marx; H. Smith.
THEATERS Lyriol Majestic; Oliver.
TYPEWRITERS Lincoln Typewriter
Exchange. s .
Democratic. Candidate Wins Over Taft
In Straw 'Vote.
William J. Bryan, democratic candi
date for prosldent, carlod tho univer
sity Missourlan's straw vote election
among tho students of the University
of Mlsourl by a plurality of 113 votos
over Taft. Of a total of 802 votes
counted, Bryan recolvod 364; Taft,
251; Dobs, tho socialist party candi
date, 98; Chafln, prohibition party can
didate, 74; and Hisgon, Indopondonce
party, 16.
Tho ballot was taken by students In
tho Department of Journalism. Evory
male student In tho university, regard
Iobs of voting ago, was asked to cast
his ballot, tho purpoBO bolng to nrrlvo
at tho gonoral sentiment among the
studonts. No voto was taken on the
stato candidates.
Students in tho engineering depart
ment wore not inclined to tuko the
tho big voto rolled up for Debs and
Chafln. On tho day before tho ballot
was taken tho engineers held a caucus
In tholr hall and decided to vote solid
ly for tho socialist party candidate.
Tho lawyers decided to throw their
strength to Chafln.
Men's Club at Washington.
A meeting of all men students in
tho Unlvorslty of Washington has been
called for the purpose of adopting a
constitution - for a Mon's Club. A
temporary club was formod last
spring and plans were made looking
toward the organization of n per
manent association and the securing
of a building for tho use of its mem
bora. The now men's organization will
correspond In many respects to the
Rovnoltls Club of Chicago and tho
Minnesota Union -of tho University of
Minnesota. Membership in tho asso
ciation will bo open to all male stu
donts, faculty and alumni of the uni
versity. Tho main purpose of the club
will bo to dovelop a spirit or comrade
ship among its members and to secure
on the campus a club building.
Beginners in elocution at Oregon
are tolling funny storlos as class prac
tice Purdue has installed a new inter
urban toBt car to bo used in thesis
Tho rogiBtratlon at Chicago shows
a 12 per cent increase over that of
laat year.
Washington is considering the pur
chase of a $25,000 pipe organ for tho
Williams College is building a new
commons dormitory to bo known as
Curried Hall.
Iowa is building a new president's
house and will break ground for a new
law building soon.
A poison squad under the non do
plume "starvation squad" has been
started at Minnesota.
Each member of tho class in de
bate at DePauw muBt make a speech
in class defending his party views.
The sophomores have boon so ac
tive in harassing the freshmen at
Michigan this year that the faculty 1b
thinking of abolishing tne class polo
rush entirely.
A big, spontaneous noise test was
put on last week by a great horde of
Callfornlans. The celebration was a
sample of the vigorous, copyrighted
California, spirit
Idaho' will probably establish an
honor roll of scholarships, which will
be published throughout the state. The
plan Is an attempt to mako tho scholar
as prominent as the athlete.
The MineBota Dally editors, report
ers, and "cubs" enjoyed a much talked
of hay-rack party last Friday evening
to their fullest extent About forty
members, and non-members of the
staff were jammed onto' one hay-rack
and an eventful ride waB had toward
Lake Johanna.
President Wheeler of California has
prepared a plan whereby the universi
ty Ib- to care for many' of. the sick of
San Francisco. The university hos
pital will take all cases except con
tagious or incurable "diseases, and the
medical students of the university will
assist attending thorn'
Allows More Time for Actual Instruc
tion In Military Tactics Than
In the 8ystem Used
Past Years.
That the now rules of the regents
legardlng tho annual cadet encamp
ment are perfectly satisfactory to him
was the declaration made to a No
braskan representative yesterday by
Captain J. G. Workizer, commandant
of tho cadet battalion.
"You may say that I am perfectly
complacent with tho situation," sai.l
the captain. "In fact I find that the
advantages of the new plan will with
out doubt outweigh tho disadvantages,
bo far as the department Is con
cerned. In the first place I believe
that I will bo able to get more actual
military work out of the battalion than
haB been possible herotoforo.
"Under tho present system prevail
ing for several yoars past, tho cadets
left- Lincoln for the place of encamp-
mont some time after noon Tuesday.
They usually do noi arrive in camp un
til about tho supper hour and there
was practically no time available for
military Instruction Tuesday night
Wednesday morning was generally oc
suplod with getting things in shape
about camp, so that Wednesdny after
noon waB the first time afforded for
regular drill. Then wo had Thursday
and Friday for work and camp broke
up sometime around noon Saturday.
That meant only part of Saturday
morning for real work. There you see
that we had only about three days of
genulno military work.
More Work Now.
"With the Bystem now ordered by
the regentB, I think that we can get
considerable more military work in
the camping period. Now we will
go into camp on Friday afternoon. No
time will be loBt In transporting the
battalion to some other place, for the
camp will be held right out here at
tho state farm. That place Is health
ful and will mako an Ideal place for a
Uprmanent or rather semi-permanent
camp. The camp will be already es
tablished so that no time will bo foBt
In getting down to work. All day
Saturday will be available for mili
tary Instruction and gaining familiar
ity with camp life.
"Sunday there will of course be no
drill, but tho cadets can get accus
tomed to camp life as well on that
day as any other. There will be
the regular roll-calls and church call.
Then Monday we will have one drill
before the cadets go into town classes.
Monday afternoon they will cut
classes after 4 o'clock and we will
have drill and guard mount in the ev
ening. Guard mount will probably only
last till about 9:30, as is the cub
torn at West Point in order that the
cades may have a chance to study.
Tho Bame program will be'followed the
other days of tho week closing Satur
day afternoon. On Friday and Sat
orday nights guard mount will prob
ably be maintained for the entire
night, since there are no recitations
on the succeeding days.
Much Less Expense.
"Furthermore, the expense under
the new plan will be hut a fraction of
what is now required. The railroad
fare and the baggage charges for
the trip to and from the camp form a
tidy sum for the railroads just now.
There will be none of this expense
next year. Then, too, it will be
possible to feed tho cadets cheaper
and better if they are encamped close
to Lincoln. Tho camp fees have
been mounting up enormously of late
years and this system will end it"
When asked whether or not he
thought that the uncomplimentary
press comment lndulgedjn by Nebras
ka City newspapers with reference to
the conduct of 'the cadets at last
year's encampment had anything to
do with causing the chang6, Captain
Workizer said that the criticism
probably had its effect on. trie regents.
Carry a
I iTiagcc vx
He stated further that he thought tho
attitude of the Nebraska City papers
had been rather too severe. Although
he had been at the camp during tho
entire porlod he had seen nothing
which warranted so severe an attack
as the local newspapers made. The
natural jealousy between the town
boys and the university men probably
had a good deal to do with tho ill
feeling. The cadet battalion will bo fully uni
formed November 2. At this time
the companies of the second battalion
at the agricultural school will bo or
ganized, they not being uniformed,
however, until Thanksgiving.
California will hqUL. an informal
dance on October 22, for the benefit of
the training table fund.
Eighteen freshmen at Cornell have
been granted scholarships. These aro
of the value of $400 each.
Dr. John Plckard recently urged in
an address at tho University of Mis
souri that part of the money of the
Institution oe expended in developing
the university beautiful.
I Solum bia"
Choice New Suits
There has not for a long time been a suit season like this the
styles meet 'with hearty approval and prices are moderate. We are
selling more suits than at the same" time in any previous season. Some
very attractive styles have just, boon received by express.
Good Broadcloths, Strictly Tailored; 45-inch coat, satin lined good
skirt; black and colors , $30.00
Good Worsted; 45-inch coat; specially for stout women, good skirt,
trimmed with satin folds '. , .$30.00
Striped Broadcloth in Empire style; Hipless skirt; fancy vest and
wide seams; colors Smoke, Green. and Rose ..$3750
Exclusive NoveltloB, one of a kind . .$50.00 to $100.00
Millinery Specials
Every day is a busy day in our Millinery department and yet we
are getting, tho work out promptly. Last week was the greatost wo
have ever had in this department, but we expect thls'week to excel it.
We not only show all the now styles; but' also all the strictly correct
shades in each. , '
We have special values in Street Hats at ,. . .$2.50 and $3.95
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Children's and Misses' Caps and Hats in all tho correct colors.......
. . . .' .. .25c, 50c, 7c, $1.00 and' $1.50,
On to Minnesota
with colors flying. .
Be a Booster and
all iiex
new designs
really a great "
50c, 75c, $1
Look into mir
East Window
Mondays and Fridays
Begtaner's Claitc Wed. A Sat.
Private Lcton by AppolnUnest
124 N Street Auto 40 1 p
VI L k amq " rl H Iri