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Vol VIU. No. 19.
Price 5 Cents.
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Chicken Pie, Roast Potatoes, Gravy,
Hot Biscuits, Coffee and Other
Appetizing Viands to Be
Served By Boys.
Chicken pot plo, roast potatoes,
gravy, hot biscuits, and othor things
too numerous to mention, prepared
with the skill of a Frohch chef, await
those who attend the annual Y. M. C.
A. pot-pie supper, Saturday night Oc
tober 17, in tho dining room of St.
Paul's M. u. cnurch. That chicken pie
it would require volumes to proporly
describe. There Is just one flavor,
just one" crust and that is tho plo
which Dr. has made for tho Y.
M. C. A. at tho annual suppers for
tho past several years. It is often
said that a boy is easiest roached
through nis stomaca. Perhaps that
explains why the univorslty boys have
such a worm spot in their hearts for
Dr. Payne, perhaps it don't but one
fact remains and that is all of tho fel
lows have a warm regard for Mr.
Payne and his chicken pies.
Spuds with Bkins on, baked to a turn
what more could one wish for. Un
der the careful watch of Chef Payne
and his corps of assistants they come
out soft and mealy and exceedingly
appetizing. Flooded in brown gravy,
also prepared by Mr. Payne they bring
back tho recollections of homo, and
mother's cooking. Thon there are tho
hot biscuits, the coffeo, and all those
little accompaniments which go to
make up a square meal. No one
knowB, no one can appreciate what a
Y. M. C. A. supper, cooked by Dr.
Payne means until he has attended
one himself. It is safe to say thon,
that he will not need to bo urged to go
the following year.
Eat All You Please.
Buppers have always cost tho Y. M. C.
A. from ton to twenty dollars, but Iho
committee has decided to make no
change in the price of the supper, s.t
that it will bo the same as in previous
years, twenty centB.
Following the supper it is probable
that subscriptions will bo taken of
those who desire to assist the Y. M.
C. A. Tho finance committee tak-s
this means of raising the funds oncn
year, rather than resorting to a per
sonal canvass among tho students, per
ferring that the subscriptions should
bo entirely voluntary. It should be
remembered by every one that the
subscription is entirely voluntary and
the supper is given primarily to bring
students of the university together. It
is a place for first year men and up
per classmen to meet an excellent
chance for tho freshmen to learn the
ways of tho univorslty men.
Final Scrimmage Before Minnesota
Game Shows the Varsity Pre
pared to Defeat the Gophers
' en Northrup Field.
Have you over sat down to a meal
where tho waiter would bring in a
bit of that and a bit of this? No
danger of that at tho Y. M: C. A. sup
per. There Is more than enough for
all, there are a bunch of follows who
are there for tho purpose of waiting on
you, so it Is up to you to eat until
your heart's content. Within one mo
ment after the signal is given, every
ono of the four or five hundred stu
dents who annually attend the sup
per are served. Fifty boys care for
the tableB while twenty others assist
in the kitchen in dishing out potatoes,
-corn, chicken, moat .and various dain
tioBr It is so carefully planned that
everything goes off without distur
Selections by a male quartet, and
speeches by prominent members of
the Y. M. C. A. will follow the supper.
With president E. W. Hills, Joe Do
Klndren and Professor Condra, it is
certain v that the speaking end of tho
.program will bo well looked after.
And perhaps Dr. Payne can he inducod
to render" that little song which he
gave last year, -''No Onp Works But
Father." It is very probable that some
Y. M. C. A. speakers of national re
pute will bo secured to address the
For tho Y. M. C. A.
One feature of the supper in past
years has not been mentioned and
that is, that tho suppers haVo never
been a financial success. They are.
not given for a financial' purpose hut
rather by tho social committee of tho
Y. M. C. A., of which George W. Wal
lace is chairman, and S. P. Dobba nnd
Harry Hill assistants. Heretofore the
To Be Held at Lincoln Hotel Next Fri
day Evening.
At 7:00 p. m., noxt Friday there will
occur the first of a socles of faculty
dinners. The members of tho univer
sity faculty will meot at tho Lincoln
hotel and will there enjoy a delectablo
menu and a period of general sociabili
ty. For some time .numerous members
of the faculty have felt thai the stron
ous university life threatened to make
serious Inroads upon their social in
stinct. Many of the faculty know each
other only slightly, or only by name,
or not at all. It is therefore deemed
desirable to afford a few opportunities
during the year to cultivate the social
Last spring a movement was started
to organize a university faculty club,
but owing to tho difficulty of securing
commodious and suitable quarters, tho
scheme had to be abandoned. The
readiness with which the various pro
fessors and instructors, have taken up
tho "dinner plan showB how greatly
in need of the social element they fdol
themselves. Some seventy havo al
ready signified their intention to at
tend the first dinner at the Lincoln,
Friday evening.
For the last time until thoy moot
tho Gophers next Saturday tho foot
ball Bquncl lined up for scrimmago last
evening at Antelopo park. Thoy re
newed tho fierce play which charac
terized their work Tuesday, and from
their showing last night it is safo to
predict that tho two or three hundred
rooters who are to make tho trip to
Minneapolis will not return disap
pointed. Every year since 1002 tho
hopes of tho CornhUBkors havo risen
and fallen with tho coming and going
of the Minnesota game, but this ytoar
as never beforo the mon aro filled
with the confidence and determination
which forbid the possibility of defeat
Thoy intend that for tho first time In
six years the Minnesota braves shall
bo scalped on their own battle-ground
and it is tne solo aim and desire of
every player who is making the trip
to do his utmost toward accomplish
ing this end. In addition to tho con
fidence whidh tho players havo in
themselves they are encouraged by
feeling that the earnest moral support
of the entire student body is bohind
thoni and that on Saturday aftornoon
those who have not found it possible
for a loss beforo ho coilld got started.
Tho scrubB attomptcd nhqthor for
ward pass on the noxt down but it
resulted in a fumble and Templo
grabbed the ball and ranfor a touch
down. The varsity kicked off to HoworB,
who fumbled and Frum foil on tho
ball tor tho varsity. Bontloy mado IB
yards on a quarter back run around
right end. Blrknor and Chaloupka
failed to gain and a forward pass by
tho 'varBlty struck tho ground. How-
over, Coach Colo declared that Franck
had stiff-armed Captain Harvey who
was to havo received tho pass, and
allowed the 'varsity to retain tho ball.
Two line bucks notted six yards for
the 'varsity and a quarter back play
failed to gain.
At this point Slaughtor wont in at
right half for Blrkner and on tho first
play tho varsity fumbled, but rocoverod
without any gain. However, thoy had
failed to mako tho required distanco
and the scrubs took tho ball.
A forward pass to Chaunor notted
twenty yardsj but on tho noxt play
Hascall waB thrown for a loss of five
yards. A forward pass failed to work
and tho ball wont to tho 'varsity on
their own 60 yard lino.
A forward pass to Harvey resulted
in a 20 yard gain and Sturtznoggor
followed with eight moro off right
tackle. Slaughter mado 10 yards on
a line buck, but Sturtznoggor was
thrown for a loss. Cooke went In at
quarter and sent Minor around right
end for 10 yards. Sturtznoggor and
Chaloupka each mado flvo and Stutz
added threo moro through con tor.
Minor went over for a touchdown.
Minnesota Formations.
For a few momonts tho coaches
drilled the 'varsity in special defense
for Minnesota formations which wore
being used by tho scrubs. Assistant
Coach Ellott was in Minneapolis last
Saturday and watched tho Gophers
play ngalnBt the Amos "soil ticklers."
He thinks the dpnhuskors have an
oven chance to beat
Professor Condra Enthusiastic Over
8plrlt of Nebraska Graduates
Room Lacking For Those
Wishing Tickets. ' -
Tho Union " School Banquet ta bo
hold in tho Auditorium promisos to oe.
ono of tho blggoBt evonts in education
al circles that has ovor takoh placo in
tho state. . In fact, If prosont indica
tions are to bo taken as of any valuo,
it will surpass any similar political
gathoring both In size and enthus
iasm. Tho banquot will bo hold In the Au
ditorium on tho ovoning of Novem
ber 4. Every square inch of space will
bo filled with tablos, and it now looks
aB though a largo over-flow meeting
could bo hold somewhere olse. The
banquet capacity of tho Auditorium fl
under 1,000 and already about 1,800
have signified their intention of be
ing present
McBrien as Toastmaster.
Tho leading officials on this occa
sion will bo State Superintendent J.
L. McBrien, toastmaster, and Mr. W.
K. Fowler, maBtor of coro'monios. The
total number of plates has been di
vldod up among the colleges of tho
state, and each institution has its al
umni procure tickets from it. Alumni
and undergraduatos actively engaged
To the team:
Boy 8 you represent Unl. all whom you leave behind. Our hearts are
with you. Unl expects -every mother's son of you to do his best. Play the
game hard, hard from start to finish; only play It square. Be gentlemen
every minute you are away. Get Into the game the first trembling of a sec
ond. Keep cool. Be fast. Work together. Stay with the game till It ends.
And may it end to your glory I
Fire at Illinois.
Fire broke out in the top floor of
tho Main Hall of tho Univorslty of
Illinois I'rlday evening and for a time
threatened destruction of the building.
It seems to have caught just under tho
stairs on tne fourth floor and gained
considerable headway beforo the alarm
was sounded. A quick response was
made by the department and effective
work was begun at once. At twelve
o'clock the fire was completely undor
control and later was extinguished en
tirely. The greatest damage has come from,
water, although Adelphlc hall and the
engineering drawing rooms are very
badly hurt by the flames. The- water
turned on wherever possible, ruined
books and equipment on all floors. On
the west side is the damage especially
great and the basement is literally
fuil oi water. Members of three fire
departments, professors, students and
townsmen worked faithfully during
the trouble and carried many articles
of value from the water-soaked bui
Junior Informal at Temple.
One week 'from noxt Saturday tho
junior class will hold an Informal
dance at the Temple. Freshmen and
Bophomores are especially invited to
come1 out and meet the upper class
men. The dance will be given at the
popular price of 75 cents per couple.
The committee in charge consists of:
W. H. .Burleigh.
Miss Eunice Bauman.
Miss Esther Bailey. s
J. G. Trudo.
S. C. Slaughter. ( ,
H. W. Potter.
to makp'the trip and attend the game
in person, will uo congregated about
the bulletin boards at home waiting
eagerly for tho glad tidings of a
Cornhusker victory. There is not a
person In school who will not send
his best wishes with tho team tonight
and there Ib not a heart in Lincoln
which will not beat joyfully on Sat
urday If "King" Cole's pupils aro able
to demonstrate Nebraska's suprem cy
In that great contest. . .
Hard 8crlmmage.
The scrimmage work last night was
a reproduction of the oxcollont show
ing made Tuesday evening. The var
sity's play was characterized by fierce
ness and speed and the yells of "King"
Cole, "That's moro like it" and "Now
you're playing ball" wore hoard with
greater frequency. The coach at last
has apparently succeeded In inoculat
ing the team with some of his speed,
fire and enthusiasm and tho working
of the squad the last night or two re
calls to the minds of the rooters iho
days of 1902, when Nebraska was
wont to finish the season with a. clean
The varsity kicked to the scrubs at
the beginning of the scrimmago and
one of the regulars fell on the ball at
the scrubs' 45 yard lino. OH the first
down Blrkner, following almost per
fect interference, made twenty yards
around loft end. A forward pass to
Captain Harvey netted twelve' more,
but on tho next play, a fake line buck,
the varsity fumbled and the serous se
cured the ball.
Tho scrubs attempted a forward
pass, but Sid Collins threw the man
this week has been drilling his scrubs
In Minnesota formations against- tho
varBlty. At first the scrubs made
gains on them, but later the 'varsity
men were ablo to broak up tho plays
After thlB the 'varsity was given tho
ball again and Frum, Sturtznoggor,
Cooke, Chaloupka and Minor alter
nated at making good gains. Sturtz
neggor went ovor for a touchdown and
tho 'varsity was given the ball on
their own 15 yard line and 10 plays
in which to make a touchdown. Blrk
ner punted forty yards and out of
bounds. Tho scrubs made 5 yards on
a, delayed pass. Slaughter, who was
transferred to the scrubs made 10
yards around left end, but fumbled."
Gibson, recovered for the scrubs,- but
on the next play, , a forward pass,
Cooko secured the ball. Blrkner made
15 through center and Cooke added 12
more on a quarter back run. Minor
got five around right end and Bill Chal
oupka made 8 yards through left
tackle . The 'varsity lost tho ball on
a fumble to Chauner who made 25
yards. A forward pass to Gibson net
ted twenty yards and the scrubs failed
to work an onsido kick.
The line-up last night was:
Varsity. ' .Scrubs
Collins ,.'... c Bowers
Templo Johnson. L E Chauner
Frum LT ,.' Stunner
Ewing .liQ.. ...... Collins
Johnson Harte..RG.., Shonka
Chaloupka R T . .' , . Elliott
Harvey ., RE McCarthy
Cooke, Bentley..QB ,. Hascall
Minor L H Franck
Slaughter . ...RH.. Arnold
Sturtznegger ...FB.. Musson
The fo' lowing men have been chosen
to make the trip and they will leave
tonight at o o'clock over the Burling
ton: Captain Harvey, Chaloupka,
Harte, Collins, Ewing,- Frum, Johnson,
Cook, Beltzor, Kroger, Blrkner, Minor,
Templo, Sturtznegger, Beatley, C. Col
lins, Slaughter, Elliott and Bowers.
. . . .. .. .
Minnesota and 5 ln public school teaching in Nebraska
are offered first opportunity to se
cure plates, second opportunity being
given to present students and facul
ty. Cannot Alt Attend,
Originally tho University of Ne
braska was allowed 200 plates, but
this number has now boon cut to 175.
This will mako it impossible for all the
alumni who wish to bo with the Ne
braska bunch to attend. Professor
Condra, who has chargo of -the ar
rangements for tho University of Ne
braska, declares that the replies
which he has received from graduates
show the groatOB't enthusiasm.
Much Enthusiasm 8hown.
One letter Just received is typical
of tho feeling oxhlbited by all the
alumni. It is as follows.:
"Your letter about reserving a plate
with tho university gang of howlers,
singers and banquetters Is at hand, and
I want to bo with thom'of course. The
enclosed dollar will secure mo a plate,
I trust, and If a Jcnifo and fork, tea
spoon and tin cup, and such like cost
oxtra, I'll settle the bill when I get
up there, or if they aro short on them,
I'll bring along my pocket knife and
use it. , The only stunt I can promise
is an appetite as ravenous as a coy
ote. Hurran for tne scarlet and
Stunts Prepared For.
The "howlers, singers and banquet
tors" will be there and everyoae will
know that tho University of Nebraska
Is still alive. The banquet will be
Hold on election night, and the results
Will bo announced in the hall during
tho coUrso of the banquet Professor
Condra expects to have the teachers
of the state ln good form for the oc
casion and has cautioned them as fol
lows: "Don't fail to work out. for this oc
casion. If you think of an appropriate
stunt, let us have it" '
Baked beans, baked oa tke premises
and served hot with delicious brown
bread, 10o, at The BostoaLaek.
, j
, "" .'