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    Dail? IRebraeftan
Vol. Vth No. J45.
Price 5 Cents.
8even Now Records Made -Falrbury
Wins Championship Large
The Nebraska Inter-scholastlc Ath-lotio-Association
meet which was hold
yesterday at the State Fair grounds
was by far the moat successful one of
its 'kind ever held here. The atten
dance was greater, the list of entries
was larger, and the number of records
broken, was greater than ever before
Falrbury walked off with the cham
pionship, followed at a respectful dis
tance by Lincoln and Hastings. This
was more or less anticipated by many,
since the Falrbury team recently won
easily the championship of southeast
ern Nebraska. Collier, of Falrbury,
was the "bright particular star" of the
day, winning tout first peaces (20
points) for Wb team and incidentally
breaking three interrBcholastlc records.
If the future meets are as successful
as this one It willjiot be a great while
until the University will have suf
cient track material to develop a team
of world-beaters. All tlmt-will be
needed thdn will be a well-equipped
athletic field uponwhich to train
them. May the Regents hasten this
The following Is a Bummary of the
,1 00-yard Dash.
First Hea't Beoms,- L first; Per
dew, P. a, second; Nearing, Y., third
Time, 10 3-5.
Second Heat C. Waltermier, Ash.,
first; W. WaltermierTAsh., and Christ
mas, K. M. A., tied fQrsecond. Tinier
10 4-5.
Third Heat Vreeland, Ha., first;
Rotterman, Col., second; Spaulding,
Wa., third. Time, 11.
Finals A. Beems, L., first; Wild,
Wi., second; Rotterman. Col., third.
Time, 10 2-5T"
Half Mile.
Wright, K. H. S first; McMasters,
P. C, second; Sprague, Fa., third.
Time, 2:04.
120-yard Hurdle.
First Heat Owen, Ash., first. Time,
21 4-5.
Second Heat Collier, Fa., first;
Black, L second; Funkhouser, L.,
third. Time, 17 2-5.
Third Heat Dunlap, Ha., first; Pet
erson, Mi., 'second; Remington, Tek.,
third. Time, 172-5. ,
Fourth Heat Emerson, K. M. A.,
first; Lindstrom, Col., second; Moose,
Ash., third. Time, 18 3-5.
JFinaWrjColller'jfl'a., first; Dunlap,
Ha., second; BldclrrL., third. Time,'
17 1-5,
, -i-220-yard Dash.
irstHeftt'Perden.P.,. .&,. firgt;
Nearing, second; DaHaHa., third.
Time, 23-5. u - fi t
,; Second Heat Rotterman, Col first;
Beems, L., second; Deems, 0., third.
Time, 23'2-5. ' '
i Third" Heat A Waltermier, Ash.,
first; Christmas, K. M. A., second;
Wherry, ?. C, third, Time, 23 3-5.
w Fourth Heat Davis, Hu., first; Par-1 relay, by Humboldt; Ume, 1:39 2-5
Pan Hellenic Dance
MAY 22, 19Q8
Walt's Orchestra Tickets, $2.50
rlsli, K. H. S., second; Martin, Q. I.,
third. Time, 24 1-5.
Finals A. Beams, L., first; Perden,
P. C, second; DeemB, O., third. Time,
23 2-5.
220-yard Hurdles.
First Heat Service, Ash., first; Mc
Kinney, O., second; Spurgeon, K. H.
S., thlrfl. Time, 29. -
Second Heat Wiley, Y., first; Pe
tersen, Mi., second; Black, L., third.
Time, 29:
Third Heat Funkhouser, L.( first;
Emerson, K. M. A., second; Vied, ML,
third. Time, 28 2-5.
Finals Collier, Fa., first; Funk
houser, L., second; Service, Ash.,
third. Time, 28 2-5.
440-yard Dash.
Vreeland, Ha., first; C. Waltermier,
Ash.r second; Brannon, L., third.
Time, 52 4-5.
Mile Run.
Barney, K. H. S., first; Rowland,
C. C, second; Bates, L., third. Time,
Pole Vault.
Schock, F. C, first; Lindstrom, Col.,
second; Cowen, Or., third. Height, 10
8hot Put.
Perden, P. C, first; Lewellyn, L.,
second; Burdick, O., third. Distance,
38 ft. 8 in.
High Jump.
W. Collier, Fa., and Hansen, Fa.,
tied for first; Bratt, Y., third. Height,
5JL5 in.
Meyer, U. P., first; Betterton, Col.,
second; MeyersTX., third. Distance,
93 ft. 9 In.
Broad Jump.
Collier, Fa., first; Pjardew1PJCJi
second; Vreeland, Ha., third: Dis
tance, 20 ft 1 in.
Thorp, Q. I., first: Yoder. F. fi.. hro-
. --
ona; rerrine, Ash., third. DiBtance,
132 ft. 5 in.
Half Mile Relay.
Humboldt, first; Hastings,, second;
Omaha, third. Time, 1:39 2-5,
Totals. -
Falrbury 24
Lincoln ! ! ! !l8
Hastings ,12
Pawnee City n
Kearney H. S - 'in
Fails, City 7
Columbus ay.
Central City c
Ashland 5
Humboldt '.. 5
University Place ', 5
Grand Island k
Omaha ,,
Wilbur .' 3
Crete 2u
York .- !..'2
The following new .records were
44yarT dash, .by.. Vreeland, Hast
ings; time, 5Z4-5. Half mile run, by
tWrlght, TKearney; tlmff, 2:04. Milo
run, by Barney, Kearney; Ume, 4:45.
120-yard hurdles, "by Collier, Falrbury;
Ume, 171-5. 220-yard hurdles, by Col
Her, Falrbury; time 27 2-5. Running
broad jump, by Collier, Falrbury; dls-
uuice, zu xeet 1 inches. Half-mile
Unusually Large Sale for First Day
Demand Exceeds 8upply.
Yesterday morning at nine o'clock
the second annual Cornhusker was
placed on sale on the campus in front
or the Administration Bulldlngr
Tables were arranged beforehand
with letters to designate where each
person should apply for his copy.
Long before the dray arrived with the
first consignment, a largo crowd had
assombled and were Impatiently wait
ing In line. After securing a book,
nearly everyone found a bench or a
grassy spot on the campus where they
lingered till they had looked the book
through. Nothing but words of praise
came from the purchasers. The fro
quent sounds of laughter that came
from the various circles of students
certainly Indicated that the Cornhusk
er was "all the stuff." It is expected
that a picture of the campus at the
hour of distribution of books will ap
pear In the Cornhusker next year.
Before ten o'clock over four hun
dred copies were sold and Jorgensen
had to telephone to the printing com
pany to bring up two hundred more.
These wore also rapidly disposed of
and many who had ordered wore
turned away. It was noticed that a
large number had to pay $2.25 be
cause they had not ordered before the
day of publication. Today two or
three hundred more will be on sale
,8even 8chools Are Represented Lin
coln Not Allowed to Participate
Wymore Wins First place.
The exercises at Memorial Hall yes
terday morning beganat ton o'clock.
Chancellor Andrews gave the address
of welcome to the high school students
and was followed by State Superln-
tendent McBrlon and Inspector A. A.
At eleven o'clock tho First State
Championship Debate was held bo-
twoen the winner of debates in each
The following was the program:
1. Kearney (Western District)
Miss Oldham.
2. Wahoo (East Central) Arthur
3. Wymore (Southeastern) Mark
1. Albion (Northern) Wlllard May
er. 2. Sidney .Northwestern) Guy C.
3. Ord (West Central) Clayton
4. Fairfield (South Central) Leslie
at the same place and from the con
stantly increasing demand of yester
day, It Is highly probable that tho en
tire number will soon be sold.
The cymlng out of the Cornhusker
is one of the great events of the cok
lege year and a day .looked forward
to with great expectation by tho Uni
versity students and friends.
Another Victory.
Washington University defeated the
Cornhuskers in a slow game by the
score og 8-6. Nebraska should have
won, but poor base running, brought
defeat "Batteries Nebraska, Ward
and Denslow, Washington, Herdaway
Rodenberg. Erros Nebraska, 4; Wash
ington, 2. Struck out by Ward, 4;
by Rodenberg, 5. Three base hit, Belt
Ser, two base hits, Clark and Roden
The observatory wll be open to vis
itors Saturday, May 16, from 8 to 10
p. m., for a -view of Jupiter.
Baked beans, baked on the prem
ises and senced hot with delicious
brown bread, 10c, at The' Boston
Lincoln had expected to have a rep
resentative, but he was not allowed
to compote. Miss Oldham was the 'sub'
stitute for Mr. John Freeman in the
western district.
The question was: "Resolved, That
the Federal Government Should Own
and Operate the Railroad Systems of
the Country."
Miss Oldham argued that tho rail
roads should be taken over by the
government because (1) It was prac.-'
ticable, (2) would rqL restultMn In
creased taxes, and 3) would mean
increased efficiency.
Mr." Mayor of Albion, for tho nega
tive offered government control as a
remedy for tho present evils, Public
ownership, he said, was a atop to
ward socialism.
Mr. Anderson showed that transnor-
tatlon is essentially a public funcUon.
He said that private ownership meant
private gain, and government owner
ship, lncrensed efficiency at less cost.
Mr. Chambers said that govern
ment ownership meant graft In the
securing of positions and he pointed
to the post offlcge department aa ine
fficient. He believed government ownership
to be financially impossible. 'Mr. Har
greave8 on the affirmative, produced a
chart showing that rates were lower
in foreign countries under government
ownership. He gave examples of for
elgn countries In which government
ownership was successful.
Burke, of Ord, 'furnished some fun
for the audience by his remarks con
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