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Vol VII. NorJ34.
Pf Ice 5 Cents.
' -V'
Dean Pound Will Confer Prizes On
$ Members of Freshman Laws Who
fV Received the Highest Grades.
;' ,
;'. At Convocation yeBterday Dean
Gostigan announced the names of thoBe
eligible to the honorary law fraternity,
Theta Kappa Nu. It Is customary to
elect from one-tenth to one-sixth of
the class. The latter proportion waB
granted.' Those receiving this distinc
tion as to grade order are:
Martin L. Prerlchs.
j James G. Mothorsead.
; Thomas W. Bockes. .
: Alvah C. Hough.
.; Horace A. Robblns.
- Glenn V. Venrlck. '
' Karol O. Beghtol.
George E. Hendricks.
For excellence In first year studies
the following names have been posted
by the Dean, who will be conferred
prizes by Dr. Roscoe Pound, late Dean
of our Law School:
J. L. Rice.
; J. M. Swenson. (
' J. O. Wentworth.
. F. A. Peterson.
. The last two lacked but three-fifths
per cent of tlelng.
Y. M, C. A. Officers and Cabinet.
g The Y. M. C. A. ofllcers for the next
year are: B. Cherrington, president;
Hills, vice-president; Temple, secro-
.tary; GIddlngs, treasurer.
:; The cabinet Is as follows: Reynolds,
Bible study; E. Hills, membership;
Geor-Wallace, social work; J. C, Knode,
new students; Stewart Elliott, publica
tions; Weaver, finance; White, mis
sionary; H. Hough, religious meet
ings; D. Plumfy employment; Ayers,
extension; Jorgenson, rooms; Went
jworth, deputation; Fredericks, adver
tising. 5 ' Historical Society News.
j Mh Blackman of the Nebraska State
Jklstoricrtl Society will leave fqr Chl-
. cago, -Monday,, tie win visit the Field
Columbian Museum at Chicago, the
Chicago Historical Society and the
, Historical Department of Iowa at Des
Moines. He will spend about a week
studying these institution's.' ,
I Tlie, Historical. Society has been un
usually busy this spring binding back
flies v of. the Nebraska newspapers.
Abou.tweTve hundred; volumes have
ibeen bound -within the last month.
These, -vylth the 'three thousand vol-:
times previously 'bound, will fte cata
logued and used for reference by the
Nebraska Historical Society, and the,
Mississippi valley Historical Asspcia
tionwjifch; comprises, the 'states of the
Mississippi valley. The work of binding
will go on until all the back files are
bound. v
jf Decoy Burnett has returned from a
flying'trip. since he left, before vaca
tion, jte has been .traveling in three
states from Colorado to Iowa. But -he
is back.
Home Track Meet
Good Game.
In a game which aside from
the first inning was close and hard
fought the Delta Taus defeated the Bo-'
taB yesterday by a score of 16 to 6.
The Delta Taus batted first and
what with two errors, two bases on
balls and three hits, they scored ten
runs. Dwlght Bell went Into the box
at this point and enlled the Inning by
striking out two 'men. The remainder
of the game was well played and cloBe.
The Delta Taus out batted their op
ponents, getting twelve hits, five of
which were for extra bases.
In fielding the Betas held their own,
but their errors were usually more
Ball's work in left field was good. He
accepted five of six chances, some of
jvjilch were difficult ones; The official
joker says he Is in truth a Ball player.
Murphy played a consistent game
for the Betas. One of his hits was a
timely two-bagger over the right fiqld
fence, scoring Beghtol.
.The detailed score Is as follows:
Delta Tau Delta.
Harris, ss - -5 4 2 11 1
Little, 3b 5 3 3 2 10
McLoughlin, lb 4 1 1 7 0 2
Woodward, p.. 5 2 20 2 0
Farrow, c 4 1 0 3 0 0
Smithr-cf 4 1 2 2 0 0
Erskine, 2b 4 2 2 12 2
Drake, rf 4 10 0 0 0
Ball, If 2 1 U 5 0 1
Jennings -7rrr.-n- 0 0 0 0 0
Totals ....38 16 12 21 6 6
Batted for McLaughlin in the sev
enth. . Beta Theta PI
Murphy, c, A. ,. 1 2 6 0 0
Harte, p., lb. . .40 1 9 0 2
Bell, 2b., p.... 4 0 1 0 4 0
Charlot'n,3b 2b 4 1 1 3! 2 3
Wyman, If., 3b. 4 1 0 2 1,0
Burleigh, rf.... 3 0 0 0 0 0
Ingles, cf 2 i - 0 1 0 i
Pratt, ss 3 0- 0 ,0 2 0
Beghtol, lb, If.. 3 2 0 0 0. 0
Totals ....31 6 5 21 -9 6
- C
( H
2ND, 2:30 P. M.
Admission Free
12 3 4 5 6 7
Delta Tau ..10 0 1 0 3 1. i 16
Beta 0 3 0 0 1 1 16
Summary: Struck out by Boll 6,
by Woodward 3. Bases on balls off
Woodward 1,, off Harte 2, off Boll 2.
Three-base hits ErBklne and Wood
ward. Two-base hits Murphy, Harris
Little 2. Stolen bases Murphy' 2,
Wyman, Beghtol, Harris, Little 2,
Smith 2, Drake 2. Passed balls Far
row 1, Murphy 4. Wild pitch Harte
1. Loft on oases Beta 6, Delta Tau
4. Umpire Cllne.
Tho following Is the Btandig of the
8outh Side.
Pld. W. L. P. C.
SIg 'Alpha Epsilon.. 3 3 0 1000
Alpha Tau Omega.. 3 2 1 .667
Delta Tau Delta 3 2 1 .667
Phi Kappa Pal .2 1 1 .500
Beta Theta PI 3 0 3 ,000
Kappa Sigma ......'. 2 .0 2 .000
North Side.
Pld. W. L. P. C.
Phi Delta Theta 4 3 JL .750
Alpha Theta Chi 2 1 1 .500
Delta Upsllori 2 1 1 .500
SlgmaChi ....2 1 1 '.500
Phi Gamma Delta... 2 0 2 .000
No Charge.
Owing to the fact that there will be
no slreet car service to the Fair
Grounds on Saturday, the athletic
meet will be open to the public free
of charge. At the intor-schojastlc
meet on May 15, however-anttalBO at
the Minnesota meet on -May 29. there
will -be good car service.
The, contests on Saturday begin ,at
Professor Hastings surprised the
class .In domestic relations Tuesday
morning by admitting that he was not
quite positive whether Blackstone
was a married man or a bachelor.
After the show or party Just drop
Into the Boston, Lunch for a sandwich
and a cup of coffee or an oyster stew.
1ST, fidO P; M. - .
' o
Long Delayed Entertainment 8oon To
Take Place Several Well-Known.
Characters Will Take Part.
When Is a show a minstrel show?
When tho Y. M. C. A. presents one on
May 15. This will bo demonstrated
according to the old tradition of min
strolsy. Not that old songs or old
gags are to bo used far bo It from
such. Each and every song Is new and
each and overy Joke Is funny and or
iginal; each and every comedian is
at the service of tho audience. It 1b tho
object of tho management to entertain
tho most fastidious with a delight
ful production of melody, harmony
and wit.
In other words, this is to bo no or
dinary hum-drum minstrel; It Is to
be absolutely unique, in a clasB all
by Itself. Possibly you have gone to
other minstrel shows, perhaps you
were disappointed, but that moans
Blmply that the "Uni Minstrel" to be
given May 15, will prove satisfactory
to Just so much tho greater dogreo. It
will be wholesome, it will be enter
taining and above all it will bo ridicu
lously funny.
Nor are these empty and vain asser
tions lacking substantial support Tho
names of the two directors are quite
sufllclent In this regard Plumb and
Montgomery. The former has taken a
leading part in Glee Club productions
ever since the founding of that organ
ization; the later is a star in the
Dramatic Club and directed one of the
most original class entertainments
.ever put-on In the Omaha high school.'
'With these two heads close together,
having a common end in view, some-'
thing startling should resultsand will
Finally, it is planned to make this
an annual University affair. It should!
be big and should receive the' sup
port of the entire school because it
will add a feature ' to the calendar of
the year's, events. JThe flrstfdkteset,
it has been found necessary to change"
but it is now .unalterably flxd for the1
.middle of the month and will pepulied,'
off according to schedule providinglthe
Temple Theater stiii dxists at that
timet j Tickets; will be 75, 50 arid' 35
cents ' ' , ' !
"Remember the place, remember
the date, arid do not anathematize' if
you're .too late."' - ''-
University tennis. '
t Arrangements are being made for a
tennis tournament for the purpose of
selecting a team to represent Nebras-'
ka against 'Kansaef and .Missouri. The'
drawings .f6r the tournament will Jati
held on Tuesday, May 5, arid everyoW
who. wishes to enter should leave hid
namtf with HD. Young, or at thette
braskan office, before that date, J
EveryoUe who itf a member of the
tennis club is eloglblo to enter with
out an entrance, fee. and. any one else
may enter iipon paying Mr. Young one
dollar, which secure the1 privilege of
using the-courts fer the rMt of this