The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 11, 1908, Image 1

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Price 5 Cents.
'Row' Men 8how Up Well In Positions
f and .Will Represent Nebraska In
; Good Shape on Coming Trip.
Senior Prom
Lincoln Hotel
April 20-four
' With the final acceptance of the
freshman rule by the Athletic Board,
several changes have been necessary
in ithe baseball team that have not
particularly brightened the prospects
for , a ginning team this season, but
("nevertheless, as usual, the scarlet
and cream will be in the field with- a
bunch that will give opponents a run
for the money.
Harris, who has been playing a star
game at shortstop, Is a freshman, and
consequently had to be retired. In
his place Watson, who played first
base on last year's team, has been
"tried out and is showing up well. He
h a little slow on his feet, but fields
Well and handles a good whip. At
baiting, too, he is fairly Btrong, and
should fill the vacancy left by Harris
in creditable style.
. Sturtenegger and Greensllt, who
jhad been alternating behind the bat,
rhad also to be retired, and Denslow
moved from first base to. the back
stop position, where he has been
jhandling himself in a style that is a
fsource of Joy to the assembled tons.
Klein, who has taken his position
(on the initial sack, labors under the
disadvantage of playing a position for
'the first time. He has been playing
'all 'season at second base, and the
change has necessitated his forgetting
the game at second, and acquiring
the entirely different tactics neces
sary at the first stop.
(Dudgeon Is again' covering the sec
ond station and puts up a better game
ithan he showefl last year at any time.
His 'batting eye is much better and
aside from' a little clumsiness, his
fielding is clean and fast
"3 Beltzer still remains at the third
sack to the gratification of the bleach-
;'ers. He plays a splendid game and
5xas a whlp that wins of itself. He
'iBWatiTthe ball with regularity, and
Ishbuld, be ,tb,e Cornhuskers' mainstay
with the stick on the coming trip.
Int the .outfleldV the. positions afe
filled much the same as last season,
flleuter.rin left, Captain Bellamy in
center, and Jennings in right
. Jennings is a new man who has
superseded Freeland on account of
Ws ability to hit the ball and beat
out bunts, He Is 'a southpaw, and
this fact combined wjth his natural
speed,1 enables him to get away from
jbfieplaCe with a qulckriesB'that usual
ly makes his, bunt a hit
I Ward,, lake,, arid--Mather $ra the
most likely" candidates for the rubber,
and -any of them should keep the felu
slvAhor8ehide"from being swatted
' too 'freely by the wlley stickers ,of the
.'Eastern "schools,
Z Taken, altogether, the boys should
be able to roll up a few points upon
Meeting of All College Y. M. C. A. at
York, April 10-12.
Yesterday Mr. Joe Der Klnderen,
student secretary of the Y. M. C. A.,
and Mr. Ben Cherrlngton, the presi
dent of the' Association, left for York,
Nebr., to be In attendance at a presi
dents', secretaries', committee men's,
and faculty conference. This confer
ence Includes all of the college Y. M.
C. A. In the state.
While there Der Klnderen and
Cherrlngton will both appear on the
program several times.
Professor Ward and Professor Bar
ber of the University will also make
several addresses.
An interesting feature of the con
ference 1b two basket-ball games, to
be played between a team composed
of the presidents of college associa
tions, the other composed of the sec
retaries of the college associations, -
New 8tyles in Hats.
The Board of Regents at their last
meeting, among other Important mat-'
tors, took up the question of widen
ing the gates to the campus and the
walk between the Library and Uni
versity Hall. This action was thought
to be necessary because of the great
width of some of the millinery crea
tions now appearing on the campus.
It Is reported that a few young ladles
have had to enter by the. driveway
andthat two of the new hats cannot
pass on the present narrow walks.
Hence the proposed' change will no
doubt be a welcome one.
D.l). J2U.T.-X. 6
8tandlng of Teams in the Inter-Frat
8erle to Date.
The D. U.'s and the Alpha Theta
Chl's held a swat-fost upon the cam
pus yostorday at 1 o'clock which re
sulted In a victory for the former to
the tune of 22-6.
The game was anybody's until the
fourth inning, when the D. U.'s con
nected with the sphere in "Pop" An
son stylo and with the kindly assist
ance of a few errors on the part of
the Alpha Thet's, ran In ten of the
ones that count
Sears and Coddlngton officiated for
There Will Be a Busy Day In the
Moot Courts Today.
A number of Interesting cases will
come up In the courts of the Law
School today. In the District Court
a property case, Stevens vs. Blenk
lron, will be tried before Judge Beg-
thol at 9 a. m. George Tunnlson will
act as attorney for the plaintiff and
Clyde McWhlnney for the defendant.
In the County Court the case of
Decoy Burnett vs. Union , Water Co.
will be tried before Judge Bachus.
This Is a new suit commenced in this
case. The previous case was dis
missed by the Supreme Court on a
technicality as to payment of costs.
Lowe & Crunden are the attorneys
for the plaintiff and Randall & Porry
for the defendant.
Both cases are' jury cases and
forty-six Jurors have been summoned
to give the attorneys free hand to
In the Supreme Court the case of
McLaughlin vs. Noll will be tried at
2 p. ra. sharp before Judges Frorlchs,
Venrlck and Hough, C. J. Calkins &
Dort are the attorneys for the appel
lant, Grimm & Rice for the appellee.
Junior Class Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the
Junior class at 11:30 a. m Tuesday,
in Memorial Hall. Thechlef business
to be transacted Is the establishment
of a permanent treasury for the Corn
husker, and it is desired that a large
attendance be on hand.
' Clements', photos are the best
Rates to students.' 129 So. Eleventh.
the winners, while for the Alpha
Theta Chl's, Fleming served them up
to Buol. , .
Ritchie was tho star for the latter
toam, his two clean throws from cen
ter field to the plate were beauties
and deserved better results than they
Sears of the D. U.'s also made some
pretty plays.
Standing of Teams.
Pld. W. L,
Phi Delta Theta.... 2 2
Alpha Tau Omega. . 1 1
Delta Upsllon 1 1
Sigma Alpha. Epsllon 1 1
Alpha Theta Chi... 1 0
Delta Tau Delta 1 0
Beta Theta PI 1 0
Phi Gamma Delta.. 1 0
Sigma Chi 1 0
Engineering Smoker.
Another smoker Is to be given to
night at 1216 H street by the En
gineering Society for the benefit of
tho engineering students. The last
one given, which was early In the
fall, proved a great success and as
the same committer has charge of
this one, they intend to make It a
greater success than the last. They
have arranged to entertain everyone
and are going to spread a fine feed.
It Is sincerely hoped that all en
gineers will turn out and become ac
quainted with each other.
Baked beans, baked on the prem
ises and Berved hot with delicious
brown bread-, 10c, at The 'Boston
Glee Cliib Concert
anybody's diamond.
See Sanderson this week about ca
dot 'tan saoea while stock is large.
, -. jn sH a
New Books In the Library.
Bogart E. lb. Economic History of
the United States.
Bradley, J. W. Illuminated Msa.
Chandler, F. W. Literature of
Roguery. '
Fessenden, Francis. Life "and Pub
lic Services of William Pitt Fessen
den. Garrod, H. W. The Religion of All
Good Men.
Hall, G. S-- Youth; Its Education,
Regimen, and Hygiene. ,
Lang, A. Modern Mythology i'
Le Conte; Joseph. Autobiography.
Paull, W. Physical Chemistry in
the Science of Medicine, ..
Plumptre, E. H. Tragedies of
Rogers, A. OK. -Religious Concep-
tlons of the World. ,
Rjosengarten, J. French-Colonists
and Exiles In the United States.
Tyler, J; M. Growth and Education.
1 0liver Theater f
Dr. Dales Entertains.
On Thursday evening Dr. Benton
Dales entertained the Chemical fac
ulty and the University Chemical .
Club at his home.
i)r. Dales gave a very Interesting
and instructive talk on "The Co-ordination
Theory of. Valerias;" after
which Mrs. Dales served a dainty and
delicious luncheon.
'At a Hate hour the meeting broko
up, all declaring it to have been most
Vi.'fp i ' n
3 (
Yale's hammer throw Tecord. was
recently broken by- Carroll XJooney,
of the football, squad. Ho tossed the
weight 161,, feet, bettering Tom Sher
lln's .figures ' by eleven, inches. The
feat puts Cooney right in line for the
Intercollegiate championship.. CooaSjr
comes from New York.
.' ?
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