The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, April 03, 1908, Image 4

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The Spread of Prohibition.
"Current Literature" for April,
Hpoaking editorially on the "Prohibi
tion Tidal Wnvo," says, "Nothing has
happened In this country for many
years that In more surprising to most
people, at least than the 'tidal wave'
of prohibition Bontiment that hnsTJeen
sweeping with sensational speed ove
atato after state. It Is surprising be
cause It has not been preceded by the
loud public agitation that usually pre
cedes such events. The pres
ent movement haB come upon the
public at largo almost unheralded, and
the newspapers and magazines are
troatlng It as a sensational feature of
the first order."
It goes on to say that since the bo
ginning of the year, four states
Georgia, Oklahoma, Alabama, and
Mississippi have been added to the
temporanco column, ami In North
Carolina and ToxaB amendment cam
paigns seem sure to succeed. One
half the population of the United
States lives in territory technically
The article says that in the South
ttio necessity for keeping liquor from
the negroes and turbulant whites Is
H&e most potent factor behind the
movement, but that the refractoVy and
anarchic course of liquor dealers in
resisting local option and regulation
has started many movements for state
wide prohibition. "Tillman In tho
Senate and Littlefleld in the House
are striving to secure federal enact
ments to stop the interstate com
merce In 'original packages,' making
shipments of liquor Into a state "sub
ject to the laws of tho state upon ar
rival within tho borders of tho state
and before or after delivery to the
consignee." Tho writer thinks ninety
per cent of tho weight of the argu
ment that "Prohibition don't prohibit"
is due to this inability to prevent ship
ments from "wet" into "dry" terri
tory, and says that If the Tillman
amendment to the Wilson law is de
cided unconstitutional, no doubt the
movement in Congress toward a prohi
bition amendment to the federal con
stitution, will gain considerable force.
The possibility is advanced that the
South, and especially Kentucky, will
demand a favorable declaration on pro
hibition by the Democratic convention
at Denver next summer.
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March 13.
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