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Pjrice 5 Cents.
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('Sociology of the Saloon Question"
Dean 'Ward Presides Auspices
of Civic League and University
i f-rrt, i,f-
Engineering Soc'y. Hop
V IB3g
"V APRIL 3 f
Fraternity Hall
Abbott's Orchestra
Dr. George Elliott Howard, head of
the department ,of Political Science
and Socidlpgy. .tipoke on "The Sociol
ogy or the SalpohXuestion," at the
Temple .theater Sunday-eveaittg, under
the combined auspices of the Civic
League ofLincoln and the University.
A fair sized audience heard the lec
ture, considering the fact thatvabout a
dozen other meetings of the same- na
ture took "place throughout the city
at the sametlme.
Dr. Howard was- introduced by Dean
i B. Ward of the college of medi
cine, and spoke in part as followB:
"It It our privilege now to take part
in a great moral revolution,, a part of
which Is making itself known in the
rising or the American people with
quickened consciences against the sa
loon. I lntend,tonight to doyelop three
propositions; that ttiis movement Is a
,'struggle"f6r social liberty; that It can
. -be realized; and its success means
He. triumph 6f higher ideas.
Taking up ihe first" proposition,
thatthis'ls a struggle for- social liber
ty.l'wlli first Turn to the sham that
prohibition is a curtailment of per
sonal liberty. I answer with the eter
jaal verity" that all personal liberty do
spends on social liberty. Revolution is
a crisis in evolution, brought on by a
damming of the current of reform. The
groans of stricken families have long
risen in vain yet this revolution 1b
the calumet and sanest ever brought
about. Society as opposed to the In
dividual, has a right to pvercome anti-social
forces such as avrTce, "re7
venge, and the drink appetite, If they
W. centered in narrow, selfish Individ
glials whQcanndt see what they must
forego tu enJoyhisher liberties.
if "The expansion of social "liberty at
Jithe expense of a pergonal liberty is
"tevldehced in the extension or the po
ullce power, A .court decision says; that
a-glue factory may he compelled to
rmove to another location if it Is a
'.huisancejwe liave quarrantlno lawB,
moke-nuisance laws, 'and vaccination
-law.s; i (yet- who can doubt that the
evil '" flowing l from the saloon is not
greatcjr than froriTany of these? In the
'expansion of the functions of the state
we .have an Invasion, of business with
Hisurylaws, gambling Jlaws, lottery
jlaws, pure food laws and factory regu-
latlonBas, to woman, and child labor
and wehave an' invasion of the home
i with compulsory education, juvenile
courts, reform5 schools, and womamand
child labor laws. And' the result of all
this curtailm'entr of "personal liberty is
v that the'vindivlaual1 In the idncT'enjoys
that, finer and "greater thingsocial
liberty. Then why not abolish the
saloon'entifely, that institution whose
function it is to foster and instill 'the
. drinkv appetite?"" ' ;' ' T t
In taking uphQsecond proposition
the purpose o'f this revolution can be
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Admission $1
Limited to 80
Eminent Polish Professor to Lecture
Here 8oon.
Chancellor Andrews recently re
ceived a letter from President David
Starr Jordon, of Leland Stanford Uni
versity, concerning Dr. WIncently Lut
oslawskl of the Polish University ol
Krakow, who has JiiBt given a num
ber of lectures at Stanford University.
He will visit Lincoln in the near future
and deliver two lectureB at the State
University by request of the Convoca
tion committee.
Dr. LutoBlawski came to this coun
try to give the Lowoll Lectures In Bos
ton, and he is now viBiting California!
expecting before very long to return
to the East. He Is an excedlngly inter
esting lecturer with a remarkable com
mand of English and with a way which
at once commands the attention of
students. He is eager to talk to those!
who want to learn.
Dr. Lutoslaw'skl Is the "Yogi" of Dr
William James' recent article on "The!
Energies of Man' and his remarkablej
experiments on the development of
will power form the most interesting
of his topics. Among these nre:
"Physical Regeneration."
"The Development of Will Power."
He Is also perhaps the highest living
authority on Plato.
In a letter accepting the invltationi
to visit Lincoln, Dr. Lutoslawskl adds
that the sixth letter jjLhJsjiame when
written is not a i't," but that The" let
ter "JL" crossed at Its top. When print-edf-a-short
line similar to a hyphen Is
drawn horizontally through the mid
dle of the letter whether lower case or
capital. '
Gymnastic Team Goes to Madison
Tryouts Wednesday Evening
University Track News.
Two Important Lectures are to Be
Professor Paul S. Reinsch of Wiscon
sin University 1b to be here Thursday
and Friday of this week. He has boon
giving a series of lectures In California
since last January, and will give two
of them here In Memorinl Hall as fol
lows: Thursday, at eight p. m., "The Chin
ese Reform Movement. "
Friday, 11 a. m., "The Present Situ
ation in Russia."
These lectures are open to all,
and both the students and the
general public ar ecordlally invited to
attend. In addition to the above Pro
fessor Reinsch will give a talk on "In
vestigation in Political Science," at
four p. m., Thursday in U 106. All In
terested faculty members, advanced
students and-others-are invited.' -
The Glee Club went to York Friday
and gave a concert in the evening. The
house was not extra largo, but those
who were present enjoyed the concert
very much. About fifteen men made
the trip. The next out-of-town con
cert will bo either at Ashland or tWa-hoo.
Friday evening the University Cadet
Band, under the Jeadershlp of August
jtlagenow, gave their fourth annual
concert i-lri the Temple Theater. The
audience. was not as large as it might
.have been but everyone present ap
preciated the music, as was shown by
the applause. The numbers given
were as follows: '
Overture Jubilee C. Bach
Selection from "The Jolly Widow"
'"Song of the Evening Star" from
(Tannhauser Wagner
Trombone sole Mr. Er-T Phelps
Waltz VlennaBeauties Ziehrer
Slumber Sweotly Beaumont
Intermezzo The Secret ...... Gantier
Overture Le" Domino Noir Auber
Baked beans, baked on the prem
ises and served hot with delicious
brown bread, 10c, at The Boston
Lunch. '
Miss Helen Hendy, '07, was seen
about theUnlyerslty Saturday.
Junior Informal
ABBOTT'S ORCH. TICKETS $f .25 (Limited to 80)'
The fifth annual gymnastic exhibi
tion took place in the gymnasium last
Saturday evening. It was by far the
most Interesting and exciting ovont.of .
its kind ever given atth6 University.
Financial as well as in all .other re
spects it was most successful.
Among the new additions to the pro
gram were the dances and drills by
the young ladies, The Swedish-folk
dance "Frykdalspolska," was given-by
a class of normal training students in
physical education. The "Maid of tho
Mist," by Miss Adams, and the tarn
borlne dance by a class of young
ladles were both well done nnd well
The inter-class relay races were
very exciting. In the preliminaries
the sophomores defeated the fresh
men and the juniors and seniors tied.
This necessitated three teams run
ning in the finals. The sophdihoros
team won this by the narrow margin
of two feet. All of the races . were
closely contested and intensely excit
ing: - - - t "-j
In the wrestling exhibition thefjfirst
bout between Harvey and Johnson re
sulted in seven minutes of stiff work
with no fall. In the secondhdut. ho
ever, .Harvey won a fall in less than
three minutes. The University cham
pionship, which now lies between
tween these two men, will be decided
on Wednesday evenlngrin-the Armory.
At1 tho same time the candidates for
gymnastic team will finish their try
outs. ' I
These try-outs are in a regular con
test in which the same events are used
that will be required in the-lnter-col-legiato
gymnastic meet at Madison
on April 9.
A part of the contest has already
been pulled off and the present stand
ing of the candidates Ib as follows:
Mitchael, 68 1-2; Kiesselbach,- G7
3-4; H. G. Schmjdt, 48 1-4; -Swltzler,
45 3-4; Moorehouse, 42 1-4.
The winner of this contest will bo
awarded an "N" in circle. These try
outs will be open to the- public free
of charge.
'A meeting will be held this morn
ing at 11:30 o'clock in .the chapel for
all men who are interested in track
athletics. At this meeting all ar
rangements for out-door work will be
made, including 'excuses from drill
and gym classes, training, and the'peW
iods for work. The out-door work will
begin on Wednesday. Dr. Clapp wishes
every one who Is 'interested in any
branch of track athletics to be pres
ent. '
Athletic Announcements. '
'Meeting of Inter-Frat Athletic Board
at 11:00 o'clock, Dr. Clapp's ofllce.
Meeting of candidates for track
team in tho chapel a 11:30 o'clock to-day.