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tfol.VH. No. H4.
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Dean Bessey to PresideTalks by Pro
', feasor Howard, Sidney Collins,
Arthur Jorgensen, and Others.
All arrangements have been made
for the special temperance convoca
tion to be held today at 11 o'clock..
Dean Bessey will preside arid Prof.
George Howard, Sidney Collins, Ar
tliur Jorgensen and E. E. Bennettof
tfie Civic League will" each give slx
iri'inute talks'. All " eleven d'clock
classes will be dismissed.
A few days ago a movement was
starred by. several s.tudents to And
out what the real- sentiment was in
the University In regard to the sa
loon questlbn. It had been charged
that the University students were In
sympathy with t;he saloons. It did
not take long to find out that senti
ment was strongly on the other side.
After today's demonstration there will
no longer be any doubt -In the minds
of the people of Lincoln or the state
of Nebraska where the University
students stand. The demonstration
of the students of Illinois- University
will be a small affair when compared
with that which Is to take p lace here
At the close of convocation the stu
dents will form In line and parade
down Eleventh street to P street) then
around the postofflce and up O street.
The band and one company of cadets
will lead the procession. A float is
"being prepared and a number of ban
ners wlth appropriate- words on them
to be carried by the students.
Everyone is expected to be out, as
this hour Is most convenient for the
students and opportune for a demon
stration through the streets. Exer
cises will begin sharply at 11 o'clock
and tire parade will form at the south
gate of the campus soon after 11:30.
Palladian "Program.
The Pallad'ians will elect the offi
cers for the remainder of this year
this evening at their regular meeting.
A good musical program has been
prepared and visitors are welcome.
The program is as follows:
Selection Westcott's Orchestra
Piano Solo Bertha Williams
Quartette Palladian Quartette
Vocal Solo Mr. Peterson
Piano Solo Miss Overstreet
Quartette Palladian Quartette
Selection Westcott's Orchestra
Lecturo to Forest Club.
The Forest Club will hold its next
meeting in U. 7, Tuesday evening,
March 31. Dr. Condra will give an
illustrated lecture on the "Relation of
Glaciatlon to Forests." This subject
is of interest to every one and the
meeting should be well attended.
Everybody welcome.
Princeton, Bowdoln and Dickinson
are the only American college's' each of
which has graduated hotha president
of the United States and a chief jus
tice of tfie supreme court
Admm. 25c Reserved Seats 35c
Some Nebraskais Who have Refused
Scholarship Honor..
At this season of the year elections
to Phi Beta Kappa are being made In'
universities and colleges, the country
over. A University- ofr California
senior has refused the usually coveted
honor because he "did not believe that
it was fairly earned by students In the
general culture colleges, as some of
the courses offered In them were veri
table snaps in comparison with the
work in the engineering colleges."
The Daily Callfornian calls him "the
only one of his kind." A five minutes
scurry around the campus revealed a
number of Nebraska graduates who
have refused the honor, though none
of them for the Bame reason as that
given by the Callfornian.
A partial list of these is as follows:
G. E. Howard, '76; Mrs. G. E. How
ard, '76, nee Miss Alice May Frost;
Chas. N. Little, '79; H. W. Caldwell,
'80; Samuel D. Cox, '80; H. K. Wolfe,
'80; E. P. Unangst, '81; ,and Jay A.
Barret and Hovey Barret, '88. Mr.
Unangst is at present a judge of the
Superior Court at San Luis Obispo,
Cal.; Mr. Little Is professor of civil
engineering in the University of Idaho"
at Moscow; Mr. Cox ,now deceased,
was a well known editor of Nebraska,
at one time editing the Dally Call In
Lincoln and later a paper at MInatare,
Nebraska; while Messrs. Walfe,
Caldwell and Howard are members
of the faculty at Nebraska; Professor
Wolfe being In the department of
Education; Professor Caldwell, head,
of the department of American His
tory, and Dr. Howard, head of the 'de
partment of Political Science and
Three members of Professor Cald
well's class were elected to the so
ciety and all refused, the other two be
ing Samuel D. Cox and Professor
Wolf. Thus the class of 1880 is not
represented in the Phi Beta Kappa
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Fraternity Hall; 8:30; Walt Orchestra
Cadet Band
JP March 27
University Athletics In Armory Satur
day Evening.
From the preparations that are be
ing made for the gymnastic exhibi
tion, which takes place Saturday
evening, the Indications are that the
Interest being shown In the event is
well founded. The gym was well
filled with athletes from the different
classes yesterday who were trying out
for the class relay teams. The final
try-outs will be held this afternoon
and the teams selected.
The primary object In giving the
exhibition is to raise sufficient funds
to send a gymnastic team to the
Western Intercollegiate Gymnastic
Meet at Madison next month. Ne
braska has always been well repre
sented at these meets in the past ind
so far as gymnastic materh goes,
will be this year.- All that -is" neces
sary is the wherewithal to send the
team. The excellent program which'
has been arranged for Saturday even
ing should be an Inducement to every
loyal student to bo present
In addition to enjoying an evening
of excellent entertainment, every one
who attends will have the satisfaction
-of having lent his assistance to the
support of an Important University
Tickets for the exhibition are on
sale at Harry Porter's, the University
Book Store and the Co-op.
The exhibition takes place in the
Armory, Saturday evening, at eight
-The constitutional committee of the
Union at Minnesota is corresponding
is corresponding with like clubs in
-other universities in order to obtain
information on minor points of practi
cal administration and status of
Pies like mother tried to make.
Baked fresh twice a day by an expert
woman pie baker, at The Boston
"A Game of Comedy," "Mrs. Plod-
ding's Nieces," and "Grlngolre"
Casts of the Three Plays.
Twice this year has the Dramatic
Club conro before tho public, once
with Bernard Shaw'B comedy "You
Never Can Tell," nnd more recently
when MIsb Howell, president Of tho
club and head of the department or.
Elocution, presented so admirably
Percy MacKay'g "Jeanne D'Arc.
For the third tlmo tho club will
offer an entertainment In the form of
a series of one-act plays to be given
this coming Saturday evening in tho
Temple Theater. The cast of tho
first play was announced in a recon,t
isBue of the Nebraskan. For the ben
efit of those who may not have seen
it, II Is given again.
A Game of Comedy.
M. Fromont, a Parisian aotor
Mr. G. A. Montgomery
M. Pierre, valet to. M. Fromont..
Mr. E. Wilson
Mario, tho maid
Miss Kathleen Llnderman
A Hbcond will bo "Mrs. Ploddlng'fl
Nieces,' a drama with nine charac
ters: Mrs. Manhattan, her six lovely
daughter, and Mrs, Plodding, Mrs.
Manhattan's sister. Tho Manhattans'
live In the .city. They receive word'
Hint Mrs. Plodding is coming to visit'
them for the purpose of choosing one'
of her nieces for tho wife of her Bon1
Fritz. The nieces have been well
educated in every line but domestic
science. However, knowing that!
housework Is a hobby with Aunt Plod-1
ding, they resolve to prepare the
meals during her vIsIC Complications
arisp naturally, but in the end one ot
the nieces is chosen.
The caste is composed of the fol
lowing young ladles:
Mrs. Plodding Smith.. Miss Helen Day
Mrs. Manhattan. ..Miss Hazel Hempel
Vloletta Miss Edna Rudersdorf
Clementine Miss Margaret Guthrie
Mary Miss Helen Baratow
Antoinette . . ,t-t . . . Miss Mabel Snyder
Estelle Miss Wllberta Knjght
Angelina Miss Ada Morgan
Hannah Miss Harriet Long
A little French play Is the last o
the series. "Grlngolre" has for ita.
hero a ballad monger whose sympa
thies naturally leads him to write
poetry for tho poor and oppressed.
He falls In love with Jeannette, tKe
daughter of a wealthy burgess, whom
he dares not hope to win. His verses
bilng him to the notice of the king,
who first condemns him to die for his
boldness and then gives him a chance
to live it he can successfully woo
Jeannette within one hour.
Mr. S. A. Ersklne will represent
Grlngolre; Mr. Frederick Copeand,
Louis XI of France; Mr. Bates Oliver
L'Daim; Mr. John Walker, Simon, a
wealthy merchant of Tours;- Miss
Jessie Cook, Jeannette, Simon's
daughter, and Miss Hewitt, Nicole,
his sister.
The scene is laid In Tours, in
Simon's house.
In addition to these, there wlUNb'o
one' or two musical qumbers. !
Do not forget the time and placeV
Temple Theater, 8 o'clock" Saturday;
evening;- March 28th. Admission, 251'