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Price 5 Cents.
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Meeting Presided Over by Dr. Condra
-Vocal 8olos Rendered by Mlsa
Vera Upton and Donald Plumb.
"Dad" Elliott, International secre
tary for the Y. M. C. A., gave his lec
ture, "The "Pace That Wins," to quite
a large audience of University men at
-the -Temple last night. The. meeting
opened at 7 1 00 o'clock and lasted until
8:30. The audfqnce joined In singing
several hymns under the leadership of
Mr. Kettrldge, after which MIsb Vera
Upton rendered two very beautiful
yocal solos. The speaker of the even
ing was Introduced by Dr. Condra',
who plead that the young men present
llaten with unbiased minds and in
Sympathetic attitude to what Mr. El
liott) .a man of high standing when In
the University and broad experience
ija life since leaving, had to say. Mr.
Elliott said in part:
"However we may disagree on some
things, on principles, or on creeds, all
of you young men here must admit
one thing, that you are all Interested
In making your lives a success, or you
would not be here In the University.
And I want to say that never -in the
history of the -human race has there
been such a premium on strong Chris
tian character as now. This is evi
denced everywhere in the secular
press. The thing demanded in busi
ness now Ib responsibility, financial
and moral. If a young man goes to a
city now to get a position, he Is re
quired to give a bond and references
to men of character whom he knowB.
These men are sent lists of questions
which read as if the young man were
trying to join a church, but this is
only straight business. Once in then
position the man's every act is
watched and often the thoughtless
acts of a single night blacklist a man
for life In a-buBinessuway.
"It Is the business ofevery mani to
know the code of right living, as ex
emplifledin the life of Christ just as
much as mis of an engineer to know
the code of right-railroading. We
must not be guided by what we think
is right, or even by our consciences,
but by what is right.
"It is in the University that It is
determined what kind of men you are
to be. But one man in nine ever
changes his character after leaving
cdllege. I wonder what Bome of you
are .coming to when I think of some
of the practices in this University con
nected with University politics. .Many
tthings have been excused in students
which are not tolerated in others.
Why point the finger of scorn at
cheating, lying, and buying votes In
real life and laugh at them In school?
"It is time that we begin to stand
on principles of Christian living and
do right because It is right. It is
time that you begin to translate the
principles of Christ into actual living
on the University campus."
The meeting closed with a solo by
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5ivW basket Ball
fl&inneeota ve.
Gymnasium, 8 p. m.
Arrival of the Minnesota Players In
The girls of the Minnesota basket;
ball team reached Lincoln yesterday
morning at eleven o'clock. A large
number of NebraBka girls were on
hand to receive them, aB well as Mrs.
Clapp, the director of the woman's
gymnasium, and Miss Pound, the man
ager of the team. The visitors were
taken to the University in automo
biles, after a short spin about the city,
and from the University went to their
various destinations lor luncheon and
rest after the trip.
Yesterday afternoon, from four till
five o'clock, University girls and
others were given a chance to meet
the players of both teams at a very
pleasant Informal reception at the
University Temple. Among the ladles
of the faculty present were" Mrs. Bar
bour, Mrs. Frye, Mrs. Richards, Mrs.
Wlllard, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Raymond,
Miss Howell, Miss Kennard, the head
of the dormitory, and others. Ices
were served by Mrs. Barbour and Mrs.
Richards, assisted by a number of
young ladles. The room was prettily
decorated, and thronged with playerB
and visitors, made an attractive sight.
Last evening the Kappa Alpha
Theta girls gave an Informal dance In
honor of the Minnesota team. About
"twenty couples were present At noon
today, the Nebraska and Minnesota
teams are to have luncheon together
at the Lincoln hotel.
The Minnesota line-up -for tonlghtU?nlted i?8- At Present ho Isat
will probably be as follows: Forwards,
Miss Newton (captain), Miss Shiely;
center, Miss Loberg; guards, Miss
Ueland, Miss Ericson; substitutes,
Miss Neilson, Miss Fleming. -The girls
have been trained by Mr. Oscar Wod
rich, the trainer of the Minnesota
men'ti team. The Nebraska players
tonight will bo five of the following
Forwards, Mossle Kimmel, Mattle
Woodworth, Beulah Rader; center,
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5 645r8tJ5 P. M.'
flebraefta J
Saturday, March 21
Officers of the Club Intercollegiate
wonicsis r-roposcu. v
inpse wnoBo aiuaies in me aorary
have lately been broken in upon by
such cries from the west side as
"Outside," or "Love, fifteen," probably
know that with the spring days of the
last week the tennis devotees are
again out. Though it is rather early
and the courts are in poor shape aB
yet, several men are playing regularly
and the club hopes to schedule some
intercollegiate contests before the
semester is over.
The officers of the tennis club are:
H. G. McComb, president; H. D.
Young, manager, and Tt. E. Campbell,
secretary and treasurer. The fee Is
one dollar for the semester and one
dollar extra for those who intend to
play next year. TJiIs rule' is for the
benefit of the seniors who did not wish
to pay the full fee of two dollars for
the short time that they will be In
school. The first contest will prob
ably be with Kansas.
Gets Appointment.
Mr. Leslie L. Zook, '07, who has been
employed, by the Field Crops depart
ment of the University and stationed
at the State Farm, has recently ac
cepted a government position under
Mr. Hartley, who has charge of all the
United States government corn experi
ments west of the Mississippi river.
Mr. Zook will have charge of corn
growing in the western part of the
xuma, Arizona, wnere no win remain
for a brief period.
Minnesota University has dropped
George Capron, the great athlete, irom
its rolls and will not allow him to re
enter until September. It Is not known
whether his absence will bar him from
participation in football next fall.
t Pies like mother tried to make.
Baked fresh twice a day by an expert
woman pie baker, at The Boston
Championship Wrestling Contest to Be
Added This Year Preliminaries
to Be Held at Early Date.
The coming annual gymnastic ex
hibition which takes place in the
Armory next Saturday ovening fs
arousing a great deal of interest.
There is to bo a now addition to the
regular program this yoar In the form
of a championship wrestling contest
so dubboduuu ui uuiuiug sucn a con
test comes from Dr. Clapp and it
seomsvto be meeting with the approval
of all whoaro interested in this very
exciting branch of athletics. The pre
liminaries for the championship will
be held before homLso that only the
finals will be loft for the night of the
gymnastic exhibition. .
All the wrestling matchesNwlll bo
pulled oft under the A. A. U. ujes,
which will do away with tho excessive
roughness of professional matches.
The A. A. U. rules bar such holds as
the "full Nelson," the "hammer-look,"
the "strangle-hold" and all others that
endanger life or limb. Consequently
men need not hesitate to enter for fear
if tiatnfv ln4tttA1 r V
The matches are open to all stu
dents of the University regardless of
weight, except professionals. The time
limit of tho contest will bo short so
that a man will not have to be in ex
tra good condition to entqr. Another
advantage of the short time limit-is
that the bouts will bo more lively. In
professional contests where no time
limit is sot, the wrestlers usually loaf
a good deal of the time in order to
rest This will not be the case in a
ten-minute bout, because even a good
wrestler -will-have to hustle to throw
an Inferior one In so short a time.
The first round of the preliminaries
will-be -held in the Armory this after
noon at 2 o'clock. Anyone who is in
terested should be .there at that time.
Another number on the program of
the exhibition will be an exhibition 'in
fencing by a special class. -The-mem-.
bers of this class are requested by Dr.
Clapp to meet in tHe Armory today at'
four o'clock.
All Juniors wishing to try out for the '
class relay team for the interclass re
lay race at the gymnastic exhibition,
!will meet In the Armory at 4 o'clock,
p. m. on Monday, Wednesday and Frl-.
day of next week. - .' 1
C. W. HUGHES, Captain.
The Auditing Committee of
Senior class has been delegated to
collect 25 cents from each member of
the class for Ivy Day funds. Please
turn this money into the Nebraskah
office. W. R. KING.
At Ann Arbor the attendance at
church last Sunday was JO per ont of
the student body. Only 1 per cent of
the population! of Ann Arbor attended