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Vdl. VII. No. 104,
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ReprrtehYattae of Lincoln Gas A Elec
tric 'Company;, on "pncoln Gas"
Society, to Give a -Dance.
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The engineering society met in the
Temple last, evening with a large at
IttndahW if atuderi t' engineers. After
the minutes of. the preceding meeting
were read, 'Mr. B. C. Adams gave a
very ihieresllng lalk o'n the making of
tho two gases, water and coal gas.
He made It vqry clear that water gas
Is not made from water as a great
number of people think, but from ma
v rials which" cost nearly as much an
abse;,us"edL in the production of -coal
gas. Mr. Adams passed blue prints of
the two machines used in making the
gases among the engineers while he
talked which .made it very interest
ing. He also gave the Complete pro
cess for the making of both gases. He
gave all staflslics as to the cost of
gas peV tnpuiand cubic .feet in. every
detail. He was able to do this on ac
count of the federal court making
iherii public.
In talking of water gas he says the
term is incorrectly applied. Water
gas 1b nothing more than carbonated
blue gas. ,It does not give as much il
lumination, but is much better in some
other respectB than, coal gas. The rea
son for making the two gases is
that the water gas machine Is started
arid shut down more eaBily and with
,lss 'expense than the coal gas ma
The coke obtained in the making of
rco&l gas is used to heip make the
water gas. Tho coal gas is made on
account of its high heating value. Lin
coln gas Is distributed to the consum
er through sixty Itailes of main.
A large pier cent or the gas made
hever brings in anything. Some Is
lost by leakage arfdslow meters while
iSorae is never; payed for at all by tho
Mr. Adams argues that although the
fjrh'qtorlals used Jn the making of gas
have advanced in the last few years
(nevertheless gas has been deliver
fd'to the conBumer at a reduced' price.
n One of the reasons of tho present
Expense Jnmaking gas is the cost of
jcoal delivery In "the West. It costs
jhe, Lincoln Gas and Electric company
flve dollars jind Blxty-five cents to
"have every i. ton of coal placed on their
;floor. They use a high grade of Penn
faylVahla -coal. Mr. Adams also sayb
famt he can deliver gas at one dol
lar per thousand cubic feet at the end
foWour y.ears.
He.1 nlsrb impressed' the Idea of "de
i'preclatlon" on the engineers and asked
jthem not to forget" it.
1 After answering numerous questlonB
ijnu giving away seyoral secrets of the
xtmpany he compriiepted the Esjgi
,oering society on being able to turn
diM bo large an attendance. ,
. ,i Another Engineering smoker will be,
i$en Jonf jfieV ikst , ftaCurdayi .night
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tirn rr
Si Paul's Church
Nye Morehouse Disappeared Wedrifls-'
day E'venlnaNdlhlnfl What
ever Is Known of Him.
An Informal anquet Held at the
Instead of having the regular pro
gram of extemporaneous speaking the
Phi Alpha Tau fraternity held nn In
formal banquet at the Windsor, Tuesday
evening in order to give the mem
bers an opportunity to respond to
Mr. H. H. Hannan acted as toast
master and although he claimed that
1 wrb his first opportunity to net in
such capacity, the other members
thought he was either an old man at
the business or was naturally a man
oi talent along that line.
His introduction to the speakers and
remarks afterwards showed that he
was not only master of his own pos
ition but also had the subjects of the
other's well In mind. He introduced
George Fonlori as the first speaker,
who responded to the toast, "The Ideal
Ben Cherrlngton spoke on "Congress
and the Country," and brought out
the fact tha't "congress vfffi not doing
anything how and' didn't intend to
until nfter the election. Ross King
introduced D. P. Do Young with a fow
remarks of welcome.
Mr. De Young has been In eleven
countries since graduating In June.
He spoke ort "A Traveller's Note
Book." His talk' was. mostly about
Argentine Republic and was very in
teresting and instructive. J. Carroll
Knode spoke on the "Spirit of Colon
ization," and Showed that it takes the
spirit of the puritan to accomplish
Anything In any line.
J. E. Bednar gave a recitation:
"How Mr. Schnider GavefMrs. Lewis
the Small Pox -far. Bednar exhibit
ed much ability along that line. R. A.
Van Orsdell Bpoke on "State's Rights,
versus Qentralhsfitton1 and showed
that centralization was necessary to
hiyidle some " problems and states'
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High School Commencement Program
Commencement exercises of the
Greenville High School will be hold In
tho hall of the Union Literary Society,
Friday evening, March 13. Five mem
bers of the class of 1908 have success
fully completed the prescribed courses.
They are as follows: Nina Belle Smith,
Bessie Mabel Roberts, Roy Herbert
Walford, Jessie June Glass and Laura
Harris. The class emblem Is "Sham
rock" and the clasB motto is "Push."
These pupilB have "proved an earnest,
conscientious and hard working clasa
and wish to announce their gradua
tion with the following program:
Piano Solo Miss Minnie Pitman
Salutary . . . .Nina Belle Smith
Class Poem... .BeBsle Mabel Roberts
Class Prophesy Jessie June Glass
Song , MIbb Zelia Griffin
Valedictory Roy Herbert Walford
AddressThe Twentteth Cehtifry
Man .v. . Mainard Ellen Crosby
Music ;M1sb Pearl Oleson
At the close of the program, John
Wentworth, president of the school
hoard, will speak a few word of cheer1
and advice to the class. The friends
of the graduates and patrjmsof tho
school are cordially invited to bo present.
Mr. Morohousordid' not expect tho
sophomores to mako an attempt to cap
ture him because of the. chancellor's
Nyo F. Morehouse, master of cero-
monies of the Freshman Hop whlchJa .
to bo held at the Lincoln Hotel this
ovenlng was kldriappcd Wednesday.
attitude toward such practicos and so
did riot take any precautions for his
own safety.
Wednesday night a sophomore, who
is in a clasB with Morehouse, went
to the Sigma Chi house to study with
him. After studying a while, the
sophomore suggested that Morehouse
accompany him to hfs own home, to
get some additional matter. ,
They started and Morehouse has not
been seen by his friends since. The
freshmen have no clue to the where
abouts of the captive, and the cap
tors are not known.
The action of the sophomores as
the captorff probably are In this class
In taking the freshman master of
ceremonies was unexpected, for it was
felt thnt Chancellor Andrew's action
In regard to the- kidnapping of the
sophomore, master of ceromonieBin
January had put a stop to kidnapping
Debates. ;
At the Students' Debating Club, Sat
urday evening the fdllowlng debate
will be given: Resolved, "That It
Would Be for the Best Interests of
tho City of Lincoln to Adopt the Des
Moines Commission Plan of Govern
ment." The affirmative will .be rep
resented bjr J. T, Votava and C. D.
Wolford; the negative by E. W. Hills,,
and A. Shouka. This question was
recently discussed by the Commercial
club here and promises to be an In
tel eating dehato.
Your car fare would pay for a nice
lunch at The Boston Lunch. Why go
1 p.
First Annual. Interfrat
Athletic Meet
University, Armbry , tp Saturday,
MarcH 14i 2;30p.m.? Adm. 25c.
' 4ft
Dramatic Club Performance.
The Dramatic Club, under the di
rection of Miss Howell, appeared in
-the fascinating 'French comedy "GrJri
goire" before tho Faculty Women's
Club, Wednesday afternoon. The play
was supported by a strong caste and
was pronounced a grand success; by
those Jn attendance. "Grlngolre" will
be given before the public in the
Temple auditorium on Saturday,
March 21. Watch the bulletins fo"r
particulars and arrange to attend this
amateur theatrical.
Laws Elect Randall Ball Manager.
; The Law school had a mass meet
ing yesterday for the purpose of or
ganizing their 1908 baseball team.
Without adlssonting vote, George.
Randall was elected manager. The
prospects are very t encouraging for"
one of the best teams ever turned"
out. This 'is saying a good deal, as'
it is generally conceded that tho Laws '
furnish more athletes than an other
department of the University.
New Telescopy.
'Work on the new telescope is, now
well under way in the pattern shop. ,
Mr. Bunting hopes, to have most of
tho patterns completed this semester. ,
At present "tbe largo and complicated jt
piece which forms the head, of the
pier and carries the polar axis is In
process of construction. It' is esll-'
mated that tbj's pattern alone would
cost two hundred dollars if made by
a professional pattern-maker,
-r -?.
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