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Vol. VII. No. 96.
Price 5 Cents.
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1 0K000)K)!30
presentation at the Temple Well Pat
ron IzecLJ-Pronounced An Artistic .
and Financial Success.
Coming close upon tho Dramatic
club's successful presentation of Ber
nard Shaw's "You Jever Can Tell,"
pie success of ti.e German comedy,
"Miller and Mueller," given by the Gor
man club at the Temple last Friday
evening has given a great stimulus to
dramatics In tho University and shown
the great opportunities to be afforded
the university public by the now Tem
ple theatre."
Tho comedy of "Miller and Mueler,"
is'dellctously funny and novel and the
Interpretation given It by tho members
pfcthe dub was fully satisfying. The
staging of tho play Was under tho di
rection of Miss Heppner and was con
sistent German as was tho music of
the evening. That oven those who do
not understand German, had no diffi
culty In following the plot of the play
thru its quite Intricate course, Is a
testimony .to tho acting of the particip
ants. Tho efforts of all were well appre
ciated but perhaps Fritz K. Kruoger,
having the part most capable of amus
ing interpretation, received the most
applause. His loye-maklng was lrre
slstaple as a laugh producer. Miss
Amanda Heppner. played tho part of
Hannchen, the heroine's companion,
very cleverly and has a good stage
presence. F. H. Reinsch, as tho typ
ical German father, capitulated grace
fully In the last act and pronounced hlB
blesBlng freely upon the two young
coupleB who furnished the "entangle
ments" of the plot. Miss Wilhelmlno
Herold, as Frlederike the daughter,
was a very natural, simple, German
girl. Mr. Albert Aron as EmU JMuel
ler, was very -convincing, especially
to those who know him, for his nat
urally quiet manner, was entirely lost
invttie lively part which he played.
Miss Elizabeth Wlttman played tho
part of Frau Schraitye the washerwo
man Mn a charming manner. Hex
"coaching' of E. Miller, the bashful
'lover, was one of tho best scenes in the
pjay. Will Mattlson and Theodore
tftrueger as .the ''Kellner" and 'the
''Lohndlener" tho their -parts, were
small,' added materially to the gen
eral "effect In producing a German at
mosphere. Miss Heppner as Hann
schon, was presented by her friends
'With a large bouquet of roses.
Op. the whole it is the common opln
Ipn of those who attend "Miller -and
Mueller" that It has sot a high stand-
ard for university dramatics, and that
'his effort of the students oj .uerman
in giving such a finished production
is. deserving of much commendation.
The synopsis of the play is given Be-
low: '
1 Act 1 rMr, Forstbach plana to marry
,ls daughter, Frlederike, to the son
.dt an old friend. To prevent this,
Hannchen writes to E. Mueller, 'Frled-
fetlke's lover. The letter Is by mistake
' '"" , . (Continued on page four.)
Was Noted Grldircrv Hero During Un
dergraduate Days at Northwest
ern .University.
The Minnesota-Nebraska Game on the
Twenty-first of March. ,
The girls basket-ball game with
Minnesota will take place on the. even
ing of March 21, instead of on March
14, as announced last week. During
the uncertainty about the coming of
the Minnesota girls, the night of March
14 was engaged by Miss Howell for
her recital before the faculty and tho
students. Since the evening of March
21 was still open, the latter date was
promptly, engaged by tho basket-ball
management for the game with Minne
sota, tho latter date suiting the visit
ing team as well as Nebraska. So far,
as known, no other events of Impor
tance are slated for tho night selected.
Ten people will make the trip from
Minnesota to Lincoln, the same num
ber going from Lincoln to Minneapolis
In April. Tho names of the players on
both teams will be given out later.
Physical Director In the Omaha High
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Wallace
announce the engagement of their
daughter, Mary Beth, to Mr. Mortimer
Jay Brown. . The wedding has been
sot for March 3rd. On March 10 thoy
will sail from San Francisco for Tient
sin, China, whore Mr. Brown has, with
in the past three weeks been offered
and has accepted .an important posi
tion In th& Chinese Impprlal-Unlvorsl-ty.
This has made, necessary the sot
ting forward of. the. wedding day.
Mr. Brown is a graduate of the Ne
braska State University, 1905, special
izing in chemistry.. He immediately
wont to Cornell University. New York,
to teach and continue research work in
his chosen-science, where he has been
for two yeara -and "tt half i. He is well
known In younger scientific circles.
Tho best 'oyster stew in the city is
that served at The Boston Lunch.
Try It.
Peace and Arbitration to be Dis
cussed. At the request of the Lake Mohawk
Peace Conference each university in
the country is requested to give an
hour or more during each yoar to the
discussion of the principles of peace
and arbitration.
In accordance with this request the
University of Nebraska has planned
the following program for March 10,
at 11 a. m.:
Chancellor E. B. Andrews will pre
side. Prof. Geo. E. Howard and Hon.
W. J. Bryan will make the principal
addresses. Prof. Edwin Maxey and J.
S. Swensen will each speak for a few
moments on special topics.
The full program will bo announced
in a day or two. All students to plan
to be present
Dunbar Company-. ' Play to QrpWded
Sundny afternoon at tho Oliver-Theater,
tho Dunbar Sacred Concert and
Boll Hinging Company played to one
of the largest Sunday afternoon Men's
meetings this season. The house was
packed from top to bottom.
Those who attended whore well re
warded for tho tlmo spent, not only
by tho class of music rendered, but al
so by the amount.
The most heartily, received selection
was perhaps Sousa's "Stars and
Stripes Forever."
Next Sunday afternoon "Sunshine
Wilkes," of national fame will lec
ture. .
Last night the try-outs for the Y.
M. C. A. minstrel to be given April 80,
took place in the Temple Auditorium.
LThe try-out will be continued Wednes
day night About thlrty-flye have
signed up for tho try-out and from
these fifteen nre to be chosen for the
University Temple
V " TkkctfJ 75 CtiU
The University Young Men's Christian
Association has been able to secure '
the presence of A. J. Elliott for March
20th for a special address to Unlvorslty
men. Mr. Elliott 1b familiarly known
among the west as "Dad" Elliott, a
namo which has clung to him even
sinco tho days whon ho was accuse,
tomed to hit tho onomles line on the
gridiron at Northwostorn. At tho preB-
eht time he Is student secretary of. tho'
International committee of tho Y. M.
C. A. and has won wide reputation as a
speaker to college men. It Is tho tes
timony of men who have heard him
that no man over spoko with greHlor
zeal and earnestness than does "Dad"
Onetof the things which has been an
aid to him in securing a hearing from
bo many college men Is the fact that
during his undergraduate days he rep
resented In a striking manner the
highest type of all-round collogo mon.
He was a star football man and In
1901 was named the all-western end.
He was twice captain of the track
team and had the record of 10 1-5. in
the 100. yard dash. He was prominent
In fraternity life of frls college; Jlng
a member Pt Pol,ta Tau Ppita'an'jJ in'
his senior year was elected to tho pur
no society which correspond to our So
ciety of Innocents.
After his graduation from college ho
was called to fill a large place in the
Brooklyn Y. M. C. A. as director of
Associations religious activities, and at
the' time ho stepped in to his presort
position ho was recognized as thp
strongest religious work director In
the. Yjoung Men's Christian Associa
tion. During the past few months. lu
has visited many of tho colleges and
universities of tlie west. He has had
remarkable success especially in the
state universities. It is especially
urged that none of the classes or or
ganisations of tho University sched
ule affairs or functions for that night
as all university men should make It
a point to hear Elliot
To Test Lighting Plant.
A week from today two of the Sen
ior engineers will run a test on the
lighting plant of tho University. They . .
will determine' tho engine and gener
ator efficiency and the transmission
losses and If possible determine the
cost of the power. Tho engine will be
Indicated and wattmeters placed on
all lines running out of the plant The
steam consumption will bo obtained
from a steam meter, and the c6st of
team generation obtained from a
boiler test to be run later, The test
will begin at 7, a, m. and last until 10
p. m. so as to take In all the variations
of the day,. " "
M. V. Beghtolaw, who was 'called'
home on account of his father's sick
uess, Is back at wdrfcaiaitf. ui'1
-! 'mli (!- -Mlf .. --. U
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