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YbLVn. No, 94.
Price 5 Cents.
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O. Bentley of Lincoln Is the Success-
f ful Candidate Remaining Class
i Officers Are Also Elected.
, -
The sophomores elected O. Bentley
lor manager of next year's "Corn
. huskfer" In an unusually eventful
meeting In Memorial Hall yesterday
morning. President Ingles presented
the names of three candidates Rup
nert Bailev. R. E. "Campbell and O.
Bentley,. Mr. Bailey withdrew in fa
Tor of Mr. Campbell and the vote was
taken. Bentley received 72 votes and
.Campbell 50, making a total of 122.
There was some rumor that the bal
.lot had been "stuffed." There was
not actual proof given that such a
thing had been done, however. Presi
dent Ingles stated yesterday after
noon that another election would not
be held and that Bentley was legiti
mately elected.
'The outcome of this election has
been watched with interest for the
last few weeks, all three candidates
being very able men. Mr. Bentley
announced himself a number of weeks
previous to Mr. Campbell's announce
ment and this partly accounted for
Behtleys receiving hfe majority.
Campbell is a member of the Alpha
,-Tau Omega fraternity and Bentley of
the Phi Kappa Psi.
., R. E. Mosley was nominated for
associate editor and was elected with
no opposition. Miss. Whltmore was
elected vice-president; Arbor Barth,
treasurer; Miss Erma Franklin, sec
retary, and J. M. Alexander! sargeant-at-arms.
The class also voted to have a
'small dance." The committee to ar
range for this Is as follows: Wm,
' Byerts, chairman; L. H. Harte, mas
teroL ceremonies; Val White, Ralph
Mosley, Sarah Martin, Florence Rld
dell, "OHIe" Monson, W. H. Burleigh,
.Lorenzo Flower.
t; The Juniors will meet March 5. At
thlB time the editor-in-chief will be
elected. ' At present there are four
Saen ,in the Held: S. P. Dobbs, B. D.
Drake, 'B. M. Rutledge, and W. A.
In Honor of New Officers.
A Jollification In honor of their new
officers will be held by the members
fr the X. W. C. A. today noon In
jplace, of the usual gospel meeting.
The officers elected Wednesday noon
aro.aB follows:
$ President -Mobel Snyder. j
Vice-president Vera Barger.
' Secretary Viola Barnes.
y Treasurer Elsie Adams.
' Everybody turn out with trumpets,
'welcome songs and stump speeches
iter this particular occasion and make
It one of real rejoicing. The officers
need your help, and encouragement
for the' coming year.
Baked beans, baked on the prom-
. lieu and served hot with delicious
iftown bread,.' 10c, at The Bo'atoa
Lunch. x
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Another Engineering Smoker to Be
President Page of the Engineering
Society announced at the opening of
the meeting InBt night that Mr. Butler
would not deliver his address to the
engineers until some later date. Mr.
Butler, who Is an expert pump tester,
is employed by six different com
panies for making their tests. He Is
at present making a test at the A
street pumping station, where new
pumps were recently Installed. Owing
to the fact that the city officials did
not wish to make the results so far
obtained public, he did not wish to
talk until the tests were complete.
However, he will give the talk before
leaving the city, which will not be for
several weeks.
The engineers present decided to
take two pages In the Cornhusker
and as the time Is limited for gather
ing the material to be placed In the
'book, a committee Is to be appointed
to place on these two pages whatever
they may see fit It was also decided
to give another engineering smoker
which proved such a success early In
the fall. .The same committee was
appointed to take charge of the
smoker, to be given as soon as pos
sible. The last, one was a grand suc
cess, as It enabled the new students
to get acquainted with the professors
and older students. It was not de
cided where the next smoker should
be given,
A committee was also appointed to
arrange for a dance to bo given, by
the engineering society In the near
futureJEhe buying of an emblem or
sign to beplaced In the Engineering
Society's room was discussed. After
a few names wore handed In, the
meeting adjourned.
The first BngUshunlverslty to estab
lish a course in Journalism Is Birm
ingham, where a regular course lead
ing to a degree was recently inaugu
rated. 0OliO000OI
Y. M. C. A. Social Saturday
Night In Temple
TICKETS $1.50 2
tK O 'rO'K
Prospects for 1908 Are Considered
As the season advances and pros
pects for warm weather and an early
spring appear, the situation In base
ball becomes dally more promising.
With some sixty men trying for the
various positions, the competition is
naturally keen. This 1b developing
some excellent material, and is bring
ing out the best that the men can do.
For the initial sack, the fight lies
between Watson, last year's first base
man; Bolderson, a Wilber man, and
Jessup, nil of whom Bhow ability.
Thus far Dudgeon, who played second
last year, has not put In an appear
ance and Is leaving the field to Harris,
Smith, Fehlmnn and Buck. Harris is
showing splendid form nnd should bo
eligible to fill any infield position.
Beltzer will play, third base this year,
and the outfield is filled with Sleuter,
Captain Bellamy and Freeland, though
If some hard-hitting freshman is dis
covered during the open air practice
consternation may. be caused among
the pld "N"men.
The batteries are where the matter
looks the darkost ut present. Ward
Is In the hospital and Hrubesky and
Blake have not shown themselves as
yet Among the new men there Is
hope, however. Prouty, a lengthy
Illinois boy, has remarkable speed,
but is a trifle wild. Ketzel, Klein,
Stevenson, 'Decature and' Johnson alBo
show power and may develop Into
good slab artists.
Qtutzenegger, Patterson and Green
silt will probably hav.e to fight for
the mask end of the battery,, as up to
the present all of them work out in
the same excellent form. The bat
ting eye will In all probability settle
.the matter.
"Billy" Fox Is due to arrlye Sunday
and begin his coaching of the squad
Monday. He Is our hope. The pros
pects at first glance are rosy, and
with "Billy" holding the reins, Ne
braska, should put a first-class team in
the field for the season of 1908.
Games at Minnesota and Wisconsin
Burrus Not With the TeamMen
Are Not In Good Condition.
The varsity basket-ball team loft
last night at 6:45 over tho Burlington
for its unnual eastern trip. The. trip
Is an extended one, Including olgnt
games. The schedule for -the trip is
as follows:
T University of Minnesota, at Minne
apolis, February 28, 29.
First Regiment team, at Portage,
Wis., March 2.
University of Wisconsin, nt Madi
son, March 3.
St. Paul's School, at Chicago,
March 4.
Y. M. C. A., Morrison, 111., March G.
University of Iowa, Iowa City,
March 6.
Orlnnell Collego, Qrlnnell, Iowa,
March 7.
Dr .Clapp is not' overcnrhuslastlc
over the prospects of the team on tho
trip. In fact he candidly admits that
the team Is In the poorest condition
It has been In this year. Russell
Burruss, who has played a star game
at forward , since tho holidays, Is not
to accompany tho toam. He is In
terested in business with his father
here and this will -prevent his going.
.It is possible, however, ;hat he will
bo able Jp Join tho team at Iowa City
and take part in tho last two games
on the' schedule. The loss of Burrus
is a serious blow 'to the team, as he
1b one of the fastest men (on a long
floor especially) who has ever played
the game Ut Nebraska.
Dwlght Bell has been 111 with a cold
for several days and has been unable
to practice with the toam. However,
he left wlclr'the team and will play
In at least one-half of each game, and
more t his physical condition permits.
Captain Paul Bell will not participate
In the two games at Minnesota, but
will be In all the games thereafter.
E. A. Smith will probably- play 'guard
In Bells pla.ce at Minnesota.
Long, a freshman who has been
showing up well in practice and who
won the high kick on Charter Day,
accompanied the team. He will be
used as a substitute guard and for
ward and will doubtless be used In
the gomes at Portage and Morrison:
He will not be eligible to .play at Min
neapolis, however, on account of the
Cpnferonce rules. ,
Pr, CJapp hopes to break ,oyen with
Minnesota, but fears that fixe Cora
ijuskers are doomed to moeV defeat
at Wlsconslns, hands.; Tho Badgers
are generally conceded to have about
the best college -team in the; west
this year and the .team,, that beat,
ithem.haa task cut ou for f)
games at Portage and Morrison are
not considered important and a sub;
stituteeam will probably be played.
in tiese Peaces ?o tnat ino regular
men may be in the best possible con
dition for the larger games.
This trp ?ad? the season for &e
Continued pn I&gf four.)
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