The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, February 21, 1908, Image 2

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the Bails mebraefoan
TflE property OF
Lincoln. Nobraskn.
Publication Office, 126 No. 141b St,
Edltor-ln-Chlef '....,.. .ort King
Managing Editor G. L. Fenlon
Associate Editor P. B. Harris
Manager George M. Wallace
Circulator W. A. Jonei, 10
,AMt. Circulator L. J. Weaver, '10
Editorial and Business Office:
Postofflce, 8tatlon A, Lincoln, Neb.
Payable .In Advance
Single Copies. 5 Cents Each
Telephones: Bell A 1466, Auto 1888
INDIVIDUAL NOTICES will bo charged
for at the 1'ato of 10 conts per Insertion
for ovory fifteen words or fraction thereof.
Fnculty notlcoe nnd University bulletins
will Kindly bo published free.
Entered fit tho postofflco nt Lincoln.
Nebraska, as second-class mall matter
under tho Act of ConitrenH of March 3.
Mr. Blxby of the State Journal asks
what we would think of a Lincoln
statue to he placed on the UnlverlBty
campus. It would be an unwlBe plan.
Precedent Is opposed to placing ony
thlng so artistic or evon ofrespecta
ble design on the campus. The Idea
la to Improve but never to beautify.
Perhaps someday when all the homely
plans are exhausted as well as the
money of the state tho campus will
be removed to some- distant spot un
manned by the' proximity to tho
present cheap and varied crowd of
appeal from them ought to haV'e sonfc
weight with the voters of the city,
Of course there are few students
who can legally vote In Lincoln al
tho In. past elections a goodly number
have been Induced by party managers
to give their residence wrongly. A
.student registering in tho University
from out In the state ought not to
vote In Lincoln but his influence and
work might count for something In
a prohibition -contest.
A pleasant little game of tagwad
Indulged In by about HlozeTTmen in
the hall of the LlbiWy the other day.
The part that Is to be played by
the college-bred man In the future Is
already being evidenced In many lines
of business. The field superintendent
of a large life insurance company that
has an oillce In this city recently re
marked that In the last three years
the position of hIscompany towardB
college men had entirely changed.
"They have adopted tho policy of sub
stituting a few men with good train
ing for the old list of "experienced"
agents. Accordingly Yale, Pennsyl
vania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have
Introduced courses in life insurance In
cluding courses in business law and
contracts. A number of correspon
dence schools have also undertaken
to Instruct young men In tho theory
or the business. Tho result la that
a largo per cent of the employes of
the Insurance companies are now men
who have gained a valuable foundation
for the practical .side of tho work
l'i" some degree-granting college or
University. Maybe the "practical"
man will quit sneering after while at
his successor, tho "expert."
Seniors Attention.
Positively the last order of pins
will be taken this week and next.
Those who still desire pins should
get a hustle on themselves and see
me at once. Will be In the physio
logical botany laboratory, Nebraska
Saturday the Last Day of
9 1 Mm EL .
You've saved my neck during this "winter of heaviest price cutting
Lincoln has ever known. Saturday the utter abandon of reckless pric
ing dollar's worth $2.00 at Budd's.
Saturday, February 22
Dollar NCckwear 50c
$1.50 Mufflers -, . . 69c
$2.00 Mufflers 89c
$3.00 Mufflers $1.49
Cluett $1.50 Bosom Shirts 75c
$1.25 Bosom Coat Shirts 59c
$1.50 Wool Shirts and Drawers 69c
$1.25 (Suit) Fleeced Drawers
per euit . . , , . . , . 65c
$1.00 Union Suit :...'.. 69c
75c Caps 35c
$1.00 Capr. 49c
$3.00 Wool Union Suits $1.50 $1.50 Caps
Friday, February' 21.
Lincoln Hotel.
Junior Prom.
Basket-ball, Nebraska vs. Kaivsas.
Saturday, February 22.
7::t0 p. m. University Hall 102.
Students' Debating Club meets.
Basket-ball, Nebroska vs Kansas.
8:00 p. m. Temple.
Richard L. Metcalfe.
Tuesday, February 25.
li::;o a. m. U. 106.
Dramatic Club meets.
Wednesday, February 26.
8:00 p. m. M. 208.
Engineering Society meets.
Friday, February 28.
German Club play.
Friday, March 13.
Lincoln Hotel.
Freshman Hop.
Lost A ladies' gold watch, between
Fourteenth and R and Twelfth and S
streets. Finder leave at Nebraskan
(.'fllce and receive reward.
HERE'S A "SNAP!" An Al founda
tion pen new, sol Mil ling, 25 per cent
discount. Inquire at Nebraskan office.
AW will selly()U anything in our stuck at 10 to 50 per
cent Discount except contract goods such as Waterman
pens, (Jillottc razors, ltt-17 knives and forks, Howard
Watches. Everything else at a discount. It's your chance
HALLETT, Jeweler, 1143 0 Street
We can give you the best prices, best goods and best service
CAPITAL GROCERY e5966l435 M Street
Every fellow that came up the Inside
stairway from tho basement was
promptly pushed from one side of the
hall to the other and back until ha
reached tho Inner door. As soon as
a man wjih.- tagged ho considered him
self "It" and, added hiB efforts to make
Iho journey down the line pleasant
for the next Visitor. Tho sport was in
terrupted by Dr. Jowett.
Hall, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
A. H. MILLER, Chairman.
The men who were delegates to tho
Y. M. C. A. convention at Norfolk
last week havo returned and the lat
est reports state that soveral of them
havo been sick -over since. Tho soda
fountains of that city must have been
open. You cant tell what boys will
do when they get away from home.
They say that tho copventlon was tho
most successful yot held In this
Junior Informal,
Following Im the llnancial report of
the Junior Informal held February 1,
1908 as submitted by E. F. Guidinger,
chairman of the committee;
Tickets sold, 43 'at $1.00 $43.00
Printing tickets (voucher) $ 1.50
Printing programs (voucher).. G.25
Hall (voucher) 7.00
Orchestra fvoucher) 19.00
A Sale of Copyright
Our Regular $1.08 Stock
' It Is prophesied by many that the
next election will put the city of Lin
coln on tho dry list. That would be
a great thlng for thrt. University and
the Prohibition forced ought to find
' some good assistance- among the stu
dents. There- is a largo class of these
willing and eager to do what they can
to lielp tho good cause along and an
Total '....-' $22.75
BALANCE paid to I. F. Bakor,
Class Treasurer (Voucher) .. .$10.25
I huve examined tho above account
and vouchers and. find them correct.
Chairman Student Organizations.
Freshman Hop tickets may be, had
of any member of tho committee now.
See RuBsel, Mnllory, Moreliouse, IJoel
or .Bell.
James G. McGeachln of Orleans 1b
visiting nt the Phi Gam house this
week. He Is on aMuralness trip to
We have selected over 300 regular $1.50
hooks that we usually, sell at .$1.08 and have.
v piit them on sale nt 50 cents each. They are
not 50 cent editions, hut are from our regular
1. OH line. There are too many titles to list,
hut a few are mentioned helow. Of some
titles there are only one or. two copies, of
others eight or ten :
The Port of Missing Men Nicholsoli
The Man in the Case. . . . Elizabeth S. Phelps
Claims and Counterclaims Maud W. Gordon
The Challenge Warren Cheney
Prisoners . . . Mary Cholmondeley
The Traveling Thirds . , Gertrude Atherton
Etc., Etc
Miller & Paine