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Vol. VIL No. 79.
Price 5 Cents.
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2ail$ IRebraeftan
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.University Girls to Have Their An
nual Half-Holldry to Witness
the Contest For Penant.-
Tho girls' annual Inter-class has
ot-ball tournament for the possession
Memorial Hall. - Tickets 50 Cents
of, the pennant will take place this
afternoon In the University, amory,
from three until five. All girls taking
part, qr wiBbing to attend are excused,
fj-om classes between those hours.
.This Is the only girls' event of the
year for which time off from the rou--
tin work Is asked of the faculty, and
S-hon thp. number of .half holidays
aranted to tho men or to the whole
School for all sorts of things during
fthe year is considered, the girls' holi
day of two hours seems fair and well
! At present the-pennant; a veteran af
fair of red'silk and gold, bearing the
Insignia of many victorious classes,
is fin the possession of the juniors,
- -;' - -
who will strive hard to retain it.
None of tho teams this year are es
pecially well organized, though all
have been playing off and on for some
monthB. In fact no class seems quite
sure of its own line-up and very, like
ly will not be until the moment of
play. However the contest is expect
ed to be just as exciting as though all
the teams were veterans, knowing
where to find each other and thorough
ly versed In concerted work; and just
as enthusiastic support Is expected
from the team partisans.
Tho opening, feature will be the usual
parade of the "teams accompanied by
their respective mascots. Tho latter
often tike the form of wild animals,
clowns, barnyard fowls, of freaks from
the Eden Musee. Then the seniors
play the first half of their match
lth the juniors, after which tho soph
omores play a half against the fresh
men. Then follows the second half
of the senior-junior game. After an in
'termlssion the. winners meet for tho
"decisive contest. Ab far aB can be
learned, the teams of flvo players,
with their suostttutes, will be made
up from the following: ,
Seniors Nellie Stevenson, Mossio
klmmol Mary Brown, Cecilia Foster,
'Nell Brldenbaugh, Ethel Stokes, Keo
vCurrle; Juniors Clara Olermanson,
. .Dorothy Ringwnlt, Anne Watt, Lor-
relne Hempel, Helen Day, Ada Hag-
. 'i'gard; Sophomores Esther Bailey,
''Grace Kimmel, Kate Field, Bertha
'Luckey, Mary Herbert, Alta Gooden,
Eunice Baumann; Freshmen Vera
Barger, Boulah'Rader, Hattio Rollings,
., Pessie Beghjhql, Janet Cameron, Cora
.Brown, Luclle Wilson, JuanltA Daul-
,i waiter.
'l Miss Gittlng8 will referee .the
games. The admission fee is the slight
fene of tori cents.
The Difficulties of Registration Are
to Be Reduced.
The Registrar has proposed a now
system' of registration which, If adopt
ed, will bo, put In force for the first
semester of 1908-09. One idea is to
suvo tlmo by having all students pick
their courses and file them in the
Registrar's office 'before going home
in June, thus enabling all classes to
organize and begin work at 'the end
of registration week, Instead of at
tho beginning of the next week.
Another proposed Improvement is
tho issuing of the schedule of classes
In the spring Instead of In the fall.
Thus It would not occur, as It often
does now, that a student having
picked his course from the catalogue,
must distort tho whole course upon
consuming the schedule 'because of
conflicts between tho various classes.
Prospective Freshmen may also
choose their courses before leaving
homo and profit 'by the advice of their
friends, parents and older University-
The plan is explained in detail by
the following extracts from a circular
recently issued by the Registrar:
1. Regular or unclassed students in
all colleges must lodge in tho Rela
tor's Office by June 1, 1908, their pro
iposed schedules for tho first semester
of 1908-1909.
The schedules of classes will bo.
published by May 15.
Three days are given to registra
tion for the first semester of 1908
1909 which begins Tuesday, Septem
ber 16, and ends Thursday, September
17. Classes meet for organization Fri
day, September 18, and class work
begins Monday, September 21.
It Is required that each student
present to his adviser each semester,
at the tlmo of registering, the' specific
course or courses recommended for
that semester to apply on his major
(Continued on page four.)
After Many Try-outs,' the Committee
.-Decides on List of Players to
Glvo'-The Three Musketeers'
Issue on "Farm Machinery and Farm
The first copies- of tho "Farm Ma
chinery and Farm Motors," the now
text of the two hundred and fifty-six
machinery students at tho University
Farm, was received yesterday and
will be put into lisp at once. Tho
work is the joint product of tvo Ne
braska mechanical engineers of the
class of 1904, J. Brownlee Davidson,
who is now professor of agricultural
onglneoriug at Iowa State Colelge,
and Leon Wilson Chaso, at present
au associate professor of agricultural
machinery at tho School of Agricul
ture of tho University of Nebraska.
The book is some five hundred
pages In length, illustrated with many
cuts, and excellently printed and
bound. It is the first text ibook ever
Issued on farm machinery and the
first hook which covers the subject of
farm motors completely. "
important Debate.
A question of great interest to all,
and especially to law students, will
be debated at tho next meeting of
tho Students' Debating Club.
R. A. Spalts, A. J. Kazebeer, affirm
ative, and J. M. Paul and R. P. Smith,
negative, all of whom are Sonior law
students, will discuss the following
question: 7Reslved, That unanimity
of juries in civil actions is not con
ducive to the attainment of justice."
All interested are invited to be
present. Saturday, February 8, at
7:30 p. m. U. 102.
The Sophomore class will meet In
Memorial Hall on Thursday, February
13, at ;tl:30, for tho purpose of dis
posing of remaining .business and the
election of class officers. It is Impor
tant thatevery Sophomore attend this
Your car faro would pay for a nice
lunch at The Boston Lunch. Why go
.Jt-All Iowa students -are Tequtsted by
HheHawkeye Club to meet at Town
iflond'g'at 3 p. nj., Saturday afternoon,
for tk'e CornhUBker Vjjlciture.' Every
Jfowa "student Is. urgently' asked to
pome, put
w. n
Ht 't
r it r
. . IT A. WWV V W w .
i - i. w nii . s
' ' -. Q
n : N '.... .
Tho clas? play try-outB woro hold
In U. 106, .Tuesday and Wednesday
nights. For many of tho places the
cpntosts were very closo. After care
fully considering tho work of each
Individual, the commltteo selected tho
following cast:
King Louis XIII. .. . . .Byron K. Eaton
Cardinal Richelieu. ...F. C. Copeland
George Vllliors
Duke of Buckingham
S. R. Buck
Count do Rochoford, an emissary
of Cardinal Richelieu.......
Clyde C. McWhlnnoV
De Trovlllo, Captain of tho King's .
Musketeers Eugene T. 'Phelps?,
Throe Soldiers of the Musketeer
Athos R. C. Aahby
Porthos Ernest Johnson
Aramia J. A, Murphoy
D'Artagnon, an Adventurer
, .Ed. Johnson
Boniface, Spy of Richelieu's....
Claude Aldon
Pouchet, Host of tho Jolly Miller
t .J, ,0. Shaw
Le Tour, Lieutenant of Bombar
diers , , . J; R. Purceli
Seadrlft, Captain of tho Truo '
Briton Gay Hardy
Jacques, a Walter J. D. Walker
Courier .E. W. Davis
Ann of Austria, Queen of Franco
Cecilia Foster
Lady de Winter an Agent of
Richelieu?.'. Hazel Hempel
Constance, the -Queen's Tiro
Woman. JosbIo Cook
With Buph a personnel the play lis '
an assured success and tho commit-
f tee 1b to bo congratulated upon 'being
able to get such a large number to
enter the try-outs.
Practice will begin soon under the
direction of Miss Howell, who has
been selected as coach, and by the
end of the school year every one who
has tbeon able to win ono of the cov
eted positions will bo the next thing
tx a finished actor.
3fn ,Vr$"er "that the cmmlReomay
meet tho' expense of putting on such
a heavy play as "The Three Mus
keteors," It will be necessary for
every member, of (the class to pay
his dues.' Quite a. large amount will
be needed in tho near future to de
fray , expenses already Incurred, so
everyone who is able to pay now la
urged to do so immediately. No one
can offer a good reason for refusing
to', pay; their . dues, as they will be
given the value in i tickets to the play.
The,, members of the committee are
J, R, Purceir, chairman Jennie Whit
more, Wlnnlfred Gould, Byron Eaton,
O. J. Shaw', George Fenlon, Jesse
Cook, Glaldeth Denny and; Mand
Cauger.' , .1
The members of ihe cast. are( re
quested to meet with iMisa Howell
next Tuesday at 11:30 a. m. in U. 10,