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Price 5 Cents.
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Michigan Has Withdrawn From Big
I Nine and Will Look to Nebraska
1 For a Game for Next Fall.
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"You Never Can Tell"
By Bernard Shaw
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I That Nebraska -will meet Michigan
on the gridiron next, fall and that the
game will bo played in Lincoln seem
probablo.. since .the decision of the Wol
verines board .of. control on Monday, to
withdraw from the Big Nlue Coufer
once. Several weeks ago, when It was
known jthat Michigan was seriously
considering the withdrawal from'the
Conference the Nebraska manage
ment': madethe j Wolverines an offer
for a game, contingent on Michigan's
severing relations with the other Big
Nine 'schools. At that time' the Wol
verine management looked upon the
proposition with much favor and told
the Nebraska management that It
would bo .accepted in case of Michi
gan's withdrawal.
Nok Jhat tho Wolvorines have taken
final action ondi "cut loose" fiom the
conference, the Nebraska manage
ment Ib expecting to receive word
from Ann-Arbor, that will soon Tesult
iu "an "agreement between the Corn
buskers and Wolvorlnos for a groat
football game.
It Is understood 4hafcjthcprono8ltlon-.
-offered to Michigan, carried a clause-
that In is accepted by tlo Wol
verines, will, result in tho game, being
played at Lincoln nqxt fall. A game
hetween Michigan and Nebraska at
Lincoln would bp the biggest athletic
event Ihat has been pulled off west of
tho Missouri since 1901, when tho Wol-
to California for
i i" i
a game on New Year's day and ( un
doubtedly would attract much Inter
The Conference schools will now be
gin to Jook around for some games and
it is believed that they will make Nebraska-
several good offers. They
have not scheduled any games, for
tboyrhave?been waiting to see what
action Michigan would take. Three or
ioxt of JtJjV larger schools had planned
on'Becuring agame with tlio Wolvor-
In'esand now hey" will have to look'to
the West ' ApdVthe biggest and boat
thing 6n tha-westertf "horizon ifl No
braskaT The Corhhusker manago
ment feels sure that some good propo
sition coming to Lincoln in tho
.near future. Wisconsin has been com
municatlug with 'Manager Eager 're
garding a game which "may -be ar
ranged to tko place" at'Madison next
fall. Since severing athletic tela
tjeaa witH, Ame last week, Iowa has
been extensively advertising that Ne
braska would be placed on the Hawk
eye7schedule In place of the Aggies.
The Nebraska management; koaceyer.
' ha8.heard,ixotWng about a game with.
Great Commoner Late In Arriving at
8unday Meeting.
A)though it seemted for a time tlraf
a disappointed crowd would be turned
away from the women's meeting -laBt
Sunday afternoon, because of the non
orrlval of tho speaker, namely W. J.
Bryan, yet after all, things turned out
beautifully for tho wailing audience
was treated to a most delightful im
promptu musical program and Mr.
Bryan appeared to redeem himself at
just tho crucial moment.
It seems that through an error ou
hlf part, Mr. Bryan was not aware
that ho was to address fjve hundred or
more women on Sunday afternoon In
the Lyric theater. Tho crowd which
gathered to hear him was unusually
large, consisting also of quite a num
ber of men. At tho opening of thp
services by Mrs. Hlnman, the speak
er had not yet arrived, but a musical
program which had been arranged for,
was given to AH tho time Until Mr.
Bryan should put In his appearance.
" AinfyiglTl:omIng late, Mr. Bryan's
"address was well worth waiting for.
He spoke upon thq subject of "Sug-
tajostlons to Those "Who Are Trying to
Present Christianity to Others." and
proved to bo very helpful as well as
a very eloquent address. In mention
ing the Darwinian theory, Mr. Bryan
said he did no accept that theory Inso
far as It did not uphold tho creation
of man by a divine being. Although
he believed in the theory to a certain
extent, himself, he also .believed that
many people accepted it without a
complete knowledge of facts and were
consequently led' into disaster. He
onded by paying a high tribute to the
Christian religion and showed that
cny through acceptance of tho gospel
of Uruth aa preached: by ChristHould
menand women, and ultimately tho
wo'fld, reach the highest and truest
'standard of life. ,. .
Court Martial Finds Cadet Officer
Guilty On Two Charges of Violent
Conduct Toward Subordinate.
The Inter-Class Tournament Will Be
Held February 7.
It has been definitely decided to
hold the girls inter-class basket ball
tournament for the possession of the
pennant, on Friday, February, 7,
fiom 3:30 to 5:30 p. m. An admission
fee of ton cents will be charged. No
first team will bo organized until aftor
the tournament.
Not all of the class teams have
been selected as yet. The senior team,
which Is oxpected to make a strong
fight for the pennant Is composed of
Mossle Klmmel, Nell Bridenbaugh,
forwards; Nell Stevenson, center;
Mnry Brown, Colla Foster, guards, and
Armanda Anderson, Florence Tlllot
son, substitutes. Tho soven players
making up tho 'Freshmen team are
Eva Barger, Jessie Beghtol, Cora
Brown, Janet, Cameron, Beulah Rader?
Hattie Rollings, Mabel Wilson. Their
positions have not yet been deter
mined. Over and above these sovon
are enough strong freshmen to make
a second team almost as good, bo rich
TiTlhTB year's freshmen -olass in-bas
ket ball material.
Tho pennant Is held at present, by
tho JunIors, but three strong junior
players will not bo In 'the field this
year, namely, Annie Watt, Isabel
Wolfe, and Mattio Woodworth. Tho
Junior team is reinforced, however, by
the presence of Miss Rlngvolt, who
plnyed on the first team at Smith
College, and several of last year's
players will be on hand, notnbly Clara
Hej-monson, Eleanor Barbour, and Lor
alue Hempel. It Is thought that the
Juniors ought to make a good show
ing, although up to the present time
thoy have done very little practicing.
The Sophomore team has been the
slowest of all t,o organize and tho per
sonel of the team is still very unca
It Is tho purpose this year to secure
several outside games for tho flrbt
team, when tho latter is organized.
Jn all probability these will take place
in March and April. '
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. "The sentence, though' inade- $
quate, Is approved.
"Corporal Collins Is reminded
$ that military authority must be
$ exercised with kindness and Just
- Ice and that he is forbidden to In
$ Jure those under his authority
$ by tyrannical or capricious con- $
$ duct or by abusive language. His
$ action In attacking a smaller $
man whose power of resistance m
$ was lessened by his peculiar post $
tlon in the Battalion must be
characterized as mean. By glv- 4t
Ing way to an outburst of temper )
unde such conditions, Corporal 4t
4- Collins has shown himself unfit $
to command others." j
Captain Worklzer.
sf kfc st ifa U. i sC k. k JL is. , fe sl Ji& ii. k.
f TfT " Tfv " " fyr ff T v
Cadet Corporal C. H. Collins, Com
pany "C," of tho University Cadets
was found 'guilty by tho court-martial"
convened at Lincoln, December, 5,
1007, o7 striking Cadot Private "an
Wosterflold and of using abusive "lan
guago to him without provocation. Tho
finding ofthe court-martial was giv
en out for publication yesterday. The
hargeagainst-CorporatCOlllns was.
'"conduct to tho prejudice of good or
der and military discipline," to which
he pleaded not guilty.
. The offenso of which Collins was
found guilty was committed at drill'
on Thursday, November 12, 1907. Ca
det Wosterflold Is said to havo been
obeying orders In rank but Corporal
Collins thought ho was too slow and
began abusing him with violent Ian
guage. Westerfield objected to this,
whereupon Collins struck' him with
his fists. Thelwo then engaged in a
fight until separated. Complaint was
filed against Colllps by Privato Wes
terfield. To consider the complaint,
the commandant convened a court
martial for December 5, 1907. On that,
date the body of officers met and txjed,
the, case of Collins. The findings of
tho court-martial and tho comment of
the commandant aro "given in the fol
lowing orders: - . - .
Headquarters University ' Cadetsf
Lincoln, Nebraska, Jan. 13, 1908.
Before a general court-martial which
convened at Lincoln, Nebraska, De
comber 5, 1907, pursuant to Orders No.
4, Headquarters University Cadets, No
vember 13, 1907, was arralnged and
tr(ed; Cadef corp9ri C. H.- gotmns,
Company "C", University Cadets i
ChargfrConduct 'to jhe prejudge .qf
'goo4order'and military discipline. '
Specification 1st In that Cadet Cor
poral Collins, Company "C", Univer
sity Cadets, did, without provocav
tlon, strike Cadet Private Sam Wes
terfield. " ' (Catlnued on page four,).
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