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; j yoi. vn. No. 65.
Captain Workizer Has Been at No-
braska for Three Years as Pro
fessor of Military Science.
Captain John G. Workizer will ,re-
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yif MifflMMrjClVJli-Ctnfcm-l4Q0Kra
Ll iNUKMIlKIU 3111
jnaln at Nebraska as Commandant of
University Cadets for at least another
year. His detail has been extended
one year from October 1 by the Sec
retary of "War.
' The ocmmandant was notified of
;1ils extended appointment by the fol
lowing order Issued from the War de
partment January 6, 1908:
'" War Department,
Adjutant General's Ofllce,
f . Washington, Jan. G. 1908.
Captain John G. Workizer,
. t 2nd Infantry,
University of Nebraska.
J . Lincoln, Nebraska.
l (Through the Cancellor, University
'of Nebraska.)
Sir: I have the honor to Inform
you that, under instructions from the
President, the 'Secretary of War here
by extends your detail as professor of
-military science and tactic3 at the
University of Nebraska for a period
of one year from October 1. 1908.
'. . Very respectfully,
(Signed) HENRY P. McOAIN,
Adjutant General.
.Captain Workizer Is one of the most
popular commandants that has had
charge of Nebraska cadets and tho
" announcement on the campus yestor
-f- day that he would remain next year
- was hailed -with many expression of
- approval of the captain's work and.
with much rejoicing over his reten-
' This is Captain "Wbrkizer's third
year at Nebraska, as professor of mili
tary science. During the period of
- his service here the commandant has
mad&the drill department one of the
moat popular branches of the Univer
sity. When he 'came to Nebraska In
the fall of 1905 the captain found the
cadets discontented and dissntlsfled
-jwlth things military, By the pursuit
of u wise policy, however, he soon
raised the efficiency of the department
and gained tlio confidence of the cadet
! body. Today Captain Workizer is ac
. corded all the respect the cadets can
givo-hkth veinft:ie-tlm-hr-!jttMKi3-
for a "square leal" and heartily sup
port him and his policies.
. ; f Y, W. d A. Programs.
,Tho following programs .for the Y.
l '.';"' "W & A ndon meetings are an-
r " Monday Estello Morrison,, "The
Bright Side of (Life." - .
. vM Tuesday 'Evangeline Strickland,
J, ''Doing Good in Secret."
Wednesday Recognition. Servioe
-'., I (for veception .of now members).
Vocal solo, Etrells Sboue.
Thursday Dr. Harmon, "The Stu
dent's Sabbath."
Friday Miss Elizabeth Harris, na
tional secretary of Student Volunteer
Baked, beans, baked on the' prem
ises and served hot with delicious
browni brea'di 3 10c, 'at The ;Bdston:
Lunch? ' " A i V J' i &1 o )
Who will remain at Nebraska for at least another year
O Captain Worklzer's detail as professor of military science and tac-
tics at the University of Nebraska has been extended for a period of
. one year from October 1.
Public Display of Exhibits to Be Made
. Charter. Day.
According t'o present plans, the
Museum will be opened to (the public
on Charter Day. Professor Barbour
had a large force ofcmen working dur
ing tho 'Christmas holidays getting
tiyngs In shape, and the vast amount
Of work which Is required in properly
arranging tho different specimens will
be. pushed as rapidly a3 possible. Even
when the work is completed, many
specimens cannot bo put on exhibi
tion because of the scarcity of room.
The matter of exhibiting specimens
to the best advantago is being under
taken on an extensive scale. In every
case conditions are made as nearly
as puaalblu .Met! tlmae which are en-
countered in nature. The shape of
the cases, and the nrrangemont of
shelves makes this possible to a
marked degree.
During the holidays a feat was ac
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0)K)IKDH(03WCHl(00COp0 O
Basket Ball Informal
- ': '""
Nebr. vs. Muscatine
Tickets 35 Gents
frj : u i $ " - -s a ,: a t-
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n 000Q000OH(0KO00
Sunderlln Will Debate' Against Penn
sylvania. Charles A. Sunderlln, '07, for two
yenrs0one of Nebraska's Intercollegiate
debaters, recently won first honors in
the annual debate between the Colum
bia and Needham Debating Societies
of Columbia University Law School.
As a result of his victory, the dean of
George Washington University has
asked Mr. Sunderlln to represent that
university In its debate with Penn
sylvania. - -
Mr. Sunderlin's Associates in the
intor-soclety debate were graduates
fiom various colleges, Virginia, Ken
tucky, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
being anvong the number. Ono of his
Tippuimntu waa J. E. Baker, 'the well
known Wisconsin debater, who was
a member of the team which defeated
Nebraska in 1906, the first defeat this
University had suffered In - liriter-col-"leglnte
debates. The judge's "were
0 0HOOifyMyifOi(Gif
Game Called at 8:00
H, J908.
Price 5 Cents.
The Annual Indoor Athletic Contest
Is Interesting a Large Number
of 8tudents This Year.
iPractlco for the annual Charter Day
indoor athletic contest, which will
take place February 1G, begin in tho
Armory at 2:110 this afternoon undor
tho direction of Physical Director
Clapp. After today regular practice
wljl bo held fronl 4 to Gv Alonday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons,
and from 2: HO to II: HO Saturday after
Dr. Clapp says that many Btudents
have notified him that they will prac
tice and try out for tho Chnrtor Day
events and he expects this year's con
test to be a big success.
The ovont3 for tho contest will -bo
as follows:
First 25-yard dash.
Second 12-pound shot put.
Third Pole vault.
Fourth Running high jump.
Fifth Fence vault.
SixthRunning "high kick.
Seventh Rope climb.
Eighth Inter-fraternity refny. race.
For these various events tho hour
for practice will bo divided into four
periods of fifteen minutes each and
each fifteen minutes will be spent In
practice for two events. The division
will be as follows;
First fifteen minutes:
'25-yard dash.
Shot putr " '
Second fifteen minutes:
Polo vault. . A
Fence vault. , t -
Third fifteen minutes:
High jump.
Rope climb. p
Fourth fifteen minutes:
High kick.
Inter-fra.ter'nlty relay.
A sterling silver medal will bo given
to tho winner of first place in each
event. To the winner of second placo
a bronze medal will be presented.
The frat team winning the relay
race will receive a beautiful banner.
All students who are 'not cla'ssed as
professionals aro-eligible to coriteat
In the Charter Day events and are
urged by Dr. Clapp to practice for
tho annual contest.. -
r The number of students. In tho cql-
leges, universities and -liigher 'tech
nlcal schools of tlio United States is
estimated atr 120,000, or ltStf for every
100,000 of sfyo .population. Qf this
vast numbertho state universities
contain 50,000for. nearly half. Tho
Uhiversltles, including state institu
tions, ofvtho 'North Central states can
'claim about 45;000 and those of tho
North Atlantic states about , 35,0(J&
The number of these studying In Jtha
so-called "learned professions!' is ap
iproxlinately 7;000 lii schools otUieol- '
oy, 30,000 In schools bf. medicine, and
.15,000 In Bchools of law? The others
are taking engineering, agriculture,'
arts, and practical sciences.
"v. ": ., ;-,-tr.-vc-v Kr.