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It, -,
iowa team "Will have to use
an alternate.
One of the 8cnlor Members Hat An
Abscess on His Jaw and-WIII not
' ' Be Able to 8peak Friday.
Word has Just been receivod from
the Iowa debaters that they will bo
forced to appear In hard luck at tho
.debate" Friday evening. One of the
two seniors on tho team hns an ab
sceBs on the Jaw and will bo unaolo
to debato on tho thirteenth. Law
rence Mayor Is preparing to tako his
place. The team will arrlvVin Lincoln
Friday morning.
'Professor Fogg has decided Uiat,, it
will be impossible for him to go to.
"Minneotfta with the debating team
when1 It leaves this afternoon. Tho
work of tho department makeH it Im
possible for him to be absent tho
length of time that would be necessary
to make tho trip. Professor E. B.
' Conant of tho college of Law will
"chnperono" the team and act as tho
representative of tho faculty.
. - The third judge for the Minnesota
and Nebragka"Uobatu ' Is MTTItr"B;
Scott. Mr. Scott Is. an Instructor of
Political Science In tho University of
Wisconsin. The other two judges
are Judge J'. A. Vlnje of Superior,
'Wlsccftmln and Judge-John J. Fruit of
La Crosse.
The Nebraska team will leavo for
Minnesota at 4;30 on th'o Burlington
this afternoon. It Is expected that
the studenfs will give tho team a
Professor Fogg has received a leu
College, Oxford -who opened tho case
for Nebraska InHho debato with Wis
consin -.last spring. Ho says: "Al
though it is impossible to bo present
at the' debate my thought and sym-.
pahles will all bo with you on the
thirteenth,' and none will rejoice more
over a Nebraska triumph than I." Bur",
detto Q. Lewis, '04, head statlclan for
tho public servico committee of New
Xork City, George A, Leo, '04, Spo
kane, "Washington, and Walter F. Moy
or, 03," have also., written expressing
their hopes for the., success of both
tennis. - - -
Members of tho faculty are reserv
ing their seats nt Harry Porters. They
will occupy the front part of section
C, Tho college of law will occupy
tho rear, half of this same section.
Pictures bf tho debaters can be
' seo on tho Faculty bulletin board or
at Harry Porter's."
On the tower of University Hall
a largo electric sign has 'been placed,
- . abbs--
X BBsfsslBBBBBBBBBiki'''
bBpR-Mk i
IXTlfi T iWfc flit
Prof. Avery Says Interest of Public Is
Great In Supposed Application
of Practical Science.
world tho date of the debate, ""13.
The debating board, after a lengthy
discussion cdmo-to tho; conclusion
that they woul'd rlBk tho hoodoo.
After the show or party just drop
Into tho TJoston iLuifch for "a" Sandwich"
arid a-cup of, coffeo or an oyster stew.
Chairman of the Nebraska-Minnesota. Debate.
' It Is a strange coincidence that the
chairmen of tho two debates in which
Nebraska vrlll participate Friday night
aro ' regarded as the strongest presi
dential possibilities in' tho democratic
party for 1908. For over a year W. J.
Bryan ,who will preside at the Nebraska-Iowa
debate in Memorial Hall,
waB looked upon as a ure "winner in
the next democratic convention, hut a
few months ago Colonel Henry Wat,
terson camo forth with another man
Cor tho nomination, and It Is now-con
ceded that Mr. 'Bryan will have a fight
on his hands in tho next convention.
Marso Henry's choico was Governor
John A. Johnson of-Mlnnesota, who
will act as chairman of tho Nebraska
Minnesota debate at Minneapolis and
who is looked upon as the formidable
opponent of Mr. Bryah.
Tho decision of such men b Bryan
'and Johnson to' preside at the Inter
collegiate debates shows' the-importance"
-which Is attached to these con
testa by the"grcai men of tho country.
Next Sunday at the Lyric.
Dr. J. B, Turner, president of Grand
afternoon "rooQUmj of? the City nnd
University Young Women's Christian
Association, hold in, tho Lyric Theater.
Or. Turner is a very eloquent speak
er atfd his address was enjoyed by all.
He spoko particularly of the signifi
cance of the namooftho association,
choosing as his text, "Render unto
Coesnr tho Tilings which' Aro Caesar's,
and Unto God tho Things Which Are
God's." Miss Pinder, of Grand Island,
Next Sunday, December 15th, Miss
Alice Howell- will -read "Tho -Lost
Word," ai tho afternoon servico and
Mrs. English will elng. All. those who
know and have heard Miss" Howell
will Bo Interested to Tiear lier "next
Sunday afternoon. The seryjee beglna
at four o'clock.
"The public huB paused from tho
era of modlovnl suporstltlon when it
dollghtorl In tho tales of working sta
tues of tho Virgin, to tho time when -It
swallows without rosorvatlon tho
stories' of Burko's rad lobes and tho
dlHcovorles of tho Cobbler of Altoo
na." ThiiB declared Professor Avery of
tho department of chemistry in u prac
tical talk on 'Tho Sclontlst and tho
Public," yostorday morning at chapel.
Tho attitude of tho public 'towards
pure Bclonces varies from languid po-
llto Interest to complolo Indifference.
TJio attitude of tho public on tho other
hand, toward the supposed application
of science of a nracticnl nature Is ono
of oxtremo Interest.
Tho human mind haB always loved
a. sensation. Wo see It In tho marvel-
TJUByth-rT"rlQTUlV6Hf)e7rpTo8" firtho"
exaggeration of children, In tho hoad
lines of tho press, and In tho yarns of
the average citizen. Most of tho men
of science, however, are about as con
servative as 'they over wore. Tho best
type, of scientist would rather say too
little than too much. There Is mv
fortunately n rather largo number of
men acting as spokestnon for scien
tific thought who, through a hist fof
unearned greatness, ora desire to bo"
talked ubout, are showing an Indiffer
ence to the truo dignity of sclencoi
This clasB of men fan bo best charac
terized bv a fow llliifltrntlonn
. . . I
4 row years ago the country -was
startled 'by an' article In a prominent
publication treating of tho wonders of
copper sulphate. Lessor prints took
up tho rofralnand added to it.
ry a little of thcNiopper solutlon-la. a
vial in your pocket, put' a drop In your
drinking water, and you .can defy the
most truculent microbe' It Bhown
that diseases are largely Increasing
andwhy? Wo havo coat asldo tho
copper kettle and tho vordlgrls of our.
grandmothers. Give us-xopper-orwo-perish.
Since this time, numerous
workers using exact observation and
correct thinking havo showrpthat there
was no basis In fact for tho supposi
tion that copper will be found
a general panacea for diseases caiiBe
by micro-organisms
Recently a prominent magazine an
nounced -that certain scientists had
succeeded In working out a process
for growing inoculatlngraatorlal in
the fertility of the cnound. Soon the
air was filled with taJk-bQUt vest .
pocket fertilizers,- Commorcfal con-
cernr offered to lnnocujato tho ground
of thefarjjior at two dollars per acre.
When the agltntldruwas at Its height
Profesor Ayjery published an article .
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