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VoI.VUl No. 37.
Football Number Out Nov. 26 -Order
. . ,) , t
No Practice Held Monday Night But
Men Were 'Out for 8hort While
Yesterda 'Cole on the Game..
The varaky took their first vaca
tion since the. beginning of the foot'
hall season, Monday ovening, not bo
ing jrcqulred .to. report for practice at
all -by '!Klng"-eole. This announce
ment was heartily welcomed by tho
players who have experienced one of
thp hardest achQdules .In the -history
.of Nebraska football. Tho men have
worked hard during tho last. foir
twnnlro n nrnnnrnllnn tnv Mo fnilt lllc
games including Minnesota, Colrado,
Amos" and Kansas and have Btuck
faithfully to their task. It has only
been through the untiring efforts and
hard, consistent work on the part of
"King" Cole and Tils men that a win
ning aggregation has been develop
ed which represents Nebraska this
Year.. The men, should all be. compli
mented on their work In the games
yhlch have been playpd, and although
Bonie pf the players In the back-field
have received more honorable men
tion than those who light In tho line
none are -more deserving of credit
than tho line men, upon whom tho
burden of the gamo really rests;
, Collins, at confer, has" done
markably good work and has clearly
outclassed all opponents In his posi
tion In ' ther games played this year.
Frum .and ,Ewlpg at guards have been
steady, reHabhj players and with Col
lins have formed a center, trio which
iSfhard to beat in western football,
fchalqupka and Matters, at the
. tackle positions have played a strong
gamo throughout tho season, both
charging the' opposing line with ef
fectiveness and playing a strong de
fensive game aswel),
Harvey and Johnson, at ends, have
been playing good ball since rounding
Into shape,- and with more experience
In their positions they, will develop In
to a strong and fast set of ends. "
Matters,- tyho was' taken 111 on tho
trip home' from Kansas City has near
ly recovered fromshIs ailment .and
will he ready to take, part In tho Den
ver game Saturday.
The Corntiusliers came out of the
battle with the Jayhawkors In good
'shape, no serious Injuries being io
colvedl and are ready for stiff prac
c tlco In. propagation for tho coming
games and tho Thanksgiving gftme at
Bt. Louis.
Denver University Ib the 'next team
to meet the CornhuskW. "Deacon!'
Kolher, coach of .the Denver team ,1s
a favorite, among the Cornhuskera,
having played "his flrs,t, college foot
ball, at Nebraska, holding down the
center position for three years ending
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Denver vs. Champions Mo. Valley
Lincoln High vs. York
Fletcher L. Wharton of Pitts-
burg Speaks.
At chapel yesterday morning tho
Rev. Flotcher L. 'Wharton of Pittsburg
spoke. He declarod that ho was not
much of n student, for It hnd been a
long timo slnco he attended college,
but he had been a student of life at
first hand for many years, and It was
of life that ho wished to talk.
He declared that, while perhaps we
do not realize it, the opportunities for
making tho very most of ourselvos
are far greater than have ever beforo
confronted young people. There Is not
a need of any kind or any desiro that
sohio institution does not stand ready
to supply. 'Any now thought which
anybody In tho world has, can be
found at our very doors. No matter
whore wo may wlBh to go, or what
we may wish to do tho means are all
ready. Those opportunities, so much
greater than have over boon enjoyed
In tho past, make great demands up
on utf. Great powers Ho dormant with
in us, and tho ability liejjrtwjthln us to
call Into action forces before unseen.
If wo have a deep desiro for the truth
and strong moral cdurage these un-
soen powers will develop In us and
make us able to contribute some
thing more to the advancement of tho
The Reverend Wharton declared
that one of tho greatest untruths that
has been declared In modern times
Is the Btatemont that all men are free
and equal and that thero are such
things as Inalienable rights. It Is a
principle that Is subversive of the best
things Jn modern life. It tends to
make men self supporting, a thing
which can never ho while man re
mains A human being. In practical
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" Football Number of the
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Third Year 8tudents Decide to Get
. s Hats.
The Juniors mot at 11:50 yester
day morning. Chairman Guldlngor of
tho party commltteo roported that ar
rangements hnd been made for hold
ing the party In Memorial Hall on No
vember 23. By a closo voto a motion
to appoint a commltteo to solect
class hats was passed. . Those pres
ent wore Urgod by H. Boll to have
their pictures for tho Cornhusker ta
ken Immediately at Townsond's stu
dio .
Cross Country Team Chosen.
Sixteen long distance runners en
tered tho preliminaries Monday af
ternoon for places pn tho cross conn
'try team which will ropresent Ne
braska the last of this month In Chi
Captain Alden tho vetornn long dis
tance man cpvored tho five mile
course In 27.57, a remarkably good
record undor tho existing conditions.
Tho first seven mon In ,by ordor of
finish wore Aldon, Beauman.Davls,
Talloon, Trump, Smith and White.
Talloon and Trump being freshmen
are unellglblo to ifhrtlclpnto in tho
raco and Smith and White qualified
to fill tho vacancy.
Tho five men chosen nro strong run
nors and are fully capable of up
.holding. former.Nobraska records In
the coming race.
Pies like mother tried to make.
Baked fresh twice a day by an expert
woman pie baker, at Tho . Boston
, ,"DIabolo" is becoming popular -with
tho girls at the University of Mlchl-
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13, i?07.t Ptick 5 Cents.
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Believes That Rapidly Growing State
Schools Destined to Endanger Po
sition of Endowed Colleges.
President Schurman dlffors wldoly
from Presldont Arthur T. Hadloy of
Yalo as to tho growing Importanco of
tho stato unlvorsltlcs of tho Wost.
Dr. Hadloy Is roported to have said
that , tho older Eastorn Institutions
hnve nothing to foar from pio rapid
dovelopmont of tholr Wostern slstors;
that bcauso or their ropiUatlon, stand
ing, traditions, and prostlgo tho co-'
leges of tho East will always attract
tho largor numbors of batter class of
embryonic college mon no mattor
what tho dovelopmont of tho West.
Dr. Schurman sounds an entlroly .
dlfforont nolo. Ho says, "These stato
unlvorsltles aro rapidly dovoloplng -
and In tho number of Btudonts and
tho efficiency of Instructors tho best
of thorn aro destined at no distant
date, to lujcomo honorable rivals of
tho largor and more colobrated uni
versities of tho East." Ho might al
most have said that somo of thorn no
tably Wisconsin, Illinois, California,
Missouri, and tho University of .Ne
braska ,havo already Docomo danger
ous rivals to Harvard, Yale, Cornell
Princeton, Pennsylvania and Colunv
bla. j
A superficial glanco at tho statisti
cal growth of unlvorsltles, wlI show
in a momont the romnrkablo Increase
In sttidont population in all of these
unlvorsltles. The fact that eminent
professors from tho best of tho East
ern unlvorsltles aro frequently found
drifting westward Is brought closer
home every year. As the Instructing
staff grows stronger, the tone of the
university becomes higher, and the
t)me may Indeed come when the big
stato universities will bo supported
by faculties Just as efficient, Just as
capable and just as renowned ob most
of those' in tho East.
In order to uphold the traditional
superiority of the East it seems nec
essary that something must be done.
Yale's president' is inclined to bolittlo
tho problem and to, advocate a "lalssez '
falro" policy. Dr.VSchurman, as a,
characteristic Cornelllan, goes to the
root of the problem and offers a solu-
Tho state Universities are, support
ed by taxation, Thoy derive their In-;
como fronj tho stato treasurer. . Their,
equipment and their funds for tho pay
ment of professors is' all provided for
by tho stato which glyes them tholr
name. Consequently tuition Is nomin
al. Their doors are open to -all. The
children of tho poor as well as those
oftl)e, well to do and tho rich may.
enter w,ith almost equal facility.
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