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ZHbelDafh) IRebraekan
Vol. VII. No. 35.
Price 5 Cents.
Final, Practice Held on Gridiron Yes
jterday Afternoon All Varsity
Men Were o6t Other Notes.
The varsity held Its final practlco on
tho gridiron yesterday afternoon be
fore leaving for Kansas. No scrim
mago was engaged In, the practlco
. consisting chiefly of punting, catch
ing punts and running through signals.
All the varsity men were out Includ
ing Johnson and Frum who were hurt
in the Ames gamo. Frum's shoulder Is
1 Improving and ho expocts to enter tho
gamo Saturday.
It was "King" Colo's Intention to
,, make the work yestorday as light as
passible In order to avoid any further
injuries to his men before the Kan
sas game. The Cornhuskors expect to
take their final practice this af tprnoon
In Kansas City, the team leaving for
Lawrence tomorrow morning.
Tho following players loft last nlght
at ton o'clock over the Missouri Pa
cific, accompanied by Coach Cplo, .As
sistant Coach Peck, Manager Eager,
' Captain Worklzor and a representa
tive of tho Dally Nebrasktin: Collins,
Cooke, Burnett, Patton, Perrln, Bent
ley, Chaloupka, Ewlng, Matters, Harto,
Craig, Minor, Kroger, Wellor, Frum,
"Miller, Beltzer, JohnBon, Beokloy, Har
voy. A special from Lawrence to tho Kan
sas City Star says:
Vlf Kansas wore to play tho same
' game against Nebraska, Saturday sho
did against "Washburn,- and if Nebras
ka put, up tho same grado of football
sho had to to win from Ames, Kansas
would ",bo"beaton by. thirty or forty
points.". Such was tho comment made
by Assistant Coach Parry tonight on
hifl return from Lincoln, where ho wit
nessed tho Nebraska-Ames battle Sat
urday. "I don't want to bo .quoted as say
ing Nebraska will havo a walkaway in
the game Saturday," continued the for
mer Chicago star. "They won't. Kan
Bag will play an entirely different
gamo from that which, gave Washburn
the victory Saturday. I won't mako
any predictions as to the Bcore. All I
say Is, that it is going to take tho
hardest kind of work for Kansas to
got Into shape to win andx wo are going
to put in that work right away."
"Nebraska has a mighty fine team,
a Bplendld team." Was Arthur St
'Leger Mosse'a comment In comparing
tho strength of the. two teams after
watching the Cornhuskers' work
against Ames, Saturday. "It looked
even better to me than last year's
squad. However, they can be .beaten
and Kansas will Buroly do her best to
turn the trick. I have not Been Ken
nedy's men work yet this year, so I
could not give an accurate estimate of
the comparative strength of the two
team's, but I should say that Kansas
has a fighting chance for victory."
, (Continued. on Page, 3.)
Mr. Kennedy Jb tho head coach of
tho.Jayhawkerj and has been at Kan
sas four years.
Mr. Mosse witnessed tho Nqbraaka
Mlnnosota game last year and tho Nebraska-Ames
struggle last Saturday.
Eleven Embryo Lawyers Taken Into
Wednesday ovonlng, November oC,
curred the Initiation of eleven law
students Into tho law fraternity, Phi
Delta Phi.' Aftor tho Initiation tho
fraternity gave a banquet for tho now
memhers. Toasts wore given by
Toastmaster Knapp, Dean Costlgan,
Professor Ayers and Assistant Coach
Peck. Tho members represent some
of tho host legal talent In tho school
and tho fraternity stands for good
scholarship and fellowship. Tho initi
ates wore: Frank 3. Bullta, It. A.j
Van Orsdol, Calllo H. Taylor, John A.
Forgorson, H, S. Stephens, Y. G. Hum
phrey, (B. B. Steovnson, M. A. Mills,
Jr., 3. L. Waldron, Ed. Johnston, and
Dan McCutchon.
Pies like mother tried to mako.
Baked fresh twice a day by an expert
woman pie baker, at The Boston
Earl Gaddls, Kappa Sigma, 1908,
was a campus visitor yBstorday.
"will be given In full
at the
Uni. Campus, Saturday, Nov 9, 3 p.m.
Admission 25 CnU
From pointers secured at the Minne
sota contest he Is said to have solved
the problom of tho Cornhuskor plays
and ona'bled Kansas to defeat Nebras
ka last season Ho Is assisting Coach
Kennedy to get tho Jayhawkers In
shape for Nebraska this week.
Rules and 8chedule for Championship
Games. ,
Tho IntorclaBS Athletic Board mot
Monday night and decided to bar the
Freshmen from all interclass athletic
affairs. Practically all tho members
of tho upper classes voted In favor of
this measure. It was decided by lots
to have the following rules:
The team gaining the greatest num
ber of points In the two games which
It plays Is to be considered the cham
pion. Any team that wins both of its
games will therofore bo sure of the
championship, but 4f every team
should win but onoTgamo, the one hav
ing the greatest number of points left
after all scores made against it are
subtracted, will win the champion
ship '
The schedule Is as follows:'
Friday, November 15 Seniors vs.
Friday, -November 22 'Sophomores
vs. Juniors. .,
Tuesday, November 26 Sophomores
vs. Seniors.
Nebraska Is to Debate Minnesota and
Iowa Judges Will Be Chosen
Boon Prof. -Howard Speaks.
Five weeks from tonight, on Decem
ber 13, Nebraska will hold hor annual
Intercollegiate dobatos on tho question
of fodoral or stato control of Inter
state commerce. This year tho con- ,
tests will bo with tho Univorsity of '
Iowa in Lincoln and with tho Univor
sity of Minnesota In Minneapolis.
Tho Univorsity of Iowa was dofoatod
hy Nebraska In 1904, but tho Univer
sity of Minnesota has novor beforo
dobatod with this Institution.
Tryouts for tho team at Nebraska
will bo hold Friday or Saturday even
ing. It is very probable that sovoral
tryouts will bo hold beforo tho speak
ers are finally chosen. Minnesota
picked hor team against Nebraska las
May. Instead of using tho squad sys
tem of working up a question and
thus lotting a number of students par
ticipate In tho value derived from
such study of a question, Minnesota
first picks tho. team, and then lets
them work up tho subject. Tho Uni
versity of Iowa choso hor team In tho
mlddlo of October.
The Judgos for tho Nobraska-Jowa
debate will be chosen from Minnesota
and Missouri from a list containing
the names of judgos of tho supremo
and district courts and promlnont law
yers. The Judges for tho Minnesota-
-Nebraska debate will bo chosen, from.'
Wisconsin from a list of faculty mom-i
bers and judges and prominent men.'
Nebraska Is to furnish judges for tho
Iowa-Illlnols debate.
Tomorrow Minnesota and Nebraska,
and Iowa and Nebraska will exchange,
from a total list of 'twenty-four, tho
names of tho judges which they most
desire, together with 'the names of
those which they refuse to accept. No
body who Is not acceptable to 'both"
sides will be permitted to act as. a.
Judge in any of the debates.
Yesterday afternoon Prof. George B.
Howard of 'Nebraska spoke to the
squad on the question which is to be
debated. Before comhig to this Uni
versity, Professor Howard, with Dr. ,
Ross, was closely cpnnected wlthilo-.
bating at Leland Stanford University. ,
8enlor Members Held Meeting Yes
terday Morning.
The Senior section of the Corn
husker had Its first meeting yesterday
at 11 o'clock. The Junior section met
on Monday at 2 o'cldck. The immedi
ate duty of the staff is securing the
Individual write-ups. Within the next
few days the Juniors and Sonlors will
be s'ubjectd to a questioning process
to -which it is hoped all will respond
freely. ,
The members of the staff are taking
up their work enthusiastically and
with the determination to make the
1A08 "Cornhusker" a record-breaker
In the history of (Nebraska annals.