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    Ibe Bath) IRebtaekan
Vol. VII. No. i2.
Price 5 Cents.
Nebraska .Use3 No Trick Plays and
WlhB on Straight Football that
Paralyzes Opponents.
N;Ui.ial;u overwhelming! di-iVmed
South Dakota Saturday, wiping out
the memories of the humilinliim .score
of hist your when the CoyoU'.s held the
Co-nh jokers to a single drop Kick.
Straight, liurcl football was played
thiouhout, no trick plays, forward
pusses or fancy plays belli; used by
tlio Nebraska team. The Corn busker
backs plunged through tackles, guards
and centor successively ' with a wont
many sprints nronnd the ends. The
brilliant work of Captain Weller was a
feature of the game, whose nuig
nlucien punting and all-around offen
sive and delenslve work tormed a
chief factor in Nebraska's victors.
The team showed a marked improve
ment, over that of the Peru game, each
man working in co-operation with his
mates, and all working together.
For the first few minutes the visit
ers put up si strong defense, which waa
quite unexpected, and threatened to
hold the Cornhuskers to a low score.
The constant hammering attack of
Colo's men soon wore the Dakotaus
out and the Cornhuskers scored rapid
ly. However, the Coyotes placd hard
and In the second half took a brace,
carrying the ball by successive line
plunges and end runs within' the shad
ow of Nebraska's goal, where they lost
the ball on a forward psiss, on the
twenty-live yard line, thus losing their
only opportunity to score.
The first touchdown was made by
Mnrwy on a fluke, Weller having punt
ed to Simpson, who dropped the ball
which was knocked across the goal
lino by Matters.
Latten kicked oft' to Heltzer who re
turned the ball 15 yards. A short'punt
by Weller and a fumble by Coffey gave
Nebraska !!5 yards. ChaloupUa tore
off two .yards through tackle followed,
by a similar advance by Matters. Kro
ger imeked .center for five yards, scor
ing the second touchdown. Weller
kicked goal. Score Nebraska 1 1 ,
South Dakota (i.
Lai ton kicked to .Matter., who re
turned the ball to 15 yard .line. A pen
alty forced Weller to punt. A forward
pass to Olston was secured by Harnett
who van thirty yards before being
downed. A bad fumble cost Nebras
. ka 10 yards, Wpller punted to Simp
son on Dakota's goal line who returned
Kt yards. I lure made fen yard. on a
v delayed pass and OH vera failed to gain
aroiui'j Hell'er's end. Lai ten pun'ted
to Johnson, Krogir, with good in
terference, ran twenty yards for his
second touchdown. Weller kicked goal.
Score Nebraska 17, South Dakota 0.
.Minor got kick-off. returning ball
twenty yards. A. 15 yard penalty
forced Weller to punt. The kick wad
a feuturoof the game, sailing 75 yards.
The punt was fumbled by Simpson
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Basket Ball Practice
Be$iittss TniKusdcayp October J
Four p m, Masatal Five p, m.
Eminent Archaeologist of Washington Kansas and Colorado Win By Good
Visits University. Margins.
I'roessor Edgar L. Howell, direc-j Thai Nebraska's two rivals Kan
tor of the Archaeological Institute of sas and Colorado are still in the
America, with headquarters ul Wash- j game and looking round was demon
inglou, D, C, spent Saturday and Sun- stinted Snturdu. when the .layhawk
duj in Lincoln as a guest at the home! eis walked over William .1 well Col-
of Dr. and Mrs. Charles William Wal-
luce'of the department of English Lit-,
erafure. Professor Hi wet' and Dr.
Wallace have been life-long friends
since me ins wnen as neiguuor miih , i ne nenvt r .cs lias uie toilowing ' rial thousand specimens were oh
they supped from the farm into the' to say about the Colorado-Denver mined. These were boxed and ship
high school. game. l(l( , ij,,,.,,;,, n ,()1.
During his brier stay here, Profes-. Yesterday's contest at Denver llnl-' order :o secure these tilings it
soi llewett spent a short time Incrsily Park between the University was ueccssur. to spend from three to
conference with Dr. Harbour and Dean j ol Colorado and the Cnherslty of Den-1 five hours dally In the water often
Ward concerning the recent discover v, r u;,s chiefly inn resting to tne crlt- waist deep. A dip net and other
of the remains of primitive man neai j(.;,i outsider as a study in the new tools for cutting off ami securing
Omaha known generally in scientilic j ...)lm. ,, ;,s' nftoiding a line on the sp.-clmens were used. in wading
circles as "the Loess man of Nebras- ( comparative strength of two of the! about. II was necessary :o use a water
Ua." or slmpiy "the Nebraska man." j,u. lonmH competing for hie itocky glnss to see below the sinrace.
Tlu announcement of this discover , ,nminUl intercollegiate championship. The water about the Hormudn Isl
about a year ago by Drs. Hai hour and j Mh( sct)iv ()f ij( u, , ia,.v ,.u)J1.(.Hl.iH imds Is exceedingly mild and clear.
Ward has aroused the interest ot sci- j
entlsis throughout the world. While
ery reserved In his opinion, this emi
nent archaeologist gave the Nebraska
scientists great cncourugnient, and
felt that there were undlscovored pos
sibilities here that might lead to the
settling of large questions concern
ing primitive man on this continent.
Should Nebraska see her way to or
gniiize for aichacologlcal research,
nssuranc. given by the director
i hai rhe Archaeological institute of
me.rica stands read to co-operate
in the work at an time when needed.
Professor Ikwett will later In the
year return for the purj iwc of ex
amining the mound itself in company
with ' Professors Ward. Harbour and
H. M. Peck Will Help Cole Train
Herbert M. Peck of Charlottesville,
Virginia, has been secured to assist
"King" Cole in coaching the Ne
braska football eleven. Mr. Peck was
assistant to Cole at th. University of
Virginia last- fall and the year before
coached at one of the colleges of Mis
souri. He played football four yejfrs while
at I ndlng Lawrence college at Apple-
ton, Wisconsin. Mr. Peck will not
come to Lincoln until Sunday.
All cross-country runners are
1 1--1
iiuest -1 to meet in Dr. Claim's ofllce at
11:0(1 o'clock this morning.
hours will be arranged at this tiifie.
The best coffee 1 ever drank that
served In The Hoston Lunch. Try it.!
lege lo the tune of lis to 0, and when
the Hould. 'rites trounced, Koehkr's
Denver unierM chappies" by the
score of -! to 1.
r,Wi ,1111I11.,lM..I. t,.n.,tu ,.. m... ......
elevens In yesterday's early season
form, ruder the old rules the state
i-niverslty would probably have rolled
in. mi f.r.m lni-ir,.,. ,..-,. ll..l,l....'u
..(r .... ...X.. ... . f,. , uwi iiwiiiiii .?
s"' yisifi nay was a won.ienui reve-i
Ititlon or early season individual and
team play, ami should furnish food for
thought for the colleges on Colorado's!', ,
, . . . Harbor
.iiiienuie. un yesterday s snowing It
Is an entirely safe prediction that the
Folsom-Castlemau eleven could have
,l..i',... i ...i ......' ..r l i. .
..,-,.-..,. ..,.. ... .. .cu,..s on ii;,wIvi. ,-,,,., JMK
M-nedule with the possible exception, T,R. 1JmulI(lll ,8llin(,H l.(,lllv (:omshI
of Nebraska. Till.-, machine Is Just ,,,.. ,, lH,tt Hl)al)f.(, , t)0 ,0.
getting started, and when In lull mo- , ll!P c an(l mnlly HmnUur opes. The
nientum it will behoove Couches KHa- I large ishind is about one mile wide
worth, Cilkc, UothgMb and Cole to j ami nineteen miles long, and Is sur
leware. for at present Houlder Is the j rounded '! two or three hundrpd
bisl piQspeci in sight. smaller islands, it Is bordered on the
The following article- regarding th.o
Kausas-WIlliam .Jewel game is taken
fiom the Kansas Clly Journal:
The game demonstrated' that the j large hunts to puss and Is an Ideal
Kansas team this .war will not be a ' fishing ground." .lust beyond are
world beater. However, the men j soundings up lo ",,'oof) feet. Tlio semi
promise to play football that will lie tropical the climate Is exceedingly
good enough to beat more than half I equable, never freezing and never go
of the teams Kansas meets. TIk re i Ing about S5 degrees. This attracts
were no particular stars. The Kansas j great numbers of tourists during the
line was steady and had no troublo winter season.
in holding the .lewell men. Rouse and , Agar Island, witii all Its buildings
Sie h nson did good work at guard ' was recently turned over to the Uer
and Crowell and Caldwell look miglity nitida Hlologlcal Station by the llrlt-
; K(U,(( , tlu. lae.u, positions. Heed's
bad passes were responsible for much
jf the fumbling on the nan of the
, I.'..,,,,..l. 1,.,nl.-u
; """"" --
This is his first year
c.uier. tie pineu a goon ueionsivo:
and intensive game.
White and Mil
ton did well at ends. Their work on
receiving forward passes was partici-
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Party Under the Direction of Prof. Bar-
bour Spend Weeks In Adding
Splclmen8 to the Collection.
During the past summer an criiedl
of the Hon. Chas. II. Morlll. un-
dor the direction of Professor liar
hour, secured a er interesting and
remarkable collection of corals and
fishes in the licrmuila Islands. The
The parl.. consisting of a number ;f
pest gradual es from Harvard. Mpeirt
si weeks in the Hormudn Biological
station, collect itig living marine forms
and fossils.
The region Is oxcecdlnuh rich In
; corals, sponges, lish and shell lire. A
, large collection of corals was secured
some coral heads measuring as much
as l wo feel in diameter. In all, hc
' It Itf llterallv tcemlmr with nKh nf M
' 1"OHl "'enuirknble beauty of color. Pro
J r('SH01' Ibirbour declared that fish of
' ''vt'ry Hlz(' a"(l varloly crowded about
i lllm. Il fUrlOUH Ulld as 'lUHO IIS ()-
' mestlc pets. The waior is full of
sharks, but. as yet no fa lull ties from
this cause have been reported. ()n,
found Us way Into Hamilton
where the station Is located
and all were warned, but the lish was
' killed In three days. When measured
ill was found to be slightly more ilian
west by submerged laud equal in area
to the state of Ohio. In this place the
ocean is not .deep enough to permit
Ish government. A year ugo the same
island was an Immense arsenal stored
with munitions of war. It Is said that
there is an understanding between
the I'nltcd States and Great Hritian
- 1 whereby-the islands are to be turned
over to the united states m the near
future. As a result the weapons of
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