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Vol. VII. No. iU
Price 5 Cents.
Reports on Strength of South Dakota
Have Led Nebraska Players to
Be Ready for Fierce Struggle.
Scores of Previous Years.
Nebraska South Dakota
1903 23 0
1905 42 6
1906 4 0
Officials for Today's Game.
Referee Stevens
Umpire Cornell
Field Judge Erwin
Head Linesman Pinneo
The day of their game with South
Dakota finds the Cornhuskers in fine
condition for a hard struggle, but not
over-confident of victory. The re
ported strength of the .Coyotes and
the little lesson learned last year,
when victory over South 'Dakota was
pulled out of the hole by a drop kick,
have led the Nebraska players to ex
pect a fierce game this afternoon.
While no man on the Nebraska team
believes that. South Dakota will win,
yet every one of them realize how
strong the Coyotes are and knows that
victory for the Scarlet and Cream will
be gained only by 'the best work that
Nebraska is capable of doing.
That South Dakota is stronger than
last season, was plainly proven In the
Yankton-South Dakota game .last Sat
urday, when the Coyotes surprised
their supporters by defeating the
Yankton eleven, an aggregation of
veteran players who were looked upon
before the contest as worthy oppo
nents. In Its account of the aYnkton-South
Dakota game, The Volante, the offi
cial paper of the University of South
Dakota, gives the following notes on
the general work of the Coyotes:
There was little doubt after the
start of the game as to the outcome
and the chief question was the size
of 'the sdoro. The University men
wore bigger, heavier by seven or eight
pounds to the man, faster and played
better football. Yankton was strong
er than last year, and had so milch
ibetter offense, although the forward
pass failed badly. The Yankton
backs and Beyer played the best game
for -their team. Gardner proved him
self a good lino smasher, the best
Yankton has had for several years.
The showing of the University team
was a delightful surprise to the locals.
A victory by a margin of a few points
would have satisfied any one, and the
big Bcore was really remarkable un
der the conditions. The old. men
played bettor than ever, and the new
'varsity men, most of whom were for
mer scrubs, proved themselves good
foothall men.
The backs proved themselves a'
great bunch of players. Coffeei was at
quarter and acquitted himself with
honors, and Hare at full and Simpson
and Oliver at the half-back positions
did remarkable work. They were
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000000000000 O
Basket Ball Practice
Begins Tuesday, October 8
Five p. im. umtil Six p. m.
000000000000 O
Debate to Select Squad Men to Be
Held Next Week.
The preliminary Intercollegiate de
bate to select Nebraska's ' University
Debating Squad for 1907-8 will be
held, according to the decision of the
University Debating Board which met
Thursday, on Friday and Saturday
evenings of next week, October 11
and 12, In Memorial Hall. From the
candidates the members of the squad
will be selected and announced Sat
urday evening.
Each contestant will have seven
minutes In which to present his case.
The first speaker on the affirmative
each evening will also have a three
minute closing speech in rebuttal. The
speakers on Saturday evening are re
quested not to attend Friday evening.
The otler of speaking will be decided
by lot at a meeting of the candidates
to be held about the middle of next
Between twenty-five and thirty can
didates have registered for the contest
for the fifteen places of honor.
Nebraska's debates In the Central
Debate Circuit of America this year
will be on December 13 with the Uni
versity of Iowa at Lincoln and with
the University of Minnesota at Min
neapolis. At homo Nebraska will
maintain the affirmative and at Min
neapolis the negative of the proposi
tion "that the Federal government
should have exclusive control of' all
transportation corporations doing an
Interstate business. Constitutionality
Bible and mission study classes of
the Y. W. C. A. will meet Monday for
the first time. A large number of
girls have registered for work In these
courses and the outlook Is pleasing
for a successful year's work. Girls
who have not already registered
should do so Immediately.
It's alwayB good and served hot.
Individual chicken pie, 10c. At The
Boston Lunch.
Memorial Hall.
O 000000000000
O oooooooooooo
Basket-ball and Cross Country Work
. Will Start.
Basket-ball practice begins Tuesday
afternoon at the temporary practice
hour o f5 to G, Tuesdays and Thurs
days. It Is expected that later an ad
ditional hour will bo assigned, either
Friday or Saturday afternoon. All
candidates for the team should not fall
to be out Tuesday afternoon.
Last year fifty men took part, and
the work suffered, it was claimed, for
lack of sufficient practice of the best
men. A squad of that size offers a
problem to those in charge, but it Is
thought that It will be successfully
solved this year, even though a lar
ger number are expected than bofore.
A system lias been devised which will
give every man as much practice as
he thinks he deserves. During prac
tice two squads will be at work, one
in the Armory and one In Chapel Hall.
The body of aspiring players will be
broken up Into squads of ton each,
chosen with an eyo to the relative abil
ity of the men. One squad will bo
formed of old men and the host of
the now, the next will be chosen from
the noxt best players and so on. Men
who show marked ability during prac
tise will bo advanced to a high
er squad, from which will be taken Its
pporest players, and so the work of ad
justment will go on until Nebraska
has the best team In the West.
A feature of this now plan Is the
score record which will be- carefully
kept for each and every game played
during practise. In this way there
will be an easy and quick way of re
ferring at any time to Just what 1b
being or has been done by individuals.
It is possible that this record in
whole or In part, may be published
Of the five regular men of last year,
three are hero again the Bell broth
ers and Walsh, one of last year's for
wards. Burruss, the other forward on
last year's team, underwent an attack
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- Tickets 50 Cetris
Improvements Made In the Steam
Plant Will Permit Heat to Be Dis
tributed More Satisfactorily.
This week sees the completion of a
notnble improvement I n the stoam
heating plant of the University. The
Improvement, which has been going on
all summer, consists In a change from
a low-pressure system to a high pres
sure distribution with local control of
'the heat In each building. The cost
of the change Is estimated by Super
intendent Fee at $1,200, but the do
creased, cost of operation will save
many times the interest on this In
vestment; and tho more satisfactory
regulation of heat In the different
buildings will make It oiu of the Im
portant improvements of .the yenr. Tho
fact that the "header" for the battery
of boilers In 'the power plant was
mnde from the drawings and design
of George L. Hodges, a recent gradu
ate from the Engineering College,
makes the matter particularly Inter
esting to the students of that depart
ment. Tho advantages of the high-pressure
distribution system are well un
derstood by englnors. Tho distribu
tion of the steam from the boilers
through the stoam malnB at high pres
sure Is more economical and requires
smaller mains for convoying the same
amount of heat. By means of throttle
valves located at each building, tho
Janitor can turn on whatever pressure
of stoam Is required to heat that par
ticular building, Independent of tho
needs of othor buildings on tho cam
Pub, Traps are also Installed at each
building to receive tho condensed
steam, which Is returned as hot water
to tho receiving tank in tho boiler
house. Tho old system returned tho
condensed water directly to tho boiler
and this made possible the horrible
"pounding" sometimes occurlng In tho
old steam pipes, now done away with
in tho new system. Another Illustra
tion of the flexibility of the now sur
plus steam from the power boilers can
be utilized In the heating mains, and
in emergency tho power boilers can
be called on for steam to heat all tho
During the summer a largo amount
of 8-inch pipe, rendered unnecessary
In the now system, was removed from
the tunnels, and replaced with 6-inch.
Some of the surplus was given to the
University Farm power plant and there
Is a quantity on hand for sale. Only
fifty per cent of tho pipe formerly in
use Ib now required.
Incidental to the change, three boll
erB wore retubed during the summer,
and their eighteen years of service
will be lengthened ten years by tho
change. A new boiler pump capable
of feeding against a pressure of 200
pounds has been connected to the Ave
boilers at the plant. The new system
will operate on varying pressures, de
pending oh the weather, but is desig-
nated for thirty to sixty pounds.