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Vol. VI. No. J35.
Price 5 Cents.
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ytlm Out In All -the yelght Events
Meet Decided by Perry In the
Broad Jump 8core 60' to 56'fc.
The FreBhman trnok team succeed'
ed in defeating the first track team
pf Morningsido College in a meet held
Monday afternoon at Sioux City. Not
until after tho last event on the pro
gram, the broad Jump which was won
py Perry, '10, was the score decided.
Fairly good records wore made, altho
the day was cold and tho track was
Morningside was Btrongor .In tho
runs, winning first place in the quar
ter, half, mile and, two mile rims.
However, Yato, '10, -won the lOOyard
dash in 10 2-5 seconds, and McDonald,
10, won the two twenty.
The Morningside team was com
pletely overwhelmed In the weight
events, Collins and Patten making a
clean sweep, winning 24 points. After
these events the score was made a
tie by the loss of tho high jump and
the polo vault to Morningside. It -was
left to Perry, '10, to win the last
event and the meet.
The4aummary of events follows:
Vi 100-yard dash 'YateB, '10, won;
Brown, Morningside, second. Time
10 2-5 seconds.
220yard dash McDonald, '10, won;
Wend&l, Morningside, second. Time,
25 seconds.
440-yard dash :Berli8tressor, Morn
ingside, won; Perry, '10, Becond. Time,
56 1-5 seconds.
22 Half-mile run 'itorem, aiormngsme,
won; Minor, '10, second. Time,
Mile run P. Brown; 'Morningside,
won; Berkstressor, Morningside, sec-
ond. Time, 5:25.
Two-mile run Chapman, Mornlag
sldo, won; Bauman, '10, second. Time,
10:32 2-5.
High hurdles Brown, Morningside,
won; McDonald, '10, second. Time,
17 1-5 seconds.
Low hurdles Brown, Morningside,
won; McDonald, '10, second. Time,
28 seconds.
High jump Wondel and Brown,
Morningside, tied fpr first Height, 5
feet, 23 Inches
Polo vault Woscott, Morningside,
won; .McMaster, '10, and Stapler,
Morningside, tied for second. Height,
p feet, 10 inches..
Broad jump ;Perry, '10, won;
Brown, Mprngsldo, second. Dis
tance, 19 feet, ,3 inches.
Hammer throw Collins, '10, won;
Paten, '10, second. Distance, 125
feet, 3 inches.
Shot put Oojllns, 10", won"; "'pattern,
10, second. Distance, 33 feet 5 inches;
Discus "throw Collins, '10 won;
Patten, '10, second. Distance, 107
feet, 7 Inches.
HalfHe rqlay race J910 won.,
Time, l:3.
Pinal score Nebraska Freshmen
60; Mornings,, 56.
IT ' ' . . )
F. B. Qahasreturned, to tschopl
&" X&Sbi 1UV t h ,f ;
Will Present Their Cause at Convoca
tion This Morning.
The special Convocation at 11
o'clock this morning will probably be
of greater general interest ohan any
Convocation that has been held at the
University this year. The opportunity
is here open to all to hear Russian
revolutionary Ideas first hand from the
lips of native Russians.
Messrs. Aladdin and Tschlakowsky
were among the very firBt members of
the Russian Duma last year. They
were seedlings from which sprang
the mighty branches of tho present
revolution. From tho initiative stops
taken by these two patriots grew tho
essential Idea of liberty. They are
the fathers of the constitution that Is
soon to be given to the Russian peo
ple. Mr. Alladln Is a peasant and rep
resents not the ariBtocracy, but tho
common people and the laboring
classes. Tschiakoweky is a more high
ly eduqated man who has been a prom
inent statesman in his country for
These two men have been traveling
and lecturing thruout tho United
States for some months. Their ob
ject Is primarily to arouse American
sympathy and sentiment In .favor of
tho revolutionary movement which
they represent. They are presenting
the Russian people as they really are,
not as they are popularly represented
by the American press, as Nihilists,
anarchists, bomb-throwers and assas
sins. It is assorted by educated Rus
sians that Americans have seldom seen
a real Russian, but that they have
seen all Russian allies, such as Ger
mans, Tartars, Poles and Jews. An
Interesting and pleasant feature about
this morning's lectures Is that these
men will likely speak English and. will
bo without the aid of an Interpreter.
Hon. Wm..J. Bryan will bo present
to introduce the speakers, and Chan
cellor Andrews will preside.) All IX
o'clock classes will bo held frbm 11:30
to 12:20;
rjf 8em. Bot.
Sem. Bot. will meet in. Nebraska
Hall at 8 p. m., Wednesday, May 15.
Maternity hall (Kr$1,0)
: Sophomore Annual Hop
. MAY ,17, i7
MAY 18, 1907
The Painting, "Le Lever De Bebe,"
by Mary Cassett.
"Among the figure compositions this
year is one by an artist whoso work is
seen for the first time In Lincoln an
artist who occupies a unique place
among women painters Mary Caaset.
"Born In Pittsburg, Bho has lived
for more than thirty years In France,
spending her winters In Paris and her
summers In a country chateau which
she has purchased for a permanent
"For fifteen years she studied and
worked with the French master De
gas, and so fully has her merit been
recognized by the government that she
has been decorated with the cross of
the legion of honor, a distinction ac
corded to but one other woman, RoBa
"An Excellent draughtsman, a mas
ter of tone, lighting and technique, she
has never attempted to popularize her
work by the introduction of superficial
prettlness; Indeed, a New York critic
onco alluded to her models as 'types
of humanity positively disconcerting
In their homeliness.' Probably for this
reason her work exhibited in this coun
try has appealed to a limited audience.
Recent paintings, howeyer, have pre
sented the ministration of maternity
with equal fidelity but with more
charm of personality.
"To the latter class belongs 'Lo Le
ver de Bebe,' which Is painted In her
usual high key and with a character
istic decorative quality. The modeling
of the child's flesh is a good example
of her technique. As may be noted,
she has been strongly Influenced by
the impressionist school of which she
was an early disciple."
Resigns From Board.
Professor Chatburn has resigned
his ppsltlbn on the Athletic Board.
He Is at present chairman of tho dp
linquent student committee and, as
hfe desires to devote more of his time
to the" work on this committee, he has
found it nepes&ary to relinquish tho
work on tho board.
Nebraska was defeated at Belolt
Monday by 410 score of 2 to 0.
False Reports Published Americans
Superior In Scholarship Athletics
Not Their Only Strength.
Abpt a month ago tho Dally Ne
braskan printed an article from tho
WiacPnaln Alumni Magazine, tolling of
tho difficulties which bosot tho Amer
ican Rhodes scholars at Oxford and
of tho poor showing made by those
men outsldo of athletics. The samo
article was published In many parts
of tho country and was widely com
mented upon by the press.
It seems that tho writer of .the arti
cle In question did not tako tho trou
ble to loam tho true factB of tho mat
tor and his statements have mot an In
dignant denial from Oxford. Mr. F;
J. Wyllo, Secretary of tho Rhodes
Trust, In a communication to the
American press, says that tho unfa:
vorablo reports concerning tho Amer
ican Rhodes scholars' work are wholly
without foundation. Their athletic
achievements have, It 1b true, boon re
markable, but their record ae scholars
Is no less creditable. Within the last
two monthB two American Rhodes
scholars, ono from North Dakota and
tho other from Now Hampshire, have
been awarded high scholastic honors,
"among tho highest," says Mr. Wyllo,
"the University bestows."
Altho tho American scholars have
boon In Oxford only three years, their
Influence has been felt 'strongly in
various fields of scholarship, and Mr;
Wyllo gives figures to show tho high
standing of the Americans In tho ex
aminations held thus far. He says
that, In a canvass of tho faculty, pro
fessors and tutors almost without ox-v-ceptlon
testified to the high grado
work of the American scholars.
Found In City and Now Possessed by
Historical Society.
A silver coin pf ancient Greece
found here in Lincoln recently Is now
in tho possession of the Historical
Society. It is In excellent condition,
showing unmistakably tho name Alex
ander, written In Greek. Tho coin Is
of about tho slzo of an American
twenty-five cent piece, but much
thicker, According to weight it is
worth ninety cents.
On one side is a profile vt Aloxan-
der tho Great excellently minted. On
the other is the figure of a man seat
ed with right arm extended and sup
porting a largo bird. Tho figure's loft
hand grasps a spear held vertically
by the side, while at tho feet a bow
can be distinguished.
How this coin was ever lost in, tln-V
coin to a mystery. History says vejry
Jljttle about any expedition that A
ander made to this vicinity, but in .
conquering the world he would scarce
ly overlook us!
' Chancellor Ajxtippirp will d$Uyer the
ppmjrienpemnt ' " addrjess ,Hobrori,
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