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    be 2ail Iftebraskan
Vol. VI. No. 127.
Price 5 Cents.
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.J 'ty '
Members of Fourth Year Class to Ap
pear in Solos and Readings In
Annual Program.
In accordance with the usual cus
tom dating back several years, the
University Seniors will take charge
of the Convocation exercises this af
ternoon at 5 o'clock. The rule govern
ing these exercises is that only class
talent or something improvised solely
by the claBB may be presented. Ordi
narily the plan has been to give a
program in which members of the
class bake part Individually, each ap
pearing in a solo, reading, or some
thing of a similar nature. A peculiar
satisfaction attaches to this plan in
that it Is most nearly representative
of the class, and the program rendered
this afternoon will conform to this
Following are the numbers to be
given as announced by Miss Howard,
chairman of the committee:
Song "Scarlet and Cream" (Tune,
"Eton Boating Song")
Vocal Solo "Plantation Song" . . .
N. Clarke Smith
Lucile Long.
Reading "Lasco"
Del Gibson.
Piano Solo Etude, P minor. .. .Liszt
Louise Zlmwinkel.
Monolog. ."As Told by Mrs. Williams"
Katherlne Lindermann.
Vocal Solo 'In May Time"
Oley Speaks
Louise Brace.
Reading "Ldah".. Elijah P. Nicholson
Harry Keyser.
May 10, a week from today, the
Juniors will occupy the Convocation
hour. From what is known at pres
ent, it is probable the program put on
by the third year people will resem
ble very much that of this afternoon.
Elects Officers and Changes the Con
stitution. At a meeting of .the University
Girls' Club yesterday morning, officers
for the ensuing term were elected and
a change in the constitution of the or
ganization was made. Nelle Bratt
was elected president; Lois Fossler
vice-president, and Alice Comstock,
secretary. Further, four members
from each of the lower classes were
appointed to compose the executive,
The constitution was so changed as
to make the payment of a twenty-five
cent fee requisite to membership in
the club. The fund accumulating
from this money will be used to help
worthy girls who are working their
way thru school. By way of condition
to this assistance, however, the resi
dence at the University for at least
one semester will be required of the
one helped.
Wisconsin is to be given a "Carl
Schurz memorial professorship'' by a
number of .prominent Milwaukee men.
May Morning Breakfast
Will Invade Ames College Together
The 'varsity baseball team will learn
today on Its long eastern trip. , Sev
eral players are rather badly hurt.
"Buck Beltzer will be unable to play
for Beveral days, having a sprained
ankle. Carroll's finger is not yet well
and gives him con'siderabfe trouble,
and Hruebesky, who suffered a frac
tured rib early in the season, has not
recovered entirely from it yet. Nev
ertheless, Captain 'Rlne expressed the
belief that the team would "tear-'em-up,
The men will leave at 2:55 p. m. on
the Rock Island, and wil! play the
first game at Ames tomorrow. The
following will go:
Carroll (c.) ; Ward, Hruebesky,
Blake (p.); Watson (lb); Dudgeon
(2b); . Rlne (3b); Beltzer (ss);
Schleuter (If); Bellamy (cf); Free
land (rf). Manager Eager will accom
pany the men on the trip.
Ames will experience a genuine
Cornhusker invasion, for both the
baseball and the track teams will be
present at the same time. The track
team will leave Lincoln today at 1:38
p. m. over the Northwestern and will
arrive at Ames at 10:35 tonight. The
following men will make the trip, Dr.
Clapp accompanying them:
Burruss, Morgan, Coe, Hughes, Al
dpa, Bauman, Dunlap, Craig, Davis,
Weller, Chaloupka, Patten, G. B. Mc
Donald, Benedict, Knode.
A Correction.
An error was made in yesterday's
paper with regard to the Innocents'
banquet This was not, as was an
nouncel, the organization's annual
function, but was a banquet given in
honor of th3 Black 1 aequo.
The Sigma Chi. baseball team de
feated the Sigma- Alpha nine by the
score of 6 to 3 yesterday afternoon.
Each of these teams has now played
off lis schedule of four games. The
Sigma Chi lost one and the Sigma
Alpha lost two games of the series.
Freshman Hop
Saturday May Fourth
Seniors Lead In the Race for Extra
The Sonlor and Junior members of
tho Cornhusker aro running a close
race in the contest for tho extra 1907
Annuals which are offered as prizes
for the upper class securing the larger
numbor of subscriptions to tho Corn
husker. Up to last night the Seniors
had turned in fifty more subscriptions
than the Juniors. Both classes, how
ever, are working hard and it is im
possible at the present time to tell
which one will win. Tho contest will
close next week.
Master of Ceremonies of Freshman
Hop Captured.
Lawrence Holland, master of cere
monies of the Freshman .Hop which is
to be held at Fraternity Hall tomor
row evening, Was captured by several
Sophomores on E street late yester
day afternoon and carried off to the
back woods. He will be kept there
until late tomorrow evening, when it is
said he will be rescued by several
gallant Freshmen in a big red automo
bile and taken to the dance, where he
will see that the hop of the flrst year
men passes off without a hitch.
The Nebraskan does not publish
"cuts" of the Sophomores and their
victim today, but will do so In 1908
when the Cornhusker for that year is
8ororlty Reception.
A reception will be held at the home
of Miss C. F. Craig on South 28th
street, in honor of the Grand Presi
dent of the Chi Omego sorority .this
afternoon. Members of all the soror
ities will be present.
Mrs. M. A. Camp.
Mrs. M. A. Camp, formerly MIbb
Caroline Wood, gave an interesting
talk before the Y. W. 0. A. noon meet
ing yesterday. , She spoke of the strong
influence of the Y. W. C. A. and said
tht it had helped her in many ways.
Outside Decoration In Progress Plas
tering 8oon Finished Provision
for Escape In Case of Fire.
Those Interested In tho completion
of tho now Temple are much pleased
by the rapid progroHH now bolng made.
Tho outsldo structure has ben prac
tically dono for sovoral weoks with
the excoptlon of tho decorative work
upon tho capitals, and this Is now in
progross, tho contractor having im
ported a workman from Milwaukee
for it. Tho carving upon tho third
of the capitals Is now noarly com
pleted. Tho finishing of tho Interior of tho
building is alBo bolng pushed forward
rapidly. Tho ceilings of tho third
story have for tho most part boon
given tho flrst coat of plastor and
here a large amount of heavy steel
netting has been substituted for lath,
thus shortening tho time necessary
for work of this kind. All wator,
steam and plumbing connections are
In the building, tho wiring is dono and
tho telephone and campus light wires
are being brought over In a conduit
from tho Administration building.
Only one Are escape is placed in the
building, and this runs down the In
ner side of the north wing. Tho audi
torium will have a Are exit into the
alley from the ground floor. The gal
lory lias several largo exits in tho
roar, and these, together with tho
broad stairway, make ample provision
for safe escape in the case of Are.
Tho plastering will bo pushed for
ward and with good weather should
bo completed boforo tho end of the se
mester. It Is not probable tho perma
nent floors will be put In before tho
flrst of August, but these will bo prac
tically tho only big piece of work loft
after the completion of the plastering.
All floors will be of maple finished in
the natural color, while the fittings,
wainscoting and similar trimmings
will be of oak. The contrast of the
woods with the white wall will pro
duce a thoroly artistic effect.
The building will bo completed and
ready for occupancy shortly before
the beginning of the next school term.
Phi Delta Phi Entertains Professors
of the Law School.
Phi Delta Phi, the fraternity of the
Law' School, gave an Informal dinner
to the professors of the school last
night at the Windsor. Professor
Hastings acted as toastmaster and
toasts were responded to as follows:
"Welcome, Profs" W. E. Ramsey
Response . . . . Professor Maxey
"Phi Delta Phi".... Professor Ledwlth
"Nebraska Law School"
.,,.,.... Professor Ayerg
"Property III., of Course",...,..
..- Professor Costlgan
"Advice to Embryo Lawyers"
, Dean "Pound
The fraternity will give Its annual
banquet some time about the 23d of
this month. ' ., ,