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Vol. VI. No. 90.
Nebraska, Wcsleyan, and Cotncr Each
Have a Candidate Award of the
Prize to Be Made Tomorrow.
Sunuiel N. Rlnaker, of tho Univer
sity of Nebraska; Joseph Earl Smith,
of Corner University; and Homer
Austin Whltehorn, of Nebraska Wes
leyan University successfully passed
the Rhodes Scholarship Examinations
which were held at the University of
Nebraska last month.
This Information, with tho announce
ment that one of these candidates will
be selected for tho Scholarship, Fri
day, was given out from the office of
the Cha'ncelldr yesterday. Tho papers
of the students who took the exami
nations were sent to the United States
Committee on Rhodes Ssholarshlps
the latter part of January and tho
foregoing names of those who passed
were received at tho University Tues
day. The Nebraska Committee on
Rhodes Scholarships will meet In the
Chancellor's ofllce Friday and award
the prize to one of tho three candi
dates. The men who passed the examina
tions are among the best students in
their respective schools. Mr. Rlnaker,
Is a member of the Sophomore class
at the- University of Nebraska. His
home Is at Beatrice, where he gradu
ated from tho high school as Valedic
torian of his class in 1905. He entered
the University In the fall of that year
and was unanimously elected presi
dent of the Freshman class for tho
second semester and re-elected for the
first semester of tho Sophomore year.
Mr. Rlnaker Is now a member of the
University Forum, and tho English
and Latin Clubs. He was appointed
Quartermaster Sergeant of the Cadet
Battalion and Managing Editor of the
Dally Nebraskan last semester, and
has been a member of the debating
squad for two years.
Mr. Whltehorn has been at Wqs
leyan four years, and at present Is a
student lu the Junior class.
He' Is taking his 'Major and "Minor
work In the classics. He Is unosten
tatious and Is one qf, th Jieststudqnts
at Wcsleyan. His home Is at Univer
sity Place."
Mr. Smith is a Sophomore nt Cot
nor and has been at that school four
years. He Is an athlete as well as a
good student, Having been a player on
the Cotner baseball team for two sea
sons, and is president of t)ie Christian
Endeavor Society at that institution.
His home -is at Ov,erton, a smalltown
a few miles east of Kearney on the
bain, line of the -Union Pacific Tail
road The United States has sent forty
three, students to Oxford since, the
Rhode Scholarship was established in
this country and Germany a few years
ago. "Nebraska Is now represented at.
the English college by Arthur Marsh,
The Rhode Scholarship appoint
ment inciudoslfroo tuition, and a $i;500
annual allowance, 'for a four years'
course at th University of Oxford.
The Brace Laboratory of Physics (1905) Is named In honor of the late
Professor DeWItt Bristol Brace. Besides the department of Physics it
houses on the third floor the United States Weather Bureau. The rest of thle
floor is occupied by the mechanics laboratories and a largo sound-and-hcat
laboratory. On the second floor Is a large laboratory for optics with adja
cent dark rooms for photometry; a laboratory for a teachers' course in
methods and manipulation; the auditorium, with a seating capacity for two
hundred and fifty; the adjoining apparatus cabinets a smaller " lecture
room; and the department library. The first floor is reserved for work
requiring freedom from mechanical vibrations and for the shops. On this
floor are the laboratories for electrical measurements, a large laboratory,
and several smaller rooms for research. Under this flor is a corridor for
special work In optics, extending the whole length of the building, and a
constant temperature room.
Fifth Game of 'the Trip Goes to the
Scores of Games Played.
Nebraska, 34; Fort Dodge, 22.
Nebraska, 19; Minnesota, 20.
Nebraska, 18; Minnesota, 20.
Nebraska, 26; Hudson, 25.
Nebraska, 33; Marshfleld, 16,
The Nobraska basket-ball five won
the fifth game of the trip, taking an
easy game from Marshfleld, Wiscon
sin ,by the score of 33 to "16, Tuesday
evening. Both teams played clean
ball In tho first half .but the Marsh
fleld five began the second with 'an
exhibition of roughness that the ref
eree had them stop. Paul Bell had
recovered from injuries received'.' In
the Minnesota game and ' played in
this contest.
Nebraska played Portage last night
and this evening they will have a
game with the University of Wiscon
sin at Madison.
Line-up or the Marshfleld contest:
Nebraska. ' 'Marshfleld.
Hoar, Walsh F . . s Patterson
Krako, Burruss.. F .". Elcho
Moser C . . Witt
Jones, Hoar G . . .. . Christenson
P.Bell G Wheelock
RefereoT-Dr, R. G. Clajp.
Placard Against Tobaccp.
A number of tho most ardent lpvers
of "My Lady Nicotine" wore some
what annoyed yesterday -when they
discovered a bold poster on the dor
of the Mechanic Arts building bearing
tho warning: "Anyone found using
tobacco in this building will bo brought
bpforo the .Chancellor, In any( shapo or
form." There was considerable .dis
cussion among some oi me men as to
the construction of this sentence, some
of them holding that -.according to
strict construction, the unfortunate of
fender Is to be taken "dead or alive."
Cadets, Attention I.
The OfllcerH' Club will meet In full
uniform at 1 p. mr Saturday, Febru
ary' 23, at Townsend's. The Battalion
will assemble in uniform in tho"Arm
ory, Saturday, February 23, at 2 p. m.,
to got pictures taken for the "Corn
husker." All mombers of the Battalion
are urged to be present. Notice to the
contrary, will ho published in Library
Hall if weather does not -permit.
Classes Thursday night as usual.
Y. W. C. A. Meetings.
This evening at 5: 00 o'clock, iii. U.
106, Miss Ida Vlbbard will speak to
University girls. Mrs. Galbralth will
sing. Every girl is very cordially in
vited. ii imyi . i.m t -fn
Draw Up Resolutions Dr. Lees of tho
Athletic Board 8aya Nebraska
Will Probably Not Enter."
At a mass meeting or tho students,
at Kansas tho other day a set of reso
lutions was drawn up expressing dis
satisfaction at some of tho proposed
regulations for tho Missouri Vnljoy
Conference. The principal objections
of the students centered around tho
question of their going into the
league if Nebraska stays out. At the
meeting called recently for delegates
from ottch of tho schools in tho pro.
posed league, all but Nobraska were
represented, and Kansas University
students object to tho plans then
made for the union of tho schools of
the Missouri Valley, unless It Is cer
tain that Nobraska Is 1,0 bo one of tho
number. They object nlso to tho
presence of Washington In the league..
A sot oi resolutions wore drawn up
with the hope of preventing tho rati
fication of these plans by tho Kansas
authorities. They wero as follows:
Whereas, the Board of Directors of
the University of Kiinsas has recom
mended certain rules to be adopted
by tho Unlvorslty Council ro.latlvo to
tho formation of "Tho Missouri Val
ley Conference of Faculty Mpmbors"
consisting of the following Universi
ties'. University of Ipwn, University
of Kansas, University of Missouri, Uni
versity of Nobraska, and Was'hingtoii
University, and believing f.hut suchjiri
organization will bo dojrlmontal to
tho athletic Interests of thVunlyersIty
of Kansas,
Therefore" be it resolved that it Is
the sentiment of tho student body:
First, that this conference should
iot bo organized unless the four Btato
universities above named all agreo to
enter this organization.
Seponrt, JJuit JVashlngton University
should not bo admitted to. this .ojganl-
,ittlon. .4
Dr. Lees, when interviewed as to
the nttltude of the AthlotlfiBoard
toward the matter, said: "Indeed, I
don't think we cared veyy much
whether we got into the league or not.
Tho question that is puzzling us is a
to what will be gained. Nebraska niity
have to (conform anyway to the 'Big
Nino' rules in order tq get contracts
with the schools of that l,oaguo, and
that will mean our abfding by the
'three-year' rule and the 'ono-yMi'
rule, excluding Freshmen from pirtiqi
patlon in nthjotics for two gcmeafefii'.
Persqnnlly, I am n favor of the 'one
spmester' rirte. There Is no suflicipnt
reason for keening a man.ou,t of c'm;
dthletics after he has shown his will-
ingness 10 wont, out since pur teams
will be made up; probably of , men ell
glable to nay jin'der' thp ,'BIg Nino""
rules,, whqit, then, will bo tho adynri
t.age of following the 'one-semester'
rule? Further, if wo go into this"
Missouri -Valley Conference, it, means
tnat sooner or later, Nebraska will be,
placed at the mercy of the other states.
Kansas University. wUl recommend a
second smaller institution, ay, Man-'"Wj
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