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ZTbe Bailp IRebrasfean
Vol. VI. No. 85.
Price 5 Cents.
Pershing Drill Indoor Athletic Con
test The Mid-winter Commence
ment Names of Graduates.
Tomorrow is Charter Day. To sonic
that word has little meaning, but to
those acquainted with University cus
toms and traditions, It stands for the
celebration of the day upon which was
passed by the legislature the bill pro
viding for the founding of this Insti
tutionFebruary 15, 18G9. It has al
ways been tho custom to observe this
day as a holiday with the Indoor ath
letic meet In the afternoon and In the
evening are the .. regular mid-winter
commencement exercises. Prepara
tions have been made to observe the
day as usual tomorrow, and the feature
omitted last year, the Pershing Rifles
drill, will also bo carried out.
At 11:00 o'clock the Board of Re
gents meets. In the afternoon at 2:00
o'clock all departments of the Univer
sity are thrown open for Inspection.
At-the same hour, also, begin the ex
ercises In the Armory, the first part
of the program consisting of music by
the University Band. Immediately
following the music comes a drill and
speil-down by the Pershing Rifles. In
terest In Uiis contest is Increasing and
the competition for places promises to
bo very sharp. At 3:00 o'clock be
gins the annual Indoor athlotlc con
test, consisting of seven events, in
which men will contest for first and
second places, tho former being
awarded a silver, and the latter a
bronze medal. This Is followed by a
relay race among four fraternities.
Last Saturday' tho tryouts for this
meet were hold-tmd the number of con
testants narrowed down to four In
each event except tho 25-yard dash,
where there will bo eight entries
Those running In tho first heat of the
dash will be Kroger, Minor, Craig, D.
F.McDonald; those In tho second heat,
Hughes, Dunlap, Coo, Cook.
The other entries are as follows:
Rope climb H. O. Bell, Purcell,
Hawley, Nelder.
Fence vault Chaloupka, Johnson,
Nelder, Dunlap.
High jump Anthes, Rathbone, Ha
mel, Knodo.
High' kick Anthes, Dunlap, Fleming,
Shot put Chaloupka, Kroger, Wei
ler, G. B. McDonald.
Pole vault Johnson, Phelps, G. B.
McDonald, McMastevs.
Last Tear all past records, save that
In the high kick, wore broken. This
year ' It Is not -probable many new
marks will be reached. All those ex
orcises are open to thejmbllc.
The program for tho mid-winter
commencement at Memorial Hall In
the evening, 8:00 p. m., follows:
Music Organ "Number March and
Chorus from "Tannhauser," Wagner.
Invocation Rev. Frank I. Roach,
Chaplain of tho Eovenlng.
Music Trio "Loreley" (Para
phrase, Nesvadba.
Charter Day Address "Is Govern
ment n Failure?" Hon. John P. Irish
of San Franplsco.
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PRICE $1.25
Minnesota Co-eds Refuse to Put Them
The women students at Minnesota
held a clamorous mass meeting last
week and discussed the question of
permitting men to enter Shevln Hall,
the women's dormitory recently
opcnod. In voting on the question, 59
of the girls stood for total exclusion
of men and Gl held that strong rules
governing tho conduct of the mon
should be made, but that tho other box
should bo permitted to enter tho first
floor of the dormitory.
A few of the regulations drawn up
1. No man shall bo admitted to the
Alice Shevln Hall except on special
2. The first floor of the hall shall be
open to college women and their gen
tlemen friends the first and third
Tuesday evenings of every month from
8:00 to 10:00 o'clock.
3. Men onterlng tho building must
pass thru the west door except on
special occasions.
4. Men who shulLiyillat the building
for any special purposeBhall be re
stricted to tho use of Joan Martin
Brown parlor!
5. Tho bell at the west door must be
rung by men desiring admittance.
Latin Club Elects.'
The meeting of the Latin Club with
fessor Sanford Tuesday evening
was a decided success, every one of
the twenty-five members being pros
ent. The following very Interesting
program was given:
Miss Beatrice Clark "Dr. Hoffman's
Inaugural Address at tho University
of Berlin."
Miss Annitf Chalken "The Roman
Calendar for the Month of February."
Professor Sanford "A Story" (told
In Latin).-
At the business meeting following
the program, Lucllc Long was elected
president: Annls Chalken, vice presi
dent; Vera Molqulst, secretary-treasurer;
Lois Fosslor and Adolph Voss,
members of the executive committee.
'Splendid Drill.
Last Tuesday evening enough Persh
ing Rifles responded to the call for n
meeting to make possible the formation
of three squads, and tho mon wero
put thru a splendid drill. Tonight at
7:15 is to come another such drill and
every man Is urged to get out again lit
order to Insure a reputable showing
tomorrow afternoon.
S. R. Williams, formerly an assistant
In the Physics department, after two
years residence In Germany, has taken
his doctor's degree at Columbia where
ho is now serving as an assistant.
Names of Those Successful in Passing
' Examinations.
All the ancient and sacred traditions
of the organization were followed In
an Initiation of new members Into
Sem Bot., held last evening at 8:00
o'clock In N. 104, the Botanical Li
brary. A high clubs of work Is re
quired for entrance to this seminary
and applicants for any of tho degrees
obtain admission only after examina
tion. Those Initiated Into tho first dogree,
that of candldatus, wero: V. V. West
gate, J. L. Stahl, M. R. Gllmore, G.
Pagaduan, A. M. Lute, E. Hopt, J. C.
Elder. Fred Wolf, L. W. Swlnglo, Ira
Beck, E. J. Montgomery, Alvln Koyser.
Those Initiated Into the degree of no
vltlus were: H. W. Barre, Vera Darl
ing, Ethel Field, Margaret Hannah,
Ruth Marshall, G. A. Pearson, N. F.
Petersen, Arthur Samson, Nellie Ste
venBon, Leva Walker, L. L. Zook, C. G.
Bates. Candidates for tho dogreo of
Ordlnarlus are: I. S. Cutter, F. E.
Denny, R. J. Pool, Elda Walker.
Team Leaves.
Tho basket-ball toam loft this morn
ing on Us first big trip of tho year at
5:45 o'clock. Tho first gamo comes
tonight at Fort Dodge, Iowa, then tho
team goes to Minnesota, playing thai
aggregation two games, Ono on Friday
and another on Saturday night.
The following men make tho tripfltheTO any at all, is his own affair.
V. A. Moser (captain), W. W. Walsh,
R. H. Burruss, Paul Bell, Dwlght Bell,
? R- Jones, L. S. Krako, and J. W.
j4ioar. They were accompanied by Dr.
Uiapp and Manager Eager.
Freshmen Finish Election.
Tho Fieshman class hold a meeting
for the election of officers Tuesday at
11:30 in Memorial Hall, although ow
ing to tho fact that many members
had classes at that hour the attendance
was small. Officers wero olected as
follows: L. J. Weaver, president Jo
sephine Huso, vice-president; Paul
Marvin, treasruer; Miss Kroidler, sec
retary; J. A. Scotney, attorney; A. J.
Heskott, sergeant-at-arms.
Not Yet Heard From.
Nothing has yet shown up that looks
like the Prom poster. Now, if after
what has been published concerning
this as boing porsonul, not class, prop
erty, it is still retained, it appears that
some one is ready to enter In spirit, at
least, the ordor of common felons.
This reflects badly on tho University,
but worse yet, It reflects on someone's
character, and that ono will -not forgot
It right away.
A. A. Helmrod, '0C, was a campus
visitor, yesterday. ' .
Is Attracting Wide Attention View of
Edward C. Jenklno on Cribbing
and 8tudent Hopor.
During the last few weeks the
Honor System Iiub been adopted by
some of tho leading unJvorsltleB of
the coimtry and is now boing consid
ered by many other schools. Wiscon
sin is tho latest Institution to take
up the system and Its action has. at
tracted wide attention and called forth
much comment on tho subject of
honor In colleges. One of tho best
articles brought forth by tho discus
sion appears In The Intorcolloglan for
February. It Is written by Edward C.
Jenkins and is as follows:
Crlmlnnlold Is a torm colnod by
Prof. Edward A. Ross to define the
class of persons, unhappily too numer
ous, whoso Immunity from tho. grip of
the criminal courts Is due to the subt
lety of their lawora and n public opin
ion hitherto somnolent. Among the
criminalold would be classed the politi
cal boBs of the old school, the givers
and takors of secret robatos, tho Jug
glers with accounts on a largo scale
and, In the microcosm of college life,
the cribbors. The public sentiment ot
a college community tolerates decep
tion In the examination room, when It
would smite with scorn the man who
hnd cheated at cards. Tho attitude of
tho average undergraduate toward tho
college faculty resembles tho attitude
of tho avorago citizen toward tho rallr
road companies. Beat thorn if you can.
Theji, too, what harm is there in crib
bing? If A takes an answor from B's
paper, B knows none tho lessr If A
wants to stimulate his momory by con
sulting his cuff or' some other reposi
tory of useful knowlodgo, tho harm, If
Now tho man who cribs must be
classed with both tho liars and the'
thieves. When an examination paper
Is handed In, tho only fair presumption
is thut the Ideas it contains wero the
property of the writer when tho exami
nation began. If It contains other
Ideas, then there Is deception. Delib
erate deception Is lying. Although tho
man who cribs does not injure a fellow
student because ho copies from his
paper, ho does injure him by his de
ception of tho Instructor. When tho
practice of cribbing becomes general
in a collego tho vuluo of tho institu
tion's diploma is lowered. If tho sheep
skin handed to a graduating student
means no , more than that ho passed
certain examinations which did not ex-'
amine, this result is duo to cribbing.
Tho honest work of some, men Is dis
counted because of tho decoivers and
the cheats.
The remedies for cribbing aro to bo
found in the student body and tho fac
ulty. The final responsibility rests on
tho lojtter, who aro accountable for tho
worth of a diploma Just as the direc
tors of on Insurance company are spon
sors to tho value of a policy of life in
surance. When professors attest tho
attainments or a student by signing
his diploma, it is their business to see
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