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Vol. VI. No. 81.
Irice 5 Cents.
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Both Teams Are Strong and Fast
Game Is Promised Veteran Play
ers of the Fives The Line-up.
Nebraska and Kansas will contest
for basket-ball supremacy In the local
gymnasium at 8:15 Saturday evening.
The Jayhawker team will arrive in
Lincoln over the Union Pacific from
the south late tomorrow afternoon and
will stay at the Royal Hotel, remain
ing in the city over Sunday.
Hoth teams are strong and the sup-
itoi'luM; (if tlin Volii'iiutf n llirn n
,..v.w ... -... ........, .., . ..
close game. The lives are
of experienced players who
stand the line points' of the game. Ne-i " u,u B,imi,U,,llu """ uuu" "' V
braska's old rivals have a team this!""1 hy n' Amlva 1)aV,H' VV
year that -Is" Baid to be as fast 'as the
Jayhawker live that whalloped the
OorhhuBkorB last season. They have
defeated seVeral'of the leading basket
ball organizations or the south and will
come to Lincoln tomorrow expecllug
to repeat last year's victory.
Among the Kansans are several veul,nn,ca' nor m ine WC""K ol u,e ,,m'
-rt irirAiit miltt ftfki rill i l Irian tfl H
Qians. The Millers W. and M. havtf
been playing , basket-ball for-seven
years. This is their third vear on the
Jayhawker five and tlvey wore mem
bers, of the OsageKansas, team four
seasons. beforeoTng to Kansas. They
were heredst year. The other mem
bers qMdo team are Hacket. a Junior
La-w; Martin, u Junior Engineer; Mo
Cune and Bergen, Sophomore Engin
eers, and Wherry, a Junior in the Lib
eral Arts department.
Most of the Cornhuaker players also
are experienced in basket-ball. Bur
rosH, Walsh and, the Bell brothers,
who are playing their second season
on the local live, were members of the
Lincoln High School basket-ball squad,
for four years. This is Moser's fourth
yjar on the Nebraska team.
During the laBt five years Kansas
and Nebraska have met throe times' on
tho basket-ball tloor and Nebraska
has won two of the contests. The
games in 1902 and 1903 went to the
Cor nh linkers by wide margins, but last
season the Jayhawkers won an easy
The contest tomorrow will probably
bo the most Important .gam,e pf tho
local schedule and the Nebraska play
ers are preparing to give their, old
rivals a hard rub. The line-up follows:
Kansas. Nebraska.
Wherry. . , .Right Forward Walsh
W. Miller. . .Left Forward Burress
Hackett Center , .Moser
M. Mljler Right Guard P. Bell
Bergen Loft Guard D. Bell
Substitutes For Kansas, Martin and
McCune for Nebraska, KraUe, Fergu
son, and Jones.
Only Six Tickets Left.
The chairman of 'the .Junior Prom
committee announces there are now
left only six tickets. No tickets will
be sold at the door .and the price of
these remaining bIx is two-fifty,
, ; , Zoology 30. "
The class. In Ornithology (Zoology
30) will meeMn room 301, Mechanic
Arts, at 9 a. m., Saturday, February 9.
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Talks at Convocation on "The King
ston Affair."
Piokssor .Maxey spoke very inter
estingly at Convocation yesterday
Is tvingsion .inur.
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A lm-irp n:irt of the cltv was destroved
ll it.......l. .. .1 ... w. ... ..11 lli.i
warships, waH to render aid wpcrever
it was needed
No BritlsjK warships
were there because
bo of lire file
between America jmd Great Britain.
The hostile action of the governor of
Jamaica toward Admiral Davis was
not reifesenfcfttive of the people of
. s-.. .. . ... . ., ,,..,.
,D" hU"""m"" '"' "" """
maue to our government nnu we were
thanked. The action, however, was
representative of the official class of
Jamaica. Close commercial relations
between the United States and Ja
maica date back to the early nineties
when commerce in Jamaica had be
come depressed and the price of sugar,
(Jamaica's main product) wub so de
creased that financial distress fol
lowed. American capital entered at
this time and had developed the fruit
Industry, and for the tropical fruits
raised the United StateB was and Is
the natural market. The countervail-
ing duty exacted by the United State3
upon bounty fed sugars makes it, in
stead of England, the. market for the
cane sugar of Jamaica.
The more rapid progress of Porto
Rico has brought it about that tho
official class In Jamaica consider the
United States a power whose friend
ship ought not to be cultivated. The
incident forcibly illustrates the lack of
wisdom in placing men in colonial posl-
tlons seemingly unimportant, but
which may at any time become posi
tions of great responsibility, without
regard for qualifications.
Jumuica Is not profitable to England
since the annual expenditures are
$100,000 more than the revenue. A
majority of the officials In the leglsla
tlvo assembly are British officers.
Professor Hastings will divide tho
Equity 1 class Into two divisions.
Followed by Informal Dance.
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Meeting for Election of President to
be Held Next JPffursday.
After the stir oo1lier politics Sopho
more politlcnrc again getting under
way. 'rijtwo candidates, Nelson and
DobbKT are again in the Held, seem
(ftir"fr1 Ptw1ft nl'tntl k IuihIiiI rf tltr
,, ,., V
lh,.nR "?. l1' . con,'mru,Ivc
quiet noticable during tho past week
was but the ominous lull that pro
ceeds the storm. Like the plumed
knights of a Shakespearean drama the
two political rivals had, as by mutual
agreement, lciined on their sworda
and paiiHed for breath.
The time for the election has been
set for next Thursday, and the friends
of the factions are bestirring them
selves nobly to place their favorite
man in the executive chair. The entire
class is manifesting a keener Interest
in politics Mian has ever been shown
by that class heretofore. And Inter
est Is spreading to other classes.
Several Men .Wanted to Make Trial
for Places Next Wednesday Night
Owing to the small number of men
j trying out for places in tho Senior
pluy hiBt Wednesday night, several
important parts have not yet been as
signed. Consequently, there will be
Another opportunity offered for secur
ing the places next Wednesday even
ing, February 13. The tryouts are
held before only the three Judges;
Professors Losey, Ford, and Louise
Pound these alone Judging the merits
of the contestants.
Professo'i Losey Is an expert on
j Shakespearean roles, and the benefit
derived from the training by members
of tho cast will more than compensate
them for the time spent. It is hoped
sate for the tlmo spent. It Js hoped
that a large number of men will ap:
pear at Union Hall next Wednesday,
for all the following places yet vacant:
VIncentIp, BJondello, Horatio, Tranio,
Pedant, il Jord, hunters and servants.
Some new apparatus is being or
dered for the mineralogy classes.
. SeaU now( on tale.
Chancellor Interviewer! by .Editors of
Book Richards tcVdit the
Questionable Material.
Yostopimy morning the trouble over
the jffiostlun as to whether or nbt the
teilal to be put Into the CoruhUHkor
should all be edited by the Board oT
Publication was taken up with the
Chancelloi by the editors and a final
agreement readied, Considerable stir
and discussion had been created by
the announcement the day before that
the faculty, In order to prevent the
appearance of any caricatures or Jokes
mnde at their oxpense, would subject
the copy to the rigid surveillance of
the Student Publication Board. Many
students declared against the injustice
of this requirement and much interest
turned upon the mooting where an at
tempt to lessen tho stringency of such
a ruling was to be made.
The Chancellor explained to 11. G.
Myers, cditor-ln-chlcf, and T. A. Brown,
managing editor, that there would be
no restrictions placed on the nature of
the take-offs put into the book, except
those dealing with physical intpor tac
tions or peculiarities. These, ho de
clared would be strictly prohibited.
Further, uny material that scorned, in
the Judgment of the editors, of doubt
ful character, should be submitted to
Professor Richards, chairman of the
Board, and be printed only at his ap
proval. In deciding Just what was of
questionable nature, tho editors should
he left to their honor.
Regarding this settlement, some stu
dents contend It is porfectly Just and
fair, but there ure others who main
tain there should be, properly, no hu-'
pervision whatever over the copy that
goes 'to make up the year book of tho
Chance to Hear Thomas Orchestra.
The ChoniB Class has Just started
work In preparation for the Thomas. .
Orchestra Concert which will be held
in the spring. The piece used In
practice is "Hiawatha's Wedding
Feafot," which Is a very Inte'resting
work. There are over a hundred mem
bers In the Chorus now arid many
more are wanted for the organization,
especially boys. Participation In this
chorus work: gives the students an
opportunity to attend the concerts, of
the orchestra.
Work Suspended.
Work on the Temple Building has
been suspended tot the last week and
a half on account Of tho severe weather.
Tho building has been progressing rap
Idly; the walls are very nearly com-
pjeted, joists for two of the floors havo
been laid, and some of tho lower win
dOws put in place, The intention is
to havo tho place, ready for occupancy
at tho beginning of school next Sep
tember, and unless too ' many
hindrances obstruct tho -course of ,
work, the plans will probably bo real
ized. ' ...