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Vol VI, No. 67.
Price 5 Cents.
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f.hanrnllAr -AnrtrnxAs Arlvlseit Students
r-to Watch for -Symptoms of the
"- Disease and to Get Vaccinated.
The smallpox scare which -pervaded
tlie Engineering school yesterday
rproved, upon Investigation, to be of
little consequence. Jesse Owens, the
Junior B. E. student who was taken
to the hospital early in the day, was
fouhdo be afflicted with but a mild
form of the disease, and oyery .means
has been taken-tp prevent an epidemic.
fclf Jhose residing In. the same house
jv Itlv ;tht patient,' as well as those In
the, class room when the disease was
discovered have been vaccinated" and
their clothes disinfected.
Relative to the scare, Chancellor
Andrtws said: "The seizure of an En
gineering student with - smallpox Is
correct The case, however, Is a light
one and should alarm nobody. How
over, all who have been In the slight
est. danger of contagion would do well
to watch their physical condition and
consult physician at once If they feel
111. The symptoms of theXdlsease are
said to be the same as In eawytynhpld,
back-ache and bone-ache
-It is quite possible that Mr. Owens
' will, be. pleased from quarantine be-
fore the end of the semester. Profes-
sorMorse was among those who were
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- ; -
No Examinations Required Candl
dates Must be College Graduates
Year In Europe the Prize.
lcrge Attendance.
Third Band Informal Well Patronized
Unusually Pleasant Dance.
Che third Band Informal of the year
1 was eld In Memorial Hall last night
There was the usual large attendance
and' everything from the condition of
the floor to the nature of the music,
contributed to an especially pleasant
The Band Informals are proving un
usually popular this year and demon
strate the favor with which University
students look upon a well conduoted,
low priced dance. These functions
have proved to be onfc. of the surest
means of cultivating genuine Univer
sity spirit In the social life of our in
stitution, and, there is every hope that'
the intended series for this year may
be. carried out to the end.
"King1' Cole, as Tie is known at
Michigan and In Virginia, has boon
chosen by the Athletic Board to coach
Nebraska next fall. Coach .Colo Is
perhaps one of- tho best all around
football men In the west, having won
on enviable record on the Michigan.
team, whore he played for fpurryoara.
That ho can coach as well as play the
game was demonstrated' at the Uni
versity of Virginia last season when
he succeeded In turning out the fastest
football team in the history of that
Fellow In American History Succeeds
,- Prof. Braceland In High School.
Miss Autumn Davles, fellow in
American History, and at present en
gaged in the American History depart
ment leaves within a few days to ac
cept the ppsftlop of, American History
instructor in the Omaha High School.
ThlB is one of the best high school
history positions in this state, and as
such will 'be, occupied by ope worthy
of filling ltv Miss Davles takes the
position now held by Dr. Braceland.
Manager Eager Announces Contests
for Season of 1907.
Manager Eager announces the fol
lowing football games for next sea
son: Wisconsin, at Madison, Nov. 16.
Minnesota, at Minneapolis, Oct. 19.
Tho return gamp with Kansas,
which Nebraska is under contract to
play will probably take place at Law
rence. November 2.
The schedule for 1907 will include
one -more "big" contest, be played on
home field Thanksgiving. Manager
Eager is trying to secure the famous
Carlisle Indian team for'this date, but
id not certain that the Redskins will
come here.
gggw Or. Clements Talks..
, W Dr. Clements lectured to the Mpth
.: o'da of Teaching class Thursday on
1(L - ; the subject, ''Methods of ' Teaching
". .. .'Botany?' . ' , " . .'
Kappa 8lgma Initiates.
The following men wore Initiated
Into Kappa Sigma last night at the
fraternity hpuBe: George Schramm,
graduate student, Oklahoma; Guy
Montgomery, ',09,' Albion; .Max Gun
derson, '10, Aurora; and J. E. Clark,
'10, South Omaha, r ,-'
Following the Initiation an lnfprmal
banquet was held at the chapter house.'
Miss A. C, Soukup, Dressmaker.
Speolal rates to students. 1136 O St
Auto-4603.-. .'.;., .
Business Manager 8tandeven With
draws from Staff of Nebraskan.
The Student Publication Board is in
receipt of tho resignation of Mr. Wal
ter Standeven, who has been acting as
business jnanagpr for the Dally JNpb"
raskan for the past semester. Mr.
Standeven feels that the press of his
Unlveristy work is too great to permit
a continuance of his connection with
the paper and his resignation will take
effect with the beginlng of the second
It is not known yet who will succeed
Mr. Standeven as the business head of
the Nebraskan, but a successor will
doubtless be appointed within a few
days. 'The recent action of the Re
gents In allowing extensive University
credit for the wrk doP on. ho paper
should prove a strong inducement for
men of excellent capabilities to apply
for positions on the staff of the Neb
raskan for the coming semester.
Ambassador Thompson Donates.
Thru tho kindness 'of D. E. Thomp
son, United States ambassador" to
Mexico, the University library has re
ceived two volumes of reports of tthe.
Pan-American Congress held in Mex
ico in 1900. ;
An oxcollent opportunity for a yeatB
work In Europe is awaiting tho woman
among- the graduates of the Univor-
slty of Nobraska who can satisfy tho
requirements proposed by the Ass-cla-tlon
of Collegiate AlUmnao for an an
nual fellowship of fivo hundred dollars,
to bo given for tho pursuance of-anoc-
lal training along li'terary and sclonol
Aq lines. -
The Dally -Nebraskan Is In receipt
of the moat recent announcement of
the Alumnae Association in which do
tullB of tho requirements are sot forth,
and for tho. benefit of any co-ed' at-Neb
raska who may desire to follow out tho
chance presented, wo print this-bul-
letThMjractlcally in full.
'The -Association of Collegiate
Alumnao ifjdeslrous of encouraging
tho pursuit of advanced courses ot
study among wdmen graduates of col
leges It thoroforo proposesto dovoto
five hundred 'dollars every yoartoward
paying tho expenses of some young
-woman who wishes to carry on her
studies, im a foreign country.
"Applications for this fellowship, will
be received byany member of the com
mittee, having ltTnvchhrge. The can
didates must bo graduates of colleges
and application for the year 49074908
must be handed in beforo February 1,
1907. Tho fellowship will be awarded
only to candidates who givo promise of
distinction In the subjects to which .
tlioy dovoto themselves,
. "It will bo tho aim of tho committee
to apppint the candidate who is best
fitted for the position thru original
gifts, previous training, onerby, power
of endurance and health. .To this end
they will receive applications in writ
ing from ellgiblo candidates, whOwill.
present, as clearly as possible, thlor,
claims to tho fellowship.
"A competitive examination will iot
bo held, but tho award of the , fellpw
ship wll be based upon evidence of
the candidate's ability, and of her pros
pect of .success in her chosen line of
study. Such evidence will naturally
.consist of (a) her college diploma,
(Diploma need not be sent. A certifi
cate from the registrar of tho college'
will suffice); (b) testimpnials as to
ability and character from her profes
sors md other qualified judges; (c)
satisfactory evidence of thoroughly
good health; (d) a statement 'pf the
work In which she prpposes to engage
subsequently; (eV last, and of chjef
importance, examples of her scientific
or literary- work in thp-form of papers
or artlpjes, or accounts pf scientific
investlgatipns which she hag carried
'The fellowship will not usually be
granted to those who are Intending to
take up the practice of any of the
three learned professions, though vsich
aro npt formally pxcluded from the
competition; if yI rather he .awarded
to those who, are5 lppklng forward! Mo.
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