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Vol. VI. No. 66.
Price 5 Cents.
i .
OLLLl lO.ri, UUniHi ARMORY. 50c.
Athletic Board Elects Football Over
seer for 1907.
W C. Cole. Ex-Michlaan and Virqlnla,
Secures Position as Successor to
Coach Arfos P. Foster.
At-apecIakmeetfng.oOtho Athletic
Board yesteYday morning, Mr. W. C
Colo, was chosen coao'i,f or the Nebras
katoo.tball team of 1907. So far as
prestige and previous, record ;san de
termine such "a matter,, this aspires the
fact that Nebraska vrlll have a first
class football coach next fall.
Cole, better known as "King Cole,"
-Is one of the most promising" of the
yoTing coaches who, after having made
1 X
a national reputation on. the gridiron
themselves under the tutelage of the
"evervictorlous Yost," have undor
taken to follow In his footsteps atid
disestablishing what mlgut bo called
theYbst school of football. Ho was
star tackle- on Michigan's champion
team, of lUO'J and was choice for the
all-Western, aggregation by the lead
ing critics or- tno country.
In Yost's style of game, tackle Is
perhaps the, most Important position
on theteam, for Yost's offense, es
. peclally under the old rules, largely
confers nround the work of the tackles'.
Cole was particularly fitted for this
-style of game, "having playedboth end
and half-back at Marietta College be
fore comingb Michigan, and his ex
pSrIenco there as both captain and
coach, gave him unusual knowledge of
the gum'o. During tho first part of the
season Yost used him more or loss at
end ""and In tho backdeld, but lie soon
jmtjilin aMackle and kept him there.
' Cole has also played 'varBlty base
ball, holding down centerflold and
sometimes going Into the box on the
Michigan learn In the spring of 1904.
Colo was no longer eligible for foot-
ball after 1903 and In 1904 ho assisted
Yost and coached Marietta College.
In 1905 he was chosen as head coach
at the University of Virginia. Hero
Cole showed that ho had ability not
only as a player- and an Instructor In
the rudiments of. the game, but that
he had the knnck of handling a large
squad of men and of evolving team
work and a mastery of the strategy of
tho gathe. He was considered an emi
nent success and was chosen to again
till the position for 190G.
Last fall Virginia had one of the
most successful teams it has turned
out' for years. Perhaps It's most note
worthy achievement was holding tho
.strong Carlisle team, which had de
feated Minnesota and given the lead
ers In the east a hard rub, to a virtual
tie; 18-17 tho Indians winning only
by a goal kicked from touchdown.
With such a man to supervise the
general coaching policy and to give
, especial attention to' the lino, and with
' an able assistant to coach the backs
In the fine points of backfleld pjay,
, Nebraska should have a coaching tie-
partment which leaves nothing to bo
desired. With the coaching thus'takon
caive of and with the, almost unprece
dented amount of veteraif material in
sight, prospects certainly point to an
ever-victorious". Cornlnisker team
' next fall.
0OS-0 0000OS?00 O O
Rolty to Play Wesleyan at Uni Place
Football SWeaters Here.
Owing to an unexpected hindrance,
the basketball game which had .been
scheduled to take place between Wes
leyan University and Nebraska, at
Univorsity Plnce last evening, has been
postponed until this evening at 8:15
p. m.
Tho following men will represent
Nrornsku thlB evening: Burruss and
WiilHh. forwards: Mosor fountain).
center; P. and D. Dell, guards; and a
substitute team including Krako and
Carroll,, forwards; Ferguson, center;
Jones and Schmidt, guards.
The three oxtra sweaters bearing
the 'Varsity "N," which were award
ed to Messrs. Drain, Denslow and Mc
Donald after the regular football
awards had been determined, have ar
rived. They are of identically tho
same pattern ns the previous lot. In
this connection Manager Eager an-
nounces that tho block letters which
belong on tho 'Varsity sweaters In
stead oi"Hho present Initial have ar
rived and maybo obtained at his of
fice by all football "N" men.
School of Music Instructor to Play at
Convocation Today.
Mr. Robert Stevens, Instructor In
the University School of Music,- will
appear at Convocation this morning
In. a piano recital. Mr. Stevens has
an enviable reputation as a performer
ot unusual merit and since his recent
connection with the School of Music,
has gained a large following in Lin-
corn. A largo audience Is expected In
Memorial Hall this morning. The pro
gram for Mr. Stevens' recital is as
March , Hollander
Toccata Sgambati
Etude .'. . .Gottschalk
Delngedenken , : Jensen
Caprice Espagnol Mowskow'ski
Today Is tho last day In which to
get tickets for the Sonior Masquerade.
Get busy! " -
000OOCOO0ttO0 O
Senior Masquerade
Memorial Hall
''-' ADMISSION 35c.
a 5 :
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. f, 'i it i
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Publication Board Chooses Head of
Nebraskan 8taff for Next Term.
Mr. Jay C. Knoiie, '08, was elected to
tho position of edltor-ln-chlof ot tho
Dally NobraBkan at a meeting of the
Board of Student Publications yester
day afternoon. Mr. Knode Is a repre
sentative Unlvorslty man, having
gained honors both In scholasflfc lined
and in athletlcB. He has won his "N"
on the track team and is a promising
candidate for the captaincy of tho
track team next spring
Mr. Knode will assume his new
duties .with the beginning of the sec
ond semester.
College Settlement Board Takes This
Way to Boost Advance Sale.
As a means of advertising tho Swed
ish dance entertainment to be given
under tho auspices of the Collogo Set
tlement Board a week from tonight,
the Board has arranged to give one
free ticket to all person who sell ton
tickets to the. performance. Any one
wishing to tnko advantage of this op
portunity to "lend a helping: hand to the.
College SQttlQment can procure tlckotij
of Professor Caldwell at his ofllce, 210
University Hall.
Tickets for the entertainment are
now on sale at tho Co-op and Univer
sity Book Stores.
Freshman Plan Unusual Affair for
Next Saturday Evening.
The Freshmen have inaugurated a
new custom. Next Saturday night
they will give a skating party,
at least such Is the plan
made at their meeting yestordny.
Paul Yates was appointed chairman
of tho committee. Treasurer Marvin
reported a surplus of $13.05 from the
informal party. Football Manager 'Mc
Donald, rUported upon tho showing
which the- Freshman team had made'
and stated the ubos to which the gate
receipts would bo put, tho money go
ing mainly for the purchase of sweat
ers. O O3K000NDOOCOOm
Contest Open to. All Undergraduate
Students of University Essay
on Qlven 8ubject Required.
The DallyNobrasknn is In receipt
of the announcement of an excellent
opportunity for studonts of tho Uni
versity who nro especially Interested
in the details of municipal govern
meat. The opportunity Hob in a con
test for the William H. Baldwin Prlzo
of $100, which is given annually under
tho direction of tho National Munici
pal League of Philadelphia to tho au
thor ot tho beBt essay pH a subject
connected wth municipal government.
Tho conditions for the contest this
year are substantially aB follows:
For the year 190G-19t)7 the competi
tion will be limited to undergraduate
students registered in a regular cdurso
in any college or university of tho
United States offering distinct Instruc
tion In municipal government.
The prize will bo awarded by judges
selected by tho Executive Comnjltteo
of tho League, and tho name of tho
winner will bo announced nt the next
annual meeting.
The League's Committee on "Co
ordination of University and. Collegiate
Instruction In Municipal Government"
having selectod "The Relation of the
Municipality to tho Water Supply" as
tho general research topic for tho col;
lego year, 1900-1907, It "was deemed
borit to bring the prize essay Into close
relation with this subject. It -was
also deempd best to solect a topic suf
ficiently general to enable' -each com
petitor to conduct Investigations in
tho state and city with which ho or
she may be best acquainted. This
plan will give to the Inquiry Its great
est educational value, and will also
enable each competitor to make some
contribution to a subject which Is. of
importance to overy American com
munity. The topic which the committee re
gards as fulfilling these requirements
and which is, therefore, offered for
the year 100C-1907, Is "The Relation '
of tlio Municipality to-the Water Sup
ply." ThdBe entering the competition uro
expected to treat the following sub
divisions: 1. When the water supply Is fur
nished by private enterprises.
(a) Conditions of franchise, (b)
Capitalization and finance of water
company, (c) Control of municipal
of meters.
(d) Consumption and use
(e) Condition of supply
and Its relation to public health, (f)
Plans for Improvement of tho supply.
2. When tho water supply is fur
nished by public authority municipal
water works.
(a) History-' of establishment, (b)
Adequacy of supply, (c) Charges to
consumers, (d) Consumption, (e)
Relation "of water supply to public
health, (f) Present 'conditions of the
works, (g) Profit, .(h) Plans ffor im
provement. It will add to tho value' of tho
paper submitted If the questions of tho
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