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Price 5 Cents.
Vtil.VI. No. 43.
'. ;'
I V &
Vf the
"Pike" Automatic.
MariBaby-vShow Mysterious -
... v
. . T ' t
Nellie Wedding in Air.
- L-;' '
.- The-Cmmty Fair hasnenVly beon
completed u7Uv18m hardly necessary
toY; comment upon the .ability of the
performers; as thoy havo been socurod
toy this occasion from the best talent
obtainable In the United States.
: jTho attractions Vlll boallvided Into
twet classes, those on the Plko and
Xhbsein booths. ,By: tlie Plko. Is not
meanany deflnltoplace-. iut such
fcee exhibitions, as areJ.o l)p. found
strolling around within the Armory on
Count jrFafr night; v and are "visible at
ho other tlmd or place In the world.
The commitleoon Invitations has
received doflnlte promises from varl
ouS' noted- uersons that thoy. will bo
present.'-iipoifctjic Plko-;on, llils nu-
spicuoiiH occuoiun' , ounmniuy auu
"Tjr "SToBlnh Allen,. ,ttpotite; 6hy- Indian
s$ maid, ;a Dutch Frau, and "a dashing
Cowboy lassie, stunning Parisian
ijadicsf .dressed In a now vogue which
hasinevor .penetrated this far into the
backwoods before, Sis Hopkins, tho
Katzehjaimnor Kids and their friend
the lloVlCid, all will bo thoro, ready
to crackn joke, or eat ono of Sam's
Little 'Gem Hot Waffles with any ono.
. And, by the way; .President McWlI-
Hams of. the Senior class, who will bo
$v . in Chicago at that time, dcslros n
guide tp. take care of his "family, wlo
urdcomtng down from Squeedunk to
sop thcvCounty Fair." They must bo
kept out bfvslght or-tho War Dancoi
Iniist not bo allowed to feed peanuts
or um to The giraffe, as Campbell
Bros." fear that this might injuro -his
digestion.- Tho danco of tho Junc"
bugs and Jumping Jacks would shock
thorn and if thoy are allowed near tho
platform where Swan, tho peerless
.clown, will auction off posters thoy
would undoubtedly spend their car
farebomq in order to secure some of
the variegated card-boards. r
1 But let them see tho Baby Show,
whore those bouncing, chubby llttlo
fellows, Standovon and. Schroiber, will
gurglo and -xoo at all comers, lot them
-tr-jMiiat oW time-honored amuspmont
of throwing balls at the dolls-in tho
booth where" the cry. of "Three balls
and no babies" resounds far and' wide.
Take them to tho Lyric nnd letthem
see tho Automatic. IMnn, and McWll;
Hams' blessings wimrest on your
head. A
Asldb from the Pike horo "will lie
various attractions in booths, , admls-'j
slon-to which may'.bogalned at a
merely nomlnnl price. Beside, tho
Lyric, the Automatic Man, a bolng the
mystery of whose existence not oveu
the greatest anatomists and psychol
oglsts have been able to solve tho
Baby Show, the Dolls, and the dance
of tho June Bugs and Jumping Jacks,
all of whlcli 'havo 'been mentioned,
there will be found a Fortune Tolling
tent where a daughter of tho Pharaohs
will make plain to, you all thejnys-
terlpsi.ofi.youV existence, a Street, of
All -Nations,' ti candy booth, and, most
wonderful of all, b that marvel of tho
(Continued an, page ?.) , t
$1,950 Offered forEssays on Economic
Our readers may bo interested to
know that JVfessrs. Hart, Schaffncr &
Marx, of Chicago, havo offored through
a competent committee, some Very
large iirlzos for . the best essays on
economic sill)jects. TToi the third
time, a first prize of $1,000, and a soc
pnd prize of ?G00Kare offered to gradu
ate students; and to undergraduates,
a first prlzo. of $300 and asocond prize
of $l'r0. " These papers" must bo sont
In by Juno 1, 1007,, to "Professor J.
L&uronco Jintighlfir, Uillverslt'yoor'Chl
cngo. Tho subjects assignod nrb as
follows; - -v N s
1. Tho -practical wisdom of freeing
raw. materials, esenthU to subsequent
hiaiuifaciuro, 'from" ciisoms-diitles
when nntnriiit! tlio TTTTTTnil Pfninu
i " 'L: . -. - "v"
.jL'ne best method of obtaining an
elastic currency in times of panic.
3. To what oxtent, and In what form,
are socialistic" enots held In- tho
United States? , v-
4, In what rospect and.-to -what ex
tent, havo combinations among Ainer
Ican railways limited or' modlflcdtho
Influence of competition.? .
C. Tho best methods of avoiding re
sort to forco by. labor unions in their
contests with employers.
6. The effect of "trusts" upon tho
prices of goods produced by thorn.
7. How far does th earning prtwor of
skill obtain under a regime of trade
8. A critical study of modern com
mercial methods for distributing pro
ducts to consumdrs.
dt The" development of economic
theory since John Stuart Mill. "-.
For the honor of tho institution, as
woll as for tho distinction to tho win
ner, many students" ought to enter
Into sucir a contest. For two years
past, tho same prizes havo been as
signed. Tho.committod in chnrge is
composed of Professor J. Laurenco
Lnughlin, University of Chicago,
chairman; Professor J. B. Clark, Co
lumbia University; Professor Henry
C. Adams, University of Michigan;
Hon. Horace White, New, York City;
Hon. Carroll D. Wright, President of
Clark College.
Stock Exhibition,
Prof. H. It. Smith of tho School of
Agriculture will glyo an exhibition of
the steers to bo displayed at the In
ternational Live Stock Show In Chi
cago from Dccombor 1 to 8, at the
University Farm on 'Saturday after
noon1 of this week. , ,
Freshman (Hop Date Changed.
Tho' Freshman Hop, 1b schedule"tltm
bo 'held tho twen,ty-fifth of noxt Jnnu
ary, instead orTJieolovonth as previ
ously announced. ,
Remember the Date-November 24
Plain to Come.
$ s.
Low Rate From Omaha $6.00
From Lincoln Withdrawn.
Owing to the fact that 300 receipts
wore not sold by tho specified tlnipj.
tho IG.OOnUo from Lincoln to Chicago
has boon' withdrawn and In Its stead
it rate of $8.00 from Omaha has boon
offered by the Chicago, Great Wostorn
Ballroad, For a time It was thought
that no ratri uta.ll would bo forthcom
ing, but a letter from tho Chancellor
to Presldont Stlpknoy--at Omaha In
quiring why Minnesota could, got a rato
whore Nebraska could hot, brought tho
desirdd response.
As the matter stands now It will
cost $10.20 for tho round trip from
Lincoln, but It Is hoped that the Bur
lington will meet the rato of tlio C.
G. W. as far as Omaha, In which case
the total faro will bo but $9.10.
Manager TSagor intends to return all
deposits at Harry Porter's, at tho
earliest opportunity, Ho announces
that tlio toam will bo sent to Chicago
via the C. OW. In acknowledgement
of tho low ratosecured for tho exoiu
slon. - "
"Too Much Weather" Say the Mana
gersTo Be Played Monday.
Tho Intorclass football game be
tween the Juniors nnd tho Seniors
was not played yesterday afternoon on
account of tho condition of tho ath
letic flold. Tho freezing weather of
tho past fow days, taken In nddltloti
to tho snowfall of Monday night, put
several crimps In tho championship
aspirations of tho upper class teams,
and tho mnnngors decided that they
wouldprofer fb- hang around a bnso
"burner until tho ground should nrom
Iso fbwor bruises.
Tho game has been sot for noxt Mon
day afternoon and 1t is hoped OuvHlic'
weather wjll moderate sufllcicntly "to
permit a good game jind. a largo at
tendance. Admission will bo 15 cents
and the proceeds will go Jnto tho In
torclass fund for tho purchase of
sweaters for the interclass champions,
whoovor thoy may be-.
Rhetoric 15 "Debate.
"Shall labor unions bd compelled to
incorporate?" is tho question which
will bo discussed In Rhetoric 15 this
afternopn at 2 o'clock In University
Hall 10G. Tho afflrmntlvo 'speakers
will bo ILL. Russell, '09, and R. 13.
Wnldo, '08. For tho negntlvo, D. D.
Drain, '08, and H. S. Stephens, '08,
will argue! Tho dobato Is open to tho
public t , .. - .
Scott Nlcol, tho -younger son, of
Coach NJcor of tho Purdue fodtba.H
team, was killed. In a football game
lastv week,
Event of the Year
' "V
Uppeirolassmen Admit Misunderstahd
I ho of Reasons Behind Rule
34 Want Committee.
A now so.t of resolutions was aubpt.
od. by tho Sonlor nnd Junior classdrat
theliLjjonibined mooting hold ybston
day morning in Memorial Hall; Tlicso
resolutions wera drafted to tuku the
place of tho set originally prpposqd,
which woro rejected early In tho moot
ing. Both sots woro concornod with'
Rule .11 of tho Regulations xJovornltig
StudpnlH and stirred up unusual intor.
est thruout tho two upper classos.
Tho mooting was called to order by
President McWllllains of the Soplor
class and thastatomohL was mado that
tho discussion bf the mnlter. invlmiid
-would jiavo to bo. coinplotcd in tho ono
mooting Blnco tho "Untvorslty authbrh
ties had said that the linll would not
ho available for tho purpose .atliny
futuro date. Tho meeting at onco de
scended Into a committee of tho whole ..
for thp consideration bf tho rosplu
tlons introduced at tho former mooting
and Mr. it (3, Siyors was again ap
pointed to thp chahv
Boforo reading tho resolutions, pre
liminary to further discussion, Mr.
Myors. roported to tho commietepft
cniifgroncq ho had had with tho Chan
cellor on thosubject under discussion. ,x
Ho !sald-in substance that tho Chan
cellor claimed thnt-Rulo 34 was not
originally urged by MrsBarkloy, but
by other mciubers-of tho facultyand
by tho mothers of a number of Unlr .
versity girls. When the necessity for
tho rulo became ovldont 'thp' raattbr
was thoroly investigated by botii
tho Chnncollor and by tho Board of
Regents and, at no time In tho Inves
tigation" did the question of immorality
among tho stdents appear. Tho rule
was passed for tho convonlonco of tho '
students nnd nothing.more, ..'
Moro than, this, tho Chancellor urged
that tho upper classes take no ,"pb
ritructlonlst" stand-on tho mattor'and
assorted that tho Regents would bo
glad" to reconsider tho objectionable
rulo carefully If the upper classes so'
desired. . .';
Tho resolutions wore Alien.' re
rpad .'and discussion was ppohed on tho
third' section rhe're it .had been dis
continued at tho jprpviourf meeting. It,
was at once moved to reject tho rpso-""
lutlons In. tholr entirety, and aftor
some discussion a vote by Jjallotlwas
taken and the count showed tho reso
lution rejected by a voto of 123 to 81.
Substitute resolutions were at once
introduced, which read ns" followsf
"While cbntfentlng to tho utility of
Rulo 34 of tho printed 'Rules and
Regulations Governing Students,' pro- ,
Vidlng for tho segregation of tho men !
and women students of tho University
of Nebraska, yet we, tho momberfl of
the classes of 1007 nnd 1908, hplipvo
that In many cases Rulo 34' will opor-
ato as a hardship on etudonts without
accomplishing .any moral bonpflt to. ,
nnyono. .
"Wo believe, furthermore, that Jn
the onforcenient of Rule '34 tho. 'chv
(Continued on pngo 4.) . ,
'T j"BI
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fSVt u. .
ki(f. -S W
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