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Gbe iD a i 1 1? Tttebraeftan
- .-.. -
Havo you had your sitting for tho
Corphuskor? It not, don't fail to at
toridto It at onco, for all sittings must
bo'ma'do before Thanksgiving. Toton
sdafi. frtivWdur photographs for'tlib Corn
huk'kef taken ltrimodlatoly, as all sit
tings must' lio made bofdro Thanksgiv
ing. Townsond.
kiss Harriot Huttbn, a follow In tho
Gfeok.' department, has Just Wturnod
frdm Now York City, whoro sho has
boon attending tho Alpha Phi conven
tion. "Tho days aro gottlng vory short.
Corabuskors, ploas'o tako notlco and
cofce early In tho day for your pic
tures, and do not all come on Satur
day. Townsond.
'Kir. v H. Holghton of Dos Moines,
la., visited nt tho School of Music yes-
torday. Mr. Hoiguton is puousnor oi
th6 Western Musical Horaldf tho only
musical paper west oi unicago
Miss Pfolffor, adjunct proiossor in
"tfro TSiu'topdUh History department, loft
H6r ji ten days' viBlt In South Dakota
Thursdoy. Miss Pfolffor has some
property ,thoro that sho wishes to look
ftor. . .
'Vho, aominar on Dad Government in
'ftio dopartmont of Political Science Is
attracting .much Intorost. Recently
Judgo A. S. Tlbbots gave an address
"boforo the cluss on ''Tactics of tho
dKalltoay Intorbsts."
A now 250 storeoptlcon, with micro
scopic projection, Hasboon nlored by
the Unlvorslty for the State Farm. It
will bo constructed In accordance with
the plans of-0. J. Peo, superintendent
of, grounds and buildings.
ifiioistaff of tho Corntiusker an
nounced that thdy havo placed two
dapu'and two gowns fn Townsond's
photo'gfaphla sludlo for tho use of
Senior glrlfl,4 who will havo tholr pic
tures taken 'at once.
Profoasor Condra is busy those days
rttlttga bulletin op tho sand and
'gfaVol-'rosourcos of Nebraska. This
TJiullotfti'of. two hundred or more pages
-tyfll;bo?of immonso value to those en
gaged ill Ilmo," brick or artificial stone
WArTED -Thirty-five Cornhufilrors
to sit '.every day for tho next two
weeks' In order to have all made be
ore Thanksgiving. Townsond.
Dr. Clapp announces lhat tho try-
outs t&V tho cross-country team will
b'o,,.hjnihits4 1: 30 sharp oTT Tuesday
next "Jib "urges that' ovory man of the1
twntyrJlyjo or-vthlrty. .that havo boon,
fvrbrKfag got out andvdo their best.
3.8evoral members of tho faculty 'at-
"tended the meeting of tho School
Rasters' .Clulj , in tho Lincoln Hotel
Thursday1 evening, "This club is made
jup of tho most prominent school men
( the state, Tho chlof topic of dis-
ousal'cMvfbr tho evening was tho ac-
fcrftdl.tlpg(.pf ,tho Jilgh schools of No-
'""ThT forestry Club meets tbnlglit Jn
)tf. J10 at. Sd'clppk. Tho subject of
olscusslotf will bo "Temperature rtnd
its "Relation to Plants." Afldrossbs. by
R. O. Steele, R. G. Pierce, and Claude
Tlllotson will bo given. All students
Interested In Forestry are Irivltcd to bo
' A number of students of the Pollt-1
.. leal Economy and Commerce dopart
jnont took tho civil service examina
tion for positions In the Bureau oi Cor
gporatlons and Labor. Inr the past No
braska University has supplied a num
,beTr ;'bt people for this work In Wash
ington, D. C.
' : Mr. O. J. 'Graf, who has boon pur
suing graduate work In tho University
'tot two years has returned to the
-ischpol. Ho oxpocts to rocolvo his
M." A. degoo-at' tho" mid-wlntor Com
"mohcomont. Ho has-been in Mlnne
sota. for several months as educational
Secretary of the Seventh Day Advent
1st church.
Carnival fun, each one come
Out to Arnioryrmako things hum.
Up to you to spend that dime,
'Novombor 24th is tho time.
'T'will do you good, so bring a guestj
, Y-.-w. C. A., will do tho rest.
FaV and wide go spread the news.
finy one who has tho blues
Is commanded to bo thoro,
Rah, rah, rahtho County. Falr;
ThQ.phoriograpli isn't to' blame If It
has a bad record.
Robort R. Hill, '06, is principal at
Miss Ethol Howie, '06, is teaching at
North Bend.
MIsb Eliznboth L. Brown, '02, is
teaching at Bancrpft.
MIbs Ethel M. Prossley, '06, is poach
ing at RandolphJowa.
V. L. Strickland. '06, is principal of
tho Plattsmouth schools.
A. Russell Mooro, '04, is assistant
superintendent at Alliance.
Miss Helon Arnold, '06, is teaching
at Lake Preston, Minnesota.
Willford J. King, '05, is instuctor In
tho Mt. 1 Peasant, Iowa, schools.
MIbs Sarah E. Palno, '06, is teach
ing in the Oakland high school.
Arthur G. Konnody, M. A., '05, is In-
fBtructor In tho Norfolk High School.
Miss Gertrude Rowan, M. A., '06, Is
teaching in tho York High School.
A $100,000 veterinary building Is be
ing erected at tho University of Penn
sylvania. Tho Froshmon lost tho annual class
rush against tho Sophomores at Car
noil this fall.
MIsb Emma Wilhelmson, '02, has
chargo of the Normal Department in
tho Beatrice High School.
Chas. H. Taylor, '04, returned to
Springfield this fall, where ho is su
perintendent of tho city .schools.
MIbs Edna Spears, '05, has resignod
her position as teacher in tho Alma
High School on account of illness.
Tho Purdub Exponent "haB one of the
best college cartoonists of any papor
on our exchange list. His work con
tamagood, pure humor.
A crowd of Minnesota co-eds havo
chartered a sar to tako them to Chi
cago Saturday for tho football gamo
with tho Midway Bchool.
Tho Dramatic Club at the Unlvor
slty of Minnesota presented three
plays Thursday night. They wore:
"My Lord in Livery," "A Man of Lot
tors," and "Her Picture."
Tho current number of tho "World's
Work" contains an enterestlng articio
on tho careor of Brigadier General
Porshlng, who was Commandant of
tho Nebraska cadots a few yoars ago.
. Abo Pepporburg, '02, la an electrical
onginoer for the Brooklyn Heights
Electrlo Railway company, with head
quarters In Now Pork City. Abo was
llcutena f t of Company C in his Senior
Minnesota-secured a good football
song for tho Chicago-Minnesota gamo
as tho tesult of an eight dollar prize
offered by tho athlotlc management.
It goes to tho tuno of "How'd You
Like to Bo tho Umplro?"
Tho goal posts on Marshall Field,
Chicago, havo been padded at .the
lower ends for the Chicago-Minnesota
gamo. Tho Dally Maroon does not
know whether this has been done to
protect tho players from Injury or
Iho goal posts from damage.
During tho thirteen years That
Brown has played Harvard the Provi
dence boys have been unable towln
a football game. The contest Satur
day. In which tho score stood 9 to 4
was tho best showing they havo made
Itgalnst thoCambrldgo eleven.
- Class Basket-ball.
All girls wishing to practise for
class JiofiKel-ball should report at Miss
Towne's ofllcont 11 a, in,; Freshmen,
Monday; Sophomores, Tuesday; Juni
Jors, Wednesday; Seniors, Thursday.
Alumni Visit University.
Several alumni of Nebraska now
connected with tho United States
Geological Survey havo visited the
Unlvorslty within the past few days.
Among them wore R. W. Calvert, for
merly of tho department of Geology;
Dr. C. H. Gordon, also formerly of
tho Geological department, and super
intendent of public schools in Lincoln;
Henry Eakin, who loaves for Washing
ton Sunday, and G. A. Flshor, '95, ono
of tho chiefs of .the survey, who is
here today,
Dr. Gordon will spend tho winter In
Texas studying tho underground water
resources of that state. Mr. Calvert
will help write up the Geological sur
vey of Montana, -in which .ho was en
gaged as ono of Mr. Fisher's party
during the. Bummer.
Among New Arrivals In
- f - -- - , -. . . -. .
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1 A Heart to Heart Talk With Boys
ivememDer tne uate lNovember ZA
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