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Price 5 Cents,
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Improvements Ordered New Engin
eering Building The Athletic
' Field to Be Invaded.
The Board of RegontB at its meet
ing Monday ovoning determined Its
Tmdgetfor the coming two years and
transacted much other business of de
cided Interest .to the University.
rChangos on the campus and at the
University Farm were determined up
on that will necessitate largo appro
priations and various questions of in
ternal administration were decided.
Appropriations are to- be asked for
a new mechanical engineering build--Jiig
to be erected on the present ath
letic field, in default of , any other
available location, and 7to cost' $100,:
-000.00; for a horticultural building
costing 40,000.00, located at tho
University Farm; for a $40,000.00
veterinary building, also at the Farm,
and for several other minor purposes.
TJietotal appropriatIon.toi,bq.qsked for
twin be ?22d;6oo:bd.
The mechanical engineering build
ing has long been a" crying need, the
laboratories and lecture rooms of thlB
department having been distributed al
most indiscriminately tliruout tho en-
glneerlng buildings. The quarters as
signed have long been overcrowded
, also and the only possibility of relief
haB been the projected addition to
"Mechanics, Arts Hall. This idea has
now been shelved, at least temporarily,
Un favor of an entirely new building,
, and-it is expected that the problem of
i crowded .quarters will be much more
J satisfactorily solved than was antici
pated., $ Afaong,tho changeikprdered within
'the' University organization comes tho
creation of a new title among the fac
If ulty. Thls title is to be conferred 'on
, heads , of t departments ,who ,-,are $en
tltlde to appear In the University Sen
ate. They will hereafter be known as
"head professors."
One promotion is announced, that
of P. H. Grummann, formerly associ
ate professor-of German, to tho rank
of professor. Professor Grummann's
department will be Modern German
The Regents . also chose an elec
trician to succeed ,Mr. Reynolds, who
recently accepted a position with the
University of North Dakota. Tho new
- appointee Is Mr. W H-. Drummond of
Albjon. Mr. Drummond has been en
gaged in "the telephone business and
besldes-hls otlvor duties, will apt as
an assistant In the elqctrlcal engineer;
ing laboratory.
Resolutions were passed thanking
Recent Allen and Dean Pound for
' their services in' the Supremo Court
in Securing tho $12,000.00 added by
tne 'United States to, the Adams fund".
Thor'siccessful outcome ,of the case
was due in large measure to the ef
forts of these wo-gentjemen. v
Various planB that have 'been pro
posed at different" times for the eatab
le llBhraent' of a teachers' college,"- the
question of tuition fees, whjchhas
proved somejvhat bothersome in -he
, Ilast two -years, and i the problem of
furnishing text-books to tho students
at coBt, were left undecided and. will
bo referred 'direct to tho legislature.
New Men Join Squad Changes in the
Line Up Practse at State Farm.
In spite of the mud and rain, football
practice goes on just as if nothing had
happened. The team is putting in
some hard licks getting ready for tho
Minnesota game, which Is only a little
over a week off now, and It lookB as
tho they would treat the Gophers to an
unpleasant surprise when they go up
against them. .. .
The strength of the squad at the
guard position has been materially
added to within the last fed days.
Jenkins came out for the first time
this week and makes a valuable addi
tion to the squad. With hls strength
and experience last year he should
make a hard race for one of the guard
positions. Taylor is out for practlsu
again and is expected to be In the
game when the team lines up against
Minnesota. In addition to these are
Harvey and Chaloupka, the two regu
lar guards so far this season, and Cor
nell, one of the huskiest men on the
squad. With such a wealth of ina
torial to work on there Is every pros
pect that two guards will be developed
who will hold their own against whom
ever they meet.
Bill Johnson Is being tried out at
quarterback this week and altho this
position Is entlroly new to him, Is fast
learning the -game. His thoro knowl
edge of the game and the rush and
vim of his play should make of him
a""brllllant quarterback.
Pip Cook has been alternating with
Johnson at quarter and end. His work
at quarter Bhows much improvement,
he is running the' team fast and hand
ling the ball well.
Schmidt has been shifted from- the
back field to right end and Weller fills
the vacant position jn the back field.
-Weller's ""'"weight and well-known
prqwess is bucking tho line are a most
welcome reinforcement to the team,
and great things are expected of him.
The practise last night was at the
State Farm on account, of the bad con-
Fri. Eve., Oct. 26. . Price, 50c
P. M.
dltlon of Nebraska Field. During the
first part of the practise tho line men
wore pitted against each other In a
strenuous drill In breaking thru and
blocking, while the backs and ends
worked at handling and going down
under punts. Later tho Varsity wont
thru a stiff signal practise, whllo tho
two scrub teams lined up against each
other lor scrimmage. Porrln, tho new
recruit to the football squad, was
given a trial at half-back on the Var
sity. The men for the most part aro
in excellent condition and .thoso In
Jured In last Saturday's game are rap
idly recovering.
Forest Club Meeting.
Tho Forest Club, last Saturday
night, adopted allof the constitutional
amendments proposed at the previous
meeting. ,
The subject of the program wns
"Light," the first of a Borles of ecolog
ical factors to be considered at tho
meotlngs of the club. Mr. Pool,' who
Introduced the subject, declared that
ecology was no mere fad," and that forestry-
vas purely. tho ecology of trees.
Very Interesting talks were given by
Messrs. Pearson and PIpal, also. Mr.
Poarspn Is planning to. wrlto his Mas
ter's thesis on the Bubject "Light."
Mr. PIpal, who is a native of Austria,
told of the economy in tho forestB of
Austria, where tho children are sent to
tho woods to-gathor the branches tha.t
have been pruned by the lack of light.
The topic for the next meeting, on
November 3, will be "Temperature."
Friday Convocation.
Ao song cycle by Ethelbert Novln is
tho attraction at Convocation on Fri
day. It Is called "Tiro Quest," and
will be rendered by ladles of tho Mati
nee Muslcale Club, assisted by a male
quartet. The members of this quarter
are as follows: Geo. Johnston, E. 13.
Carder, B, B. Gillespie, and C. H. Mil
ler. ' '
The soloists will be Mrs. E. A.
Schloss and Mr. E. B. Carder.
Students and others who will attend
ai'o hrged to be In their seats promptly
at 11 o'clock, for tho program wlH
crowd tho period-to Its utmost.
Dr. Haggard, 212-213 Richards' Blk.
football Manager and Coach Basket
ball Manager Intorclats
Athletic Board.
Tho following appointments vero
announced at tho Sophomore mooting
this morning:
Hon Committee Chairman, Mlllor
S. Benedict; mastor of ceremonies,
Vorji W. Glttlnga.
Committee Gordon B. Lang, Ray L.
Harrison, Donald L. Russell, Edwin
Davis, Ada Haggard, H. C. Robertson,
Katharine sDoyle, Paul G. Burt, Ethol
Porklns, R. L. Nelaorf, Dwlght D. Boll.
Mombors of IntorclnsB Athletic
Board W. W. Kadlng, Fred Coo, R. J.
Basketball Managor O. Bontloy.
Football Manager R. L. Harrlson
Coach J, B. Harvoy.
The sontlmont of most of thoso on
the hop committee and of a majority
of tho class -is said to ho strongly in
favor of a dollar hop, if such prlco
appears to. bo feasible. As tho Sopho
moro -Hop Is tho only big danco to
bo held this year, tho attendance
will undoubtedly bo Vorr largo.
Tho class football outlook is ex
ceedingly encouraging. All of last
year's mon aro likely to bo m" the
game again and interest, especially iir
tho Freshman-Sophomoro game, Is
very warm. Practise will begin at
Once ahd a largo squad Is expected to
bo out dally.
The remainder of tho class offices
were filled thia -morning and ka com
plete JlBt will apnearJn-rtomorrowts
. r
"TrlumpHo.f American Diplomacy"
Well Received.
Professor Maxey's now book on tho
"Trlumphs-of American Diplomacy"-
attracting considerable attention for a
book which has Just reached thoro
vfewers. Tho Arena for October- takes
especial notice of it In a review from
which tho following excerpts are
"In the present volume we have
a timely work-of marked interest-nnd
value, as in it tho author 'considers ten
great diplomatic passages In our his
tory which he considers to be of spec
ial Interest and importance."
"The- volume, is 'admirable and a .
valuable contribution to our all too
scant literature diplomacy."
"Tho volume is published by Bren
tanB of Now York City. It fc a work
of 120 pages, Jiandsomely .bound in -
cloth. Tho publishers hope to have
tho work In readiness for general .sale
in tho near future."
Prof Lees left yesterday afternoon
for New York, where he will attend the
meeting of the football rule committee.
The committee 'meets Friday evening
at theMurray Hill Hotel in JNow York.
Dr. LeeB will return about'Frlday next
week. Some of his classes wlll. enjoy
a vacation in the meantime.,
: ;
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