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E. M.jJMarvin, Ivy Day Orator, Qivs an
Harnett Talk to Classmates-i
Theftinclemencyqf the weathar pre?
1 vented' the Ivy Day. celeraUoflafrom
taking! place outside. But a very fair
crowd? of Seniors and Juniors assem
bled 1m Memorial Hall where. the ex
erclse were given. President- Crite's
of thaV Senior class, presided during
the afternoon,, and with him on the
stage sat MJss JCeta Stetter, E. M.
-Marvla., and Wm. .'Whilen. At three
o'clock? the first selection on the pro
gram was given by 'the' y. H. C. A.
' t Quartette, and so highly appreciated
was this that they wefer encored.
, B. M; Marvin,, gavej
the Seniors more of a heart-tcwieart
talkthanan oration. Hia tallc was
, shorthand "to the poijnt( his. very
convincing. This was .followedby the
classsongsungby the entire class.
"- -nille the sflrit.offtheong wan strong
"'(' 'Mj "'" i v
Saturday, May 26
tProgramme and Vance at 8:30 P. cM.
A fragrance sweet to gladden till 'the
" endv , ' ' .
-After the' reading of ,the poem the
quartette sang three more selections,
two being encores. The presentation
speech of Mr. "Whalen's In giving the
circular cement seat to the University,
was one of the strongest features of
the program.- On behalf of .Chancellor
Andrews, then, Dean Bessey gave the
response., eurged for colIeg&Joyal
ty and" spirit on the partrot the out
going class; Owing to the weather- It
.was imposslbje to -plant the ivy, and
In this way President. Crltes' presenta
tion bf th. trowel speech, and H. Bv
Myers', tiresldOHfrof the' 'Junior class
vvr:" -r-;-r: "T?cr ?t r n ,? ..w.."? h v
ytrit lacked Awea.t ''deal In vjDhjmtf.wesppase-were'iomlttedr .
Mtes Jbeta A. .tetter hen'Treadrjthe j . ;A, Liindliiflnen-tGadt
c i
7 ,. t. . Xt -!. --"?i ." ""
class poem, it Is a very proxty piece
ofpoetry; five iefses in length.
i & .Class; fp.ern. .
0e thinks when' some dear,, gladsome
' a lime Is done, ' '"
"WhatMf thro all. ihe rounds and"
rounds of years,
TlM bart should lose it I" and the
k sudden -tears v ' , '
airing hurting to the, eyes. WeH,
V U" in uuo
lv , Ofyallthose" times of whicn an ena
M , I;
How shall Its life be kept for you ana
r. tOA '
lV OhV' never weep -with him of bitter
' ;u IsSpnce pausing where white roses
1 dfe l
And hidolhe, eaBili in fragrance ,whero
'' theylle.y
vVlth darkenedeyes- be looked, then
rt Z """-TF ;,- '.m- j. ...
r Ani murmunnghopjelessohlmsoir,
' i- he said. r
?The thorns stlll sharpen when the
. ' flowers, are dead." . t , ,t . .,
Aaother 'Came and stood' within the
t Dlace A . 1-
where softly breathing lay tne living
-. xt snow. i . " ?' '. '. .
And 'looked upon the", waste and bend-
i ing low V '
gfopped as he loved It. Then I saw
A his face!
"He 'gathered all tho -petals (.at his feet
-Aad thro'' lils life they, gave himrira-
'" grance-sweetr
Wf" 8o we may know what wisdom is, we
read i
,IU mighty meaning n the brow 'and
J eyes ' : -'
Of him who knows to keep his para-:
la fragraace whea the living, thlnglls
, t dead. . ;!fi-, '
He looxea so caim, ior iao nis, yws
,"v were .wet ; ' JVl
Hkj'face was placid and without re
' - ret.
the names
of the newly elected tnnocentu. and
introduced the men to. the classHo
bespoke for the incoming members as.
loyal support from the class- of, '07 as
the class of '06 had given to "thopres
ent bunch. ,-Tho hew members of the
Innocents are; Butler, Lloyd Denslow,
C. B. Duer, D. D. Drain, E. O. Eager,
It. H. PIndlay, X.. A. Hlggins C. M.
Kearney, E. L. Lindquest, A. Lott, C.
C; McWilllams, H. Q. Myers, C. d:
Slaughter. ,
The May pole dance was given in
the Armory, and a short informal
dance followed in the chapel. ,.
I ''.'K ,, '
1 ' . '
l Fourth Annual Commencement
In Omaha Tonight.
The University of Nebraska College
of Medicine will hold their fourth an
nual commencement tonight-inr Oma
ha. Thev exercises are to be held at
the Congregational church, Nineteenth'
and Daveaport, streets. Dean Ward
of the2cbobl of Medicine went to
Qmaha.yesterdaytQ attend, the alumnli
dayexerclses and It is quite likely a
number of Lincoln alumni will go up
today for't&e exercises to be held to
- The program for "tonight is'as fol-
W ' ..;'. 'V " "
Muslo--GrandChoru8. . T.. .tSalome
Meet te le icld en Athletic Flelrf '"
Fair Grounds Cannot tecured ..
.. hould a Close Contest. "''!
.. ; v
Band Concert.
The University Cadet band will give
an open air concert on Friday morning
during chapel hour. This will be the
last opportunity the student will have
of hearing the band this year, as next
week they go -to Cadet encampment,
and then 'all Is over The selections
to be played 'are of the same nature
as the ones played- in the Convocation,
exercises the fore part of the year.
iMlsa Emma Wilhelmson, for the last
twoyears superintendent at Broken
Bow, will have"cfiarge of thenbrmal
$enartmentaT Beatrice iext year. '
Miss Jtua L. Sheppard will, return
to tho Plorencehlgh school' as prin
cipal pext year. v,
Invocation -
-. "
Jey; J. "yConlpy; D.'D.
Muscpphjant- PastorAf:. . v ...DuBois
Administer Ing ot Hlppqcratlc Oath and
Presentation of Candidates
Deafi iHenry Baldwin" Ward.
The Conferrlng-qt Degrees
Chancellor EllshaBenjamln Andrews
The Awarding of Prises
Dean Henry Baldwin Ward.
Commencement Address . by Jatties
Carroll, MD,f Curator of the -Army
Medical Museum, Washington, D. C.
?The Microscope in Medicine."
Music Festival March Dunster
Informal Rpceptlon for the speaker,
aiumni, -raauates, ana invitea
'' guests, in tho church parlors. " '-
There are seven members of tha
graduating class, Edward Lewis Brush,
Nora May Falrchild, John Andre Fuller!-4
Jr., Leslie William Morsman,
Claude Palmer, Edwin Norrla Robert
son and Claude Leroy Wills. Those
who were fortunate, enough' to receive
prises and honors"for tKelr work're?
Class 'Honors Nora May Falrchild.
Honorable' "Mention First, Claude
Palmer; second, Edwin Norrls Rob
ertson. ""
Clifford Prize tin Ophthalmology
Olau'de Palmer. '
The second and Jast try-out for tho
Kansas track, meet will be held bri.
the field this afternoon when the quar- ' . ki
tor-mile men will be picked and the "v
relay team wllfbo chosen. Last Mod- '..,.
day -evening, May lBt, the half and .
two-mile try-outs were ifon. by Kuns 7
and Alden, respectively. Kunsx ran
the best half that has been run on the
T)1r1 thtm venr Tniif fVio Hmn .i-.
- vrf .., wuv ww viiiiu noa uui.
taken. Alden finished strong in the
two-mile with Cable a close second and
Dr. Clapp prophesies that this evept
Saturday will be brought down close
to the 10 minute. mark.
tfThe teamrds;a wnole Is exceptional
ly strong this year. Winters can be
depended on to .easily win three events'.
the hundred yard dash, the. two-tweh'tlj '$
yard dash and the broad jump; Kat;J9 -iy
sas will' need to do a great deal better-'
than twenty feet Jtf thevbroadjump if
they hope to make even a second place,
for Winters does', twenty-three feet
and Hagonslck has .Jumped twenty- tiH-fij'i
one. Wihters did the hundred in .
10 1-5 iri thn flrcif trvnr nt tha Oo.nm
and dldh't seenf to be working hard A V: -t
nf ti, " - .iCr r r
V MM.. - '1 - . - '. lf .-
fn the two hurdle events the Miih"
Jsourl record looks 'big when comp'are, ' ?
with Hauser's. He runs the high, ones
in 16 and the low onesrin 2,vand.the Jt
bothrJiagensIck 4and-PeckjrunJrfaW, .
close second. ' 'J
As forthe shptput, both Calupka ,;- .
and Collins "hover around the forty- f-,J
w- " m uracuc-. ana witn tae4,
discus both Collins and Calupka, but vf-r
especially CoHlns, are , doing ,good " ;
work making it drop at and around ; .
Jzu reet, -.
event to , Kansas as far as first "piace
Is concerned, but expects Hauserriqf
land second,
Inhe.pole vault last year Hagensick
went over. it the Western Iaterc6l
legiate meet at 11: 6 and at Chicago
made 11:3. ThIs event will no doubt
be "one of the most interesting entries
on the-Program since rumor has it
that the Kansas vaulter goes over at ' r f
ax;i.. in tne Missouri meet on Mar
. -At
Willford I. King, class of 'OS, will
teach science in the high school at
Mount Pleasant, Iowa.
" ...-. i. .
;;.,. This storyrkas'Iti sweet and tender
, For always KatfUkvivc reses'die t
,f. And: all about us fragrant petals, He"
, - 'iWifca, come .aad. pass. Bat mem'ry
''l. T akUl may lea ,
.a -
;: , TpjTH ANNUAL "
,KA N W&i L;E;NI pViOp.
X i, iw A TTFVTTTomT TUT f X
. - ' "-a.. ni'iii m. arm. j avi t
i MAY 25 $Z0Q t VAtT 7 HECTS " i
3OOOOO6O00t0t0gOOa)OOOOOOO0t0i0tg I
- I 1 .
12, Kansas had no need for their
vaulter, since Missouri had ao entry' ' :
foe the stunt aad Kansas took first ' ,
at 8 feet 2 laches', ' trX
If th.e MiMourl meet is any;'
crlterloa thiwlgh Jump Is cinched for
Nebraska, for Parker paly jumped 5 '
feetS Inches, and Meyer has doae 5 ,
feet 10 3-4 iachee, and Kaode makes i
feet 9 inches,. , .
The department S very muck dis- ?-r;J-'
anoointad ovar Itm InahHItv tn kld tka ' . y9'
At. at thA .fair arrAunda u tuf Mli .. '
- - -- v.v.. r -, - .i
Mil inamniuaiUBt Tha TUnl mAv .'t-
:. " " wmnrwt, - !-. t,y?
un coiaDiDV. win' nnr. na tnu to mvu .. . -
. . - f. t 1-? .-T..7 7' v i
mm earst,aM.jrei.Uwi gred, so
the aaeet will be hld on the emp
aext .Saturday, May 2, at! p. . TJitf !
time Is set. early In efder to havVtlus.
f i
"f "
. 1
'' .--.
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It - '- - A ' ' . '. -ft
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