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Vbl.V. No.26.
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rBwiMAcQMt Thlt'rttport and Frame
ReeehiileM tff the Athletic' ioard
'' lie Arfeitloa Only Probable. ''
Wheroastho Associated Barbs haye
askW.that -we, the Commons of tho
Uairjiiftyyof Nebraska, consider and
e advisability of the.adop-
-University of -a -registrar
the support; of athletics,
to the treasurer of the Uni-
at the beginning' of the school
y ear ;, r there fo to, bo it
f. . Resolved, That we submit the fol-
lowiag report to tho Associated Barbs
. at the next meetingof that" organiza-
tkm: J
( Afi. a' means tif 'Sepurinfc.-sjtiident'B'ilp-'
jport for athletics thtf, system of charging-
atf-'athletlc fee" as a condition to
regTetratlbh at the beginning of eac6
MMeeier seems' to t be unsurpassed;
;7Us system is nowused In a: number
of iinlversltles. In the United States
amd Is beginning now to be taken nip
Uy .BLSLO JUHlltUllUUH.' t '
It seoms only just and proper that
every student in Ihe 'Uqiyerslty should,
vdo.i Uxperience &$& 'shown, that when'
'tfcA- matter fn nfl in tho tlntprmlnrf.
a MBHn
ffc 'WAd Not tho lhdlvfdual student he; in'
w'ffi- '; . ..' x. ..t.-ji
Arcrr, sway cases, -uooa not, Dear ms part oi
JtKe 'flnancial .burdetf, whllo" a certain
vpen ,cemt of the studehts, support ath
iietks jnore liberally t.ttian jsh6uld be
expected of them.
It ieemsrevident . that thfs systepi .of.
eijectiag athletlo f uhdsf foni the stu-ieati'-
would not only tend to provide
adequate funds for Athletics, but' would
a4C -jfreatiy to tne Interest and A-
aatasm of the studonts for athletics.,
seueveauiai. 8cna. sysiom ypuiu
to. increase the size of the list of
aldates, for athletic .teams; It
jfould certainly increase the. student alt games; and aid the man
eagwnent In qrenslng interest and eij-
taslasai among (he students'.
JJtjeWitlieems advisable, to adopt
tw systemin this .University from the
stt polat of view of supplying) ade-.
mate support for athletics anjipf In
onaeiBgthf sc-caled '"college spirit"
r stmjiiat 'interest aad enthusiasm for
aikletlc events Of " course, under
sweka system It is, only Just that: the7
stweaw .snouia oeRiveii"ifeo .aqraiB
sW t;-athletIc-eevktBand first choice
-- hi the seleetton'of-.seats -
vliet us look al, the more practical
smm oi tne quesiKMi ana consiaer some
C the dlCHl(lss to its adoption. It
..Ij-1 .-ill i.ui.1. xifr'ir il ' iiili'.lr.
seeiu quue proiauie mat mo aihibuq,
Board' would favor the adoption of the
system for next, year, bfit' tKeAthfetic
:Bear has so power to compel the
ayiweat of tne fee and must appeal
U ttie Reenta to pass' leglsIatlOQ' put-
tlactke systwn In feroe. It must be
aiess'i" teohaieaily a registration fee.
As sh' it la two objections:
' f rst, It if rgued that, the 'students
: ' 'wt taaaiYerster: are-; already too
V fceavUy ,taxe4 witK -reg istratlon 'feesl
tms na eatMKMi eoasiaeraois aayersa
i aaBaea
, Saturday, May 26
tProgramme and Dance at 8;30 cB4JNli
may in a few cases compel a' student
to iiipp'ort athletics against his will.
This argument applies especially to
those-students who aro.'not financially
able to properly support athletics.
However, the percentage of such stu
dents is yery .small. Neither of these
arguments4 should bo "allowed to stand-
in the way of the adoption of the fee.
But, we cannot under the circum
stances recommend that the Assocl-
ated. Barbs attempt-to secure the adop
tion of the. system a.tjhe present, ,,
because circumstances seem to be
against its ,'adoptloA by the Regents.
It isi belleyed that the Regeqts would
hot, before April, 19 07, seriously con
sider tho adoption of the system.
While agitatro'nlnTavbr of tho adop
tlon of;the systo mwbuld do no harm,
it Sems certain that it would, bo uii
successful at this tihie. i -v , S'
- It was the sehser1f the Commons
. ." .. ' -a. ..
that such a system' should be UBed
o gain student support for all student
nterprlses. It is unfair to thus sup
port athletics and leave the othei en
terprises demanding student support
such mb tho University debates, which
have proved a financial failure to
continue under the present system.
On tho -whole, then, we believe that
the system is a goodpno and that it
should be adopted in this. University
for the support of all student enter
prises, but that there Is little chance
of. the Regents acting favorably on the
proposition at this time, and any effort.
to secure "its adoption would bo .fruit
less. The Associated .Barbs, at a meeting
yesterday, adopted the 'Commons .re
ports and the following resolutions:
--"Whereas; We-recently -made' an. ap
peal to the Athletic Board to remove
the tax charged to vote Tfor student
members of the Athletic Board on the'
ground that we believed that it- was'
wrong, to foster corruptloir;and ques4
tlpnable ..campaign methods. h,Unlver-
suy elections; ana . ,
'Whereas, The Athletic Board, has
seen fit to inaugurate 'a rogfstratlon
VyUpiIUU?.U 1.1UU1 IKgB X.f
" . . r
'.:sj ' . :. ", . . . - r - -. . ..." , .- .
I " P AN , H ELIEN I Q .HO P i
I'"' v-";''- 'XITPOMUMv' " 4 " I
x.. mv nr. ''tf' ritiV i ivwn? t ' '. .a'S
: max v; x,vu -w.jaii'Ji ncAco,-,; -, -- w
. , :,' . -i .. .v"; v -V'.V '"" -.-i--i-" S
Second Year Class Give Prograrri (n
, Memorial HllJTon1ihi"
The second year class in "Elocution
will give a recital this evening in Me-
morlal Hall. The program Includes
musical numbers by members of the
School of Music. Several porsons ap
pear on tonight's, program' that are
known to University students and
whose work should prove quite a
drawing card. The program as given
tonight is as follows:
a. Etude, "If I Were a Bird' .Henselt
b.. Etude, C Major op.. 24. .Moszkowskl
Miss Frances Gage.
Old Hickory ........ Dromgorle.
Miss. Jessie Cork.
A Scrap of .College Love, ..Dromgorle
' Mr. John Walker.
The Worm That Turned...... Kipling
V. Miss Vera Pall. ,
.:.. :. r. . m. r.-v6n Fieiiu
r. Frank Hudson,
For Dear Old Yale. ..,. .-, ,.
Mr. Dei uibson.
The King of JBryvllle. '..,...., ...Whjld
Jiss Mae jrerrisj v .i
Merchant of Venice Act 11, Scene
IL ,. ft...l..,,M.Mf. Shakespeare
,-- - x'auhcelot Bbhbd,
" rtMr. Isaac - Baldwin..
RomanceT-Rubenstoln , . Wlenlawska
Mr. John Inda. - .
Hamlet Soliloquy Shakespssre
Mr. Charles Sawyer., i
King's Soliloquy. . ... ..,,.. . '' .' .'
Miss Goldena FInlay,
Closet' Scene.
Characters Queen , , .
. ,j...,,Mls8 Kathleen Llndernian
Hamlet ,
...Mrr Charles Sawyer
L. V " ""
Sophomores the Victors by the tcere
of 7 to 2.
The Freshman baseball team went
down to defeat at" the hands of the
Sophomores yesterday iifternoon to
the -dirge of 7 to 2. Long! and Miller
did the tossing act for the Sophomores.
The Uni. Book Store has on sale a
new llae-of Dannants of all collaeaa.
J You ought to have one.
-1-' ,
PusllcatUn Uli Put en lata l VnU
. - i. ...
verslty Halt "This Mernlnt--Only J-
On4 Hundfeel Cepteafer tale.
Ttiif morning the"41enl6r; Junior,
and Freshman taw classes will place,
before-thestudents -their publication..
The number of books to, be sold to
University students is about one hun
dred. The Law students Have been, so"
loyal to -their own iJiiblicatton that llt
tie patronage is necessary r from the"
academic students to make the. book a
paying-proposition. Consequently, if
any of the undergraduate school wIbIi"
a book they will "Have to Hurry." - ...
Tho general make-up of the book Is &
very commendable. The cover is a. . -js
Year Book gotten out by the Laws, two
years ago. While probaWy 0t as
pretty as the coyer of the Senior An
nual; yet It wjll prove much more sar
viceable. Ttie first TortyIght "pages'
of tho book "contains the cuts' of the
Law students, and. write-up of each
student of the three classes. On, the
first. page is a large photogravure of
Dean Roscoe Pound of the Law School,
towhom the book Is dedicated. .This
is.followed. Jbyvquts of the' 'faculty'
members, Professors Pound7 UMUniii -.
Wilson, Ayers, Costlgan, Ledwith.
The. cuts ofthe Hehior, Junior and ,A
Freshman Law "students then follow, .
(in the order named. " '. - J
A Besides, the cuts named there are -
haff , .tones .of Library, ana- Uniyersity 'r ''..',
nans, ana one oi tnese two ana tne
Physics buildingi Phi, Delta Wd, tke ,
law fraternity, occuplea two pages i Jam4 ,J
cuts of the artists and litterateurs'
another. Those besides the regular . .
state who have pieces of work ia tlie
book are: Misses Ifeien Marie Cox; .
Ethel L. Howie Emily-'Trigg, aiid -
Maud Couger; Messrs. Albert A;
Severing George, Ruderadorf,' Geevs.
Sage, Philip J( Harrison and B8; "
Allison, ' ' , - r ,
The literary departmentis, witaout
a "doubt the strongest feature of the
book. -'It is made up of articles, frost ,
the pen, of Dean Pound, Professors' 1
Ayers, William G. Hastings, -Heary Mt
Wilson,. George P. Cestlgan, Jr.,
M. M. Fogg. Mr, Daniel Ford.tiasti
tor in Rhetoric, has a pleoe of aoett
oa "Napdleoa the Exile." AUt)
selections' are of, the highest 11U
merit and oentala; muok oo4 a4vi
for youag men stadyIaTaw.r '1
Pound's article, oa "Respeot for Lai
is qae of some length, but exoe4Iealy V
written andjyery readable, Prof. r;
M. Fogg's article is on "Training 'Is;.
Argumentation as Preparation for '
fec.tiva Proanfatlnn nt ' Tanl iraL -
ment." In this heJ giyes, In, a very
brief way the result that4 will cosse
from, a thorough- trslaing ''frfwmm0t
tatiye work,"1 'ITke future lawyerfiift ;
present his case with vlsjor si well "m
lucidity and- exaotness," .'says ProttH
.jafi ..
l9W '
lBpl. .
:.,; vr
orrogg. . ' t . , ,,
The Joke. dprteat of the fsiesi
tloa eepris, ast ai e .dM;
: .ctiiaV'
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v! ' .sj
. i.!i. . ' '
K' v
. '.v , . . ri iii.A.i m j ik. i
t-ntl- ' -.-.'
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mtotoioenmioioioitufot m iOiOiotoooo
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