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Vol.V. No no.
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Condemn the Present System of Elect
1 Ing Student Members to the
Athietlo Board
Still the system of Introducing and
.adopting resolutions goes on, and to
day promises to see still more of It.
The Barbs aro out with the "big stick"
and with today's classlheetlng should
have succeeded In overpowering this
monster which thoy call "graft and
coruptldn." The Union, Palladlan and
Students Debating Societies all adopt
ing resolutions on Friday night. Prom
the tono they aroHound to put down
the evil.
Tho following aro the resolutions as
adopted by tho three societies:
Whereas, The organization of non-
fraternity men has seen fit to adopt
resolutions condemning tho present
system of electing student mombers
of the Athletic Board; and
Whereas, Said organization has de
termined to In no way participate In
the election of student members of
the Athletic Board until action is taken
by the authorities to remove the re
quired tax; and
Whereas The present Athletic
Board, has refused to remove tho tax.
.Therefore, bo It
Resolved, That wo are heartily in
sympathy with both tho resolutions
and tho report of the committee there
on. And bo furthfer
Resolved, That this Bocloty also
..condemn tho-tax which is responsible
'for tho corruption and questionable
campaign methods used in tho Athlet
ic Board elections. And, Anally, bo it
Resolved, That It is our opinion
that the tax .should bo removed and
that wo will not participate in nor havo
anything to do with tho ejection until
tho tax Is removed.
Glee Cub Returns.
Tho Qleo and Mandolin Clubs re
turned Sunday noon from the Koarnoyt
Central City and Fremont trip.
Tho boys Jeft Thursday morning
aVJ o'clock over tho North Western
for Kearney by the way of Fremont.
The concert at Kearney was heartily
enjoyed. by the audience and it was
due to tho superintendent t of schools,
"that tho .house was as well". filled as it.
was, taxing into consideration mo iacc
that there w.oro three other attractions
going on in the city that evening
Thursday. Friday evening found the Club at
Central City but a hard rain and wind
storm set in a"bout 3 o'clock and con
tinued 'till midnight, so? that th,e at
tendance was much less than antici
pated. But eyeryono enjoyed them
selves, and pronounced the entertain
ment the best that had ever been
The Club arrived at Fremont in time
for dinner, and in the afternoon tho
.Mandolin Club rendered a couple se
lections for the Woman's Club, Tyhich
All Cadetvho have paid up their subscrip
tion before May 27th will have their paper
delivered daily at camp.
was fully appreciated by the applause
that followed.
Both clubs dined at tho church sup
per In tho Congregational church when
the boys ato so much that It was moro
of a missionary act to feed them than
a paying proposition to tho church.
Several songs woro. Bung Whllffat
tho tables and the meal was heartily
enjoyed. After the evening perform
anqp the Club was given a reception
In tho basement of tho Carnegie
LlbraVy bunding by tho Girl's Musical
Club f Fremont, under Miss Maxwell.
Tho half was decorated In fraternity
pennants and University bunting and
Punch was sorved and tho boys
spent a very enjoyable hour and a
half chatting with old University stu
dents and those that Intend to bo. "
Part of "Modern Dramatlsts'-i-Serles
1 Given at Convocation Yesterday.
The last of the "Modern Dramat
ists" series of convocation addresses
was given by Mr. Ford of tho Rhetoric
department on Arthur Wing PInero
yesterday morning.
"Arthur Wing Plnoro," said . Mr.
Ford, "Is at tho present time flftyono
years of ago. "Of Portugesse-Jewlsh
stock, ho began his theatrical career
as an actor at tho ago of nineteen.
A few years' later ho entered the em
ploy, of Henry Irving and soon tried
his hand at playwrltfng. So success
ful was he in his flrstr attempts that
the great English actor engaged tho
young writer to compose his curtain
Following a brief suryey of tho
dramatist's life, Mr. Ford gave a -criticism
of his three best plays: "The
Magistrate", "Sweet Lavander," and
"The Second Mrs. Tanquery," all of
which are masterpieces of their typo.
Tho-address was by far the most in
teresting of the series -and was well
I Company B Hop :
I . Fraternity Hall
I $j.oo. walt. ' . May Four $
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Government Inspection.
University of Nebraska,
Department of Military Science.
Lincoln, Nob., April 28, 190G.
General Orders,
No. 14.
1. Tho Battalion of "Cadets, Detach
ment Signal Corps, and .Artlllory De
tachment, will bo reviewed . and In
spected on May 3rd, 1900, by Major
William A. Mann, GenpVal Staff, U. St
First call, 2:00 p. m. .
Assembly, 2:10 p. m.
By order of Captain Worklzor.
(Signed) M. B. QORNBLIUS, '
1st Lieut. Battalion of Cadets,
' Eastern Trip.
Tho 'varsity oponed up tho Eastern
schedule fast Saturday, AprH 28, with
a Victory. It won the first of tho two
games to bo played with tho Iowa State
Agricultural Collego by a score of 4 to
1. Tho muddy condition of the field
made .fast playing impossible, buttwo
of tho Cornhuskers made tho best of)
thelF opportunities at tho stick. TJhcso
batting stunts by Hydo and Gaddls
were the features of the game, each
making Jthreo hits.
Nebraska landed o'n Rilo for six
more, however, and Dort only gave tho
agriculturists five.
Tho first .two innings caused no
commotion on either side, but in tho
third tho 'varsity brought two men In.
In the fifth another run was made and
this was followed by a fourth one in
tho seventh. In this, the seventh,
Ames also got one, tho only ono thoy
woro able toTUrlnff in. Score by In
nings: 123456789
Nobraska 0 0201010 04
Ames .."r..v 0 0 0 0 0 01 0-01
Hits Nobraska 12, Ames 5. Errors
Nebraska- 3 Ames 3.' Batteries Dort
and Hyde, Rile and-Gotton.
Tho second game with tho Ames
team was played yesterday, Monday,
April 30, and today the team plays1 at
Grlnnell, la.
i ,
Successor of Professor' Wler OnS' oft "..'
tne ueaaing f Librarians of- XV
the Country. ?. "T-Sli':. 'SS
Dr. Wfllfnr V .Tnwnff rnnnntlv an
T w-.r .vvww, ,- -.-!H
ijuiuiuu uy uio uoaru or uogents o'j
succeod Professor Wlor as librarian oC..
this Institution, arrived in thev'clty
yesterday and yrl assume tho, dutle
of his ofllco todny
Dr. Jowott comes to this University
with credentials which bespeak him a
worthy-succ6ssbr of Professor Wlor.
He is a graduato of Brown, class of
1891, took his M, D. at Harvard iu
189G,safter which ho studied abroad.
Ho fccdlvcOls training as librarian
at tho Now YbrkStato Library School,
tho best school of its kind in America,
and in various libraries throughout
the countryr Up to thotlmp of hls
election "as librarian .at Nebraska, Dr.
tfewott had chargo of the John Crerar
Sclentlflt Library in Chicago.
The -position ot librarian is at pres
ent of full professorship rank botlujn
title and in salary. At tho timo of
Professor Wier's election, in 1899lt
was a professorship in namo only, Two
ydars ago, however, the Board of "Re
gents raised Its salary to that of a
full professorship.
Cpon his arrival t-thls institution
Dr. Jewctt' assumes chargo of ono of
tho best equipped and. most conserva
tively managed "libraries in the West;
Since Its reorganization by Miss Mary,
.L, Jones, in 1892, when Its volumes
numbered hut 16,000, tho library has
been steadily growing until, with Its.
present collection of 70,000 volumes, it
ranks high among the university llbra
rlesof tho country. In the number o .
its volumes, Nobraska ranks aboyo"
both Kansas and Iowa, tho-lattor hav
ing 45,000 and the former 50.000; while
in the quality of lta-collectlons it com
pares favorafily with Michigan ' arid
Wisconsin. " , ' .
The management of our ""library,
with one exception, has been-of the
highest order over since the year of
its; reorganization. With Miss Mary
Jones at its head from 1892 until 1896 it
experienced a' rapid growth 'both in
number of vo!umcsand in improved
library, methods. Following therather.
eventful administration of J. W. Epps,
inr 1897-98, came Professor Wier, under
whom tho library has reached Its presv
ent high efficiency.
The Pi Beta Phis havo been, tha
hostesses of many visitors for the past .
few days. Many of their former num
ber have been in, town for the pur
pose of attending the banquet 'on Fri
day night and dancing party at Walsh
Hall on Saturday night. Besides the
alumnae, several of the active mem
bers of the chapter are being visited
by out-o-tow girls. Those from out
of town, both alumnae and others, are:
Misses Elizabeth Heacock, Siocuw,
JesslB, Young, Gertrude Rd, Yair,
Pil, Jfoore, Martla, Butta, ,BBdlct,
aad Lidll. , ,
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