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Vol. V. No. J04.
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One of the Hardest Debating Battles
Yet Fought by the Univer
sity of Nebraska.
For the first time in six years Ne
braska met defeat in debating last
night at tho hands of Wisconsin. The
judges awarded tho Badgers a unani
mous lecIslonclalmlng that In deliv
ery, mastery of tho subject, and gen
eral form they outclassed tho Nebras
ka team.
The question was: "Resolved,
That In some industries, especially
in mining and railroading, It would bo
good policy to require employers to
pay compensalon to employes In case
of Industrial accidents.
The Nebraska team, while one of
the most efficient trio In tho history
of the Univorsity, was considerably
handicapped from the very start. It
received tho question one month after
the Badgers had set their team to
work upon It, the question having
been chosen by the Wisconsin team In
December and submitted to us In Janu
ary. Another handicap was tho dif
ference In the sizes of the two Institu
tions, the Badgers having over a thou
sand more men to draw from than Ne
braska. But the greatest disadvantage
of all was the superior library facili
ties of Wisconsin. Her's is ono of tho
most complete, and In the field of eco
nomics perhaps tho richest, of any
library In America. These circum
stances must all bo taken Into consid
eration in comparing the true standard
of the respective teams.
The team which went against the
Badgers consisted of A. C. Hough, '06,
E. M. Marvin, '0G, and C. A. Sunderlln,
Mr. Hough, who halls from Ottawa,
Kansas, where ho defended tho honor
of Ottawa College In Intercollegiate
debate last year, Is one-of the most
C. A. Sunderlln E. M. Marvin ,
OF 14 TO 13.
Indians Play Fast Ball, But Have to
Hustle to Keep Cornhuskers
from Tielng Score.
A. C. Hough
."alert debaters In the University. As
a scholar he ranks very high. Ho Is
studying law and is a theme reader in
tho rhetoric department. His homo is
in Lincoln.
E. M. Marvin, '0G, is a Beatrice man.
He made his first appearance in the
University debating world last year
when ho .won high honors for his bril
r llant rebuttal work against Iowa. As
an off-hand rebuttal speaker ho has
had few if any equals In Nebraska de
bating circles. Ho will enter Journal
ism after graduating from tho Univer
sity this spring.
C. A. Sunderlln, '07, Tekamah, was
on tho team that defeated Iowa last
year. He made tho squad in his
Freshman year, is an unusually strong
speaker and equally forceful in re
buttal. Tho team will bo the guests of tho
University of Wisconsin debating so
cieties today. Tho local debating fra
ternity will banquet the warriors of
the platform at Madison- this noon.
Tomorrow tho boys will arrive In
Chicago, where they will remain until
Sunday evening or Monday, returning
to Lincoln either Monday morning or
late Monday afternoon.
The judges 'who awarded tho deci
sion were" Professor J. A. Woodburn
of tho University of Indiana, Profes
sor James Macy of Iowa College, and
Professor J. A. Loos of tho University
of Iowa. The selection of Judges was
made ator tho team arrived at Madi
son. Of tho threo men selected, Pro
fessor Macy Is perhaps tho most wide
ly known as a writer and educator.
The Wisconsin team was more ma
ture than Nobraska's,-two being gradu
ates of tho University. J. Earl Baker,
the leader of tho Badger team, is wldo
ly trained In economics and statistics,
and a brilliant debater, who has been
Through tho Joliil-socioty debate, as
have both his colleagues tho main de
bate of tho year on which tho teams
put most of a year's ' work. Baker
opened for Wisconsin, attacking Sun
dorlln. Howard L. Grlsso, Wisconsin's
second speaker, has won a number of
debate honors.TEmll Olbrlck, who
graduated last year, Is doing graduate
work. Ho has been prominent in de
bate throughout his course, winning
.several honors beside a place on tho
Jolnt-dobato team.
For tho contest tho Badgers made
strenuous preparations. That they
might run no chance of losing they
trained their team, according to tho
Wisconsin Cardinal, for tho last week
or so by sending against It In practice
debates two members of tho faculty
Professor Lyman, who Is In charge of
tho work in debate, and ono of his
assistants, Michael Olbrlck.
Peter Thompson, a graduate of the
University, and former instructor in
tho Gorman department, is visiting
with his Delta Upsllon brothers. Ho
Is at present an Instructor at Grinnell
State Farm, May 4th Committees Get
Busy No Time to Monkey.
Tho committees appointed by tho
two literary societies before tho Eastor
vacation to arrange for a Joint party
announce that tho now auditorium at
tho State Farm is to bo the sceno of
activities and have sot Friday evening,
May 4th, as tho date, put a short
time remains to decide upon and ar
range tho customary decorations, en
tertainment and refreshments and tho
various committees will find that there
is "no time to monkey."
Tho jippropriateness of tho auditor
ium for an occasion of tills kind can
not bo questioned Though it is a now
building, it rivals many an older struc
ture in thoTnumber of celebrities hold
there. It was used by ono of the so
cieties Hallowe'en night; tho Senior
class has held a party there with such
success that tho ovont is to bo repeat
ed April 28, and tho Junior class is
preparing to entertain tho "children"
there May 5th, tho evening following
the, joint party.
Tho Joint party has for many years
been an annual event in tho history
of tho literary societies. It not only
enables tho members of tho different
societies to got bettor acquainted with
each other, but Is open to all Univer
sity students as well. In fact, one of
tho objects of holding the joint meet
ing on tho order of a parjy was to
give thoso students not members and
not in tho habit of attending tho pro
grams of the sociotie3 an opportunity,
to come.
The athletic field was turned over to
tho varsity and tho Indians yestorday.
Tho football squad turned out about
fifty strong in tho lot south of tho
library and tho track men satlsfiod
themselves with a few starts and a
porch in tho grandstand. A fairly
largo and very enthusiastic bunch of
fans supportcdtho game, which In tho
first half looked like a "load-plpo
cinch" for tho aborigines. But when
the gamo had reached tho olghth In
ning stage the whlto men had so far
recovered themselves that It was up
to the Indians t,o scratch out a 12 to 12
scoro. They took advantago of tholr
last time at bat In tho first half of
the ninth to tack on two runs and
this made the last half tho most in
teresting part of tho ontlro gamo f.or
fans and players alike. The red men
went to the field and put two men out
before Cook got to first base. He
stole second and when Morse sont a
"Blzzer" to shortstop, Cook mado tho
plate, and by the shortstop's error,
Morse also got to first. This, of course,
mudo the score 14 to 13 In favor of tho
visitors, but It looked like a chanco to
tie again, and when Barta mado a sac
rifice that brought Morso to second
and himself to first ovorybody began
to think about a long siege and cheer
ed tho stunt royally, but too late, for
there wore two down and tho next man
at bat drew an "out." Tho two teams
will line up again tomorrow and if
tho-flrst game Is a crltorlon tho ono
this afternoon will bo satisfactory to
tho most fastidious "crank" that evor
sat behind a wlro nottlng. .
According to tho schedule there will
be two more homo games with tho
local professionals before tho team
leaves for Its eastern trlpr Thoy will
bo played at Antelopo Park on Wed
nesday and Thursday of next week, tho
24th and 25th. Then on tho 28th tho
bunch leaves and will play .olght
games. Two will bo played with Amos
at Ames, Iowa, ono with Illinois at
Champagne, ono with Indiana Stato at
Bloomlngton, Indiana, ono with Pur
duo at-Lafayotto, one with Notro Damo
at South Bond, ono with Knox at Gales
burg, and ono with Iowa State at Iowa
City, Iowa..
Thoy lined up as follows:
Varsity. Indians.
Gaddis If Moltonomah
Belamy rf Wausoka
Cooko cf Soboke
Barta 1st Nokomas
Rlne 2nd Waubooso
Morse, Jones. . . . 3rd Grant
Denslow ss Jucucaneo
Carroll ". c Keboskeshlck
NUlson p Justice
p Rapp
p Thorgy
p . Micas
' p Johnson
Wirlck Trunks and Bags. 1036 O.